The Body Butter Ritual


Rose had a date tonight. Well, not really. She and her partner were going over to their friend’s house for a BBQ dinner. They hadn’t seen their friends for a while, so she wanted to make a good impression. She had the house to herself and a couple of hours to get ready before her partner came home from work, so she decided to run a hot bath. She turned on the taps, added some bubble mixture, made sure the water wasn’t too hot, and went to lock the front door. She undid the buckles on her high heels and slid her feet out of them. She found some candles, walked barefoot back to the bathroom and lit them one by one, filling the room with soft flickering light. She placed her razor, body wash, shower oil and cocoa butter on the shelf behind the bath ready to begin her ritual, and hung a towel over the shower railing. She unbuttoned her blouse, slowly, one button at a time, watching herself in the mirror as she slid her top off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She was wearing a black satin bra that felt so smooth and silky against her skin. She didn’t care that no-one at the office could see it, she wore it to work because it made her feel sexy and very feminine. She did that kind of thing often. She undid her belt and unzipped her skirt from behind and it too slid down over her long brown legs until it was around her ankles and she was standing there in her sexy bra and matching g-string. She stepped out of the skirt and brushed it aside with one of her feet.

Rose worked in an office that had a corporate look to uphold, so she wore her hair up in a bun most days. She took the clips out of her hair and set free her long brown locks until they bounced around her bare shoulders. She looked at herself in the mirror. She hadn’t lost her looks when she entered her 30’s. She still had beautiful shiny hair, full lips and the longest eyelashes she’d ever seen on anyone. Her breasts were still firm and quite perky, she had a fairly flat stomach and her arse was still quite shapely. Pleased with her reflection in the mirror, she unfastened her bra and set her girls free for the night. Her nipples jumped to attention straight away as she thought of the ritual she was about to perform on her trim body.

Rose turned around to test the temperature of the bath water. As she turned, she caught her reflection in the mirror again. She saw the way her g-string sat between the cheeks on her arse and slid one of her fingers between the fabric and her soft skin. She hooked her knickers underneath the crook of her index finger and pulled upwards slightly. The fabric stretched and tightened the material that was between her legs and made her clit throb with the extra pressure. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her clit. She had made herself come once before without even touching herself and she enjoyed the sensation while she remembered standing out the front of the bookshop in the shopping centre trying not to cry out with pleasure, but now was not the time for reminiscing. She unhooked her finger and bent over to feel the bath water. It was perfect.

Rose slipped her g-string over her hips and past her thighs, until it was sitting on top of the little pile of clothes on the floor. She stepped into the bathtub and laid down in the water. The bubbles surrounded her entire body. She lifted her right leg into the air and the bubbles slid down it to reveal her smooth shiny skin. She put her leg back underneath the layer of bubbles and relaxed for a few minutes. She thought about how luxurious baths made her feel. She wouldn’t live in a house without one. It was her one special place that she could go to relax without being disturbed. Her partner understood that she needed her privacy and would never come into the bathroom while she was having a bath.

Rose relaxed in the warm water, thinking about what order she should perform her little ritual in tonight. Should she ataköy escort shave first? Or should she clean inside herself with her soapy fingers first? Or maybe she should get out her little waterproof friend and let it vibrate it’s way between her legs first? After about 10 minutes or so, she felt as if she had to touch herself or she would go crazy. Baths were supposed to be about relaxing, weren’t they? Instead of just laying there and relaxing, she was always anxious to get started. She looked forward to her little masturbation session so much that she couldn’t just lay there thinking about it any longer. She had to touch herself. She had no self-control when it came to sex. That was something that she had to work on in the future.

Rose closed her eyes and started touching herself ever so lightly. She ran her fingertips over her stomach and breasts until her nipples stood at full attention underneath the water. If she arched her back slightly they both stuck out from beneath the bubbles and she could feel the coolness of the air on them. Was it possible that this could make them ever harder than they already were? She touched them both lightly with her wet fingers and pinched one of them between her thumb and index finger raising it up higher into the cool air and then let it go. It bounced back to her rib cage and she reclined back into the bath again. She slid her fingers down over her stomach and lightly ran her fingers through her pubic hair. She liked to leave a small strip of hair leading down to her clitoris about an inch wide. Sometimes, when she was ridiculously horny, she liked to shave all her pubic hair completely off, because it made the area so much more sensitive, but the upkeep of that was a little too much for every day life, so she only did this for very special occasions.

Rose reached over and picked up her little pink razor and her body wash from the shelf behind her. She tipped a little of the soapy liquid into the palm of her hand, put the bottle back down and began to lather it up with fingers on the other hand. She thrust her hips forward so her pubic mound was out of the water and began to rub the soap into what little hair she had there. She took the top off her razor to expose the blades and she began to shave her bikini line. She started at the top and moved down along the sides and slowly worked her way down to between her legs. She held the folds of her pussy lips open tight so she could shave them too. The sharp blades of the razor felt so good as they glided effortlessly over her pussy lips, occasionally knocking against her clit. She lifted her left leg into the air and watched the bubbles sliding down it, while she reached behind herself, so she could shave all the way down to her arse. She liked it when she had her arse licked, so she made sure the area was free of as much hair as possible. She did the same to the other side and made sure that the only hair left was the little tuft above her clit that measured about an inch wide. She decided that since she was particularly horny tonight, she’d shave off a bit more and only leave a strip that was about a cm wide. She washed all the soap away and looked down at herself. She shaved her hair so that there was a little gap between where the hair stopped and where her clit started so that when she looked down, she could see her pussy lips and clit stick out from underneath.

Rose put her razor down and smothered the tips of her fingers in more body wash. It was scented with crème brulee so it went well with her cocoa scented body butter that she was going to use later. She squeezed some body wash out of the bottle from high up in the air and it landed with a plop straight onto her clit. Her aim was getting much better over the years and she smiled at her little triumph. She slid the body wash all over her freshly shaved pussy bakırköy escort with the lightest touch of her fingertips. She loved it when her pussy was so soft and smooth like this. She could feel every tiny little sensation and her whole pussy was throbbing to be entered. She ran her fingertips along the top of her inner lips and down towards her opening. If she wasn’t already in the bath she would be so wet right now, she thought. She slipped one of her fingers inside herself and moved it slowly in and out, in and out. It wasn’t enough for her. She slipped in another one of her deliciously foamy fingers. It felt so good. She caressed one of her nipples with her other hand, squeezing it gently then pulling at it with her fingernails. She removed her fingers from her pussy and gently tapped the hood of her clit with the tips of her fingers. She could feel the water slapping against her thighs as she did this and she opened her legs wide. She began making little circles on her clit with her fingertips and she watched as her little bud begin to grow.

Rose wanted to feel everywhere that she had just shaved without removing her finger from her clit. She stopped caressing her nipple and grabbed the shower oil from the shelf behind her. She opened the cap and squirted some onto her fingertip one handed. A bit ran down her finger and dropped down into the bath and it made a little puddle of oil on the surface of the water. She trailed her oily fingertip down her thigh, over her pussy lips and towards her arse. She circled her arse with her finger and made the area all oily. She could feel her opening was shut tightly and gently prised it open with a little wiggle of her finger. She pushed her finger into her arse until it was in up to her first knuckle. She felt a bit of water enter her arse as she did this. It was so tight there that she removed her finger and decided to concentrate on her clit for a while. That was sure to loosen her up a bit.

Rose pinched her clit between her thumb and index finger and gently pulled on it. She grabbed her pussy lips with her other hand and did the same to them. She loved this sensation because it felt like someone was delicately sucking on her and taking her into their mouth. She loved oral sex. She loved giving it as well as receiving it. She wished she had a big dick to suck on right now. But she was alone in the house so she’d have to settle for her little friend instead. Which reminded her that she forgot to get her waterproof vibrator out of the drawer. She stopped what she was doing and sat up. Could she reach the drawer from here? She bent over the lip of the bath and stretched her arms out over the edge. Her breasts hung over the rim of the bath and brushed against it as she tried to reach the drawer. It was just out of her reach. She would have to stand up and get it. So she stood up, careful not to slip on the oily ceramic bath and reached over to the drawer to retrieve her vibrator. As she curled her hand around it, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror as she was bending over. Her skin shined in the soft light of the flickering candles as her breasts hung slightly below her body. She stood up straight and looked down at her pussy. She had done a good job of shaving it. It looked very neat and tidy. She turned around so her back was facing the mirror and put one of her legs up on the edge of the bath. It looked even better from this angle.

Rose took advantage of her new position and turned her vibrator on low. She bent over a little and hung onto the towel rail above the bath for more support. She guided the vibrator over her arse cheek and ran the tip of it down her arse crack. She had a wonderful view of her opening from this angle. She bent down and picked up some more shower oil and tipped the bottle upside down over her arse crack. A small trickle topkapı escort of oil poured out and slid down over her opening, past her pussy and ran down her leg. She put the bottle back on the shelf and concentrated on her vibrator again. From behind, she pushed the tip of it into her pussy and tilted the shaft of it against her arse. It felt marvellous. She slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy and could feel every little movement it made. It was delicious! She let out a moan as she felt a wave of ecstasy come over her. She let go of the towel rail and started circling her clit with her other hand. She would come any moment now and wanted to prolong the sensation, so she slid the vibrator deep inside herself. Her clitoral orgasms always lasted longer if something was pushed up against her G-Spot as well.

Rose felt the explosion of her orgasm between her legs, as she stood bent over with one leg on the side of the bath and she screamed out with pleasure. It rippled through her pussy and as she watched herself come in the mirror, she noticed the opening of her arse pulse with delight. Her legs felt weak and she felt that she had to sit down to avoid slipping over. She slid down into the bath again and laid down on her back once more. She noticed that all the bubbles had now disappeared and the whole bath had a layer of oil floating on the surface of the water. Her whole body felt so silky as she immersed herself in the warm oily water. She ran her hands all over her entire body so her skin would soak up all the oil and leave her feeling so soft afterwards.

Rose then lifted both her legs high into the air and spread them wide open. She placed the vibrator on the opening of her arse and pressed her little friend firmly against it. To her delight she was so relaxed that she opened much more easily this time and the tip just slid into her arse. She felt the vibrations around her opening as well as against the walls of her arse and pushed the vibrator in deeper. The water around her body shook and left little ripples on the surface. The ripples splashed up against her nipples and she squealed with delight. She thrust the vibrator in and out of her arse and rubbed her fingers over her clit at the same time. Her whole body shook as another orgasm burst from between her legs and she could feel the muscles in her arse and pussy both pulsating. When her orgasm had finally subsided, she removed the vibrator from her arse, turned it off and set it on the shelf to clean later. She stood up, wrapped her towel around her glistening body and pulled the plug out of the bath.

Rose stepped out of the bath and started drying herself off. She dried her face first, then her arms, then her stomach and back, then her long legs. She hung the towel back up and reached over for her vibrator. She ran it underneath the tap and gave it a good wash and dry and returned it to the drawer. As she stood in the bathroom naked, she grabbed the cocoa scented body butter, removed the lid and tipped a big blob out onto the palm of her hand. She rubbed it into every part of her glowing body, including her freshly shaved pussy lips, then she smelt her fingers. The combined aroma of her juices and the body butter smelt fabulous together! Oh, how she loved getting ready to go out! She vowed to herself that she was going to do this little ritual every time she was going out somewhere special. It made her feel so sexy. If only everyone knew what she got up to before they saw her! She was sure they would come in their pants if she told them. She waited until the body butter had soaked into her skin and slipped on a fresh red g-string, a black skin-tight skirt and a singlet. She looked in the mirror and smiled to herself again and blew out her candles.

Rose was still in the bathroom doing her hair and make up when her partner came home from work. They finished getting ready together and drove over to their friend’s house for the BBQ. When they got there, their friends greeted them at the gate and they all went inside.

“You smell delightful” one of their female friends commented. “What is that you’re wearing?”

“Oh, just some cocoa scented body butter. Nothing special.” Came the reply…. If they only knew…

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