The Boiling Point Of A Man

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I remember an old joke. I was in 9th class and we had undergone a test in science. The Science teacher was pointing out the mistakes we had made in our test papers. He held out an answer sheet of a student and read an answer to a question.

Question: What is a Fahrenheit thermometer used for?

Answer: A Fahrenheit thermometer is used to measure the boiling point of a man and melting point of a woman.

The Science teacher roared with laughter so did the entire class. Though I am not sure how many of them really understood the underlying impishness of that seemingly innocent innuendo at that young age.

Now, here was I in a similar situation, consumed and boiling with desire of this elusive eel of a woman, who wouldn’t melt and worse, is furious at me having caught me in an unenviable position. The thermometer bulb would probably explode if it were stuck in my mouth.

I work as a Project manager in Software Company and am 28 years old, being handsome standing at 5ft 11 inches and a good body, which I took enough care to keep in good shape by regular exercise, being single and add to this my easy, jocular disposition made me a popular guy in the organization. I was constantly on the move chatting with guys and girls at ease, pulling legs, and sometimes joking on myself and in general charming every one who came across but in particular having a fling at every good looking girl I came across but never attaching myself to any one in particular. Though some of them tried to cling themselves to me, they soon realized that it was futile and better not to have such a Casanova of a guy as a husband. Not that I was wanting in the faithfulness department but some how I seemed to find something was lacking in the girl after I slept with her and so it went on with I hopping from one girl to the next trying to find that perfect girl, all very much like the busy bee which sucks nectar from ever beautiful flower it comes across and keeps moving without any remorse. In any case it was they who were getting trapped in web, I so expertly weave with me doing nothing directly to get them.

Then it happened one day. I heard a knock on the door of my cabin I said loudly ‘yes, come in’. All my composure and the mirth I usually display with gay abandon were lost with what I saw. There was this exquisitely beautiful girl standing in front of me with a bag slung to her shoulder and a file folder in her right hand. She had a beatific smile on her face. She was of medium height about 5ft six inches, her body sculpted rather than shaped. She looked like a statue of Venus the goddess of beauty and love. Her face was oval shaped like that of an almond, well-shaped straight and pointed nose, luscious pink lips. She wore tight blue faded jeans with a white shirt on top. A heart shaped ruby set in a locket hung in her neck. She had the most beautiful breasts very firm and erect, which thrust out from under her shirt demanding attention, her waist very shapely and widened into graceful hips. She widened her smile as if to acknowledge my silent admiration of her and said. ‘Hello My name is Anita. I have been told to report to you by the HR manager’. So this was it, she was the new senior programmer who was supposed to report today. I regained my normal self smiled warmly at her, rose from my chair, offered her a warm hand shake, held her hand a little more than necessary and said ‘Please sit Anita’. It looked like she was used to that kind of response from people and seemed very comfortable with the attention I gave.

She handed me the file folder, which contained her testimonials and her appointment letter and leaned back in her chair. While glancing through her papers I raised my head and gave her a smile Her documents said she was 23 years old. I raised my head again to look at her and my eyes transfixed on her full luscious lips and I burst into poetry inwardly ‘God made the rosiest of roses pale before your lips in comparison when he shaped and coloured them with all his emotion’.

I handed back her file folder and said ‘would you like to have some coffee?’ She said ‘sure’ I rose from my chair and poured the coffee decoction from the decanter into two cups added milk and sugar and handed her a cup to her. As we silently sipped the coffee occasionally glancing at each other, I composed my self better, cursed and told my self ‘ you silly idiot you are behaving like a gushing school boy’ control yourself, ‘she is a mere programmer not the president of your company’.

Having finished coffee I took her out and introduced her to the team. The folks were giving me odd looks with my strange behaviour. Usually I call in the ‘Team lead’ and ask him to introduce any new recruits to the team. Having finished this I guided her to her workstation and slunk back to my cabin and again cursed myself for my odd behaviour. I realized that perhaps I would persist with this behaviour in future too.

The day passed with I trying to spend more güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri time with the team rather than sitting in my cabin, so that it would give me more time to be with her. All the while I had to be more careful to with my behaviour lest my current girl ‘Nita’ who is in my team should realize this.

Nita is a good-looking girl with whom I have been going steady for the past two months. She is a Software consultant. She matched me in my sexual appetite and was always ready for it any where, on my office desk in my cabin late evenings, on her kitchen cabinet in her apartment, against my living room wall and also comfortably in my or her bed. I got her easily with my charms overpowering her and also liked her easy and straightforward attitude with no pretensions.

That evening after the entire team left, Nita came into my cabin and sat on my desk. She looked straight into my eyes and said ‘you seemed to be lost today’. ‘Something hit you’? I said ‘no’ with a hollow bark and then said ‘lets go for dinner’, changing the topic. After dinner I dropped her at her apartment and kissed her goodbye at the lift and turned back.

The next day I was more in control of myself and also was also my usual self though Anita occupied my mind. She came into my cabin for a clarification, which could have been sorted out by the ‘Team lead’. I came rose and stood behind her chair explaining the point she raised. While she bent over her papers, her beautiful cleavage with the deep valley was visible for my eyes to feast on. She seemed to be aware of this and as she glanced surreptitiously at them. The game has begun. I put my hand on paper she was holding and pointed a line explaining it to her and in the process brushed my hand against her breast. She leaned back instinctively but did not seem upset. After the session she rose to leave and I patted her back and said

‘you are free to approach me if you have any more clarifications’.

Nita left early that day and seizing this opportunity I called Anita into my cabin and discussed the project for 45 minutes while all the team members left one by one.

Then I said “Its already late lets leave’.

Anita rose from her chair and I came and placed my hand on her back and led her out and locked the cabin. We walked to the lift and I pressed the button. The lift door opened after some time and we walked in.

The door closed and hardly have we moved two floors the power went off and the lift stopped.

Anita sighed ‘Oh my god’

It was pitch dark inside the lift. I raised a hand to touch Anita to assure her and say it is ok. But in the process I touched her left breast. I heard Anita gasp audibly. I said ‘Sorry I was trying to assure you that the power would come on soon’.

She said ‘it is ok’.

After a few minutes I took her left hand and held it in my right, she momentarily resisted and then relaxed.

I said ‘The standby power would be switched in a moment’.

She said ‘it is ok’. She said ‘I am afraid of darkness’.

I said ‘it is ok I am with you’ and placed a hand around her on her shoulder. She sighed and cowered under my touch but did not protest my action. Seconds ticked like years suddenly the power came on and the lift started moving. She looked shaken with that little incident. I smiled inwardly at what I have done to her composure.

Anita didn’t have a car. I offered to drop her at her apartment and she agreed. We reached her apartment and she offered me to come in and have a drink. ‘I said some day later’. I knew nothing would happen in a day and besides I wanted her to ache for me. She said ‘ok’ and went in.

The next day Nita reported sick and I had one more day to play with Anita. It was already late and Anita was still at her workstation.

I slowly tiptoed to her and tickled her in the ribs and said

‘Still working’. She smiled and said ‘it is over’ and shut down the Computer.

I said ‘let us have coffee and leave’. She came into my cabin and stood beside me instead of sitting while I prepared the coffee. I put the cups on the cabinet and turned and took Anita’s face in my hands looked and her lips intently and kissed her lightly first and crushing her lips later with mine, I pushed my tongue into her warm mouth, my hand moved on to her left breast and caressed it. I felt her freeze and she pushed me away.

I said ‘what happened’?

She said ‘I am not a loose girl’.

I was taken aback and said ‘When did I say that?’

She said ‘I am sorry I excited you, let us go, it is getting late for me’.

We drove in silence, all the while during the drive she just kept looking out of the window. I dropped her at her apartment. She did not ask me to come in. This girl could be a virgin. Virgins don’t give in easily and have a feeling nagging in their minds that a guy would consider them a slut if they gave in easily.

Two days passed Nita was still on leave and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Anita was avoiding me except on official work. She would smile tersely when required and clam up most of the time in my presence.

The next week Nita started attending office but I was not talking to her more than it was necessary because I didn’t want Anita to realize that I was close to her. Two more days passed Anita was now more relaxed smiled more and joked more in my presence but avoided working late, lest I should corner her. I offered to drive her home that day but she politely refused saying that she had to do some shopping on the way home.

I was now boiling with desire for her but she would not melt. Sexually too I was frustrated.

The next day evening Nita came into my cabin after every one left. It was more than fortnight since I had sex and was body was aching for it. I grabbed Nita and kissed her roughly. I asked her breathing heavily ‘has every one left?’

She said ‘yes’

I pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra and started chewing her breasts. I hurriedly unzipped her jeans and pulled them off, and then her panties came off. I pushed her on my desk and raised and pushed her knees apart. I pulled out my tumescent eight-inch cock and plunged it into her tight slippery hole to the hilt. Nita stifled a scream. I was pounding her like mad. Then I hit the peak and started convulsing.

Then I heard the sound of muffled steps out side my cabin. The door clicked open and Anita came in. I was in the throes of an aching orgasm as I caught Anita’s eye. She looked at us with disgust and went out hurriedly closing the door behind us.

We regained out normalcy fast and hurried to go. Nita had a happy smug look on her face she smiled obliquely at me. The bitch knew it. Anita was in the toilet and Nita lied about it. She wanted to reveal the kind of relation she had with me to Anita and put her out of the race. I was stuck in an unenviable position and was furious.

We drove in silence. My anger abated and I did not want to find fault with Nita. After all she was protecting her interests. But I had my interests too.

The next day Anita did not turn up for work. She reported sick and by evening some one carried information to me that she is considering quitting her job. I panicked. The night passed gloomily for me.

The next day morning when I reached office, I found Anita in her cubicle. I was elated and relieved. She came in for some clarifications but avoided looking me directly in the face.

Two days passed like this.

On the third day Anita came into my cabin and said

‘I am hosting a party today’.

I knew it was her birthday that day. I thought she invited me just to avoid embarrassment, in case I should know that she has hosted a party and did not invite me.

She said the ‘the party starts at 8 but you can come at 8.30 after you have finished your work’ and her eyes held mine in brief stare.

I knew she was referring to the incident she has seen the other day and felt sick.

I bought a bouquet of red roses for her and rang the bell to her apartment. Anita opened the door. I walked in and handed her the bouquet.

She said tersely


I half smiled. It was silent inside.

I was a little perplexed and said ‘Where are the others’?

She said ‘I haven’t invited them’.

I said ‘Haven’t invited’?

‘But you said the party starts at 8 and that I should come at 8.30’.

Anita said ‘Did I?’

She was pushing me around using the power that incident has given her. But at the same time I knew she was falling in line. I just shrugged and slumped in the sofa. There was a small birthday cake on the low table with candles on it. I relaxed mentally willing to let her unfold the drama.

She slowly lit the candles silently and went into the kitchen and brought a knife. The way she held the knife and she looked at me piercingly made me feel she wanted to kill me with the knife. Slowly she blew all the candles. I said happy birthday, cut a piece of the cake and offered it to her mouth. She ate it looking piercingly into my eyes. She cut out a larger piece of cake and brought it to my mouth. I opened my mouth and waited for her. All of a sudden she mashed the cake in my face. She took more of the cake and spread it on my face. I sat back silently in the sofa. She sat beside me and started sobbing covering her face in her hands. I wiped my face with a tissue and put a hand around her and held her close as she sobbed. After fifteen minutes. She went to the toilet washed her face and came back.

She sat beside me took my face in her hands and started smothering me with kisses. I was silent.

She said ‘I will kill you if I ever catch you any one else’.

I softly kissed her cheeks and then her lips. Her lips were warm and flushed and very soft.

She opened her mouth eagerly and let my probing güvenilir bahis şirketleri tongue in she was really warm inside from all that crying. She eagerly met my tongue with her and pushed against it desperately. We were drooling we lapped up the nectar and continued our feverish kissing.

Having sated with our kissing. I moved to slowly kiss her neck, her ears and her throat. Now her sexual passion was building up and she moaned. My right hand dropped down and caressed her left breast hesitatingly there was no protest. I tweaked her hard nipple and she gasped. Her breasts were firm and engorged with excitement and I was not getting enough of them. I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off her. I looked lovingly at her shapely breasts held firmly in her lacy bra. She looked like an angel. I reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and slid it off her hands.

She opened her eyes dreamily and said ‘yes’ sighing, as I caressed her bare firm breasts and took her left nipple in my mouth while I caressed the right. Her body had a pleasant musky aroma.

I pushed her on her back on the sofa and kissed her navel. I put my tongue in her navel and licked it. She moaned loudly.

I unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped and spread it. She wore pink panties I kissed the smooth swell of her stomach. Her skin felt smooth like satin. It was a little moist with perspiration.

I tugged at her jeans and she cooperated by lifting her hips and her jeans came off. Her thighs and legs were exquisitely shaped and beautiful. I slowly kissed her thighs and her inner thighs. Her panties were already soaking at the gusset. Anita was panting now. I pulled of her panties. She had the most beautiful pussy. It was freshly shaved with her pussy lips puffy and pouting.

I gathered her in my arms and walked towards her bedroom. Anita was looking at me longingly as I carried her and put her on the bed. I undressed while she looked dreamily with desire. Her eyes transfixed on my eight-inch rigid cock as I joined her on the bed.

I spread her legs wide and slowly licked the contours of her puffy pussy lips. She moaned with eyes closed in unbearable pleasure. I thrust my tongue into the depths of her pussy and flicked it in and out. She was now at the heights of orgasmic delight and moaned loudly. Her orgasm convulsed her whole body. She was coming in ripples. I kissed her belly, turned her over and kissed her back and buttocks as she breathed hard. I laid down along side her and my hard boner nuzzled between her warm bums. I held her for some time with my hand cupping her breast as she caught her breath. Slowly her breath evened.

She turned on her back and looked at me and smiled lovingly. She gave me butterfly kisses on my chest and moved slowly down towards my crotch with my anticipation rising. She pulled back the fore skin of my swollen cock and licked the head like a Popsicle. I was desperately trying to push it fully into her mouth. But she would withdraw her mouth and tease me. I pleaded with her and she drew it fully into her mouth. But she gagged and coughed and withdrew it.

She lay back on her back and said with her arms beckoning me

‘I want you inside me’. She looked very sweet and desirable with hair tousled around her face.

I rose and positioned my self between her legs spread them wide and raised her knees. I slowly rubbed the bulbous scarlet head along her puffed pussy lips and she moaned with half closed eyes. She was dripping wet now and I pushed the head inside. She flinched a little with the sudden invasion. I waited a little and fed my cock a little more inside and then felt her virginal barrier. I paused a little, she opened her eyes and found the uncertain look on my face and thrust her self up with her hips breaking her hymen. She again winced and layback breathing heavily with me fully buried in her. I lay on her and savoured the cosy feeling of her warm nest.

I rose up and slowly started moving in and out of her, she started matching me stroke to stoke by thrusting her hips vigorously. I tried to hold my pace as I wanted this to go on but instinct got better of me and I started thrusting faster with she matching me. We reached a crescendo. Then a shattering orgasm took over us and I slumped on her totally spent and a deep stupor took over us taking us to a different world where time stopped.

An hour later we had a warm shower had a great meal she prepared before hand and after that made slow lingering love again.

Anita spread the news that she had given me a birthday party with enough insinuation of what we had done that night. She would wait every day late to take home her prized possession carefully.

Poor Nita resigned from her job.

Months rolled by happily. There was a nagging unease in my mind. Why doesn’t Anita scream when we have sex? I like girls who scream while we had sex. It pumps up my adrenalin and encourages me do it with gusto, as I lived with this unease one day a tall and stunning woman in a red sari walked through the glass doors. Could this be the new web designer? She looked the type who would scream during sex. But my guilt got better of me. ‘No more heart breaks to girls’ I told my self, as I looked away with my heart still vacillating.

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