The Bookshop


Until I walked into the bookshop, I assumed it was going to be yet another normal day. Order my coffee, read my book, and then head off for my afternoon shift. It was one of those shops that sold books and coffee, trying to entice coffee drinks to buy books and readers to buy coffee.

It wasn’t until I started to sit down, latte in my right hand, Interesting Times by Terry Pratchett in my left, that I saw her. She was seated several tables across from me, deeply engrossed in a book. She wore a small white t-shirt with blue horizontal lines, and a pair of cut off jeans. Her hair was mousy brown and shoulder length, slightly obscuring the retro glasses she wore. I was so transfixed by her beauty that I almost missed my seat and spilled coffee over my hand. I felt the blood rush to my face in embarrassment, but luckily she was completely unaware of my clumsiness.

While I drank my coffee, I made a pretence of reading my book, secretly stealing glances over in her direction. She seemed to be reading The Eye of the Storm, by Robert Jordan. I vaguely remember the book as involving a lot of magic, and an epic battle between good and evil.

In my mind I tried to think of an excuse to start talking up a conversation. I loved that series, how are you enjoying it? Oh, really, you enjoyed it so much that you are reading it again? Oh yes, I would like to go back to your place to make out and enjoy some heavy fondling. I shook my head, knowing that the last thing she would want while enjoying a coffee and a good book is someone trying to hit on her. So I contented with merely watching her, and drinking my coffee.

Unfortunately all too soon she was finished reading, and proceeded to leave. As I watched her go I wondered whether she would come back here again, so I could watch her and possibly muster up the courage to speak to her. Yet I knew that I would probably never see her again.

So you could imagine it was a great surprise to me that when I returned to that bookshop later during the week she was there, sitting at the same table. I thanked whatever gods that had orchestrated this, and proceeded to buy my coffee and sit down. Luckily for me this time I found my seat without any trouble or lost coffee. Once again she was sitting there with a coffee and reading the same book. And again, I pretended to read, just so I could sneak glances at her. Then a thought occurred beylikdüzü escort to me. I quickly stood up, left my book and coffee on the table and walked over to the bookshelves. I searched through the shelves, and pick out the book. I took it back to my table, pulled out some scrap paper, wrote on it, then slipped it into the book, with an edge poking out. I then walked over to her table and said, ‘I thought you might enjoy this,’ and put down the book. I quickly turned around and walked back to my seat. She looked at me inquisitively, and then picked it up. It was The Assassin’s Apprentice, by Robin Hobb. I watched her turn it over and read the blurb. Then she noticed the slip of paper sticking out. She pulled it out and carefully read it. It said, ‘if you like Robert Jordan, you’ll love Robin Hobb. — Joseph’. She looked up at me again, and gave me the most beautiful smile.

And that’s how it all began. Somehow we would always happen to visit the bookshop on the same afternoon, and read our own books. Every once in a while I would drop a book off at her table with a little note, and she would do the same. The notes were never long or complicated. ‘I loved Robin Hobb, you should try this.’ ‘You looked glum today, this might cheer you up.’

Yet over time, we would end up sitting closer and closer together. It was like we were magnets, slowly drawing each other closer. Until one day I decided to sit right next to her on the same table. My heart raced as I sat so close to her, smelling her delicate perfume. At first we just smiled at each other, and continued reading. Yet I could see that she would look over her book at me, just like I was doing to her. So you could imagine the shock experienced when I felt her leg graze against mine. Up until then we had barely spoke, let alone had any physical contact. Yet the slightly touch of her leg sent electricity through my body. I was uncertain – was this an accident or deliberate? My answer soon came when she did it again, touching her leg to mine firmer, and longer, than before. I was quickly becoming uncomfortably hard in my jeans, and prayed that she didn’t notice my discomfort. Taking the bull by the horns, I pulled out some paper and a pen and quickly wrote a note which I passed to her. ‘Would you like to get out of here and get some fresh air?” She read beyoğlu escort the note, then turned to me and nodded.

As we exited the bookshop I lead us right, down the street. She must have assumed I had some destination in mind, but I honestly had no clue. As we walked, I would find small excuses to touch her — a bump here, a leading hand there. Each contact sent more blood to my erection. If I didn’t know any better, she too seemed to have a problem avoiding people and obstacles too, resulting in her brushing up against me.

We eventually arrived at a small bar I used to work at. Even though it was still only early afternoon, I asked whether she wanted to go inside. She smiled and said, ‘sure, why not? I’ve got no plans this afternoon, yet.’ We ordered our drinks, and found a small dimly lit table towards the back. We talked about books, our jobs, essentially all the mundane things that people talk about when they first meet. All the way the thought screamed in my head, ‘pull her into your arms and kiss her. KISS HER NOW!’ I think she noticed my distraction, but said nothing. Instead she put her hand on my thigh, and caressed it gently but firmly. It felt amazing, and I quickly started to return the favour. It was exciting, as no one knew what we were doing underneath the table.

The caresses began to become more adventurous and more urgent. It was then that I pointed her attention to something interesting across the room. I have no idea what I was pointing out, but it gave me enough time to rearrange my hard erection. When she returned her gaze to me, I stood up from the table and offered her my hand. She took it, looking a little confused.

I quickly lead her towards the back of the bar, and out into the alley. Then I pushed her up against the wall and did what I had wanted to since I first met her — kissed her hard. She returned my kiss with ardour, melting into my arms. I ran my arms up and down her sides, feeling the sides of her lovely breasts in my hands through her thin top. She tilted her hips towards mine, slowly grinding herself against me while we kissed. Looking around to make sure no one else was near.

Satisfied that we were alone, I began to undo her pants. I pulled her jeans and panties down towards her knees, and began to ravenously kiss her inner thighs. She squealed bizimkent escort in delight and surprise, running a hand through my hair. I made a trail of kisses up and down the insides of her legs, almost touching her pussy, but not quite. It wasn’t long before she started to move her pussy towards where my mouth would be, trying to get me to kiss her on the lips.

Eventually I decided that she had enough teasing, and I slowly and sensually ran my tongue up her pussy lips. A long, soft moan escaped her lips as she felt my tongue work its way up and down her. I continued this until her breathing started to become more urgent, and her hands started to grip my hair with force. Then suddenly she started to shudder as a powerful orgasm rocked her. Once she had finished cumming, I slowly kissed my way up her torso, pulling her t-shirt up in the process so I could kiss her taut abdomen. W

hen I reached her face, she pulled me close and kissed me hard. I felt her hands reach down and start unbuckling my jeans, and pulling down my zipper. My cock was suddenly free, the cool air tickling across my sensitive skin. She wrapped her hands around my throbbing penis, and stroked it up and down. She then pushed me away slightly, turned around and lent against the wall. She turned her head over her shoulder and looked at me, a fiery need in her eyes. Needing no further guidance, I grabbed my cock and slowly ran it up and down her silky pussy lips. It felt amazing, how soft, warm and wet it felt. The mixture of my saliva and her wetness coating the tip of my cock. I began to push into her, feeling my cock slide into her hot pussy.

Once inside, I stopped, and just enjoyed the feeling on being deep inside of her. Then I slowly began to pull out and thrust, each time eliciting a small moan from her. As I slid in and out of her, I placed one hand on her hip and another on her breast, fondling it tenderly. I began to pick up pace, and was eventually fucking her hard while she tried to keep her moans quietly. I couple of times I felt her pussy muscles contract as mini orgasms rocked her. It felt amazing, and I wished I could continue forever, but I began to feel myself reaching the point of no return. Just before I started to cum, I felt the most power orgasm yet wash over her. That was enough to push me over the edge, and I pushed myself to hilt inside of her, and began to cum. We must have looked a sight, her slightly bent over, her pants around her knees, while I was buried inside of her, groaning as I filled her up.

Eventually our orgasms faded, and we pulled away and started to re-dress ourselves. I must have had a slightly goofy smile on my face, since she pulled me close again and kissed me firmly, saying ‘not bad for starters?’

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