The Boss’ Son

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Trinity buried her face into her beer, the weight of the day nestled firmly upon her small shoulders. She had her hair tied up with a broken pen, the ebony locks curling every direction, and she had long since given in to their will. Her battered briefcase sat near her feet, and she darkly wished she could hurl the fucking thing through a window.

Letting out a small sigh, the young woman cast a glance around the upscale bar one last time. Her green eyes pinched shut in aggravation as she, once again, failed to locate her boss’ wayward son. He was supposed to meet her thirty minutes ago, and Braden Cooper had yet to put in appearance. Turning to her Guiness, she resolved to give the shit five more minutes.

Then she was leaving.

* * *

Braden Cooper pushed his way through the crowd, and took his place at the bar counter. Mumbling under his breath, he signaled with a single finger and immediately a scotch slid in front of him, the liquor quivering but not a drop spilled. He tossed it down his throat, and checked his phone. His father had failed to tell him about this meeting with one of his “most promising” underlings. As a result, he was half an hour late to meet his divorce lawyer and he had received a ticket trying to hurriedly arrive. His eyes raked over the crowd, looking for someone who fit the vague description his father had given.

Dark, messy hair, professional, female.

Braden snorted into the third scotch that had turned up in front of him. The place was crawling with women of that description.

Wait, where had the second shot gone? No matter. Braden went to signal for another when he felt a light tap on his shoulder. Spinning around, his eyes met the most gorgeous green eyes he’d ever seen. Midnight hair spilled around a heart shaped face, one curl caressing high cheek bones in a decidedly erotic manner.

“Are you Mr. Cooper?” Braden nearly missed her question, he was so intent on the movements of her full lips. Fuck, but how would they feel wrapped around his hardening cock? Get a grip, he scolded, it’s been too long.

He stood, his black tee stretching across his chest as he extended his hand. She stuck hers out, and heat Shot through his arm and straight to his throbbing dick.

“Yeah, I am. You’re the lawyer my dad sent?” Braden forced his eyes from her mouth, and they traveled to her tits, milky white and threatening to burst from the pink blouse she’d miraculously buttoned over them. Shame. Everything in him screamed to rip it off her. “Sorry I’m late. Dad didn’t tell me to be here until an hour ago and I live across town…”

* * *

Trinity bit her lip, stifling a groan. The man in front of her had thick blonde hair that scattered in every direction and eyes the color of brandy, with heat that set her pussy on fire. His shirt fit him perfectly, and his jeans did very little to hide the fact that his divorce had left him sexually frustrated.

He towered over her 5’3″ frame silently, and she realized he was waiting for a response.

“Yes, I’m Trinity James. Your dad asked me to represent you. Maybe we could talk outside. I’ve had a bit to drink and it’s rather canlı bahis hot…” And there’s not enough room between us, she silently added. Braden nodded his assent, but instead of going outside he went to a back office. Puzzled, Trinity followed him to the room and shut the door behind them. Pictures plastered the wall, upon closer inspection she was surprised to see him in many of them.

“Do you work here?” He took a seat on the side of the desk, and gestured to the chair in front of him. She scooted around his legs to sit, ignoring the way his knees brushed against her ass, adding to the alcohol induced buzz in her brain.

“My brother owns it,” the man invading her senses replied. She could smell him, a deep musk that made her nipples tighten in anticipation. Looking up, their gazes locked and her stomach knotted.

Oh well, she thought, I’m too buzzed to be working. She opened her mouth to say just that, when he stood, cutting and lifting her to her feet.

“Fuck. I’m sorry Miss James, but you can’t represent me.” Bewildered, she shot him an angry look. She’d given up a bubble bath in a jetted tub to be here, and he was dismissing her?

* * *

“Why the hell not?” The beauty one front of him swelled with fury, and it did wonderful things to her color. Cheeks flushed, Trinity didn’t seem to realize the way her skirt had risen to mid thigh when he had lifted her from the chair. But Braden was very aware of it.

“Because,” He said calmly. “I am going to fuck you so hard you forget everything but me.”

Her mouth made an alluring o-shape, and he didn’t bother hiding his groan.

Braden bundled her into his arms, his teeth nipping on her painted mouth before claiming it, lips melting against lips as all the tension left her lithe body. Moaning into his mouth, Trinity could taste the scotch and she wrapped her fingers in his hair. Her mind screamed at her to stop, but her pulsing pussy wouldn’t let her.

Braden’s hands found their way to her hair, yanking the pen out, letting it cascade down her back. He buried his hands in the glorious locks, and tugged her head back, exposing her neck. His tongue traced the soft lines of her collar bone and Trinity let out a breathless moan. Oneof his hands found her ass and cupped the firm globe over her skirt, burning into her skin like an iron. Her hands traced the muscles of his back, and she could feel his dick pressing into her stomach.


“Please what?” He whispered roughly into her ear and spasms shot through her.

“Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

“No.” Braden picked her up and spun her around. Setting her on the desk, he used one hand to pop the buttons on her blouse, letting it fall to the side.

Trinity watched his eyes darken with the same hunger that shined in hers, and she reveled in it. Reaching behind her, she undid the clasp of her plain white bra, and let her 42C tits spring free. Then she fell back on her elbows, her upper half bare. Rough fingers unwittingly found hard nipples, and a whimper escaped her around he rolled them between two fingers.

While she had been ridding herself of a bra, he had bahis siteleri taken his shirt off. Trinity stared at his toned body, the muscles defined in subtle ways and the skin golden from the sun.

“God you look so fucking hot,” Braden murmured. With his hands running over her body, she felt beautiful. She let her head fall back as she enjoyed his touch for a minute, but the sound of a zipper brought her back.

Legs spread, his jeans had been undone and his hand moved on his cock in sure, powerful strokes while he explored her body. Biting her lip, she sat up on the edge of the desk.

“Please… let me taste you.” Nodding his assent, he stepped forward and she dropped to the floor on her knees, small mouth open. Braden wasted no time, and he shoved his cock into Her throat, hissing as she gagged and allowed him access. Looking down at her, her pretty green eyes begging, her tits free and her cheeks stuffed with his dick, Braden felt total satisfaction. He wrapped his hands in her hair, holding her still. He kept eye contact with her as he slowly began to move in her mouth.

Trinity trembled, her cunt soaking wet and her throat burning. She wanted so desperately to rub her clit, but she wasn’t sure if she was allowed. So instead she sat, staring into hypnotising eyes. Then he threw his head back and began raping her mouth in earnest, taking everything he needed from her and damn anything she wanted. For some reason, that thought made her nipples tingle and she moaned. He fucked her harder, and she could hear the wet slurping noise she was making. Braden’s breathing became shallow and ragged, and with a growl he pulled out of her mouth.

Hot cum shot all over her face, and Braden instantly got hard again at how the slut just turned her face up prettily and took it, licking it off her lips and never looking away from him.

“Get up on the desk.” He growled the orders. She obeyed. “Now spread your legs.”

Trinity hesitated for a moment, and he shoved her legs open, revealing a glistening, bare cunt. He bundled her skirt around her waist, and took out his phone. When she moved to protest a glare silenced her.

A quick click verified the knowledge that he had just take a snap of her bits on display. Trinity glared at him, and he at her.

“What?” She snorted.

“What the hell was that?”

“A memento.” And with that he flicked her clit, and smirked when she moaned. ” Do you want to touch yourself?”

“Yes!” She could almost hear the frown.


” What?” Trinity lifted her head are stared. Braden sat on her previous chair, jeans still on, erect cock out. She could still feel his sticky cum on her face.

“Yes, sir. Say it.” He waited until she saw he was serious.

“Yes… sir.” He smirked, and she longed to kiss him and smack him.

“Do it.” He settled back, apparently content to watch. His hand slid up and down his shaft, the other cupped his balls. She watched him for a moment, and then spread her legs wider. Her finger circled her clit, and her eyes drifted shut as pleasure raced through her body. She moaned, her movements quickening. Her pussy was slick and knowing bahis şirketleri she was on display, hearing the tell tale signs of flesh on flesh, drove her to find release. Her hips lifted off the table, and her pussy clenched. Right before she fell apart, her hand was pushed aside and replaced by a quick tongue. It moved in fast, hard circles on the sensitive nub and two fingers slipped inside her core, moving in perfect rhythm.

Braden let her ride until her peak, juices flowing down his arm, dribbling to coat her ass. When he felt her tighten, he closed his teeth gently and slammed his fingers in her deeply, pushing one into her ass. She screamed his name and his cock jerked. Standing, he positioned himself between her legs and kissed her.

Trinity could taste herself, sweet and clean, on his tongue and she lapped it up like a cat. Her ass burned and her cunt ached. But she needed more. He was like a drug, and she wanted him.

“Please sir. Please fuck me.” Braden growled in his throat. Hearing her call him sir, seeing her sprawled out, covered in his cum… he was dying to feel her around him.

He bent his head to her tits, and licked their hardened tips. She moaned, and he bit one, not so gently. With one finger he teased her pussy.

“Are you sure you’ve been a good little slut for me?”

Moaning she nodded her head and wrapped her legs around his waist, the rough denim brushing her inner thighs almost enough to send her over the edge.

Braden grabbed her hair, forcing her to look him in the eye.

“I’m going to fuck every one of your holes until you can’t even speak.”

With that he slammed his cock into her, and let out a guttural cry. She was so tight, she clung to him like a sheath. Pulling out, he slid back in. Her tits bounced beautifully, and he squeezed them, leaving finger prints. Her legs were tangled around him, and his head spun. The smell of sex permeated the room, and as he pounded into her pussy her begging words barely registered.

“Yeah, just like that…” Been so fucking long…

“Harder, yes, yes, mmm. Fuck me sir!” Beautiful cunt. So tight. Eager little whore.

Milky tits bounced up and down, skin slapped against skin. He pinned her hands above her head, stretching her body out. He watched his cock disappear inside her, watched her lips reluctantly release him. And he lost it.

Pounding into her in a Frenzy, Braden released her hands. He gripped her hips and slammed her back onto his cock. He buried himself to the hilt and stopped thinking of anything but cumming. He On the tight inferno surrounding him. And gritting his teeth, he came. Pulling out, he spilled his seed all over her stomach, rubbing it onto her tits as he struggled to breathe. Opening his eyes he saw the glazed look in her eyes, and knew she’d orgasmed.

“One question.” He looked at her curiously. The past five minutes had gone by silently, the two drinking each other in hungrily.”Am I still fired?”

“I’m afraid not.” She smiled, and he continued. “I was supposed to fuck you until you forgot everything but me. Apparently you haven’t.”

Feeling like an unrepentant child, Trinity grinned mischievously. Sitting in his lap, straddling him she rubbed herself against his dick, and smiled when she felt it shift. She placed his hands on her ass and bit his earlobe.

“There’s still one more hole sir.”

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