Subject: The Boston Tea Party Chapter 18 This is a work of fiction. All characters herein are also fictitious so, if you think you can identify a character because of some similarity, you are in error. Some characters have been borrowed, with his kind permission, from Jacob Lion’s story “A Neglected Boy”. There may be some references to sexual practices in the text but it will be of a gentle and loving nature and not remotely pornographic. If you are looking for pornography, look elsewhere. Some of the characters are minors so , if it is not legal for you to read this story, please don’t. Otherwise, I hope you will enjoy it. If you wish to send feedback, you can contact me at lfa4321jonah@outlook . There are pictures of some of the characters in this story on Jacob Lion’s website. bly/ Please remember that Nifty is kind enough to publish these stories for our enjoyment, but the only income is donations. We need to keep this site going so please consider donating to Nifty fty/donate.html The Boston Tea-Party Chapter 18 by Jonah It was Ning who awakened me in the morning. It wasn’t really daylight but he and I were the only people sleeping in the boys’ room. Everybody else had presumably gone to Jake’s bed. Ning was awake and gently tapping me on the nose with his toe. I seized his ankle and kissed his cute little foot, but he wrenched it away. “Please Mister Simon…. “, he said. “What’s the matter Ning?” I asked. “I need to go pee, but I’m scared”. Of course, Sammy would usually have taken care of that, if Ning needed to go during hours of darkness, but Sammy wasn’t here. They’d obviously left Ning and I because we were the ones they couldn’t rouse. I stood up and lifted the boy to his feet, then held his hand and led him to the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bath as Ning peed, and peed, and peed. Crumbs! How long had he needed to go? When he finished we went back to the boys room and lay on the airbed. I hugged the little boy and he quickly fell asleep. I obviously fell asleep cuddling him because it seemed like only a minute before Kori was brushing my lips with his bare toes. “Come on sleepy-head”, he said, ” unless you want to get left behind again”. I didn’t need telling twice. In no time at all I was dressed and supping an excellent cup of tea. Then it was out to the stable, turn out the horses and get mucking out. When all was spotless I went outside to find Liam trotting round on Finley, Kori mounted on Eric, and Dusty waiting patiently for me. I fussed Dusty and then mounted him. Finley walked over to join us. “We’ll go for a walk down to the orchard then trot back up again,” said Kori. Liam promptly patted Finley on the neck, sat up in the saddle and rode off in that direction. Eric followed him and Dusty fell in line-astern behind him. We walked sedately all the way down to the bottom of the field. Then we turned and faced back up again. “Do you remember what to do?” Kori asked. “I’ve got a horse who does”, I replied. “Yeah, Dusty’s the smart one”. said Kori. It took me a while to figure what he meant by that. Liam set off at a walk on Finley, followed by Eric. “C’mon” I said to Dusty who followed with a toss of his head. As soon as we were all following, Liam put Finley to a trot. Kori let him open the distance then did the same. “Steady boy!” I said, to discourage Dusty from following suit too soon. “That’s it boy!” izmit escort bayan I said with a slight prod of the ankles. Dusty knew exactly what to do and trotted up smartly with me rising and falling in the saddle. It was an easy motion, and we both felt satisfied with it. Liam and Kori had reined in in the paddock and were ready to dismount. I slowed Dusty to a walk as we drew close to them. A toss of the head and he walked sedately up to the other horses and stood obediently. We all dismounted together and then Liam led Finley to his stall, followed by Eric and Dusty in turn. Well Dusty came in for high praise that morning. I ran out of words to tell him how clever he was, but I don’t think he minded. Horses brushed down, we all stripped for a shower. Liam and Pete got together in the shower and so did Kori and I. There was no hurry this morning so a good time was had by all. We were ready for our breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed it then Liam said he was going to play trains till lunch time. Luke, Sammy and Pete joined him and, wherever Sammy goeth, there goeth Ning. That left me and Kori. Well Kori said it was time to see if we could help Mrs Plover, so we set out to walk to the trailer park. The door stood open on the trailer and Christopher sat reading on the step. He ran in to tell his mother we were here. Mrs Plover appeared, with her hair tied up in a scarf and a dirty smock covering the same print dress she wore before. We asked if we could help her. “Oh, I wish someone could”, she replied. “There’s so much to do that I don’t know where to start.” “Let’s have a look”, said Kori, “I know trailers – was brought up in one”. Mrs Plover stood to one side so Kori stepped past her. “C’mon Simon”, he said, “I know where we’re going to start. If you boil a kettle we’ll start on these dishes. It’ll look much easier when they’re out of the way”. Two of them had breakfasted this morning resulting in, at the most, two plates, two dishes and two cups. It was obvious, therefore, that the pile of dirty dishes were the result of several meals. We didn’t comment, we just got stuck into them. “A cup of tea will help you feel better Mrs. Plover” said Kori, “you might feel like a little dusting then. Christopher will get that stuff in off the line for you and you can iron it when you like.” “I’ve still got the shopping to do,” said the woman. “We can do that if you make a list,” replied Kori. “We’ll take Christopher with us.” Well all happened as Kori said. Sometimes a sergeant-major is what’s needed. “It looks so run down,” said the unhappy lady. “Needs a touch of paint here and there. We can do that,” said Kori, “only Jake will need to take you into Walmart so you can choose what colours you want”. Well we washed up and dried, and Kori made tea. “If you make us a list we can get the shopping”, Kori repeated, “but you’ll only need stuff for lunch ‘cos you and Chris are eating with us tonight”. “Well, I don’t know.” “I do,” said Kori. “That’s why I told you. Don’t worry about it Mrs. Plover. You’ve got enough to worry about.” It ocurred to me that Jake had said nothing about inviting the Plovers back for dinner, but Kori clearly knew what he was doing. “Well, if you’re sure,” Mrs Plover said dubiously, ” just get what you boys want for sandwiches. I’ll have a sandwich with you”. She got out her purse. “I’m afraid there isn’t much”. She handed the purse to izmit eve gelen escort Kori. “There’ll be enough,” said Kori. “I’ll just do the vacuuming while you’re gone” she said. Well the three of us set off for the Main Street. Most of the buildings on Main Street are big old wooden houses, but there are various stores hidden among them, disguised as other houses. We headed for the big old general store. “Good morning Mr, Wutherall,” said Kori. “Morning Kori, Morning Son, Hey! Good Morning Christopher”. said the tall, thin man through his bushy moustache. “What can I do for you boys today?” “Have you any ham please Mr. Wutherall?” The big man took a large ham from the refrigerator and cut several slices on the bacon slicer. “Is it for you Kori, or is it for Christopher?” Kori glanced at Christopher without saying anything and the tall man coughed, cut another couple of slices and wrapped them in greaseproof paper. “You can have those,” he said, “I can’t charge you for them on account it’s yesterday’s. I’d have had to have thrown it out.” I noticed that he’d put the rest of the ham back in the fridge, yesterday’s or not. When he saw me looking he winked, clearly unabashed by his white lie. “Ive got half a loaf here somewhere that I can’t sell because I’ve sold the other half. Oh, there it is, and there’s a pat of butter with it”. “How much is that Mr. Wutherall” said Kori. “Just make yourself scarce before the wife sees you”, he replied. “See you in Church on Sunday boys”. “Oh, Simon’s going home to England tomorrow,” Kori told him. The man came round the counter and shook my hand. “Right proud to have made your aquaintance Simon”, he said. We made ourselves scarce. “Would his wife really have been upset?”, I asked Kori. “Depends whether he was there,” he replied. “If she’d been there on her own she’d have given us these things and told us to skidaddle before her husband came.” I smiled at that and Kori continued, “Took me a long while to learn it, but I’ve learned. There’s a whole lot of good people in the world”. We took our not-so-ill-gotten gains back to the trailer and Kori set about making sandwiches. The trailer certainly looked different to the first time we went in. It looked lighter and cleaner and the foul food smell had been replaced by a lavender smell. Kori made sandwiches and tea and we lunched. After lunch Kori and I took a bowl of hot soapy water and began scrubbing down walls and cleaning windows while Mrs. Plover ironed and folded clothes. Around five in the afternoon Kori said, “We’ll take a walk back to Jake’s now. He’ll be glad to see you. You won’t need your coat. Jake will run you home if it’s late.” Well Kori was right about all of that. Jake was more than pleased that Kori had invited the Plovers for dinner. “Well done Stud Muffin! I should have thought of that”, he said. Luke and Chris were in the stable drawing pictures of horses. I went out for a time then Kori joined me. “Saddle up Dusty and take him for a trot,” he said. “I’ll get Eric out in case he’s needed, but he won’t be. Jake usually gives them a workout about now, so he’s due some excercise” “But I’ve never ridden him alone”, I said. “Fortnight ago you’d never ridden at all”, he replied. Kori showed me how to saddle up and put on the bridle, and then got Eric ready. I took Dusty outside and talked soothingly to him. The big izmit otele gelen escort horse stood and listened to every word I said. Was I nervous? Well, I woud have been, but Dusty was ready for that. The big, stolid bulk of the horse reassured me – just as he knew it would. I put my foot in the stirrup and mounted. I got myself seated properly and the reins just taut enough that they wouldn’t snatch. Back up straight. Hands not too close together, rein in line with arm. “C’mon” I told him and we walked away. Out of the paddock I walked him, and down to the bottom field. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kori on Eric, but he made no move to follow. At the bottom I reined in gently and quietly said, “Whoa!”. Dusty tossed his head and stopped. I didn’t even notice whether I used any leg pressure to turn him round. I reckon he just read my thoughts. “C’mon” I said and he began to walk back up. After a few steps I put him to the trot, slowing him to a walk only when we reached the paddock”. “He’ll miss you” said Neil who was leaning on the fence talking to Kori. “I’ll miss him,” I replied. “There isn’t another horse like him.” “You don’t know many horses,” Neil replied, “but, as it happens, you’re right.” It was time for dinner and Jake had helped Jonah prepare about two ton of corned beef hash. It was a good job Neil and Peter had come to help us eat it. We were just tucking into the cake and ice cream that Jake had put out for dessert when Mr. Ito arrived with Garret and Riku. “We couldn’t let you folks go tomorrow without saying goodbye,” said Garret. Well, before long Liam and Pete were cosy in the boy’s room doing who-knows-what. Luke and Jonah and Mr. Ito were in a business discussion, Sammy and Ning were wrestling and tickling each other. Sammy seemed to have forgotten his back. Peter and Neil had disappeared – none of us knew where. Kori and I went outside. The evening was still. The sun had shone most of the day and now it was painting the sky all sort of shades of red and violet. The birds still sang and we felt like singing with them. All in the April evening… Well tomorrow would be May, and it would be Goodbye to New England, or maybe just Au Revoir. A slight rustle, followed by a giggle from the stable told us where Peter and Neil had disappeared to. Well, on an evening like this, maybe they weren’t wrong. Kori and I slid round the back of the stable. There was plenty of hay there. We held hands, we rolled in the hay. We kissed, we…..Oy! don’t be nosey. It was OUR time. You go find your own hay. As the evening gave way to night we returned to the TV room . Jake had already taken Mrs. Plover home, but Christopher was still here. So were Peter and Neil. Jake had put on a movie and all the airbeds from the boys’room floor had been put on the floor in here. “Chris, Peter, Neil, Garret and Riku are all sleeping over tonight,” said Jake, “so I thought, rather than you all break my bed, we’d stay down here tonight. Go get yourself a shower when you’re ready. ” Well I did that and soon the TV room was full of naked boys, and near naked men. As Christopher laid down next to me I thought, ‘what an unusual end to an unusual holiday’. Well it’s only an hour short of May. We’ll see what that brings. TO BE CONTINUED If you have enjoyed this story you will probably enjoy previous stories by the same author on Nifty’s Gay Adult/Youth Archive. Letter from America, Stranger on a Train, Marooned, also The Pen-Pals, on the Gay Young Friends site. For a much longer story by a different author, I would recommend A Neglected Boy, by Jacob Lion. I’d like to thank Jacob for his help in writing this. I couldn’t have done it on my own.

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