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Subject: The Boy From Norway (Gay/Adult-Youth) The following story is fictional. None of the events, characters, businesses or cities are real. Please do not read if you are under 18 or if the content is illegal in your jurisdiction. Email me if you liked the story or want to comment at Thanks, Vance. Nifty needs your donations to provide this valuable platform http://donate./donate.html The Boy from Norway Will caught me looking at the gorgeous boy over his shoulder while we ate breakfast. He could see I was not paying attention to our conversation so he turned to nonchalantly scan the room behind him, as if he were appraising the decor. “He’s cute,” Will said quietly as he picked up a croissant and buttered it. The breakfast at the boutique hotel included mimosas, and we were each into our second glass. I sat facing Will. The boy sat facing me at the table just behind Will. He was with a woman in her late thirties, who I assumed was his mother. When she stood up to return to the breakfast bar I was afforded a complete view of the kid. He appeared to be 12 or 13. His medium length blonde hair was well kept – it framed a symmetrical face with a splash of dark freckles across his nose and cheeks. His brown eyes were crowned by dark eyebrows which made a striking contrast to his blonde hair. I tried to ascertain his nationality by the way he was dressed. He was definitely not American like Will and me – his calf-length trousers and Adidas tank top gave that away. Will stood up with his empty cup and walked toward the urns of coffee. I noticed the boy’s eyes followed him as he moved across the room. Will was an exceptionally attractive 19 year old, and it was common for both males and females to eye him with appreciation. His longish wavy dark hair and steel blue eyes were magnetic, and his slim but toned body made anything he wore look like it just came off a Fashion Week runway. I felt a proud swelling in my chest – I was very lucky to be with someone as young and handsome as Will. I’m sure most people assumed I was his father, but at 46 years old I was actually five years older than his dad. Will was my boyfriend, my lover and my partner in crime. We’d met in an online chat for men attracted to boys. He’d asked me to chat privately, and we began discussing what we liked in boys. Like me, Will was attracted to boys around the age of puberty. I asked him about his experiences with boys and he told me about his last boyfriend, a 14 year old dancer. That’s when I found out Will was 18. He was older than my age of attraction, but I found his personality irresistible. He was smart, playful and cocky. I asked him to describe himself and liked the mental picture he painted. Our occasional chats became daily events, sometimes lasting for hours. I was falling for him. I tried to be as honest about myself as I could be without revealing too much. I was a successful cinematographer living in L.A., had a house with a swimming pool in the Hollywood Hills, drove a Mercedes G Wagon, and was 45 years old. I wasn’t unattractive, and was in good shape for a guy my age, but I wasn’t turning any heads with my looks. A few weeks after “meeting” Will, I had to go out of town on a short film shoot. I felt lovesick not being able to talk to Will. When we reconnected after five days, he told me he really missed me. We opened up to each other, exchanged pictures and information about our real lives, and began an online relationship. The first picture Will sent me, a shirtless selfie in a bathroom mirror, caused me to doubt things. Was I being catfished? The guy in the picture was too attractive to be into someone like me. I hinted around at that and Will ankara otele gelen escort sent another picture, this time naked and hard. He was holding a piece of paper that said “Hi, Collin.” His sizable circumcised cock was straight with a slight upturn. I offered to fly Will out from Colorado to visit me in L.A. He never returned home. I was shaken out of my reverie by Will loudly clanking his coffee cup onto his saucer as he sat down. I noticed the kid was still looking at Will. “The boy behind you kept his eyes on you the whole time you were up,” I said. Will’s eyebrows raised. I knew what he was thinking. A few second later, Will stood up as if to head towards the buffet counter. He passed the boy’s table and slowed down slightly, turning his body towards the table and quickly glancing at the boy, When their eyes met the boy looked away with an embarrassed smile. The boy’s mother seemed unaware that anything had happened. Will continued to the counter and put a couple mini-danishes on a small plate, then returned to our table. “You can tickle his balls when I’m fucking him,” Will said. Suddenly the crotch of my pants felt too tight. I knew there was a good chance it might happen. Will had pulled this routine three times in the year we’d been together, seducing a boy and then inviting me to take part in the lovemaking. A few minutes later I gave Will a slight nod. The boy had just stood up to get more food. Will got up and grabbed a fresh plate, then joined the boy by the chafing dishes. The boy’s perky ass was displayed nicely in his slightly too tight jeans. His arms were thin but not gangly, and the sun-kissed tan on his shapely square shoulders was set off by the light blue tank top he was wearing. The boy and Will began to converse in hushed tones. Will returned to our table and said nothing. He knew that behind my blank expression I was dying to know what he and the boy had talked about. He taunted me with silence, knowing I was about to explode. Finally I whispered with urgency, “Well…?” “His name’s Oliver. He’s Norwegian. His mom’s here for the Film Festival too.” I felt butterflies in my stomach. “How’s his English?” “Good. I invited him to my suite to watch a movie this afternoon. His mom’s on a panel and his day is wide open.” I noticed Will had said “my suite.” That meant that I would be absent for the seduction of the boy (if it happened), but would be joining them at some point. Will and I went to a screening later that morning, but I had trouble concentrating on the movie. All I could think about was Oliver, naked, with Will’s mouth on his cock or dick up his ass. Will was meeting Oliver at 1:00. We returned to the hotel shortly after noon. “Go have lunch,” Will said. “I’ll text you later.” I barely touched my salmon salad. I was too keyed up and excited about what might happen with Oliver. I looked at my watch: 1:30. I sat in the lobby and played Candy Crush on my phone. Finally at 1:54 I got a text from Will. It was a “thumbs up” emoji with the words “20 minutes – just come in.” The next twenty minutes were torture. My mouth was dry and I felt jittery. After 18 minutes I took the elevator to the fourth floor, then stood in front of our suite door. I still had a minute left. One long minute. Finally, I used my key card and opened the door. I entered the living area of the suite and called Will’s name. Then I walked into the bedroom. Will had cleverly thrown the top sheet and blankets onto the floor, knowing the boy would try to cover himself when I came in. Will was naked, lying on his back, his wet erect cock pointing toward the ceiling. Oliver sat next to him, also naked, öveçler escort with his sun-browned arms tightly wrapped around his drawn up legs. He looked mortified, I couldn’t see his cock. “Oliver, this is my boyfriend Collin,” Will said. Oliver glanced at me then looked down, saying nothing. He seemed like he wanted to crawl under the bed. “Oliver,” I said, trying to sound cordial and calm. “I don’t blame you. Will is really hot.” The boy’s grip on his legs loosened slightly. He looked at me cautiously. “It’s OK,” Will said. “Collin likes to watch.” “Uh, perhaps I should go…” Oliver said hesitantly. His English had a slight nordic accent and his voice was a little high pitched and boyish, “Come on, baby,” Will said, a with a bit of gentle pleading in his tone. He began to lightly stroke the underside of Oliver’s right thigh, which he still held close to his body. Oliver loosened his arms. His legs opened enough for me to see his semi-erect uncircumcised cock. He had a light patch of fine hair above his groin, but his tight ball sack looked hairless. Will continued caressing the boy’s thigh and his cock grew, its glans peering almost completely out of his foreskin. He wasn’t big and he wasn’t small – he was just the right size for a boy his age. I’d estimate it was about 5 inches (13 cm). Will’s hand traveled up Oliver’s thigh and began to stroke his ball sack and the root of his cock. The boy put his head back and closed his eyes. His powerful adolescent horniness had quickly overcome the embarrassment of having someone else in the room. Will leaned over and took Oliver’s cock into his mouth. Oliver’s eyes snapped open to watch the act. He had a look of both pleasure and wonder on his face, as if to say “Is this actually happening? Is this gorgeous guy really sucking my cock?” Will was a really good cocksucker, especially when it came to young boys. He grabbed the Oliver’s buttocks and pulled him into his mouth as far as it would go and held him there for a few seconds. Then the boy’s wet, hard cock receded from Will’s mouth almost completely, only to repeat the process. After a minute or so Will pulled off and looked into Oliver’s eyes with a smiling face. It was a signal that Will was enjoying this as much as the boy was. “God, you’re sexy,” Will said. “Turn over,” The boy compliantly rolled over. Will spread Oliver’s cheeks and began licking his crack and hole. It was slight, but I could see the boy’s thin body rhythmically humping the bed as Will explored ass with tongue. The boy’s blond hair covered his eyes but his mouth was alive, biting his lower lip, licking his teeth, forming an “O” clenching teeth, expelling breath. “I really want to fuck you,” Will said. Then, almost as an afterthought, “but only if you want me to.” The boy propped himself up on his elbows and looked back at Will. Will continued. “Look at this cock,” he said, gesturing to his fully erect member. “There’s only one place it wants to be…” “I’ve never been fucked,” the boy answered. I wasn’t surprised and I don’t think Will was either. “But I’ve wanted to try it.” “With me?” Will asked, surprise in his voice. I knew it was fake. Everyone wanted Will to fuck them. “Yes, but can we go slow?” Oliver asked. “If it doesn’t feel good I will want to stop.” “Of course, Baby! We’ll just take it nice and slow, and stop whenever you say.” Will and I already knew it would feel good. Will resumed rimming the boy, then began lightly rubbing his hole with his fingers, teasing and lightly poking. Soon he had one, then two fingers inside the boy. I went to the bedside table and pulled out a small tube of Astroglide. “Allow me,” I said. The boy pendik escort turned to see what was happening behind him, and watched as I poured a small amount on my hand and began spreading it over the length of Will’s warm, erect cock. I poured a little more on my hand and reached down to Oliver. He took a quick intake of breath as I touched his bottom with my hand, gently rubbing the lube over his ass crack and hole. The warm, moist cleft was enticing. I probably lingered it a little too long. Will swatted my hand away. He was anxious to get down to business. “Roll over on your back,” Will instructed the boy. I want to see your cute face.” The boy did as he was told. Will pushed Oliver’s legs up over his shoulders and began to direct his cock toward the boy’s hole. It was a most pleasing tableau: a gorgeous pubescent boy with a straining adolescent erection, his legs over the shoulders of an equally gorgeous 19 year old who’s just about to enter him. I wanted to take a picture, but I knew it wasn’t the right time. Instead I tried to burn the vision into my memory. Will gently manipulated his cock into the boys hole. “Don’t hold your breath,” Will said. “Just relax. Sometimes it helps if you push out,” And just like that, Will was in. The boy looked into Will’s face, his eyes wide. “Yep, I’m all the way in. I’m fucking you, buddy!” I had been standing over the bed for the last ten minutes. Since Oliver and Will were now in the throes of pleasure, I sat on the edge of the bed. Will’s thrusting was rhythmic but gentle. Oliver’s erect cock pointed toward his belly button. I reached out and gently stroked it. Oliver looked toward me and gave me a slight nod. “That’s it Collin,” Will said breathlessly. “Ollie’s cock needs a little attention.” The line was so cheesy I could have rolled my eyes, but I appreciated Will trying to get me in on the action. I gently stroked Oliver, who kept his eyes wide open and directed at his lower half. A few moments later Oliver said to me “I will soon cum.” “Just let it out, Baby,” Will replied for me. I felt Oliver’s cock get even stiffer, and saw his abs clench, then was rewarded with several strong shots of white semen which I directed toward his face and chest. I knew that Will was close, too, and I was sure that seeing this hot kid cum would do it for him. His pace picked up, then he pulled out and unloaded on the kid, his seed pooling with the boy’s seed on his lower abdomen. Will reached down and spread the gooey deposit over the boy’s cock and balls, then laid down next to the boy. Both looked completely spent, “You guys are going to need to shower,” I said. A few minutes later. while Will and Oliver were together in the oversized shower (for some reason it’s a ubiquitous feature in boutique hotels), curiosity got me and I looked through the boy’s clothes. I found his wallet and looked it over. “Oliver Kristiansen, bursdag 6 November 2006.” The boy had just turned 13. Will told me later that he and Ollie had swapped blowjobs in the shower. I wasn’t surprised. Oliver come over the next three days until he and his mother had to go back to Norway. Friday and Saturday were “quickies,” since he and his mom were busy those days, but on Sunday his mother was co-hosting a cocktail brunch for the other Norwegian filmmakers so he spent the entire day in our suite, mostly naked. Oliver let me blow him, then sucked my cock for a bit while Will fucked him. We ordered room service twice. When it was time for him to leave, Oliver gave Will a big hug, then he turned to me and hugged me as well. He exchanged Snapchat and WhatsApp contacts with Will and then he was gone. “Shit, that kid was…” Will trailed off. “One of a kind.” I finished. “Yep.” Will paused. “Until the next one.” We both laughed, and knew it was true. Nevertheless we both felt a little melancholy. We drank the feeling away with a bottle of room service champagne and flew back to LA the next day. END Other stories by Vance Von fty//gay/adult-youth/vegas-voyeur

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