The Boy Next Door


The Boy Next Door[Note: This is very long and detailed. Some who prefer to just get to the “action” may want to scroll down to where you see this: *****. Others who may enjoy a detailed backstory/preamble may appreciate the effort. Either way, enjoy…]Jason almost ignored the opportunity he’d been waiting for since as long as he can remember. His iPhone vibrated on the futon next to him as he mowed down the enemy while playing Call of Duty, listening to young dudes barely old enough to pee straight cursing each other on the network like grown men.”Kill yourself, noob!” one screeched in a prepubescent voice.Jason took off the headset just in time to hear the phone buzz a second time.”If you’re still interested in mowing the lawn, let me know soon.”It was from Tiffany, the woman next door.Jason read the text several times, his eyes widening. He hardly noticed the screen freezing with the notice of his death in the game and the squealing voices of the k**s trash talking him incessantly in the headphones, which were now sitting next to him.No, nothing else even existed at this moment. Tiffany had sent a message he never thought she would. He felt his fingers tremble and his heart start to race.Tiffany walked through her house aimlessly, straightening up pillows on her couch, stacking her magazines neatly on her end table and then into the kitchen to clean the countertop. She tried to keep busy, tried to burn off this effervescing energy inside her. Antonio had been gone for 11 days, her daughter with him on their annual trip to Italy to visit his family. Tiffany stayed home to work and, quite frankly, because she has become somewhat of an afterthought in Antonio’s life. The marriage was stable, but just sparkless. He had a job that involved long hours and some travel.At 34, Tiffany found herself feeling alone, but she wasn’t lonely. While they were gone each summer, she always had a friend she could count on: Jason.When they first moved into the neighborhood, the Covino’s met the then 12-year-old Jason, who was a very outgoing, friendly boy who lived next door in a house of five c***dren. Jason made himself comfortable where ever he went and was known throughout the neighborhood. He grew particularly fond of Tiffany, however, and often went out of his way to talk to her whenever she was outside. Antonio found him odd. Tiffany’s mother thought Jason had an adorable crush on her. Tiffany loved to cook and Jason loved to eat, so they hit it off right from the start.She also found him entertaining. He was so friendly and considerate. Well-mannered. Just very easy to talk to and very comfortable in his own skin. She enjoyed his company.The first year Tiffany opted to stay home and work rather than go to Italy, Jason checked on her every day, asking if she needed any help around the house. One time he helped her carry in groceries and he was sweating profusely in the humid summer air. He apologized and said, “I’m going through puberty.” Tiffany laughed.A few years later, Tiffany was in the back yard gardening. At dusk she went back out to clean up and Jason watched from his bedroom window. He saw her thick lower body in her shorts and got aroused. He stroked himself and began to cum and as it shot against his window screen, he gasped and cursed. Tiffany looked up and saw him. She never said a word.As he got older, Jason got bolder and more infatuated. He charmed her some and Tiffany enjoyed the sweet, innocent flirtation. She worried about leading him on, but there was a part of her that craved the raw desire he showed. Then came a conversation from a few days before Antonio left, when Jason asked Tiffany bluntly about sex. “I haven’t had it yet,” he said. “No girls my age know what they’re doing so I think it’s better to wait.””That’s probably a good idea,” Tiffany replied, no longer shocked by Jason’s filterless admissions.”What about you? Do you still have sex?” he then asked.”Well, that’s a private matter,” Tiffany said as she folded laundry on a table.Tiffany couldn’t remember the last time she had sex with her husband.”You’re right, it is. I’m sorry,” Jason said as he finished a plate of her leftover lasagna. “It’s just a thing with guys my age I guess. These days I can only seem to focus on two things: food and sex.”He then took the last bite of lasagna. “At least I’m getting one of the two,” he then said with a smile.As Jason went to leave, Tiffany took his plate to the sink and sc****d some sauce into her mouth. “We’re in the same boat,” she said.Jason left the house, thinking of what Tiffany just said. It struck him that she would admit something like that to him. It motivated him to turn back. He knocked on the door, let himself in (as he did in every house in the neighborhood) and smiled at Briana, playing in the living room.Tiffany stopped short as she walked from the hallway with a laundry basket.”Well, I just wanted you to know if you need anything…” he started.”Like?” she asked.”Well I mean you make me things to eat, which is really nice,” he said. “So if I can do anything for you…””Thank you Jason,” she said, breezing by him. “I’ll let you know.””You will? Like, how? How will you tell me?”Tiffany stopped and looked at him curiously. “What do you mean, how?””Well, I mean, you don’t want Antonio knowing, so we have to have a code.”She laughed. “Oh, no. No…that’s not what I meant!”Jason was already too far into his mission to hear her.”So just text me like that you need me to mow the lawn or something. OK? That’s what we’ll say.”Tiffany started laughing. “Jason, no…I wasn’t…”He had a big smile on his face as he walked out of the house. “Great, this is a great idea. OK see ya. Thanks for the lasagna!”Tiffany was dumbfounded. But this was typical of Jason. She laughed it off and finished the laundry and started dinner.After she dropped Antonio and Briana at the airport later that week, Tiffany pulled in the driveway and went into her empty house. She poured some wine and put on a movie. She hated that first night alone in the house. Wine always helped.Her phone beeped a text. It was Jason. How did he get her number? She shook her head as she read his “Lawn Boy at your service, ma’am!” text. Then another came: “Don’t hesitate to call today for a consultation with your full service lawn care specialist!”Tiffany chuckled. She then decided to reply. “Our lawn is fine, thank you!”Three glasses of wine later, deep into a romantic movie, Tiffany fell asleep on the couch. Her dream was vivid and graphic. She woke early in the morning with energy. That day work flew by, she got home and noticed Jason’s car wasn’t in front of his house. She talked to Briana via Skype for a while and had dinner with her mother. When she got home she was getting ready for bed when her phone beeped.”Just a follow up on our initial consultation regarding your lawn. Just know we are there when you need us!”He then sent a photo of himself, sitting on his father’s lawn tractor. He was shirtless. She replied, “You’re too funny.”This routine continued for several days. Jason would come over from time to time for his usual visits and random chats, but at night he’d pitch his lawn service. Jason would sit on his futon thinking up new slogans and copy commercials he saw on TV. He always tried to keep it funny and made sure to never be creepy or disrespectful. His hormones raged until all he could do was blow a load into a sock and fall asleep.Tiffany had a long day at work and didn’t feel like making herself another lonely dinner, so she agreed to meet some of the younger girls from work out for happy hour. She couldn’t really türbanlı bursa escort relate to these 20somethings, but it was fun to be out. They had several drinks and a lot of eyes on them.When Tiffany got home, she was feeling something she rarely feels. She poured herself another glass of wine and sat on her back deck watching the last bits of sun go down. She heard a noise from next door and got up to look. It was Jason, firing a lacrosse ball against a backstop. He was shirtless.Tiffany sat back on her chaise and sipped her wine. A cool breeze blew and made her skin raise with goosebumps. Her nipples perked against her scallop cup bra. She crossed her legs and squeezed her meaty, tan thighs together.Tiffany looked over her back yard. The grass had grown high. Just realizing that made her grin.She swallowed the rest of her wine.Jason cradled the ball in his lacrosse stick, deked an imaginary defender and whipped a shot over his shoulder. It sailed wide of the net and deep into the woods behind his house. He slumped his shoulders. Another ball lost.He headed back toward the house just as the outside lights went on. He saw Tiffany on the deck of her house laying on a chaise lounge, reading a magazine. He climbed an old tree on the edge of his family’s property and watched her for a while from his perch.She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Her legs were stretched out on the chaise and crossed at her ankles, which mashed her fleshy thighs together. She was upright, with her dark hair — which was usually in a pony tail while around the house — falling around her face. There was, of course, that cute grin.He wondered what she was reading. What was it that was making her grin. He felt his loins stir.The mosquitos were starting to get to her and the darkness made it harder to read, even with the deck light on. Tiffany could have stayed there and enjoyed the cool night air a little longer, but she felt an energy growing inside her; an anxious feeling. An anticipation. An urge.She went inside and found her phone.Jason watched her rise from the chaise. She turned in such a way that he saw the silhouette of her body for a moment as she arched her back. Her ample rear and womanly curves. Jason stared intently, making out as much of her bare facts as he could.As she disappeared inside, Jason jumped from the tree. His first instinct was to hop the fence and scurry to her window with the hope he might see her undress. But he knew that was creepy and wrong and just not the kind of thing he wanted to do. Jason would give anything to see Tiffany nude and perhaps in a private moment, do something like he’s seen in porn videos online. But Tiffany isn’t that kind of woman. So instead of hopping the fence, he headed inside, slipped upstairs and into a nice cool shower. He cleaned his lean, young body and stroked himself into an erection while he thought of something clever to text her tonight. But each idea sounded too corny. Each motto came off too desperate and pathetic.Jason was infatuated with Tiffany, but he wasn’t going to embarrass her or himself. In fact, as the cold water lowered his body temperature, his desire quelled enough for him to convince himself he should stop texting her those messages and leave her alone.He threw on shorts and a beater, logged into his gaming network and lost himself in a fantasy world of bullets and blood.Tiffany held her phone in her hand and tried to do anything she could to distract herself from what was on her mind. She texted her mother. She texted her girlfriend. She even texted Antonio, but it was very late at night in Italy. No one was answering.Finally, she typed something to Jason but left it on her screen without hitting send.****She ran herself a bath. This is what she needed, just to melt away in soapy water and perhaps engage her body in her own privacy. The phone laid on her vanity as she found her cozy robe and her thick towels. She put on music. Then she undressed. Her shorts dropped to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Next came her panties, which she tossed into her hamper.Tiffany crossed her arms and lifted her v-neck tshirt up and over her head and tossed it into the hamper. She then reached behind her and unclasped her bra. At that moment she looked up and made eye contact with herself in the mirror. Seeing herself naked as her bra fell away from her 34C breasts, her dark nipples perky and upright, stirred something inside her. She gave herself a quick inspection, her wide hips, her chunky thighs and that thick muff that she never finds the time to trim.She turned sideways and pulled in her stomach. Her boobs never shrunk after Briana was born. Her ass was still her best asset. Antonio’s partner, Marcus, once privately compared it to J-Lo. If Antonio heard that, he might have been furious. All Tiffany did when Marcus whispered it to her was blush and criticize her girth as “fat”.Truth be told, Marcus wanted to fuck that ass with his long, black cock. Tiffany just wasn’t attracted to him. In fact, the idea of something that big didn’t appeal to her. It scared her.Tiffany twisted a band around her pony tail and turned to the tub. She felt, for a rare moment, sexy. Or maybe sexual is a better word. She never felt sexy, never understood how to act sexy, as Antonio used to ask her to do for him. She was a modest girl and self-conscious. But at this moment, she felt something that she thought resembled what it was to feel sexy.She walked, naked, to her nightstand and picked up her phone. Just looking at Jason’s name while she was naked aroused her. She wondered if he was really serious, if he really felt that strongly about her. She wondered if maybe he would be the sweet, soft and gentle experience she always dreamed about.She figured he would probably be too nervous to follow through. So she thought it would be harmless just to send him a cryptic message and just see what happens.She hit send, put the phone back down and slipped into the tub.While Tiffany swallowed the last drop of her third glass of wine (a consumption of liquid courage that was not counting the margaritas she had with her co-workers before she got home), Jason stared at his phone. He twice checked to verify that it was, for sure, from Tiffany. He wondered if she might have lost her phone and someone was pranking him. But how would they know the “code” he told her to use?As his heart raced and his body temperature soared, Jason tried again to convince himself that this wasn’t real. She must really mean she needs me to mow the lawn. Like, tomorrow. In daylight.He feverishly replied. “OK, I can get it done tomorrow morning before lacrosse practice.”Tiffany’s eyes were closed as she drifted into a state of relaxation in the warm, soapy water. The music, the candles, the wine had her in a rare state of sensuality. She ran her hands along her thighs and slid them between, nudging her muff just enough to send warm energy into her lower abdomen. Her nipples swelled and her hands instinctively continued upward towards her breasts. As she cupped them, she arched her back and took a deep breath. With her eyes closed, she pictured Jason, shirtless, playing lacrosse. Sweating. Smiling. His muscles rippling with each move.As one hand rested by her neck and shoulder, the other moved back down into the water. Her fingers plunged between her now parted thighs and raked her muff. Her finger ran along her slit and her body began to tingle. Her breathing became audible and deep. She was succumbing to a deep desire she had suppressed for many years.Jason waited türbanlı bursa escort bayan for a reply that just wasn’t coming. He had too much energy to sit and play a video game at this point. He switched off the TV and logged into his computer. He went to Facebook, he found Tiffany’s profile. He viewed her photos. He edited out Antonio and Briana and anyone else he knew. He zoomed in on Tiffany’s happy dimples and cheery eyes. He found one from a trip she took to Mexico with Antonio, one he took of his wife in a bathing suit. Jason diligently worked on the photo until it revealed her bare facts: her wide hips and perky round breasts. Her magnificent ass. That juicy Y where her thighs mash together under her pussy.Jason then went to a porn site, found a body that resembled Tiffany’s and worked some Photoshop magic. He put her pretty, happy face on the plump, wide-hipped, g****fruit-boobed nude body. He then printed it out and proceeded to tribute it. Jason stripped to full nudity in his room, laid the doctored photo on the bed and within a minute spewed his young seed on it.In the bathtub, just next door, Tiffany was frustrated. Touching herself was never something she could fully enjoy. It stimulated her, yes, but there was something about it that made her feel more alone and more self-conscious. Plus there was nothing she could do with her hands to complete what her body had started. She knew what she needed, she knew who she needed and she knew how to get it.She rose up from the water and felt her skin tingle in the cool air. She wrapped herself in a towel and went immediately to her phone. She saw his reply. Either he is being coy or he is really clueless.So she tried one more time, being less subtle.”I made a really good dessert tonight if you’d like to come over and try it.”The phone buzzed on his bed as Jason wiped the last of his cum from his cock and pulled his shorts back up. He read the message.*****Within seconds he was at Tiffany’s door. He was wearing lacrosse shorts with no underwear, no shoes or socks and a t-shirt that was barely over his head when he knocked. Jason escaped his house without anyone seeing him and slipped through the bushes that separated the properties. Tiffany was sitting in a luxurious robe, applying a scented lotion to her legs, when she heard the knock. Her heart skipped a beat. It could only be him at this hour, she thought to herself, but what if it wasn’t? She closed up the robe and peeked through the sidelight to check. There he was.She opened the door and he rushed into her foyer with a quiet intensity. His eyes were wide and nervous. That impish grin, that casual cool, was absent. Tiffany’s legs started to shake. Her heart pounded in her chest. She felt so naked, even with the robe wrapped tightly around her. Jason stared at her for a moment after she closed the door and faced him. He usually was quick with a conversation starter or a quick observation. But his mind was empty of such inane things. Her body ached to be touched, his body swelled with anxiety. He took a step toward her and she immediately surrendered.Their lips met instantly. Her neck strained to reach up toward him. Never before had she noticed the height difference, but at 5’3″, she was almost a foot shorter than him. As their bodies collided, she immediately felt his manhood pressing against her stomach. She backed into the living room and he followed until they landed on the couch. The robe loosened.The young man devoured her with his unbridled passion. He kissed her neck and moved his mouth downward, pulling aside the folds of the robe. Her breasts, perky and round, were exposed to him. Rather than feel embarrassed, she felt liberated. He sucked her nipple firmly as she ran her fingers through his hair. Her body burned hotter and hotter.Jason raised up from her deliciously supple breasts and peeled off the shirt he hardly put on moments ago in his bedroom. As he lifted his arms, Tiffany glanced at his young, hairless body, chiseled like stone and yet so soft. Her eyes followed his lean, washboard abs down to the bulge that protruded from his baggy mesh shorts. She reached for his hips and pulled him back over her.They kissed again. Deeply. Hungrily. He fondled her breasts while she clasped his upper arms, feeling the hardness of his triceps and biceps. She smelled his masculinity. She was overwhelmed by his lust for her. He continued to open her robe and kiss down her stomach, a place that never quite recovered from her pregnancy. She was worried about what he would think. But he never once hesitated.Then suddenly she realized her legs were spread, the robe was fully open and her pussy, hidden in a thatch of dark hair, was in full view. She never felt so exposed in her life. She was scared and yet felt no urge to cover up. She was lost in his touch and the anticipation of his moves. There was no plan, really, for Jason. No strategy, no process. This was raw instinct. Jason wasn’t a virgin and knew his way around a female body, but this was different. This was much, much different. After he tasted her tits, Jason immediately thought of her pussy. He has smelled her panties before, he knows her scent. What he had to know was how did she taste.It never once crossed his mind that he should have quickly stuck his dick in her while she was still in heat. That probably would have been the typical move. In fact, that’s usually Antonio’s move, on the rare occasion that he is interested in his wife’s post-pregnancy body. But Jason was too infatuated, too obsessed to see flaws. For him, it was about her more than it was about him.Tiffany gasped and closed her eyes. She held the side of his head and stroked his hair. Her body tightened up and began to tingle. Her other hand cupped her breasts and she ran her thumb over her nipple. Jason kissed down her belly toward her dark muff.Jason thought to himself at that moment, “Mow her lawn.”Tiffany couldn’t take much more of this. Her body was about to burst. His touch set her on fire, but she needed his cock to create the inferno. Her thighs were stretched open and sore and her body ached from the awkward position. Concerned about where his mouth was headed, as well about the growing wet spot on the couch, she sat up and turned herself around, so her ass, the glorified asset of her short, plump mom body, faced her lover. Jason watched her take a sultry pose. This cute, unassuming young mom, who cooked for him and laughed at his jokes and seemed content with her simple life, transformed for a moment into a porn vixen. Curvy, meaty ass up, back arched and damp hair falling over her face.Somewhere buried under the thickness of her rump was a pussy that throbbed with anticipation for his long, young cock.Jason moved behind Tiffany’s plump, round ass, led by a dripping cock that bobbed before him. He felt his balls tighten as his shaft nudged her ass crack. Tiffany dropped her head, waiting to feel him penetrate her. Waiting to be taken. She felt slutty, something she never liked to feel. Something she often criticized of women she saw and knew. But this was a moment for her, this was a moment she needed and there was no other way to feel other than like a slut. She wanted to be a slut, just this once, just this time.Jason could have just thrust himself inside her and started pumping. She was expecting that. But Jason knew once he did, he’d probably blow his load in seconds, lose his erection and be useless to her. He had just jerked off before he got there, it was only because of Tiffany’s fuckable body and türbanlı escort bursa the rare circumstance that prompted him to get hard so soon after.But Jason knew he had to buy time. He also knew Tiffany deserved more than to just be fucked until he came. He cared about her too much to just do that.So Jason let his cock slide down her ass crack as he lowered his head to her back. He kissed between her shoulders, just under where her long, black hair stopped. He kissed down her spine. His lips slid gently to her lower back and to the curve of her luscious rear. Tiffany leaned over the side of her couch, raising her ass. As he followed the contour of her rump with his lips, running his hands over her ass cheeks, his nose met a dark, aromatic blossom.Jason put his mouth on Tiffany’s pussy again, as he pushed his nose against her ass. She gasped and recoiled again.Jason held her firmly. He slipped his tongue between her folds and french kissed it. He found her clit and suckled it. Tiffany shuddered and her body tightened up. She felt so uncomfortable, so self-conscious and yet so…so…slutty.As she slowly let go, as she let his mouth remain on her most private part, her juices filled his mouth and flowed so much some even oozed over his cheeks and chin. Her pussy smelled so delicious. It pulsed and swelled, as if it were kissing him back.Tiffany bit her lip and felt her body tighten. She had never felt a mouth on her down there before. Ever. Never would she let Antonio do that, at least not way back in their relationship when he used to try. Never would she even allow anyone access down there, especially not this long.It’s not that Tiffany didn’t ever feel sexy. In fact, while maintaining a modest facade, she was well aware of what men found attractive about her body. Her breasts, her butt, she knew were objects of visual appreciation to some men. But her….that….place….no, that was always a very, very private thing. Even when she visited her Ob/Gyn, she felt embarrassed and self-conscious. She often dreaded her visits during her pregnancy. She didn’t like to be “handled” down there.But this was different. This she found she enjoyed. His intensity, his enthusiasm and the tenderness of his touch combined with her body’s heightened sensitivity created the perfect environment for her first-ever surrender. Rather than pull away, she pushed her hips down against his mouth. She then moaned.Jason heard Tiffany moan. He turned his body and laid on his back on the wet spot on the couch. Tiffany lowered herself over his face and Jason put his hands up on her hanging breasts. He ran his tongue deeply into her pussy, scr****g along her upper wall. Tiffany moaned some more.But then she became self-conscious. Not for her typical reasons, but for a more considerate thought that came to her mind as she lavished herself in the young man’s attention. She lifted herself off Jason’s face and turned her body.He looked up as her thigh rose around him. She pivoted on the couch. After some awkward movement, guiding Jason along the couch longways, She turned, put her thigh back around the other side of his head and was now facing his legs. She lowered herself back over his mouth and Jason went back to work.Tiffany took a deep breath.Jason’s cock stood upright before her eyes. Her body tingled. Her hands caressed his bare stomach.It looked so magnificent. It was long and curved, with a bulbous head. It almost looked muscular, with veins and taught skin. He had some hair, but it was neat and wispy. Tiffany never would consider a man’s penis beautiful, but Jason’s was, actually, beautiful.As Jason’s tongue continued to energize Tiffany’s body, she reached her hand toward his shaft. She ran her small hand up the shaft and felt the head. His precum created a smooth moisture. She used her finger to milk his vein and watched as precum oozed from the top.Jason was lost in the effort to pleasure Tiffany. Kissing her pussy, licking her clit and tasting her juice. He felt her hand on his shaft and felt her milking him. His balls churned. Would she….?Tiffany lowered her head toward Jason’s lower abdomen. Her nipples grazed against his stomach. Then she experienced something else she had never done before in her life, not even in 10 years of marriage. She took a cock into her mouth.The saltiness is what she tasted first. She felt his pelvis immediately rise. She felt him pause a moment from working over her pussy and take a deep breath. Jason moaned at the sensation of her warm mouth on his cock. He slowly pumped his hips and fucked her mouth.Tiffany felt empowered. She stroked his cock with her hand while sucking on his head. They moved in unison together. As she stroked, he slid his tongue deeper and sucked harder. She moaned, he groaned. Their bodies shook with energy and desire. The intensity built. He sucked, she sucked. She stroked, he licked. She pumped his cock faster, he nibbled on her clit harder.Tiffany’s nipples ached to be touched. Her legs were sore. Jason’s mouth was exhausted. His balls felt like they were ready to explode.The intensity continued to grow. Suddenly, Jason’s tongue electrified her body. Something set her off. He returned again to that spot. She gripped him tighter. She pushed her ass down against his face and felt her pussy quiver.”Oh!…..ohhhh!”Tiffany needed one thing and she needed it right now.She jumped off her young lover, whose face was soaked with sweat and pussy juice, and spun around. Tiffany mounted Jason. She held his cock and guided it under her and she did yet another thing she had never done before. Tiffany was on top.She grinded on Jason. Her sweaty, disheveled hair around her face. Her hands pushing down against his bare chest. Jason could only lay back and watch as this pretty, plump mother began to cum. Her tits bounced wildly as she lifted herself up and back down on him. He thrusted his pelvis up. She dropped her head, closed her eyes and fell against him.Jason felt her naked tits mashed between them. He listened to her talk to him in a breathless moaning voice.”Fuck me…..fuck me…..oh, yes…fuck me hard….”Her pussy clamped down on his cock. He felt her pussy quiver as she moaned louder. Jason felt his balls swell again and his cock thicken.”Your pussy feels so good,” he gasped to her.That gave Tiffany goosebumps. She felt his energy against her naked skin. If this is what sex is really supposed to be like, she has been missing out.Jason lifted his pelvis one more time.Tiffany moaned and tried to stifle her loudest cry into his neck and the couch pillow. Jason wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. He felt himself ready to burst.He unsheathed his cock and pressed is between her ample ass cheeks.Then he came. Repeatedly. Thick, hot shots of cum filled her ass.The two gasped together. Their eyes met. Their mouths met. They kissed deeply as Jason’s young seed filled her pussy. She felt his heat deep inside her.She kissed him passionately. He held her tightly. He breathed deeply. She kissed his neck tenderly.Cum shot upward, lubricating her ass enough to let his head slip between her cheeks. Her eyes widened as she felt some shoot into her anus. She watched him as his face softened with each pulse of cum. His eyes slowly closed and his mouth grinned. He was beautiful. Adorable. Jason looked up at Tiffany as she watched him. Her face looked soft and gentle. Sweet. Strangely similar to when she’d watch him eat her fresh baked muffins or famous lasagna. She was older. She was married. But Jason, a middle c***d lost in a big family, couldn’t help to think that so much of what was missing in his life he saw in her. He thought to himself that he hoped this wouldn’t be the last time.They laid there, for a while, exhausted together. He remained stuffed between her ass cheeks, even after his erection subsided. Cum oozed out of her ass around his cock.She raised her head after a while and smiled at his sleepy eyes.”Hungry?”

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