Subject: THE BOY OF HIS DREAMS CHAPTER 8 Cross Generational THE BOY OF HIS DREAMS CHAPTER 8 Jason opened the front door and welcomed his cousins to the house. I noticed that there were three boys outside. I knew that Jason had told me that his two cousins were coming over, I wondered who the third boy was. ” Miles, these are my cousins, pointing to Beau and Kit, and this is Beau’s friend Cooper” Cooper is a friend of mine as well and he is “cool” with what we do. ” Cooper has never played the game before but Beau has told him how the game works” Jason explained. Beau looked at me and was probably wondering why a man was in the house with all the boys. Beau appeared to be a little younger than Kyle and Jason . His eyes were dark blue and he had beautiful golden blond hair. He appeared to be no older than 9 years old. His little brother , Kit, appeared to be around the same age as the other 5 year olds. ” How old are you guys?” I asked, referring to the three new boys that had entered the room. “I am 9 and my brother, Kit, is almost 6, ” Beau responded. My friend, Cooper, is 10. Beau kept looking at me and I was sure that he was trying to understand why a man my age would enjoy hanging out with little boys. His little brother Kit, also had blond hair and blue eyes. He looked like a very sweet little boy and I felt an instant attraction for Kit, as well as for Beau and Cooper We went to Jason’s bedroom to continue the game. Knowing the rules, Beau and Kit began shedding their clothes. They stripped down to their underwear and our circle of boys began to expand outwards. Beau was wearing a pair of red boxer briefs and Kit had on a pair of Fruit of the Looms. Kit sat next to Lance and Tyler, feeling more comfortable sitting next to boys his own age. Beau sat opposite me. Cooper watched his friends take their clothes off and my eyes kept going to Cooper. I wanted to watch him take his clothes off and I was instantly attracted to him. He reminded me of the TV and movie boy actors that you see that you instantly fall in love with and wish that you could see them without their clothes. I felt that way towards Cooper. I wanted to stand up and take his shirt and pants off for him and pull his undies down and marvel at his boyhood. Obviously, Cooper had been told what he had to do . As soon as his friend Beau had taken his clothes off, Cooper took his shirt and pants off and placed them next to Beau’s clothes. Cooper had a beautiful tan body. His hair was golden blond and his eyes were the most beautiful blue eyes that I had ever seen. He had bangs on the front of his hair and he kept blowing his hair out of his eyes. I knew that it was probably a habit that he had picked up to keep the hair out of his eyes but I found it to be so sexy and such a turn on everytime he would pucker his lips and blow. I had such an urge to blow his hair for him and kiss his beautiful lips when he puckered them. Three new boys had just entered my life and all three of them were blond with blue eyes. I had a soft spot for boys like that and I was sexually attracted diyarbakır escort to each of them. I knew that just about any boy with a penis, I would find attractive BUT to see naked boys around me that I was VERY attracted to, was heaven. I felt so strange being the only adult in the room but I knew that the boys knew that I liked boys. Knowing that, I felt more at ease being around the boys. As I gave a high five to Cooper, he kept his hand pressed on mine for a few extra seconds and his eyes were looking directly into my eyes. For a second, I had the feeling that he was letting me know that he liked me touching his hand with my hand. I kept my hand pressed against his to let him know that I enjoyed his touch. Cooper found a place in the circle and my eyes were drawn to his underpants. He had on a pair of Upman undies. They were dark blue and there was a little pouch in front of where his penis would be. I loved this particular brand of underwear because it gave the appearance that the boy had a nice size penis tucked inside . Cooper noticed that I was looking at his pouch and he looked down at his Upman’s. He looked back at me and smiled, I believe that he realized that I approved of the sexy underwear that he was wearing. For a boy that was just 10 years old, Cooper seemed to be very street smart. ” My time to deal” Jason said as he picked up the deck and dealt a card to each one of us. ” From now on, you don’t get a chance to get another card. You just turn them over for all to see” Jason instructed us. I never did understand why he made the game so complicated in the first round. Everyone had a card higher than 7 except for Cooper. Cooper was the loser of the round. ” So what do I get to do?” Cooper asked Jason. Obviously, Cooper was not fully aware of how the game worked, he just knew that the boys stripped down to their undies. ” You get to ask anybody to do something and they have to do it for 1 minute” Jason explained Cooper looked around at all of us and his eyes turned to his friend Beau. ” I choose Beau to lick Kit’s dick while Beau is on his knees, naked ” Beau grinned and Kit began to giggle, knowing that he was involved in the round and that his brother was picked to do something to him. ” Stand up Kit” Beau ordered. Beau stood up and pulled his shorts down and threw them by his clothes. He got on his knees and crawled towards Kit. Kit got up and pulled his shorts off and stood naked in front of his brother. Kit was already erect and his penis was huge for a 5 year old boy. I estimated it to be almost 4 inches hard. He was uncut and his foreskin had a flap of skin hanging over his penis head. His penis was soft but as he got closer to his brother, I watched the boy’s penis begin to become erect. As it became erect, the flap of skin moved back on the penis and I could see the little boy’s cock begin to emerge. It was bright red and I could not take my eyes off the little boy’s erect penis. It still appeared to be the same size as it was soft, only now it was sticking straight up in the air. Beau put his tongue düzce escort out and began to lick the underside of Kit’s penis, moving his tongue from Kit’s balls up to the head of the little boy’s penis. When he got to the head, he moved his tongue in circles around the foreskin. Beau put his hand on Kit’s penis and pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go, exposing the beautiful red penis head on the 5 year old Kit. Beau placed his lips on Kit’s hard penis and began to lick it from the base to the exposed head. Jason was keeping an eye on his watch as he also watched Beau lick his little brother. Kit’s penis was sticking straight up and as Beau would lick it, it would go flat against Kit’s belly. Kit had his eyes glued on what his brother was doing and seemed to enjoy it. I was pretty sure that the two brothers had done this many times at their home. Beau’s penis was about 5 inches and it was erect. He had some very light blond pubic hair, I estimated that he had been growing hair for the past 3 or 4 months. It was not spread out but it was contained to just above his penis. Like his brother, he was uncut as well. I noticed that the foreskin on the head of Beau’s penis had retracted a little on it’s own. Just a small portion of his penis head was exposed. ” Times up,” Jason yelled out. Beau stopped licking and sat back in his spot in the circle. Beau and Kit did not put their underwear back on, they sat in the circle naked. Kit reached down to his erect penis and pulled the foreskin back down so that it was covering his penis head. ” It’s time for the BONUS ROUND” Jason yelled out and everyone, except for Cooper, started clapping their hands. ” What is the bonus round?” Cooper and I asked at the same time to Jason.. ” We get ONE bonus round every night we play the game. You get to do whatever you want to anyone for the next 20 minutes. Then we go back to our regular game, if you want to play some more, ” Jason explained to me. ” When we start the bonus round, everybody has to get naked” he continued. Well that sounds interesting, I thought to myself. I was certainly enjoying the game just as it was but now this could really get exciting. I had taken my shirt and pants off but I still was sitting in my boxer shorts. I knew the time was quickly approaching when I would be taking my shorts off and all the boys would get a chance to see a man’s penis. I wondered how they would react to a naked man being in the group. “Bonus round starts NOW” Jason yelled out. He placed his watch on the floor beside him and he looked towards his friend Kyle. Without saying a word, Kyle got up and sat next to Jason, both of them moving back a couple of feet from the circle. Most of the boys backed up as they knew they would need more room for this round. Some of the boys were already naked but for those who were not, they all pulled their underwear off and tossed them into a corner of the bedroom. The only boy who did not remove his underwear was Cooper. Jason put his hands on Kyle’s head and moved his head towards Kyle. Jason began kissing Kyle and I could edirne escort tell that they were French Kissing. Both boys were erect and totally naked as they sat on the floor next to each. Cooper moved next to me and looked into my eyes. I wished that he had removed his underwear like the other boys, I was dying to see his naked boyhood. I tried to visualize what he looked like naked. I was curious to know if he was cut or not, long cock or small cock. I knew that he was too young to have hair but could he have little blond hairs around his cock and on his balls? ” Do you want to do it with me?” Cooper asked I smiled and put my arm around his shoulders and moved him closer to my body. He got up and sat on my lap and moved his legs to the side. My hand began to rub his belly and as I rubbed, he moved his head next to mine and closed his eyes. I was holding Cooper with my left arm as he snuggled against my body. With my right hand, I moved it from his belly down to his Upman undies. I knew that his penis was not filling out the pouch but I was dying to know just how big he was and what it looked like.. With Cooper leaning back against my body, I moved my right hand lower and inserted my fingers into his Upman underwear waistband. He sucked his tummy in just enough to let me know that he was comfortable with my hand going all the way in. I lowered my hand and I felt his erect penis sticking up. I wrapped my fingers around his penis and grasped the shaft. His penis was no more than 3 inches while hard and it was very thin. Cooper was circumcised and I could tell that his penis had a mushroom shaped head. I moved my hand down to the base of his penis and felt around his pubic area. Cooper knew that I was feeling to see if he had pubic hair. ” I don’t have any yet,” Cooper said, looking into my eyes . I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he was enjoying my fondling his hard penis and the fact that I was touching his testicles and exploring his pubic area. I reached lower and cupped his testicles. They had already descended and his testicles were so soft. I touched each testicle and felt the little boy nugget that each one contained. Cooper closed his eyes and leaned back resting his head under my chin. “That feels good” Cooper whispered to me with his head resting against my chest and his eyes still closed. He blew the bangs of his hair a couple of times and I touched his testicles. I knew that it was feeling good to him and I wanted to be sure that I was not hurting him. I wanted to make love to this beautiful angel. I would have gladly taken him home with me and worshiped him the way a man is supposed to worship a boy. ” You can take my underpants off if you want” Cooper said, his eyes still closed. He blew air again, moving the bangs from his forehead. I pulled my hand out of his underwear and pulled them off of his body. I moved the hand to my nose and took a deep breath. The aroma of boy penis and testicles was all over my hand and I knew that I would not wash that hand for as long as possible. I kept my hand next to my nose for at least a minute, smelling the scent of his penis. Cooper was now completely naked and laying against my body. My penis was rubbing against his body and I knew that he could feel how hard I was. ” Take your underwear off ” He told me Comments are always appreciated.

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