The Breakdown

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The BreakdownYou were on your way back from a meeting . Its early spring and thunderstorms have been causing accidents on all the major roads all day long. It’s late and not wanting to sit in traffic you decide to take a different route through the country. As you’re driving you noticed that the power lines are down everywhere and it none of the houses or stores have power. After a while you notice you’re getting low on gas but keep driving in hopes of finding a gas station that’s open. About 10 minutes later you realize you did not have as much gas as you thought and your car starts to sputter. You pull over on the side of the road as your car runs out of gas. You grab your phone to call somebody to help only to find that you have no cell service. It is pitch black except for the flashes of lightening now and again, you start to panic a little bit as you realize you’re now stuck in the middle of the woods on a deserted road late at night during a thunderstorm. After about 15 minutes of sitting there wondering what you’re going to do you spot a dim light off through the woods. When the rain starts to subside a little bit you decide your best option is to walk to the house and hope somebody is home. Halfway to the house the rain and wind pick up again. It is a cold early spring rain the temperature is in the 40s and you are completely soaked through. Finally reaching the house you look through the window to find the light you had seen from your car was a roaring fire in the fireplace you muster what energy you have left and knock on the door. A few seconds later the door opens. You look up to see a tall slightly older it very handsome gentleman standing there. He looks down at you seeing you standing there completely soaked shivering with your lips are turning blue. Without hesitation as he says “You poor thing, come in. You must be freezing” as, he whisks you from the doorway and sets you in front of the fire. His voice was calming yet firm. He then quickly disappears only to reappear a few seconds later holding a bathrobe. He tells you to take off all of your clothes and sits the robe down on the couch next to you. He then steps back and turns around. Without hesitation you do as you’re told. You stripped out of all of your wet clothes including your bra and panties. Once in your robe you tell him okay and he turns back around. He then tells you pick up your clothes and hand them to me. Once again without hesitation you do as you were told. He takes your clothes and disappears again. This time he’s gone for a few minutes. You are now standing there alone in the living room in front of the fire only wearing what you assume is his bathrobe. Then you start to realize what just happened. And the position you are in. You are alone in the middle of the woods with no cell service in a stranger’s house and had just stripped completely naked in his presence. You had done this willingly and without hesitation just because the nature and tone of his voice. He comes back in the room and hands you a drink. He says “Drink it, will help warm you up”. You take the drink and put it to your lips. Never hesitating to look at it or ask what it was. As you drink you stare into his eyes wondering what it is about him that makes you feel so calm.He then asks how you came to be standing on his porch at night in the middle of a thunderstorm. You tell him how your car had run out of gas on the road. He says it’s not a good idea for your car sit out there all night. Then he tells you to just sit on the couch and he will retrieve your car from the road. With that he grabs his rain jacket and heads out the door. You get up and walk to the window. You see him grab a gas can from the barn and head into the woods. As you’re standing there watching him disappear into the darkness you realize this is the first time you had not followed his command. Feeling as though you might get into trouble you walk back across the living room and sit down in front of the fire. As you wait for his return you cannot get over the fact that all you can think about is the command he has over you. And how you would do whatever he asked of you, and how aroused you are by that. Before you even realize it you were sitting there on the couch in front of the fire with your robe open legs spread, feeling the heat from the fire on your pussy and stomach as you pinch your nipples and rub your clit. All of a sudden you see lights reflecting through the house. Startled by this you jump up and turn around to see the headlights from your car pulling up to the front of the house. As the car comes closer and then to a stop the headlights avcilar escort are shining through the window directly on you as you stand there frozen in front of it with your robe wide open not knowing what to do. When the lights from the car shut off you quickly close the robe and sit back down on the couch. Moments later he reappears through the front door. As he takes his raincoat off you notice for the first time his powerful stature. He tells you he has put enough gas in your car to get you back to the main highway but it will be at least morning before power is restored. He tells you this as he is walking over to the fireplace to tend to the fire. Once finished he stands and turns towards you . He says your clothes will be dry in a few minutes, but you are welcome to stay the night. However if you do there are rules. He then tells you failure to follow the rules will have consequences. He also reiterates to you that you are free to leave at any time. As you sit there on the couch staring up at him. All you can think about is being in his arms and pleasing him. He asks for an answer. Still staring at him you say “I will stay”.“Okay. But you will follow the rules or be punished”. He then turns and walks out of the room.After he walks out you realize he has not told you what the rules are, nor did you ask. When he returns a few moments later he’s wearing loose fitting pants that are tied around the waist and no shirt. You are mesmerized by his powerful physique. You finally managed to speak saying what are the rules?He responds by saying “Sir you will address me as Sir” You take a deep breath with the realization of what is happening here. And respond back “What are the rules Sir”.“As long as you are in this house you belong to me. You will do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it and only when I tell you to do it. Is that understood?”You reply “yes”.He walks across the room towards you, when he reaches you he grabs the back of your head and pulls you off the couch. “Yes what” he says.“Yes Sir” You respond as you look to the floor. He releases you and drops you back to the couch and walks across the room sitting in the chair this adjacent to where you are. The fire is once again roaring, lighting up the entire room. You sit in silence as he watches you. After several minutes he breaks the silence by asking you what you did when he went to go get the car. Before you can answer he warns you not to lie. You tell him how you got off the couch and watched him walk into the woods toward your car and came and sat back down on the couch after he had disappeared. After a pause he gets up and walks across the room toward you. When he reaches you he grabs your hand pulling it towards his face. Closing his eyes he puts your fingers against his nostrils and inhales through them. You know he can smell your juices on your fingers so out of fear of being punished even though you have no idea what the punishment would be. You tell him how you found yourself with your robe open pleasuring yourself. After a brief pause he says “show me”.“Sir” you respond. Saying it as if you do not understand what he is asking.He responds in a louder more stern voice “Show me show me how you pleasure yourself”.You slide towards the edge of the couch opening your robe do then lean back and spread your legs. He is watching with a devilish grin as you slide your hand between your legs and start to pinch your nipple and rub your pussy. You cannot believe how wet you. You lay back against the couch, close your eyes and bite your lip as your fingers slide up and down, in and out of your pussy. He reminds you how not more than two hours ago you were driving home from a meeting in your own little world. And now here you are completely naked in front of a total stranger fingering yourself for his pleasure. This drives you over the edge and you feel yourself on the edge of an orgasm, but just as you start he rips your fingers from your dripping pussy and smacks you hard on the inner thigh and then again Your eyes pop open with the stinging.“I did not tell you could cum”. His hand again finds the spot on your inner thigh. “Sit up” he orders you. You quickly do as you’re told. He then asks you if you are ready to leave. You look up at him staring into his eyes you hesitate in timidly say “No”. This time his hand finds your tit, striking it square on the nipple. He says “No what?”.You looked back up at him and respond “No sir”.With a devilish grin he responds “Good. That’s a good little pet”. He then walked back across the room to his chair. You were then ordered to crawl şirinevler escort over to him on your hands and knees. You slide off the couch and make your way over to him. As you approach him he tells you to sit up. As you sit there you notice him reaching into a bag next to the chair. He pulls something out and starts to walk behind you. As he does he tells you not to move. Once behind you he slides a blindfold over your head and covers your eyes. You can hear him reach back into his bag. Moments later he is putting what you can only imagine our cuffs on each of your wrists and ankles. Then he puts something around your neck. It’s a collar. Your heart jumps and you take a deep sudden breath as the gravity of the situation is now really hitting you. He then whispers in your ear that these will before later and that you will enjoy them. He then tells you to crawl back across the room towards the couch. But as soon as you turn around and start to move away from him you were ordered to stop. You were now wondering if you had done something wrong and we’re about to be punished. He then orders you to put your head and shoulders down on the floor and to reach around behind you and spread your pussy wide for him to see. You do this quickly and eagerly your fingertips touch your wet pussy lips almost going into your opening. Then you spread it wide open for him pulling as hard as you can. You know he can see right into your gaping pussy and how wet it is. You are secretly hoping it will entice his touch. Yet it never comes. Instead he asks if you like display yourself for him. You quickly answer “Yes Sir” in hopes of getting what you’re after. You hear him get out of his chair and walk towards you. Your pussy is now getting wetter with the anticipation of his touch as you hear him directly behind you. As you are bent over with your ass in the air spreading your pussy wide for him he is close enough to you that you can feel his breath on your pussy. He then asks if you would like him to touch it. You push back into his face and scream “Yes”. Almost instantly your clit is stinging as his hand lands squarely on it. He grabs you by the back of your head yanking your upper body off the floor. He then tells you that you are about to be punished. As you were not allowed to move and you did not address him as Sir. He then tells you to hold your hands above your head. He grabs one of your wrists and hooks it to something above your head and he grabs the other wrist and does the same thing. Now your arms are stretched apart above your head, connected to something hanging from the ceiling. You hear a squeak that sounds like it’s coming from a pulley. Then you notice your body being lifted from the floor by your arms. Your knees are still on the floor however they are not bearing any weight from your body. He then moves the cuffs from your ankles up to the tops of your calves spread your legs as far as they will go and can them to some sort of bar. There you are completely naked hanging spread eagle in front of this stranger. When you feel a sudden pinching on your left nipple and then your right one. Then he starts pulling on the chain that is now connecting your nipples. He asks you if you want to cum. You quickly answer “Yes! Yes Sir. Please let me cum” He warns you to be careful what you wish for. But the only thing you can think of is the orgasm that has been building in you since this whole ordeal started several hours ago.As you are spread and kneeling before him you find yourself trembling with anticipation as you wait for his touch yet again it does not come. Instead the bar that is holding your hands above your head is lowered and now you feel the weight of it resting on your shoulders. He then grabs the bar and somehow stretches i which pushes your hands further apart until they can be stretched no more. And then with what you assume is a rope, he starts strapping the entire length of your arm to the bar. He does this slowly and carefully as he continues to wrap every inch of your arm to the bar obviously taking pleasure and pride in what he is doing. When he finally reaches your torso he stops. He then starts with your other wrist working in the same manner as he had done to the other, again stopping when he reaches your torso.After admiring his work for a minute he walks behind you and grabs the bar that is holding your legs wide open and pull it backwards. Causing your upper body to fall forward until the rope holding the bar attached to your arms is tight again. Now you feel tugging on the chain that is attached to your nipples as he attaches taksim escort the chain to the floor. After making a few more adjustments you find yourself there on your knees bent over at the waist with your upper body being suspended parallel to the floor. With the chain on your nipples attached to the floor you quickly realize you cannot move at all without them pulling harder on your nipples.Until now he has been completely silent during this entire process. He tells you to be still and not to move or you will only be punishing yourself. You don’t say a word. The chain pulling on your nipples only makes your pussy pulse even more. That’s a Punishment? You think to yourself. You then feel him kneeling behind you with the weight of his body on the bar pending your legs to the floor. Then without warning you feel his fingers slowly running up and down the insides of your thighs gently caressing them being very careful not to touch your pussy. His hand slides up your thigh, you try to push back against his hand forcing him to touch your wet exposed lips. He has anticipated this move by you and is too quick for you. Leaving you only with a burning sensation in your nipples which causes your pussy to throb that much more. He then tells you if you want to come you will need to beg for it. “Pleas Sir” please let me cum. You start telling him how much your pussy needs him. How you need to feel his fingers inside of you. He then takes his hands and grabs your ass, sliding his thumbs right past your lips to the edge of your opening. Then he spreads it wide open, stretching it as far as he can. You want to feel me in there he asks. At this point you know he’s staring straight into your wet gaping pussy “Yes Sir” you reply “I need them inside of me. I need to cum”. With that he takes three of his fingers and shoves them into your waiting pussy. You instinctively push back against his hand, trying to get his fingers fully inside of you. Between his fingers stretching your pussy and the intense burning of your nipples you cum instantly. Completely soaking his hand in your juices as you continue with orgasm after orgasm. Finally sensing that you can take no more he withdraws his fingers from you.After a few minutes he releases the rope that’s holding your body off the floor causing you to collapse. Completely satisfied and unable to move, with waves of pleasure continuing to course through your body. Completely exhausted you close your eyes and fall asleep.When you awake in the morning you find yourself on the couch in the bathrobe he had given you the night before when you changed out of your wet clothes. You then glanced around the room for any evidence of what happened the night before. You do not see any the room looks exactly as it did when he disappeared into the woods to find your car. About that time he enters the room and starts walking towards you holding a cup of coffee. He hands it to you and says I hope you like it with a little cream and sugar. He proceeds to tell you that you were in such a deep sleep he did not want to disturb you. So while you were sleeping he took your car and had it filled with gas. When he is done telling you about this he points across the room towards the bathroom.. You see your clothes neatly folded on a bench there. He said he put them in the bathroom so you would have a little privacy with you changed. The entire time he’s talking to you all you were thinking about is last night, what he did to you and the way he made you feel After you finish your coffee you get up and go into the bathroom to change. He has not made any mention about the activities of the previous night. Could you have dreamt the entire thing? It seems so real you think to yourself. There’s no way that was a dream, yet he says nothing about it. When your way out you thank him for a wonderful evening. He smiles and says you’re welcome. I hope you don’t have any more incidents the rest of your trip.You’re now back in your car and heading down the road. You cannot get this man out of your head. The way he looks, the way he looks at you. The tone of his voice and what it does to you. The way he touches you or at least you think he touches you. “ Fuck” you say out loud. Did anything actually happen last night. You start to wonder if you losing your mind. And then you realize that you never got his name or number. He is completely and totally in your head and you have no way of contacting him. You’re not even sure you could find your way back to his house. “FUCK ME” you scream. Now you’re mad. You may have had the time of your life last night and you’re not even sure it really happened. A few more miles down the road you notice a CD in the center console of your car. Not recognizing it you instinctively pick it up to see what’s on it. As you glanced down at it your heart leaps out of your chest. Written in black marker, the CD reads. “To Pet”.

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