Subject: The Brothers Grim C-6 Please keep this site alive by donating to Nifty. fty Thanks to the Archivist for the story’s title. Thanks to readers who asked for more. I hope this episode is enjoyable. Remember this story is fiction and does not recommend you try this stuff at home. The Brothers Grim C-6 Watching my two tormentors head to their first class, I wondered what would happen when they had to dress out for gym, and more later in the showers. I entered the locker room looking for Nelson and Clancy. They were absent. Kray and Trevor were not in this class. I turned to my locker to dress when I heard a commotion. Skippy, Jonesy, and other team members were guiding our two caged boys into the room. Heads turned, to see what was going on. Nelson and Clancy looked close to crying. “Get dressed for class,” Skippy said with Jonesy smiling and standing near the two. “Oh, we will hide you as you dress. Don’t want the others seeing you caged.” I watched as Skippy and Jonesy hid the two from view. Dressed for gym, Clancy looked at Skippy, “Thanks man.” Skippy shrugged and turned to dress himself. Clancy and Nelson seemed to do okay during class. They believed they were under the protection of Skippy and Jonesy. They stayed close as the four walked back to the lockers. I followed a couple of steps behind. By the lockers the two stripped and reached for their school clothes. Skippy grabbed Nelson and Jonesy grabbed Clancy. Shouting to the room, Skippy let everyone know Nelson and Clancy were trying to avoid showering. Then it happened. Clancy and Nelson, naked, were thrust into the middle of the locker room. I saw their hands try to cover their shame. Skippy and Jonesy pulled their arms away and out to their sides. They were on display for the class. The room was silent only for a moment, then the questions and comments began. “What are those?” “Why are you guys wearing those things?” “Do they hurt?” “Tell them guys,” said Skippy. Nervously Nelson told the assembled class, “Our girls want us to wear them so, well, so we let our stuff build up for when we get together with them this weekend.” Jonesy moved to rub Clancy’s back. His hand lowered to Clancy’s butt. “I can rub him anywhere. I can do anything sexually to either of these two and they will not get hard.” “That’s sick,” a kid named Casey said. “They won’t get turned on?” Jonesy said, “They can get turned on. They just can’t get hard. Just as an experiment, and doing this won’t make you gay, take turns doing every sexy thing you can try on both of them. See how they react.” A couple of guys turned away but most crowded around the two helpless boys who looked miserable. “Please don’t,” Nelson blubbered as hands began to rub him. Clancy tried to remain silent but he too began to beg the class to stop. They didn’t. Both boys were beginning to pant. I saw their hips thrusting. Casey, wide-eyed, said. OMG, they are turned on. Look at them. Youngblood, get your phone,” Casey told his friend. “Please guys, no pictures,” Clancy said through gritted teeth. Jonesy stepped in close and being careful placed a small bottle under each boy’s nose and demanded they inhale. Then he began to rub both boys butt holes. The assault continued and Clancy and Nelson were dripping from their cocks. Skippy knew the two were crazy with their lust from the poppers they had inhaled. He turned them so they were facing each other. All the boys in the room watched these two being manipulated. One of the boys and his friend grabbed the two boys arms and made them hug. Another kid took his hands and moved Clancy’s şişli travesti face to Nelson’s. A chant rose, “Kiss, Kiss.” The assault on every part of their bodies continued Clancy and Nelson were lost in each other, moaning, and trying to make it a contest as to who get their tongue deeper into the other’s mouth. They were rubbing against each other and started kissing. Not just kissing but kissing with passion. Their arms roamed each other’s backs. Their moans were obscene but neither was hard. I could see their juices flowing from their flaccid cocks. Quite a few of the guys were hard while others turned away looking disgusted. “Pull `em apart and throw `em in the shower. We gotta get dressed,” one of the disgusted looking kids said, yet I saw his dick sticking straight out from his body, hard as steel and throbbing. Youngblood followed the two into the showers. “Wash each other really well or I upload this video,” he told them. “I have watched gay porn. You guys were the best.” Washing each other, then drying each other, Clancy and Nelson dressed. No one watched them. Everyone was busy with their own dressing. Now that the show had ended many of the boys looked embarrassed at what they had witnessed. The earlier chants had dissolved into a silent locker room. Looking shocked, Clancy and Nelson prepared to leave, I told them. “You guys need relief? You can come over tonight but only if each of you get a freshman to let you suck them to organism and they sign your cards.” School ended. We had not seen Clancy nor Nelson all afternoon after their experience in the locker room. They weren’t in the cafeteria at lunch, either. I started to worry maybe they had been pushed too far. School ended. Thad and Tommy joined us for a trip to the credit union where we opened accounts. Kray and I made sure each other was named on each of our accounts as joint owners. We each deposited our $800. The teller asked no questions. Thad and Tommy asked us if we wanted to come to the college with them, to meet their friends. Silly question. I knew Trevor had met them, Kray and I wanted to meet them. We entered their dorm room. Parker and Andrew, I got introduced later, were in the midst of an edit. “Have a seat guys,” one of them said not looking at us. Kray, Trevor, and I sat on one bed. Tommy and Thad went to look over the two college kids shoulders at the editing in progress. After about ten minutes, they stopped what they were doing and turned. “Hi.” One said. “I’m Parker and my partner is Andrew.” Andrew gave a half-wave then said. “Who are your friends, Trevor?” Trevor gave Andrew a look that said, “Are You dense?” Then pointed at me, “This is Krew, The other one is Kray.” “Oh, our video hotties. I should have recognized them except they have their clothes on. Better take those clothes off, boys.” I looked at Kray as we both stood and began to unbuckle our belts. “Whoa. Whoa. I knew who you two were. I was just joking.” “Andrew you are such a jerk,” Parker said. They are still in high school and are not used to your ironic ways.” “You mean moronic.” Tommy joked. “Sorry guys,” Parker told us. “You and Trevor made one hot video. We have sold four copies and have guys asking for more. We will be making copies this afternoon. After our cut which is fifty percent, we have $800. for each of you. Parker reached in his desk pulling out three envelopes and handed one to Trevor, Kray, and me. “Save wisely. Do not spend a ton so your parents don’t start to question you. You might want to get part-time jobs somewhere as a cover.” Andrew interrupted Parker. beylikdüzü travesti “You guys have time? Time to make a video. We would title it `High School Boys Take College Cock’ You three with Parker and me.” Tommy protested. “Are you forgetting us?” “No. You two have three videos out there with us. I do not want to overexpose the two of you. I have a couple of football players who might be into this stuff. I am still working on them. They want to do it but worry that you are too young. They bought your videos and think you two are studs for being as young as you are.” Trevor laughed. “My brothers are studs? Hah.” “Shut it kid, Thad barked. “So, shall I let Thad and Tommy film your next video, guys?” I looked at Kray. He nodded. “Okay, we’ll do it. You want to Trevor?” He nodded. Andrew took charge. “This will be a down and dirty short. You three will be gaming on the computer. Parker and I will come in the room and see you. We will watch you play, then ask if you want to play something different. You are to act clueless but ask us what games. We will tell you to strip while we take off our clothes. The we go lay on the bed and you begin playing with our bodies. We will act all hot and ask you to suck us. The three of you share our cocks, slurp them good. Then we grab Trevor and, which other one of you wants to ride a college boy’s cock?” I was ready to volunteer when Kray said that he would do it. “Okay Krew, you will suck your buddies but position yourself so Parker and I can suck you off. Let us know when you are ready to shoot and pull out. One of us will finish jacking you so you shoot on our faces. Tommy, you be the closeup cam and get that shot. That will make us a ton of sales when the word gets out.” Parker looked at Andrew, “How about we seed them and they pull off us so Tommy can get a shot of our cum dripping from their butt holes?” “Good idea. You guys ready? Everyone get in positions. Tommy. You and Thad get naked. Don’t want your equipment getting trapped in your clothes.” Everyone chuckled. I watched Trevor’s brothers get naked. They really were twins. Their dicks were maybe six inches and already hard. The played with themselves while the rest of us got into position.” “Action,” Thad commanded. We began to act our parts just like Andrew described the scene. On the bed, the three of us were enjoying college man cocks. Parker had the shortest dick at maybe six and a half, but he was uncut and I had fun moving his foreskin around. Andrew was long, easily seven inches. Trevor and Kray were slurping and moaning on his uncut hard-on. We might be making a video to sell, but at the moment I was lusting over a man’s cock. Soon Kray and Trevor were begging to get fucked. They acted as if these men’s cocks were what they needed. I helped with the lube and the positioning. Fingering would not be done so the effect of high school boys in pain as they were penetrated could be achieved. Trevor and Kray were soon riding Parker and Andrew. I tried to suck at least one of them but they were riding those college cocks too fast for me to latch on. Meanwhile my cock was being sucked by first one than another mouth. Lost in my lust I forgot who was sucking me as they interchanged their mouths on me. I wrapped my hands loosely around the two cocks in front of me and let Trevor and my brother thrust between my fingers. I saw them tense and their cum spurted at me. I directed their cocks so the cum hit my opened mouth. I felt myself release and a moment later Parker and Andrew stiffened screaming at the two high school kids, Take istanbul travesti it you little sluts. Take our seed. After a time, we calmed and as planned Trevor and Kray moved off the cocks to kiss Parker and Andrew. Tommy had the camera in the perfect position to capture the cum oozing from their buttholes. I felt whipped as I lay with the others for an after sex relaxed pose. I had been a virgin just a few days ago. Trevor was right, I thought. This boy on boy sex stuff was fun. I wanted more. As I regained my calm, I saw Tommy and Thad on the other bed doing a 69. Obviously, our show had them turned on. Later, after we showered and dressed, the room looked like only straight dudes were hanging out. Parker stood behind Andrew watching the rough footage. “This video, when Andrew works his magic, will earn us all a nice sum of cash,” Parker told us. Once he alters our faces, he can distribute it. He knows a couple of porn shops that have a special room reserved for discreet clients who like teen porn. We can make money and our identities remain hidden. After thanking our new friends and promising to see them again, we piled in the twin’s car. They dropped Kray and me at our house. Mom told us to clean up for dinner. Upstairs, I looked at Kray. He smirked at me. “Geez bro. You don’t look like a porn star.” “Shhh, not so loud. Don’t want the `rents hearing.” He looked at me then gave me a kiss. “Last one down has to help with the dishes.” Tuesday, school again. I watched the kids in the halls. I had passed from the innocent teen like them to something different. Something fun. Just like Trevor had told me this would be. Earning money helped but the sex part provided me with lots of fun. I knew Parker and Andrew were correct. A job to hide our increase in spending money needed to be a priority. In the cafeteria, I saw Clancy and Nelson sitting at a table with four freshman boys. They seemed to be asking them something. From this distance, even I could tell the four boys had been asked to do something they thought was disgusting. The four of them picked up their trays and went to another table. The word, “fags” drifted over to me. Wednesday Kray sat with two freshman he knew from the J.V. baseball team. They looked interested in what he was telling them. He left the table after fist bumping them and came to sit with Trevor and me. “Well,” I asked Kray? “Max and Wally, those two I was talking with, agree to let Our buddies suck them off with three conditions. One. Both of them have to swallow and prove they swallowed. Two. We have to let them come over Friday night and tie Clancy and Nelson side by side. Max and Wally get to abuse them for an hour and our caged boys have to make out with each other as Max and Wally abuse them. Third. When the cages are off, those two have to keep making out until they cum.” “Sounds like those two have experience with BDSM,” I said. Kray chuckled. “I learned that they have lots of experience, a ton of it with some older guys who love teens tied and begging. Those two are fourteen like Trevor and me but have been doing stuff since they were ten.” I looked at Max and Wally as they sat at their table watching us. Seeing me look at them as they sat looking so clean-cut and innocent they waved at me and laughed. I looked at Trevor, “Did you know those two were into that?” “No. Those cute scooter boy haircuts and clothes make them look way too innocent.” “I guess you never can tell,” I said. Trevor and Kray looked at me and smirked. “Says the new porn boy.” FUTURE: Clancy and Nelson are debased and videoed. They become part of Max and Wally’s world as they are turned into sluts begging older boys and men to abuse them. Meanwhile the brothers continue to earn money from the videos. Comments and suggestions at: ail Please keep this site alive by donating to Nifty. fty

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