Subject: The Brothers Next Door – 8 (gay, M/tt, inc, oral, anal) THE BROTHERS NEXT DOOR: by Mobius Necessary Disclaimers: * This story is fiction; none of characters represent any persons in real life and none of the events described actually happened, at least to my direct knowledge. * This fictional story depicts sexual activity between adults and youths under the age of 18, including themes of incest. Do not read if this matter offends you, or because of your age or region of residence, it is illegal for you to do so. * “The Library is Open!”. Help keep the Nifty library open by donating at fty/donate.html * (c) 2021 Mobius Loop w/ permission for Nifty Archive Alliance. Chapter Eight: After Danny stormed out of my house, I quickly chased after him. When I saw the look in his eyes before he bolted, he looked spooked. Shocked even. This had not been the plan; his mother and I were going to tell both boys the truth about their father together in a way that would answer all their questions. Yes, we knew the boys might be upset when they learned that Carol forced their father to leave, but they needed to understand it was for their safety. But even with my efforts to follow him out the rear door, I quickly lost sight of him. Once in the backyard, I couldn’t tell which way he went — whether it was towards his house or around the side of the house toward the street. If Danny was fleeing, it was dubious he would be running home. During my chase, I had Carol on the phone explaining that Danny had overheard our conversation — at least the last part about how all evidence suggested his father had intended to introduce him into the same kind of sexual games he was already playing with Ethan. Danny was young when his father left and the likelihood that he remembered any specifics about his father was slim. But he was already an angry boy and I didn’t know what this news would do. If Danny went nuclear, one of his first moves might be to finally forward those photos of me and Ethan to his mother. I might only have minutes left before my secret love affair with his brother was put into the hands of the cops and the nightly news. Carol said I should come over immediately; we should talk to Ethan before Danny showed up or did anything that might make matters worse for his older brother. I was torn — I wanted to find Danny first and talk him down before he did make matters worse for everyone. But I couldn’t exactly explain that to Carol and I was certainly partly responsible for this emergency. I rushed my way across the back yard to their property and crossed their lawn to their house. Carol ushered me inside and, luckily, Ethan was back from school and up in his room already. I offered to go up and get him and as I padded down the soft carpeting of the upstairs hallway, my eyes caught an open bedroom door. I glanced inside and took in the view of a messy teenager’s room… used bed with sheet and blankets crumpled up, clothes strewn across the floor, bookcase with school trophies and some photographs of Danny with his friends, and a desk with some school work strewn about next to a sleeping laptop. A typical boy’s bedroom. I noticed on the bookshelf some framed photographs of a younger Danny with some other boys in Scouting uniforms. In one of the photographs, he was smiling with an unfamiliar friend and an older adult… but the adult’s face had been cut out. As I turned to leave, my eye caught someone on the floor beside the bed. I carefully stepped into the room and looked closer. It was a pair of underwear — but they were for a boy much smaller than Danny. As I considered their size and color, I suddenly recognized them as a pair of Adam’s! Danny must have swiped them the night he fucked me on Adam’s bed. I picked them up and noticed they were damp and had a very familiar heady scent. Danny had definitely been using it as his cumrag. Damn, I would have to work overtime to protect şişli travesti Adam from his influence! I stuck the underwear back in my jacket pocket and slipped back into the hallway and over to the closed bedroom door. I rapped at the door frame very gently. “Yeah?” I opened the door and looked inside and there was my beautiful Ethan in his t-shirt and shorts reading a book on his bed. His face instantly lit up. I slipped into his room and closed the door as he hopped up from the bed and slipped into my arms, kissing me urgently. “Is it my birthday again so soon? Is this my present… are you going to fuck me in my own bed?” I kissed at my boy’s sensual lips, feeling his tongue poking at my own, wrapping my arms around him. Pulling him close, I could feel his hardon was already as solid as steel and was poking against me. My own cock was growing quickly, but I knew we had no time for dalliance. “Hey, baby, can you come downstairs? Your mom and I want to talk to you about something that’s happened.” He stepped back from me, still smiling but a look of concern in his eyes. The fact that I was in his bedroom and he was being summoned by his mom, he pondered the significance. “Uh, okay,” he said. “But I’ll need a minute.” He glanced down and I could see his obvious bulge. I reached down and grabbed it through his clothes as he sighed in excitement. “That’s not helping,” he hissed at me, stepping away from my touch. I laughed gently and slipped back out of his room. A few minutes later, Ethan had come downstairs and sat in the living room with me and Carol. His mother looked antsy and didn’t know what to do with her hands. From the look in her eye, I could tell she would have preferred to have this conversation with a drink in her hand, but I had encouraged her to push through without it. The boys would need her to be strong as they dealt with this truth together. Eventually, after a few false starts, Carol was able to begin the talk with Ethan about the time his father left. I sat there in the corner chair, staying quiet and just supporting her with my eyes. She explained carefully to Ethan about the day she had come home and found him and his father in bed together, and then finally explained to him what happened during the part of the evening after he went back to bed. Carol nervously explained that in order to save him and Danny from the unpleasantness and shame that prosecuting his father would entail, she had given him the ultimatum to leave forever or talk to the police. That was the real reason why his dad had left, and that she had secretly divorced him over the course of the next year. Ethan listened to his mother with wide eyes. He nodded his head when she talked about offering his father the ultimatum, but shook his head in disagreement when she talked about the divorce. “No, wait,” he finally interrupted, “Are you saying you knew where he was all that time?!” “Only when we were doing the legal process,” Carol admitted. “But I didn’t know exactly where he was. Everything was done through a lawyer’s office.” Ethan chuckled in disbelief, “All that time, not knowing whether he was alive or dead… feeling guilty that we drove him away, and that because of what we did he might be dead in a ditch somewhere… and you knew he was alive and well all that time!” Carol looked anxious. She hadn’t anticipated how much guilt Ethan had carried about the fate of his father after his disappearance. “Honey, you are entitled to be angry with me for keeping that secret from you. I had no idea you felt so guilty about your dad leaving. But try to understand, I had to keep that a secret. To protect you, to keep you out of his life so he couldn’t continue hurting you…” “He never hurt me, MOM!” Ethan shouted, standing up. “I know dads aren’t supposed to do that with their sons, but he never hurt me! It was the nicest times we ever had together!” “Baby,” Carol said, starting beylikdüzü travesti to choke up, “if I am grateful for anything, it’s that your dad didn’t give you any pain or suffering when he got sexual with you — but I couldn’t take the risk that it wouldn’t harm you in other ways. Your dad had become a drunk and had an anger problem. Maybe you don’t remember how he would explode at you boys for no reason, or spank you. Whether or not he physically hurt you in the process of sexually using you, I couldn’t allow him to stay and potentially make things much, much worse!” Ethan had tears in his eyes, “Do you know where he is now?” Carol shook his head, “No, honey. After the divorce was concluded, I let it all go. I didn’t want to know. I just wanted the three of us to try to move on and make a good life.” Ethan sniffled, wiping his eyes with his arm, “I can’t believe you’ve been lying all this time! How am I supposed to believe you now?” Carol wept as she sat on the sofa. I noticed her hands were clenching and unclenching in her stress. “Ethan, I understand you are upset with me and will probably be angry with me for a long time. But please believe me, I only did it to protect you. You and your brother. I just hope someday you can forgive me.” And in Carol’s words, it came to me. For the same reason that Ethan was now angry at his mother, Danny had fostered his anger at Ethan. Ethan – who had an extra-special relationship with their father and spent his energy keeping their dad away from Danny until the day he disappeared – had stolen Danny’s father. Hadn’t Ethan issued his own ultimatum to their father, to keep him away from Danny? Ethan did it to protect Danny from being exposed too young to something so overwhelming, but Danny would never understand that. Danny just knew that he didn’t have a father, and it was in part Ethan’s fault. I cleared my throat, “Ahem. Carol, there is the… other matter.” Carol nodded as she turned back to her son, “I had wanted to wait and do this during a time when you could take some time to really process what happened with your father… like during the weekend or something… but then something happened and I felt I needed to discuss it immediately. The thing is, while I was talking to Todd on the phone and planning for what we were going to tell you both, well… Danny eavesdropped. And ran. So right now, your younger brother has heard only part of the story and, well, you know him when he gets upset.” Ethan shifted his teary gaze from his mother to me, a look of worry and shock on his face. I could tell we both had the same worried thought: the pictures! “Well,” Ethan said, “I just don’t know what to say. I… I… I don’t want to say anything because I know if I do, it will be hurtful. I need a break right now. I’m going to stay at Todd’s tonight.” Carol looked surprised, “Ethan, I know you are angry but you just can’t leave. We have a lot to talk about!” “Look,” Ethan said, on the verge of tears, “I’m trying really hard right now, but I need some space from you tonight. I can’t think about helping Danny because right now I am so angry I just want to smash something, and I really don’t want it to be you.” Ethan’s honest confession startled Carol, who had never heard her eldest son threaten violence before. She was about to stand and challenge him, but I quickly stepped in between them. “Okay, okay,” I said. “I think it might be a good idea, Carol. Everyone needs some space to cool down and to think about next steps handling this with Danny. Ethan, why don’t you grab your bag and head over to my place. You can stay in Adam’s room tonight.” That was bald-faced lie, but I figured this lie was the lesser of two evils at this point. Ethan left the living room and went upstairs. I took the opportunity to sit down with Carol. “All in all, you handled yourself really well,” I said. “I know how hard that was for you istanbul travesti to do.” Carol gave a sharp intake of breath, “Yeah, but now we have the worse problem with Danny. God knows what he’s thinking with just that snippet he overheard.” “Do you know his friends? Can you contact their parents to see if Danny is around?” I asked. She shook her head, “I know a couple of them, but he’s got a lot of friends and I don’t know all their names or their parents. All I can think to do is drive around to Danny’s favorites spots and see if I can find him.” Ethan came down with his backpack and quickly came to my side. His mother looked up at him guiltily. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said, turning from her and heading out the sliding glass door into the back yard. “I love you,” Carol said, but I wasn’t sure Ethan had heard based on how quickly he crossed the yard. I smiled at her and I could tell she was struggling. “I’ll talk to him,” I assured her, “I’ll help him understand.” “Thank you, Todd,” she said, taking my hand earnestly. “I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the boys.” I smiled and nodded, and forced myself not to think about how I was now just as guilty as Jack for being sexually involved with them. I turned and left the house, following Ethan across the yard. Once we were back at my house, he dumped his backpack on the floor and probably the first time ever didn’t try to throw himself at me. He just sort of stood there, hanging his head in overwhelmed exhaustion. I rubbed his shoulders gently as I recommended we ordered pizza. He offered a weak smile in return. Dinner was a very quiet affair. We sat eating pizza in the living room, Ethan sitting beside me on the sofa as we watched some mindless sitcom reruns. He only had a couple of slices before he stopped eating. I asked if he wanted anything, and he just shook his head no. So, we continued to sit together watching TV together. Suddenly, halfway through a rerun of Modern Family, Ethan just broke down and started crying. I put my arm around him and held him as he cried against me. The years of Ethan’s guilt and fear about his father’s circumstances came flowing out of him. I kissed the top of his head and encouraged him to let it out. He would stop and start over the course of the next few hours. Finally, as it approached 11, I decided it would be a good idea to get ready for bed. He still had school the next day and I knew I would have to really get to work. I asked if he wanted a shower and he nodded but slipped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. The message was clear. About 20 minutes later, Ethan stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, his wet hair matted down on his head. As I passed him to enter the bathroom, I stopped him and held his chin gently in my hand and leaned in to give him a gentle kiss on the lips, which he accepted. I slipped into the bathroom as I saw Ethan go into my bedroom. At least he wasn’t going to be by himself in Adam’s room (and thank God, as the sex-filthy sheets from my fuck with Danny were still on the bed). After a quick shower and a vigorous tooth-brushing, I left the bathroom in 15 minutes, shutting off the lights. As I entered the bedroom, I saw Ethan sprawled out, seemingly asleep. I moved over to the other side of the bed — luckily next to my phone charger — and saw I had a text message. From Carol. PHONE COMPANY WAS ABLE TO HELP ME TRACE DANNY’S PHONE. IT LOOKS LIKE HE’S AT A FRIEND’S HOUSE TONIGHT. AT LEAST HE’S IN A SAFE PLACE. I WOULD LET THINGS SETTLE, MAYBE CALL HIM OR MESSAGE HIM TOMORROW. HOW IS E? HE’S BEEN QUIET. WORKING IT ALL OUT. LOOKS LIKE HE’S ASLEEP. OKAY, TALK TO YOU TOMORROW THEN. I DON’T THINK YOU HAVE TO. I THINK HE’S HERE. THERE? CAN YOU SEND HIM HOME? TELL YOU WHAT, LET HIM SPEND THE NIGHT HERE AND I’LL SEND HIM HOME IN THE MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL. I DON’T KNOW, TODD. I THINK WE’RE CATERING TO HIM. LET’S GIVE HIM ONE MORE NIGHT. MAYBE HE’LL LET ME TALK TO HIM. THEN TOMORROW, YOU CAN GO FULL HURRICANE CAROL ON HIM. I GUESS IT SEEMED TO WORK FOR ETHAN. HE SEEMS IN MUCH BETTER SPACE TODAY. BUT DON’T COME CRYING TO ME IF HE TRIES TO BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN.

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