The ‘Buddy’s Ex’ Taboo Ch. 3

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Tim made his way over there again about a week later. He was meeting his sister, Mandy, at her place. She needed a ride to the mechanic’s where her car was ready to be picked up. When he got there, Mandy answered the door in her housecoat.

“I slept in!” she said meekly, “I need to have a shower and get ready. It’ll only take a half hour, forty minutes.”

“Women.” was all he said, shaking his head, jokingly. She hustled into the bathroom in the master bedroom. At the same time, Sarah came out of the other bathroom on the other side of the apartment. They hadn’t seen each other in a week, and they were naked the last time they did. Well, she was nearly naked this time, as well. She had a light blue, fluffy robe on, a white towel in her hair, and matching blue slippers.

“Hi Tim!” she said cheerfully as walked by into her room. He was hard instantly, both from the memories of what happened, and from how she looked in that robe. When she walked by again, she was holding a curling iron. She stopped, briefly.

“I’ll be one second, I’ll be able to talk to you, then.” she hurried back into the bathroom. Sarah wanted to make sure he was ok with what happened the week before, make sure they were still friends. She had to admit, though, the sight of him sent tingles through her pussy.

Drawn by his cock, Tim stood up and walked towards the bathroom. He walked right in and shut the door behind him. Sarah was standing in front of the mirror, setting up her curling iron, and she only gave him a brief glance.

“How are you?” she asked, innocently. Why would she expect him to try and fuck her when his sister was just having a shower in the other bathroom? Besides, what they did was just a one time thing. Right? These thoughts flashed through her head quickly. She was caught off guard when he stepped up behind her and slipped his hands around her waist.

“What are you doing?” she asked, quite surprised. His mouth kissed her neck as one hand slid up her robe to her breast. His other hand slid into her robe quickly, running down her body to cup her pussy. He could feel she was a little wet down there, her silky slit a contrast to the curls of her pubic hair.

“Tim, stop that!” she said, trying to sound annoyed. She squirmed half-heartedly, but she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to move her crotch away from his hand. His finger tickled her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth as his other hand gently squeezed her breast. Her breathing deepened, her heart was pounding. He knew he had her when he kissed over her cheek to her mouth and she turned her head and met his lips with her own. They kissed passionately, and she shot her tongue into his mouth as he played with her body. He moved his hands and undid her robe as she turned to face him. It fell to the floor.

Sarah stood before him wearing only a towel on head, and slippers on her feet. He slipped his arms around her slender waist and his hands grabbed that gorgeous ass, squeezing it as he pulled her close. She was all his. Their pendik escort lips met, and her tongue eagerly fired into his mouth. He pushed her back against the cupboard, and she sat back on it, legs spread before him. He broke the kiss and knelt in front of her.

Her pink pussy lips were swollen, and clearly very moist. She put her legs over his shoulders as he buried his face in her crotch. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed as he felt her tongue on her pussy. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time, he just couldn’t resist her beautiful treasure. His tongue licked up into her, tasting her. He clamped his mouth on her clit, and his tongue licked at it quickly.

“Ohhh God, yes.” she moaned, her hands squeezing his hair. If she didn’t realize it before, she now was positive that she needed this. His tongue felt so amazing down there, a surge of desire went through her body. Suddenly, to her disappointment, he stopped.

He stood up in front of her, pulling his cock out of his jeans. She looked down lustfully at his rock hard member, submissively watching him place the fat head against her needy entrance. Together, the two of them watched her pink lips open up and make the top half of his organ disappear. They moaned in unison as he felt her warm, comforting vagina take half of him inside. He slid back a little, before stuffing his entire cock inside her. “Ohhhh…” she moaned, that wonderful feeling of becoming full hitting her.

He was sheathed in her warmth, but he was too horny to savour it. Leaning forward, he began to thrust in and out of her at a rapid pace to start. His penis immediately pistoned in and out of her vagina.

Sarah leaned back on her hands, her feet were flailing behind his ass, her slippers were just clinging to her toes. Her eyes were closed, he could see her entire, pretty face as her hair was still up in a towel. Her small breasts bounced up and down to each thrust as he slammed his manhood into her pussy. She could feel an orgasm rise within her and she rushed to embrace it.

Tim had other plans for her, though. He was in a selfish (and horny) mood. He was doing things that he wanted to do, when he wanted to do them. Sarah was just along for the ride. He pulled his organ out of her wet hole. Sarah felt despair well up inside her. She couldn’t help it. She felt so empty and needed him back in her so badly. He pulled her roughly off the counter and spun her around. She was his slave, nothing but a ragdoll, completely helpless to his every whim. She bent over in front of him, leaning on her arms on the counter.

His heart skipped a beat and he nearly shot cum up into the air. There was that beautiful ass again. Two perfectly shaped, creamy white cheeks. Now it was he who was the slave. Not a slave to Sarah. A slave to Sarah’s ass. As if under a spell, he knelt behind her slowly. He kissed each of her ass cheeks, hands beginning to caress and knead them. He spread her cheeks wide, kissing along the inside of her crack.

Her heart was pounding like crazy, she had no idea what his plans were for her. She had maltepe escort no clue what would happen next. She was quivering with desire, though, and knew she was at his mercy. He stared at her swollen pussy lips, and her puckered little asshole. He kissed her lips softly, sending thrills up her spine. Yes! That was what she wanted! More cunnilingus! He lapped her cunt from her clit, all the way to the skin between her ass and her pussy. “Ohhhh…” she sighed, softly, expecting him to continue doing that.

She was caught off guard when she felt his tongue lick her asshole. Waves of pleasure shot through her body. She felt naughty. Dirty. Her ex-boyfriend, Steve (Tim’s best friend), had fucked her in the ass a few times. However, never has she been licked there! This set off entirely different feelings. Her entire nether regions were buzzing as Tim licked around the entrance to her anus, slipping his tongue inside.

He wanted this ass, and would not wait any longer. Not something one normally does the second time they are intimate, but he didn’t care. He kissed her ass one more time, and then stood up behind her. Sarah was gasping for breath, she was so fucking horny. She had trouble standing still, she needed his cock in her so badly.

He found her wet entrance with his thick penis, and he slid into her easily in one hard stroke. “OHH!” she cried, eyes closing. Holding her lovely ass, he began to slide in and out her warm pussy. He watched her amazing ass cheeks shake with each of his impacts, and he desired her bum even more. Without breaking his stride, he glanced over the contents of the cupboard. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Sarah couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. She didn’t know if Tim’s sister was out of the shower yet, and she didn’t care. She only knew that she was loving this.

Tim spotted what he was looking for. Skin cream. That will do. Her head was turned to one side as she moaned. The skin cream was on the other. Still maintaining his rhythm, sliding his long cock in and out of her cunt from behind, he reached for the pump. He squeezed cream down on his finger. Slowing his thrusts, he reached down in between them, placing his lubed up finger at the entrance to her asshole.

Sarah felt a cold sensation at her asshole. Before she could figure out what was going on, he stuck his finger in her ass.

“OHHHHH FUCK!” she cried, pain and pleasure rocketing up her spine. Now her orgasm was truly on the way, her entire body was heating up. He stuck his finger into Sarah’s beautiful ass as far as he could before pulling back and lubing up just her entrance. Now she had an idea as to what was happening, but made no move to stop it. She didn’t think she wanted it, she knew it would hurt. It usually did. But she felt too weak, and too turned on to protest.

Tim pulled his dick out of her pussy with an audible ‘slurp’. It was coated with her juices as he replaced his finger with his cock at the entrance to her anus. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute. She was scared. Why didn’t she stop him?

He kartal escort pushed forward, slowly forcing her tight asshole to allow his thick cock entry. “Ohhhh…” she whimpered, biting her lip. The head of his cock was inside her ass! He pulled back a little so that the thickest point of his mushroom head was stretching her anus wide.

Her ass was the nicest ass he had ever seen, and now he was part way in it, and she was at his mercy! It was more than he could take. He wanted to be gentle, but she just turned him on far too much. She was still bent over before him, submissively. Not moving. He grabbed the sides of her ass and rammed himself forward.

“OHHHH FUCK!” she yelled. “IT HURTS!” He had rammed his entire penis into her tight asshole. It did hurt. It’s been a few months since anything has been up there, and she was never used to it in the first place. But through the pain was intense pleasure. That orgasm that had been lingering on the side had now risen to the fore, waiting to explode. She gritted her teeth, wincing, Tim’s cock still in her asshole.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but in fact was only seconds, he could feel her ass relax a little. He pulled halfway out and began to fuck her ass at a steady pace.

“OHHHH MY GOD!” she whined, loudly, “It hurts so much!” she groaned. Her orgasm hit her full force, exploding inside her. “OHHHHHHHHH….” was all she could cry. The inner walls of her pussy were convulsing, her anus was squeezing and releasing his cock, all of her limbs were tingling. In and out, in and out he pistoned, driving into her perfect ass over and over. He slapped hard against her ass cheeks, watching them shake.

He could see his pole sliding in and out of her tight hole, and that just made him fuck her that much harder. ‘slap slap slap slap slap’ he slapped against her ass, the sounds bouncing off the walls.

Her orgasm would not let go. Pain had taken a back seat. It was still there, but Sarah was focused on the intense orgasm. Steve had never fucked her ass this hard! He was always so gentle with her!

Tim was well on his way, he could feel a big time orgasm coming. Her asshole was so tight, but it was lubed well enough that he glided his entire length in and out without any trouble. Her orgasm had died down, and she found her breath. Her ass was feeling good now. Still painful, but good. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned.

He slammed his penis entirely into Sarah’s asshole and held it there. His balls heated up, his cock jerked in her tight oriface, and a long stream of cum fired into her ass. His dick pulsated again, more semen shooting into her. He couldn’t believe he was blowing his load in Sarah’s ass! He was moaning, collapsing on her as more of his cum trickled into her anus. He slid out of her wet ass.

Suddenly, Sarah felt empty. She felt relieved, she felt satisfied, but she actually was enjoying that by the end! She turned around. She was still wearing a towel on her head! She couldn’t decide if she was pissed off, or thankful. Should she kiss him or hit him. He kissed her mouth and she kissed back, smiling with those full lips. He pulled up his pants and left the bathroom, leaving Sarah behind with his cum in her ass.

Just then, Mandy came out of the bathroom. She hadn’t heard a thing.

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