Subject: The bull, the stag, the ram, part 3 Buck disappeared after that. I wasn’t sure where he went. Camping or something, presumably, but he didn’t tell me or leave a note. I padded around our place in the nude, searching for remnants of his to smell: a pair of underwear or gym shorts that might be stained with his sweat, though the fact that my roommate was perpetually naked made such quests futile. My horniness turned up even further. I was basically always hard, jacking my cock as I thought about the past little while with Buck. At one point, I gave in and bought a good-sized dildo from Amazon along with a bottle of lube. After some practice, I found it pretty easy to slip into my ass and move back and forth, feeling it delivering unparalleled experiences to my fundament while I imagined Buck’s humongous dong thrusting into me. It turned out that I didn’t even need to have a full erection to get erotic pleasure from such acts. I could take some of the edge off my arousal from banging myself with that plastic dick substitute. Every night, I sat in Buck’s room and stared at his altar with that dildo up my butt. His antlers were gone but the scent of his body was stronger in there. Sometimes, I bent over down and peeked past my shoulder into his mirror, watching my down-covered cheeks spread wide open as that sex toy went in and out of my tight puck. Fuck, it was all so hot. If only Buck would come home. During the day, I took to the school library, trying to track down any information about Buck’s mystic practices. Very little turned up, though I came across an ancient European myth that contained strange resonances to my situation. It went like this: “Once, there was a peasant who lived near the woods. He knew that in the wild there lurked powerful beings, and that he had to appease them with gifts. As he was delivering such holy offerings to the spirits, he caught sight of a light between the trees. He crept closer and saw the forest god himself, who had the body of a muscular man but the legs of a goat. From his crotch dangled an enormous member, while from head grew two magnificent horns. Frightened, the man began to run. Yet the horned god easily caught him, bent him over, and took his way with the peasant. At the climax of their sacred coupling, the horned god spilled his seed deep inside the man. By that act, the peasant was transformed into a worshiper of the divinity. His legs became bushy, his brow grew nubby antlers, and his eyes saw the world with new sight. Soon, he cavorted away into the forest, forgetting that he had ever been a man at all.” Breathing heavily, I closed the book containing this story and ran my fingers over my forehead. * * * * “Oh hey, Walsh, haven’t seen you in a while.” Jack smiled as he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to his sweat-stained body. I had decided to let off some steam by heading to a frat party and getting gaziantep escort back out into the real world for a minute. After ingesting several beers, my head was feeling pretty woozy. “Dude,” Jack said, slurring his words slightly. “You missed some totally hot tail earlier. This chick was practically begging for my dick.” His yeasty breath and unfocused gaze suggested he was a few sheets to the wind himself. Pressed close together in a crowded hallway at the frat house, I could feel Jack’s heat emanating from his body. My brain couldn’t help but remember the times I’d glanced at his johnson in the showers and noticed how big and uncut it was. “Don’t worry, Walsh,” Jack said. “I’m saving some for you, too.” He grabbed his balls through his thin sweat shorts and pulled me even closer, laughing the whole time. His tongue practically licked my earlobe as he whispered something to me. “I know your secret, Walsh,” he said. “You’ve got that fire in your eyes all the time now.” * * * * Later, as I stumbled home crazily cross-faded, I tried to figure out what Jack had been getting at. Unfortunately, my mind was a mess, a result of attempting to drink and smoke my way out of my crazy predicament. All I wanted was to feel another guy’s cum dripping down my chest. But Buck was gone and I had been unable to work up the courage to make a pass at any other dudes, despite all the alcohol and weed in my bloodstream. At my front door, it took me three tries to get the key in the lock. Inside, the place felt extra hot. My nose registered the scent of weed and incense, though my brain cells were having trouble determining what that meant. My basic instincts wanted to get off, preferably with a large dildo far up my ass. Stumbling around, I shucked my shirt and undid my belt, staggering around the living room with my pants around my ankles as I searched for my sex toy. I stopped and stared at an unexpected object, a four-legged contraption with cushions and pillows on top. Nearby, a countertop was covered in small colorful bottles. Bleary-eyed, I recognized that I was looking at a massage table. All at once, my legs gave out as I fell forward and plonked face-first into that inviting realm. I could feel my underwear-covered butt standing pert and exposed as my head rested in a comfortable opening in the table. Then I heard a sound. Raising my neck, I saw Buck standing nude as usual, wiping his hands on a small towel. His body had a funny sheen and his chestnut-colored chest hair looked particularly soft and glowing in the low light of the living room. My heart swelled to see him looking gorgeous and content as he stood over me with his crown of antlers on his head. “Buck!” I said, smiling and slurring. “Whereaveyoubeen?” My roommate looked down at me like I was a snack, his devilish eyes lighting up with mischief. In velvety tones, he explained that he had left to take suriyeli escort care of some business. He had come back a few hours ago and had just given a friend a massage, hence the setup I was currently spread out on. “You’re looking a little put out, bud,” Buck said gently. “Any interest in some deep tissue relaxation and release as well?” YESS, cried out a voice in my head. I wanted to feel his hands caressing every inch of my body. I wanted to lick and sniff him from head to toe and then submit to his every whim. But all I could do was lie there like a chump, completely overcome by the substances in my system. Buck seemed to recognize my desires, wasting no time in grabbing a bottle and drizzling oil over my back. He began to work on my muscles, rubbing exactly the places that were most sore with his expert movements. “Unngghhhh,” I groaned in ecstacy. “You’re holding a lot of tension right here,” Buck growled, aiming his hands at the small of my back, just above my butt cheeks. I was having a hard time responding, my thoughts entirely wrapped up in the amazing sensations my roommate was inducing. I felt pinned to the table by his considerable skills, along with the thick smell of dank dude wafting from his crotch. My eyes managed to catch sight of his enormous soft dong, which was already dripping with jock juice. My tongue wanted to reach out and catch that torrent, to experience all that I could of Buck’s magnificent powers. My heartbeat was suddenly in the center of my awareness, my pulse throbbing at the same steady rate as the twitching of my keyed-up asshole. Without warning, Buck grabbed my underwear and slid them right off. I actually felt more comfortable now that I was naked, an additional level of chill. Buck began massaging my glutes, opening and closing my butt cheeks and exposing the ring of my asshole. I felt the cool air rushing over my hole, and then Buck’s oiled-up finger tracing along my crack. Peals of joy rang through my brain as my roommate touched my pulsating puck. “Ohmygoddude,” I managed to say. “That feels amazing.” My head perked up slightly, giving me a perfect view of Buck’s humungous cock, which was now straightening into a colossal stiffie. That thing was a beast, patently unbelievable in its size and dimensions, with a perfect thickness that flared out at the base and tapered up to a rounded head peeking out from a gorgeous foreskin. It put my dildo to shame. I felt Buck leaning over me, pressing parts of his muscular chest to my back as his finger slid just the tiniest amount into my rear chute. “Holy shit!” I said, gasping. Deep down, all I wanted was for Buck to dominate me with his megadong, to feel it enter my quivering hole and give me the dicking of a lifetime. But once again all I could do was lie there as Buck pressed himself a knuckle deep into my hole. His tender lips reached down rus escort and planted kisses all along my backside. “Turn over,” he said sweetly, and I was unable to do anything but comply. I flipped to my back, allowing my own raging dong the freedom to spring upward and slap me on my abs. While continuing his digital exploration of my ass, Buck lowered his head down and placed the end of my hog in his mouth. His satin-soft tongue wrapped around my cockhead, sending emanations of incredible ecstasy throughout my body. Nobody had ever given me a blowjob as good as this. Buck was apparently an expert at more than just massage because he managed to open his throat and receive my dick with ease, swallowing my sword down to its hilt in no time at all. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” I panted as cosmic objects spun around my head. Buck’s antlers bobbed up and down over my crotch as he deep-throated my dong, bringing me to realms of bliss I’d never known before. One of his hands kept up its invasion of my raging hole while, with the other, he aimed the crazy cannon of his cock at my face, jacking his foreskin back and forth over its sopping wet head. As per usual, Buck was producing precum at a stupendous rate, a massive outflow that dripped steadily down his huge shaft and over his low-hanging nutsac. I was completely enraptured by the sight of that monster, as well as the craw-and-finger massage on my dick and ass. I had barely any brain cells left to consider what exactly was going on and why in the world Buck always wore those spellbinding horns. All I knew was that I was experiencing pleasures I’d never considered possible, my entire body turned on like a single erogenous zone, sending me ever closer to the edge of release. “Dude,” I whispered. “I’m gonna- I’m gonna–” But I wasn’t even able to finish my sentence when Buck’s beast flared to a greater extent than before. From his massive donghead came forth a ridiculous quantity of cum, squirting in a straight line right for the center of my face and dousing my features in a copious amount of sticky discharge. I barely had time to blink when Buck’s bruiser blasted another measure of creamy boy butter, followed by another helping and then another. As the jizz flowed over my ecstatic expression, my own dick leaped into action, reaching its orgasm and shooting salty spooge straight down Buck’s wide-open throat. With my body wracked by convulsions, I felt my cock spurt again and again, producing more nut juice than in any climax I could remember. The ejaculate was so profuse that even when Buck lifted his head off my hog, my insatiable instrument continued to perform to the max, lobbing globs of hot skeet into the air, which came down over my chest, abs, and even my face. Breathless, I felt my heart rate receding back down to its normal levels. Buck offered me a towel to wipe away a bit of the cum dribbling from my eyes and nose. Stunned at everything that just happened, I watched as Buck padded away to his room, his beautiful naked ass wiggling as he walked. * * * * Comment, questions, and suggestions always welcome hoo. I love reading them and try to answer ever email I get. A please support Nifty at fty/

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