The Business Trip


The Business TripHello AllAs you can see I have a few stories on here but this one is not about my wife and I. As we got older, in our 40s now and started to branch out sexually when the nest was empty, we also took it upon ourselves to say that if something came up in a siutation, with another person and it was right and safe, go for it, life is tooooooo short.My wife and her two best friends (one I have written about) took a weeks vacation on a criuse last year, just the girls and she related to me how the three of them took turns with a young bartender they meet. As we both say to each other, dont bring back an diseases or an ooops you know what, LOL.So I had recently took a position at a new company and was sent for a few days of training in our main HQ in Los Angeles. I packed, rolled out (I live on the east coast) and was soon in LA. Our first meeting was just a cocktail meet and greet of about 100 people, nothing big. Chatted with a few guys from my office and a few people I knew from other offices I had conversed with about issues. It was about an hour in and a few margaritas too that my co-worker Derek pointed out to me a women who he said has been staring a hole through me.I looked over and couldn’t place her, but why did I get the feeling I knew her? She was something to look at! about 5-1 or 5-2, seems I am a magnet for that height of woman! LOL! She had all the right curves I like (as I said before, no stick figures thank you) about 130 or 140 pounds, nice round ass in a tight skirt, WONDERFUL what could only be D cups! Fantastic auburn hair, vibrant red lips and pale skin that gave her the look of a celtic queeen. after about a half hour, I notced her sitting by herself and went to chat with her, BUT FOILED, two other women sat down to talk to her.Next day was usual seminars on systems, professional ataşehir escort training and client management and service….BLAH BLAH! We broke at around 4:30 and went and too a nap for a dinner our firms head partner was having that night. so at 7 we meet at the restaurant of the hotel for a large gathering….again, small talk, work, sports, the world, usual stuff. As we sit down to eat I see that two people over from me is the celtic beauty. I ask the guy next to me to switch and as she turns around, I flashed my white crooked grin and pretty blue eyes at her. She gives me a look that is either, Im glad you’re here or what the hell do you want! So more cocktails are served and a I strike up the conversation and I saw who I am and WOW she says, Of course I know who you are, but do YOU know me, sugar? SUGAR! (used to be someones nickname for me) that voice! It was Dawn, my first ever girlfriend from High School. We both meet in the 80s, the same age, in sophomore year. We dated the rest of High school and at junior prom, lost our virginity to each other. We might have made a life if it wasnt for her father running a company and a week after graduation, they moved to London. I remember the heartbreak but was soon soothed by meeting my wife. We talked and talked, barely eating, what am I doing, what is she doing, etc. She now lived about two hours from me, recently divorced and had a taken a job in another office of ours. We chatted as if 25 years hadnt seperated us. She knew I was married and all but that didnt seem to bother her at all. As we got more tipsy, the we talked about old times, you know, the old flame kinda talk. I soon relaized that we were practially shoulder to shoulder and her hand was on my thigh. I made the bold move to put my hand on her thigh and it was then she moved pendik escort her hand up and touched my cock. At this point, staring into her eyes I said, why dont we go and talk in private. We made our way to her room and were soon laughing and chatting over champagne. I made the first move, moved in and kissed her very soft on the lips. Her breath cuaght and she shuddered every so slighty. So the kisses were passionate, hard, needy as if the years demanded this. We detatched for a minute as we moved to the bed. She started to unbutton my shirt and I her blouse, soon it was on the foor and I was unhooking her bar. Her magnificent D cups spliied out and were as fantastic as I remembered. She practially ripped my pants off as I her skirt, she was hearing an amazing blakc thing and garter set and my cock twichted with excitment.Dawn got on her knees and soon had my cock in her mouth, it was like I was 18 again! Soft, warm, passionate. I soon grabbed her, put us on the bed into a very hot 69 position! Her pussy was soaked, neatly trimmed bush of auburn hair. I dove in licking her pussy and sucking her clit. We were both loud and ready to fuck! I stayed on my back while she straddled me. She sunk down onto all 6 inches of me with a long sigh. We actualy just stayed there for a few seconds, I think both of us remembering who we once were. She soon had a great rythem and I thrust up and she soon had a shuddering, screaming orgasm! She panting and stil moaning as she collpased onto my chest. Se looked up and me and just said, ‘fuck me’ and rolled off of me, onto her hands and knees. Her wonderful round ass in the air for me. I guided my cock to her slit and pushed my swollen organ into her. The sounds of our bodies slapping together, our moaning, her ass giggling with every thrust made this so intense. I asked tuzla escort her to move and had her on her back, I wanted to look into her eyes as I fucked her. As we locked eyes I slowed my pace and soon was making love to her, not just fucking her. our friction soon had her at another orgasm and I said to her I was going to last much longer. My dilemma, I did not have a condom and it was my wife who was fixed after our last one, not me, so Im pretty sure I was till, um potent. I asked her if it was ok to cum on her stomach, at that point she wrapped her legs around me, TIGHT and said ‘the only place you’re going to cum is inside of me’!That sent me over the egde and maybe five stokes later I was squirting stream after stream of cum deep into her! I have to admit, it was heaven!We fell asleep for a while and awoke at about 3am….I asked her to meet me for breakfast and she agreed. The meetings were for two more days and we had two more nights together….it was the last night, and again, we meet up, this time in my room. I guess as you all can tell I LOVED to 69 with a woman. That nigth we spent an eternity on a tremendous oral session. Her on top of me, my face burried in her dripping pussy, sucking on each lip, lapping at her clit. My rock hard shaft in her hot mouth, being sucked for all its worth. After two orgasms for her I felt that tingle in my balls and was soon cumming in her mouth, of which he loved every drop.It was after I talked to her about what happened after she moved, why she stopped writing me and all. Turns out not to long after getting to London, she found out she was knocked up. Parents were furious, thinking it was the new boy she had started seeing. At this point she showed me a picture of her young man. Her nose, intense look, great features…but sandy blonde hair, crooked smile and BLUE eyes. I just stared at her for what seemed like an eternity….eternity…at which she smiled, kissed me on the forehead and got dressed and left. Life is funny sometimes, how things work out…….More to come on this…..

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