The Business Trip

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The music pumped loudly as I sat nursing my drink. Every time I come to these conferences there’s always one vendor that wants to throw the “hip” party at some trendy club… watching these middle-aged white guys gyrating like they’re having fits was hilarious, but getting boring. I was about to say my goodbyes when I saw her… did she come out of the back behind the bar? She must work here or something. Petite and slender, jet black hair with alabaster skin decorated with some magnificent ink, she is gorgeous. Did she just look at me? She did, and smiled. Smile back stupid! Man this girl is hot. She definitely works here, she’s giving instructions to one of the bartenders. She looked again! God she is sexy, wearing a tight vest and jeans, strappy heels showing off pretty toes, every eye in the room is on her.

I watched her move through the packed dance floor, even her walk was sexy… she would check with various waitresses or other club employees along the way, maybe this was her place? At the end of the club she spoke with one of the bouncers and the hostess checking people into this private party. Whatever she was she was definitely in charge tonight. She’s looking at me again, I think she just mouthed “hi” to me, I mouth it back to her. She starts making her way through the crowd again, this time she’s coming straight to me. Her eyes are locked on me the entire time, almost hypnotic, I know I’m staring back but I don’t care at this point. She comes to me and holds out her hand, I take it and she leads me onto the dance floor. She turns and faces me, and close up under the pulsating lights I can see just beautiful she really is. She drapes her arms around my neck and begins grinding against me, our bodies are tight together as we move with the house beat thumping the air. I can feel people staring but all I can do is look into her eyes.

She turns and begins grinding her ass against me, pulling my arms around her. She tilts her head back on to my shoulder, and I can feel her soft skin against my cheek. She reaches up and grabs the back of my head and pulls my lips to her neck. I kiss her softly yet firmly, tasting her gently with my tongue. Oh no, I can feel my cock getting hard as she grinds against me… please don’t feel it, please don’t notice, I’m afraid she’ll just think I’m some kind of perv and take off. It’s too late, my cock is so hard it’s actually painful, she must notice it, there is no way she couldn’t. Suddenly she brings a hand down and slides it between us, she runs her palm across my throbbing dick and gives it a tight squeeze. She turns and faces me, and now I feel her soft lips against mine. She takes my hand and begins leading me off the dance floor.

She leads me through the door behind the bar that she came out of, down a short hallway to another door which lead to nicely appointed office. She closes the door and gently pushes me against it. I start to speak and tell her my name, but she places a finger on my lips and smiles, shaking her head no. She leans in and kisses me, and I kiss her back forcefully. Her hand is back on my cock as she strokes me through my jeans. I place my hands on either side of her face illegal bahis and kiss her passionately, she is awakening a lust in me that I haven’t felt for a long time. As our tongues explore each others mouths I begin running my hands all over her body. So tight and firm, such soft smooth skin, she smells fantastic as well. This gorgeous, sexy, woman is a delight for all five senses. I spin her around in my arms, I’m taking charge now and she doesn’t mind at all. She’s still grinding her ass against my cock as I begin slowly popping the buttons on her vest. Once they’re undone I pull off the vest and cup her firm breasts in my hands. Her nipples respond as I lightly pinch them, and she begins letting out small moans. The first time I hear this vixen’s voice and it’s the sounds of passion. I’m kissing the back of her neck and shoulders as I reach down and unbutton her jeans sliding them down and letting them drop to the floor. She steps out of them keeping her heels on, and spins to face me. She mashes her mouth against mine and I meet her aggressive kiss in kind.

I grab her shoulders and push her away from me as we lock eyes again. I put subtle downward pressure on them and she knows exactly what I want. As I unbutton and pull my shirt off she rubs her cheek against the bulge in my jeans. Using her hands she outlines my cock and begins rubbing her lips along the length and gently biting it. She stops for a moment as I kick off my shoes, then unbuckles my belt. She strips my jeans off and begins teasing me again through my boxer briefs. The silky thin material did nothing to prevent me feeling her lips on me. She pulled down my underwear and my cock sprang up right at her. She looked right into my eyes as she ran her tongue along the underside of my cock, sending a shiver up my spine. She then slipped her lips over the head of my cock and let it sink deep into her throat causing me to groan loudly. She begins pumping up and down on my cock slowly, her tongue dancing around every bit of my shaft and making me shudder. This woman has me so hard, so BIG, I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before. She continued sucking stroking and I knew it wouldn’t be long… I told her I was going to cum and she started stroking faster and sucking harder… she began to moan the closer I got, until finally I let loose what must have been the biggest load I have ever produced, she pushed my cock deep into her throat as the first spasm hit and shot burst after burst of cum, but she swallowed every drop. As my shaking subsided she pulled her mouth off of me, lips smacking as she did, and looked up and smiled. “That was incredible baby” she said.

Having barely recovered enough from the most intense orgasm of my life I brought her to her feet kissed her deeply then said “That was incredible, but we’re just getting started” and kissed her again. I brought her over to the desk and bent her over it. Even though I had just cum my cock was still half-hard and she could feel it pressing against the back of her thigh as I slowly kissed my way down her back. I showered her ass cheeks with kisses as I wrapped my arms up underneath her inner thighs. I kissed my way down to her illegal bahis siteleri pussy… my god this woman even has a beautiful pussy, and held my tongue flat as I lapped her from the tip of clit to her pretty pink asshole. She quivered and let out a sigh. Her pussy was already dripping wet just from her going down on me, I couldn’t wait to see what happened once I got going. I begin licking her softly, tenderly, letting my tongue part her sweet lips as I tickled her clit.

Her body began gyrating and I could feel her push back against me as I buried my tongue deep inside her. She got wetter and wetter as I continued to eat her. I buried my tongue in her ass and she let out an animalistic grunt and drove her ass back against my face. I stood up and laid her back on the desk and went back to work on her clit which was now swollen with lust. I flicked my tongue against it as her hips rocked under me. Her moans told me she was close and I increased the pace. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me hard against her as waves of pleasure cascaded over her body as the orgasm hit hard. She was shuddering and shaking and holding me against her as I kept my tongue firmly on her clit. She went limp and her arms fell to her sides as the last tremors swept over her and worked their way out of her body. I gently blew on her pussy and she shuddered. I began licking her lips very softly and heard her whisper “Yes” in a breathy tone. Her hand came back to my head and she ran her fingers through my hair as she moaned softly, knowing I was going to make her cum again.

As my tongue continued to dance across her clit, between her lips, down to her ass and back again this beauty came again and again… each one more powerful than the last. By now I had fully recovered from the mind blowing orgasm she had given me with her incredibly talented mouth, and was rock hard again. I sat her up and kissed her as I slid the head of my cock along her pussy lips, slickening it with her juices. I pressed the head against her now super sensitive clit and she moaned. I slowly wedged the head inside of her, pausing intentionally as she anticipated the rest… then sunk in all the way to hilt in one steady thrust. She wrapped her sexy legs around my waist hugged me close to her, I stayed buried in her while we both enjoyed the sensation. I began slowly pumping and she met my thrusts with her own. She began clawing my back and I could feel the walls of her pussy drawing me in with each stroke. She began to moan louder and I knew that it wouldn’t be long.

I began pumping faster and faster, withdrawing all the way, dangerously close to popping out before sliding back in to the hilt. Her nails dug into my back and she released a scream that I swear must of been heard even above the pounding bass of the techno track playing just a room away. She collapsed back on the desk shaking… convulsing really, as she rode out the intensity of the orgasm. She then reached up and grabbed my head with both hands, “AGAIN!” she half begged, half demanded before kissing me with absolute primal lust. She bit my lower lip as she pulled her head away, it hurt but I loved it! I moved canlı bahis siteleri my arms underneath her legs as she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck as if we’d done this a thousand times before. I lifted her and turned toward the door. I carried her to it and almost fell against, allowing momentum to drive my cock deep inside of her. I timed my thrusts with the bass coming from the dance floor, so she could feel the music and my cock pounding from both sides.

The angle I was entering her allowed me to get deep, deeper than I thought possible as I fucked upwards into her. She bit her own lower lip as I felt her pussy tighten around me. I kept fucking… harder… deeper… faster! She clamped around my cock, actually locking me in place while another orgasm rocked her body and she convulsed again holding me tight to her, her pussy squirting like crazy. I could feel her juices coating my cock and lower stomach and even running down my legs. She now went limp in my arms, her breathing reminiscent of someone crossing the finish line of a marathon, her face and neck flushed and red from the searing passion between us. I held tightly and backed off the door, carrying her to the couch at one side of the office, I sat down with her still impaled on my cock.

She lay against me, breathing still heavy but becoming more steady. I could still feel little spasms, aftershocks throughout her pussy around my cock. She kissed my neck softly and in a husky, breathy voice said “I don’t know who taught you to fuck, but you must thank them for me”. I smiled and brought her head around from my neck and looked at her. Her face was glowing, and was more beautiful than it had been before. She had soft, wanting eyes. I stroked her rosy cheek with the back of my fingers, and she leaned into it sweetly, if she were a cat she would have purred. Her attitude, her demeanor, her tattoos, everything pointed to a woman in a charge… one who took what she wanted as she had with me. Now though as I looked at her I saw a sweet, almost innocent girl that I just wanted to hold in my arms for eternity. I kissed her, softly this time, and felt the warmth of her breath mingle with mine. It was just now that I noticed how soft her hair was as I ran my fingers through it. She smelled sweet… flowery or maybe a tropical scent in her shampoo. It was intoxicating.

She began slowly riding up and down on me. Our eyes met and we both smiled. I planted small, soft kisses on her neck, working my way down to her erect nipples. Her body was hot, her skin almost fevered to the touch from the waves of orgasms she had ridden so far. I gently sucked and flicked her nipples with my tongue and she pressed my head against her breast. She was moaning softly and riding me in a steady motion, and it felt like our bodies were one. I could feel my orgasm building, and it felt like I was getting dizzy the closer it came. She could tell by my breathing I was getting close, and began riding faster, “Come on baby” she whispered as she braced her arms around my neck. I held her close against me and began to moan, and she tightened around me. Our bodies melded together, slick with sweat, the air thick with sex, and I remember looking into her beautiful eyes as I erupted inside of her, climaxing as she did at the same time. The last thing I remember was collapsing together on the couch, exhausted, satisfied, and spent, but in each others arms.

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