The Camera Never Lies Ch. 04

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Anal Gaping


Sara was home alone the next day, trying to make sense of her feelings. Once again she had lost control of herself sexually with her daughter. This time, however, was even worse. Not only had she participated in the sex with Mindy and Frankie but she had become the instigator at some point, taking control of the sex and getting what she had needed.

Christ, she thought, it was as if she was a schizophrenic or something. Everything on the rational side of her brain knew that what was happening was wrong. Then there was another part of her that loved it, that craved it almost. What was wrong with her, she wondered. I’m as sick as Mindy.

Her daughter, she realized was running around like some sex crazed slut, fucking everything in sight. Sara knew that there had been a time in her own life when sex had been the most important thing in the world to her but she had never fucked her own father and then brought her boyfriend home to share with her mother. My god, there had to be boundaries didn’t there?

Her thoughts were disturbed by the sound of her doorbell. She had no idea who would be calling on anyone here in the middle of a weekday. Mindy was in school and Mark was at work. She would normally be gone but had taken a personal day to try and sort things out. For all the good that was doing her.

She looked out the window and was surprised to see Gina, Mindy’s friend at the door. She opened the door wondering why she wasn’t in school.

“Hi Gina.”

“Hey Mrs. J.”

“Is everything all right? How come you’re not in school honey?”

“Actually I’m too upset to go to school. Is it ok if I come in?”

“Oh I’m sorry. Of course Gina come in.”

Gina walked in and plopped down on the sofa. Sara couldn’t help but notice the semi-slutty way Gina dressed. Short skirt, tight t-shirt with her nipples practically poking through and heels that made her look inches taller than she really was. Was that the way girls dressed now in high school? Sara suddenly felt older than she had five minutes ago.

“What’s wrong Gina? Is everything all right with your family?” She sat down next to Gina on the couch.

“No Mrs. J. My family is the problem.”

Sara knew Gina’s mother slightly from mutual school events they had attended. A pretty redhead but very reserved with people she didn’t know well. Gina’s father she knew not at all. Obviously her brother Frankie was very familiar to her. She felt herself actually blushing at the thought of him.

“If there’s any way I can be of help I’d be glad…”

‘I’m not sure that you can help much Mrs. J. See, you’re part of the problem.”

“I’m part of the problem? What are you talking about?”

Gina leaned closer to Sara.

“Can I be like really honest with you?”

“Yes but I…”

Gina looked Sara right in the eyes and smiled.

“Did you fuck my brother?”

Sara blushed and involuntarily pulled back with a look of astonishment on her face.

“My god Gina where did you get an idea like that?”

“From Frankie. Oh I mean he didn’t tell me that himself but I heard him talking about it. And don’t bother asking who he was talking to, I won’t tell.”

Sara’s mouth dropped open. For the moment she was speechless.

“Oh don’t bother denying it Mrs. J. The truth is written all over your face.”

“Gina I don’t know how I can explain what…”

“Explain? What’s to explain? My brother’s way younger than you are and you’re married too. What the hell Mrs. J?”

Sara was stunned and she was having a hard time putting a coherent sentence together at this point.


“Do you know how much trouble you can get in for that? You’re like a pedophile or something.”

“No no…”

“Yes you are. I don’t know what my mom will say if she finds out. She’ll probably call the police or something.”

Sara felt herself panicking.

“Gina no, please, that can’t happen. Oh my god I don’t believe this. Let me explain please.”

Sara felt her whole world falling apart. In her despair she didn’t notice how Gina was smiling at her, reveling in her discomfort.

‘Well I don’t know how we could keep this quiet Mrs. J. I could probably convince Frankie to keep his mouth shut I suppose but it would take some doing on my part.”

Sara felt the slightest glimmer of hope.

“Do you think…”

‘Ummm. Maybe.”

‘Please Gina. This could tear apart both of our families if it came out.”

“Well if I agree to make Frankie keep his mouth shut you’d owe me a big favor wouldn’t you?”

“Yes. Yes of course.” She couldn’t imagine what favor she could do for this girl in order to insure her silence but whatever it was she had no choice. It seemed like everyone was in control of her life except her these days.

“I don’t know what I could do for you Gina but I’ll do what I can to help.”

Gina smiled.

“I knew you would Mrs. J. Maybe you could help me out right now actually.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Oh I think you’ll figure it out soon enough.” Gina slid over next to Sara illegal bahis on the couch.

“Umm you’ve got such nice hair Mrs. J.” She reached out and ran her fingers through Sara’s hair.

“Gina, what…?”

“I love those earrings, mind if I take a closer look?” Gina leaned in to Sara, close enough so that Sara could feel Gina’s breath on her earlobe. Her tongue flicked out and licked Sara’s earlobe.

Sara jumped back in surprise.

“What in god’s name do you think you’re doing Gina?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” Her hand slid around Sara’s neck and pulled her head towards her. Her lips just grazed Sara’s before Sara again pulled back.

“Gina, stop that! What in the hell’s gotten into you.?”

“Umm, nothing yet but hopefully your tongue’s gonna be in me soon. Come on Mrs. J. Why don’t we go upstairs and have some fun?”

“Gina, I don’t know what makes you think that I would ever…”

“What makes me think that you would have sex with me? My brother’s cock that you were sucking last night for one thing.” She laughed. “You’re going to do exactly what I tell you to do or else I’ll make sure that everyone knows that you like screwing young boys.”

“Your brother is no boy Gina, he’s twenty years old.”

“And you’re what Mrs. J. almost forty or something? He’s young to you and that’s the way that everyone else will see it too.” She leaned in closer to Sara.

“I don’t give a shit if you fuck my brother every night Mrs. J. From what I hear he likes you. Well,” she laughed, “your pussy anyway. Thing is, I want some of it too.”

Sara jumped to her feet.

“My god Gina! The nerve of you! I want you to leave right now!”

Gina smiled and leaned back against the couch. She spread her legs apart and her short skirt rode up her legs exposing her panties. Her hand dropped down between her legs and began just lightly rubbing the thin material covering her pussy. She looked up at Sara.

“What’s wrong Mrs. J.? Never been with a girl before? That’s not what I hear. I hear that you like threesomes. Umm that feels good. Ohhh. I hear that you like cock and pussy all mixed together. Ohh shit I’m wet. I’m betting that deep down you’d like to eat some pussy right now.”

Sara stared down at the young girl smiling up at her while she rubbed her pussy. She understood the implications of Gina’s reference to threesomes. Somehow she knew about Mindy’s involvement with her and Frankie the day before. Obviously her brother had blabbed the information and Gina had found out. Now Gina was holding all the cards much the same way that Mindy had the day before. Shit!

Gina could see the fight go out of Sara’s expression. She knew she had her now. Whatever she wanted now, this woman would have no choice. She reached up and took Sara’s hand and gently pulled her down unto the couch next to her.

“Relax. I’m not gonna bite you. At least not yet.” She giggled.

“You’re very pretty Sara. You don’t mind if I call you Sara do you? Why don’t we go upstairs to your bedroom? We can get all comfy there.”

She pulled Sara to her and pressed her lips to Sara’s. Her hot little tongue pushed into Sara’s mouth and her hand slipped to Sara’s breast.

Sara tried to protest but the girl was stronger than she looked and held her there. In spite of her misgivings she felt her nipple stiffen under Gina’s touch. The girls tongue was so insistent that soon it found hers and the two swished together in her mouth.

Gina bounced to her feet and pulled Sara up as well.

“See. I knew you’d get in the mood. Come on, let’s go up. Let’s do it right on your bed.”

Sara felt herself being pulled toward the stairs. She felt dazed and it almost seemed like she was floating above herself looking down on what was happening. Oh my god this can’t be happening, she thought. Not again and not with this young girl.

Before she knew it she was being led into her bedroom. Gina giggled and threw herself unto the bed. She slid back against the pillows, spread her legs wide apart and wiggled her finger at Sara to join her.

“Come and get me Sara. Come on!”

Sara sat down on the edge of the bed. Her mind raced wildly trying to think of a way out. This was ridiculous. Some young girl just pops into her house and expects her to have sex with her? How in the hell did things ever get to this level of absurdity? She would never believe this if it wasn’t happening to her right here right now. My god!

Gina crawled across the bed and stopped right behind Sara, her knees just touching the small of her back. She leaned in and began nibbling on Sara’s earlobe. Her hands reached around and caressed Sara’s breasts.

“Ohh Sara,” she whispered in her ear, ” your titties are so big. I can’t wait to taste them.”

Gina I don’t think that I…”

“Don’t think! Just kiss me.” She turned Sara’s head toward her and pressed her hot lips to Sara’s. Her tongue again pushed into Sara’s mouth, probing and tasting.

Once again, Sara felt herself responding involuntarily. Gina’s hands seemed to know exactly how to arouse her. illegal bahis siteleri Her fingers pinched Sara’s nipples, making them stand up at attention under her blouse. Her tongue found Sara’s and soon hers responded in kind.

“Umm, that’s nice. Come on baby, let’s get some of these clothes off and get busy. I want you so bad.”

Gina’s fingers began unbuttoning Sara’s blouse, her tongue back in Sara’s mouth. Several buttons later Sara felt her blouse sliding slowly off her shoulders.

“Umm, beautiful,” Gina said, gently pushing Sara down onto her back. Sara hadn’t worn a bra since she hadn’t planned on leaving home that day. As soon as her back touched the bed Gina was next to her, licking and sucking Sara’s nipples.

Despite her best intentions, Sara again felt herself losing control. An uncontrollable heat seemed to be spreading through her body. What this young girl lacked in technique she more than made up for in enthusiasm. She knew there would be no stopping now.

Gina slid her hand down between Sara’s legs, her greedy fingers rubbing and probing Sara’s crotch.

“Ohhhh,” Sara moaned, ” what are you doing to me?” her eyes were half closed with passion as her heat intensified.

“Just what you like Sara. Um, your pussy’s wet already. Why don’t we take these off?” She unhooked the clasp on Sara’s slacks and slowly pulled down the zipper. Her hand slid inside and dipped right under the top of Sara’s panties. Her fingers gently stroked Sara’s pussy lips and one finger began sliding inside of her.

“Ohh Sara you nasty girl. You’re all wet down there. You’re as fucking horny as I am.

“Umm.” Sara moaned as Gina’s finger slid up inside of her. She spread her legs apart giving Gina better access to her. Her arm went around Gina’s neck pulling her lips to her stiff nipples.

“Ohh, don’t stop,” she moaned. She felt Gina slide a second finger into her wet pussy and begin sliding them in and out. Gina’s thumb found her clit and Sara thought she’d explode.

‘Oh fuck,” she cried out.

Gina quickly slid down between Sara’s legs and pulled her slacks down her legs and off. Her tongue began licking the insides of Sara’s thighs and then she pulled Sara’s panties to one side, exposing her wet pussy.

“Umm you look good enough to eat,” Gina giggled. She spread the lips of Sara’s pussy apart with her left hand and bent forward. Her hot little tongue flicked out and found Sara’s clit. Sara’s whole body flinched at the touch, an action that just encouraged Gina even more. Not that she seemed to need much encouragement.

She buried her face in Sara’s pussy and licked all of it. Her tongue probed that wet slit up and down it’s length, seeking out every inch and crevasse she could reach. She sucked on the clit, loving the feel and taste on her lips. Her finger again slid inside Sara’s pussy and she finger fucked her friend’s mother at the same time she ate her out. Umm, so good she thought.

Sara was beside herself with pleasure. She spread her legs as wide as possible while at the same time holding Gina’s head to her. She was no stranger to the pleasures that two women could give to each other but there was something delightful about being used by this young girl. She felt hot and nasty at the same time in a way that she hadn’t in a long time.

“Ohh, fucking eat it Gina! Suck it! Ohh, that’s it! Just like that!”

Gina was doing just that. She tongue fucked Sara’s pussy, sliding her tongue rapidly in and out. Her fingers held Sara’s lips apart so that she could push her tongue even deeper. Then she would stop for a moment and suck on her clit.

“Umm you taste good,” Gina moaned.

“Oh baby, I want to do you too,” Sara said. Quickly Gina shifted positions on the bed and lowered her hips over Sara’s face. She had not even taken the time to undress so Sara pushed her tight skirt up and over her ass. She saw that Gina was wearing tight pink panties that fit so snugly that the outline of her pussy was revealed in a lovely camel toe.

Sara leaned forward and pressed her face against the girl’s panties, savoring the smell of her excitement. Her tongue flicked out and licked Gina’s pussy right through her wet panties.

Gina giggled. “Ooh, that’s nice!”

Sara put her mouth right up against Gina’s panties. She could taste the wetness seeping through the thin layer of cotton. She licked it trying to draw the juice right through the material. Slowly then, she reached out and slid Gina’s panties to the side, exposing the young girl’s pussy. Gina’s lips were parted and Sara could see her wetness almost dripping out.

Her tongue slid out and licked around the exposed lips at first, wanting to experience all of her. Gina moaned with pleasure and doubled her efforts on Sara’s wet, dripping cunt. Finally, Sara could wait no longer and as she spread the lips apart with her fingers, her tongue eagerly darted into Gina’s pussy.

It had been several years since Sara had been with another woman and she had forgotten how much she enjoyed it. The taste and smell and tactile sensation of another pussy was canlı bahis siteleri intoxicating. She gave herself up to it entirely. Her arms reached up and grasped Gina’s ass, pulling her even tighter to her.

“Oh that’s it Sara! Right there! Ohhh…fucking suck it for me!”

That’s exactly what Sara had in mind. Her tongue pistoned in and out of Gina’s wet pussy, savoring the juices that dripped out of her. Her pussy smelled so fresh and wonderful and she tasted so good that Sara never wanted to stop.

They continued their lovemaking for countless minutes, the only sounds in the room were those of their moaning and the slurping of each others pussies. Gina was the first to reach orgasm as Sara’s tongue and lips expertly brought her to the point of release several times before finally pushing her over the edge. She felt Gina’s body tense as the wave of release hit her.

“Oh my god Sara..oh fuck…oh shit…ohhhhh ohhhhh!”

Sara felt Gina shudder with pleasure as her greedy mouth and tongue continued to service the young girl. Her lips and cheeks were covered in Gina’s juices and Sara eagerly sought out more, wanting to drown herself in it. Gina’s body shook uncontrollably several times and then she lay almost limply on top of Sara, her mouth still on Sara’s pussy.

Sara’s tongue slowly and gently continued to lick the girl’s pussy as Gina slowly emerged from her orgasmic meltdown.

“Oh my god that was…” She paused searching for the right word. “Unfuckingbeliveable!”

“Umm,” Sara moaned, her own needs still unfulfilled. She gently pushed Gina down unto her back and then lowered herself in a sitting position gently unto the girl’s chest. She spread her pussy apart for the girl and lowered herself unto Gina’s face.

“Eat it baby! Make me cum!”

“Oh yummy” Gina giggled as she began doing just that. Her tongue pushed into Sara’s pussy once more and she licked and sucked for all she was worth. Sara was almost bouncing up and down in time to Gina’s tongue fucking.

“Oh yesss. that’s it! Tongue fuck me baby! Oh fuck yess! Do it!”

It didn’t take long. Soon Sara felt her body begin to quiver as a wave of intense pleasure radiated from her pussy outward. A moment later her body almost exploded as she came.

It would be an exaggeration to say that she saw stars exploding but Sara did have one of the most intense orgasms that she could remember ever having. The light in the room seemed to almost change colors as her body sent wave after wave of pleasure shooting to seemingly every nerve of her body. She let out a primal scream so loud and so intense that Gina almost stopped her tongue fucking . Almost…

When she could stand no more she pulled herself from Gina’s eager mouth and threw herself unto the other side of the bed and laid there trying to control her breathing. It was several minutes before her body stopped convulsing and her breathing returned to normal.

Gina propped herself up on her elbow and smiled.

“I bet everybody on the block knows you just came Mrs. J. That was wild.”

“Oh that scream. I don’t know where that came from. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. That was hot.” She leaned over and kissed Sara. “And you taste so good. Ummm, you taste better than…..” Gina stopped midsentence.

“Better than who?”

“Oh nothing, I…”

“Were you going to say Mindy?’

“I…well maybe.”

“You two have been together I take it?”

“Yeah, sure Mrs. J. It’s no big deal.”

“No big deal? You’re telling me that you’re sleeping with my daughter and that’s no big deal?”

“Don’t be such a hypocrite Sara. I know more than what you might think about the two of you.”

“Let me tell you something young lady. I have never had sex with my daughter. Never!”

Gina burst out laughing.

“Oh please! Like you didn’t share my brother in this same bed yesterday. Like you didn’t fuck him raw and then suck him off together. Yeah right!”

Sara once again was stunned. While it was technically true that she had not had sex directly with Mindy it was true that they had sex with the same boy at the same time. It was also true that the biggest turn on of all for her was when Mindy had kissed her. Shit!!

Gina laughed again.

“Relax Mrs. J. Nobody’s gonna find out. Not from me anyway.” She kissed Sara again. “As long as I’m getting my share of this pussy, your secret’s safe with me.” Her hand slipped down between Sara’s legs.”

“Now come on. I want some more and then I’ve gotta get back to school. Got a history test at two I can’t miss.”

The rest of the morning was a blur. After another bout of sex, the girl had dressed and left for school. Sara was alone with her thoughts.

Great, just fucking great she thought sarcastically. Who’s going to walk in the door next and demand sex with her, she wondered. The mailman? How about one of Mindy’s teachers? For that matter why didn’t Mindy just put up a billboard on Main Street telling everyone that they could come over and fuck her mother as long as they didn’t tell anyone about it. Christ!

Still… She could taste Gina on her lips and tongue. That girl sure knew how to eat pussy, that was certain and Sara had enjoyed returning the favor. A part of her wished the girl hadn’t left so soon. The afternoon ahead could have been filled with…

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