The Camp Out Ch. 05

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We lay there for what seems forever, your hand resting on my hip. I wiggle, trying to get more comfortable. Immediately, a groan escapes you. Your fingers flex on my hip, and I feel you growing hard against my back side. Still not comfortable, I move around a bit.

Squeezing my hip, you hiss in my ear, “If you don’t stop moving neither one of us is going to get much sleep tonight.” To make your point, your hand travels down my thigh, gently squeezing it. Before I can respond, you grab my leg, picking it up to drape backward over your hip. Purring, I press tightly against you, my bottom trapping your hardening cock.

I fight to stifle my giggling as your fingers tickle their way up the inside of my thigh. I let out a sharp gasp as you press your hand between my thighs, rubbing against me. Your teeth gently graze my neck as you start to pull your hand away, fingertips lightly caressing my pussy.

The movement of my hips drives you crazy, my bottom pressing tightly against your hips. Your teeth sink deeper into my neck as you slide a finger inside my wet, aching pussy, a gasp escaping my lips. Growling, you whisper in my ear, “Someone’s a horny little devil tonight, isn’t she?”

You try to move your hand away from between my legs, but my hand grabbing your wrist stops you. Whimpering, I whisper back to you, “If someone wasn’t so damned sexy, I’d be able to keep myself under better control.” Pressing your hand against me, I start grinding my hips against both your hand and cock.

Wrapping your arm around my waist, you move canlı bahis quickly, standing on your knees, pulling me with you. “On your hands and knees, little girl,” you say to my very surprised back. Quickly, I obey, my hips wiggling in front of you. Grabbing my hips, you position yourself. In one swift motion, you pull my hips back, thrusting yours forward, burying your cock deep.

Arching my back, I push myself backwards, locking my pussy tight around your cock, my head thrown back. Growling, you pull out almost completely, thrusting hard once, your breathing becomes shallow. Glancing over my shoulder, I smile knowingly at you, purring, “Aaawww, is my baby getting worn out?” You just glare at me. Wiggling my hips, I chuckle, saying, “I know how we can solve this.”

Slapping my bottom sharply, you pull out, flipping me over onto my back. You lean down over me, nipping my lips, whispering, “You do, hmmm?” Letting my fingers travel up your back, I nodded, smiling. My nails graze the back of your neck.

I watch as my fingers tickle their way down your neck and over your chest, idly saying, “All it takes really is for you to be on your back, baby. Nothing more than…” My comment ends in a squeal as you roll to your back, pulling me on top of you.

Pushing the hair out of my face, I glare down at you, growling, “One of us would appreciate it if the roller coaster didn’t act without so much as a warning.”

Chuckling, you push more hair away from my face, your fingers curling around the back of my neck, gently pulling my face closer. bahis siteleri You whisper huskily, “I’m sorry, baby. I’ll warn you next time.” Your lips softly caress mine, barely kissing me, making me forget what I was arguing about.

Raising my hips, my fingers quickly find your rock hard cock, squeezing and stroking it. Holding you steady, I lower my hips, my eyes locked on yours as I start sitting down on top of you, your cock slowly sliding into me. Finally, my hips press against yours, and I can feel you deep inside. Sitting up, I smile down at you, purring, my hands flat against your chest to brace myself.

Locking my thighs on your waist, I lean forward, nipping your shoulders. My hips raise up, my pussy squeezing you as you slowly slide back out. Slowly, I start moving lower, kissing and nipping your chest. Glancing up at you, I lower my hips ever so slowly as my tongue teases your nipples.

You grab my hips, unable to stand the slow torture. Before you can move your hips, I stand up on my knees, grabbing your hands, glaring down at you. “What do you think you were about to do?” I said, linking my fingers in yours, pushing them down onto the bed. Nipping your bottom lip, I whisper, “I have plans for you. I intend to take my time.” Nip to your ear. “Drive you insane.” Run my tongue lightly down your neck. “Until all you can think about is me.” I tighten my muscles, squeezing your cock.

Groaning, your fingers squeeze mine, your hips thrusting slightly against me. “Baby, I think it’s a little too late for all that.” bahis şirketleri Your breath is hot against my flushed, sensitive skin. I run my tongue back up your neck to your ear, purring, “Then tell me what you want, baby.” Taking a deep breath, you try to steady yourself before whispering, “I want you to fuck me damn it.”

Standing up on my knees, I smile wickedly down at you, stating, “That’s all you ever had to say, baby.” I sit down hard, your cocking ramming deep into my pussy. Throwing my head back and arching my back, I stand up slightly again, only to sit down hard on top of you.

Our fingers locked together, you brace me as I lean forward, working my hips into a rhythm against yours. Gradually, I start riding you faster and harder, my breathing shallow. Tension begins to coil in tummy, my fingers squeezing yours painfully as I get closer to cumming.

I bite my lower lip, whimpering, my eyes locked onto yours. Your hips thrust against mine as you whisper, “Ssssshhhhhh… That’s it, baby. Keep going. Cum for me.” Thrusting three more times, I throw my head back, crying out as my pussy spasms, tightening around your cock, making you follow close behind.

Pulling me down on top of you, you wrap your arms tightly around me as you thrust against me, burying my face in your chest as I cling to you. Slowly, our breathing returns to normal, but your arms remain locked around me. Turning my head, I press my cheek against your chest, reluctant to move off you.

Kissing the top of my head, you nudge me, poking me in the side, making me giggle. “Baby, it’s getting a little late, and we really should get some sleep now. For real this time.” Yawning, I nod, slowly rolling myself off you to curl up against your side, already drifting off to sleep.

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