The Camping Trip Ch. 04


Pack up time came far quicker than anyone in the family would have wanted.

Helen was the first to arise realising she accidentally hadn’t set an alarm and waking in a panic.

It was just after 8am now on what was a dreary looking Sunday morning. Everything that wasn’t under cover was wet from the rain that started just after the sun came up and they had to be checked out of the camp site by 9:30 at the latest.

“Richard…” Helen said as she shook her sleeping husbands arm. “Richard it’s past eight in the morning, we have to pack up!”

He stirred slowly, groaning as he awoke to a splitting pain in his head. “Uuuhhhh… Fuck, all right I’m up ok,” he said as he grabbed his head in pain.

Helen hastily shoved some track pants and a top on before shooting out of the tent to wake her children.

She shook each of their tents individually, causing condensation from inside to spray down on to each of them waking them in a fright as they both yelled in annoyance.

“Come on guys, it’s home time and we barely have an hour and fifteen to pack our stuff up and get out of here,”

For the next twenty minutes there was noises of people getting dressed then packing clothes and sleeping equipment up from inside their sleeping quarters.

Haley was the first to emerge as she cautiously stuck her head outside looking around to notice her mother packing up the dinner table.

“You’re fathers in there recovering from a whopper of a hang over,” She whispered to her. “Just get out here and help me pack up please,”

Alex was now getting out of his own tent as he heard his mother and decided to take the opportunity to attempt packing up before his father emerged.

No less than ten minutes before they had to leave and they had nearly everything rolled up and packed away messily into their car before Richard came out of the tent, the hangover drink Helen had prepared which he had gulped up quickly about half an hour before hand now starting to kick in.

It was certainly no miracle cure. Nor was it a complicated recipe, basically an insane amount of instant coffee mixed in with a bunch of the strongest over the counter pain killers money could buy. If you were lucky enough not to throw up from the strength of the coffee, it generally perked you up enough to endure the first few hours of your hang over.

Richard packed the bags from inside the tent into the car before packing down and rolling up the soggy tent and doing the same.

Helen was now in the driver’s seat with the twins loading themselves into the back seats. Richard joined them in the front passenger seat and after a quick stop over at reception to let them know they had vacated they were on their way for the long trip back home.

Other than a quick stop off for some breakfast where everyone had to decide what they wanted to order, no one spoke for hours on end. You could cut the tension in the car with a knife.

Barely two hours from home, Helen pulled the car into a rest area. She was exhausted having only managed a few hours of sleep the night before, and the strong coffee she had drunk with breakfast was well and truly worn off giving her unavoidable heavy eyelids.

She looked around at everyone in the car.

The twins where sound asleep resting on the doors of the car as they had been ever since they finished their food in the morning, and Richard was in his own world beside her still busy expelling his guts into a bucket he had sourced from the back of the car after he had eaten.

Haley now opened her eyes realizing they had stopped and looked to the front of the car to see what was happening to see Helen clearly sizing up her options.

“Mum, I’ll drive if you want. You look pretty tired and I can’t imagine dad is in any shape to get behind the wheel of a car,”

Helen looked at her with a quick bout of confusion before remembering she had only just less than a month ago got her provisional licence. It would mean sticking to a slightly lower speed limit on the highway than Helen could legally drive but it was certainly better than the alternative, being her possibly drifting to sleep at the wheel.

Richard then turned to her as if he wanted to say something but spun back around to spew into the bucket. That pretty much sealed the deal as Haley exited the car and after placing her ‘P’ plates on the front and back of the car, swapped seats with Helen.

They got on their way again, letting Helen almost immediately settle into a much needed rest in the back seat next to Alex, who hadn’t even noticed they had swapped drivers being soundly asleep himself.

Close to two hours passed, the whole car still remaining speechless. Richard was starting to feel a bit better now having guzzled copious amounts of water and probably expelled any alcohol remaining in his system through his mouth, not to mention sweat.

He looked to his daughter as she drove the car and wanted to say something. No words came out seeing as he had no clue what he would even say as the memories of last night’s encounter slowly etlik escort became clearer inside his head.

He hadn’t seen much at all in the few seconds the tent door had revealed his children’s compromising positions. In his mind however, he had seen far too much. The image of Haley’s naked form sitting atop her brother was now permanently seared into his brain.

Instinctively Richard immediately tried to think of anything else other than last night but no matter what he tried to conjure up be it football, cars or work, it always came back to Haley.

He pictured her heaving chest. Her breasts where smaller than Helens, but what they lacked in size they made up for in perkiness. She had your typical teenage frame, small yet athletic with ever so slightly tanned skin. Haley had grown into quite an attractive young lady he thought.

Richard tried to picture the old motorcycle he owned when he was younger. It worked for a while, thinking about the condition he had bought in. How much time and money he sank into it until he had to sell it to some wanky bloke from the city who wouldn’t have possibly appreciated it on a level even close to his own.

He had to sell it to provide a better education for his twins…


She popped back into his head again. His mind’s eye moved from her rising and falling chest to her waist. It was rested on Alex’s hips who was also naked and attempting to catch his own breath. He thought about her pussy, so small and innocent with little tufts of pubic hair littered sparsely around it. Her pussy was glistening and he could just manage to picture the hole it was emanating from, pink and moist.

As he again tried to push the pictures out of his head, he involuntarily started to wonder about this scene, something not adding up in his head quite right.

Suddenly he realized where Alex’s penis was…

“They were having ANAL sex!” he suddenly thought to himself as he realized.

Richards cock begun to awake at the sudden revelation. It was something he had to really work for to get his wife to try all those years ago. Once she gave in, she had realized how much she liked it however surprised she was about that.

He looked back to Haley as she drove the car. Her supple lips where slightly parted and her brow lightly furrowed in concentration. He could feel his dick slowly grow as he subconsciously checked his daughter out.

The car stopped and Richard looked up.

They were home finally from the long trip away.

After Haley spun around and told everyone they had arrived home, they all clambered out of the car except for Richard.

He waited in the car for a moment as he looked to his crotch at his semi erect penis.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” He muttered as he put the bucket in front of it and exited the vehicle to join the rest of the family who had already walked inside.

It was a nicely sized house. No mansion by any comparison but the Williams family had managed to secure a two story home with three bedrooms on the top level. One was of course the parents room that had its own ensuite, and the other two where Alex’s and Haley’s which joined by a bathroom with two lockable doors on each side.

Downstairs was all living area. A dining room connecting to the lounge room and the kitchen, which Helen was already on autopilot making everyone a sandwich for their late lunch.

Richard forced down his sandwich in a few mouthfuls and told everyone he was to have a shower, then the twins gobbled their food down and disappeared upstairs into their rooms leaving Helen standing alone.

She looked around with a sudden pang of regret as the memories from last night came to her.

Not only had they caught their twin son and daughter having incestuous relations in their tent, but she had actually JOINED them afterwards!

“What a mess,” She thought as she cleaned up the kitchen, wondering if they could ever restore any kind of normality again.

Helen went back out the front to the car and started unloading their camping equipment. After she put a load of dirty washing on she went back to the car and dragged the three tents in. They were visibly wet from the drizzly night before and would need to be aired out to prevent any mould or water damage.

After putting her own tent up in the back yard she went back inside to check on Richard. She popped her head in her room and noticed a bunch of clothes on the ground next to the bed where he was soundly asleep. It was close to five o’clock by this point so she knew he’d probably sleep his hangover off till Monday morning.

She headed down the hall towards the twins rooms to tell them they needed to put their tents out to dry. Forgetting to knock, she opened the door to Alex’s room and saw some sudden movement out of the corner of her eye. Alex was sitting at the end of his bed with his hands in his lap and a surprised look on his face.

“Oh SHIT, it’s just mum,” He said with a smirk on his face towards his bathroom door.

Helen etlik escort bayan looked over there to see Haley emerge from their conjoined bathroom sheepishly. She then looked back to Alex who had moved his hands to reveal a rather sinister looking bulge in his pants.

Helen could see what was happening pretty clearly. “Guys you can’t DO this anymore!” she said sounding more concerned than ever.

“I thought you enjoyed yourself last night mummy,” Haley said to her with a mock pouting look.

“Come on, seriously now. You can’t possibly think this can continue do you?” Helen said with authority. “You need to draw a line somewhere and that line is now,”

The twins where confused and let down at this comment, the honest truth was that they hadn’t at all thought about the future. All they knew was they were having fun, and they wanted to have more of it.

Haley walked close to mum and went to grab her hips with outstretched arms when Helen shrugged away from her.

“No,” Helen said simply. “I will not have any more of this nonsense in my house. No go downstairs and air your tents out,”

Seeming quite dishevelled the two obeyed and stormed off out of the room like sullen teenagers forced to do their chores.

Helen stayed upstairs and walked back to her room to lay with her husband. She wasn’t all that tired but she felt she needed to be close to him, to comfort her as she worried.

Haley had her tent up several minutes later and looked around to see Alex’s progress. As per usual, he had beaten her to it with it fully erected on the back lawn. Alex however was nowhere to be seen.

She looked around the backyard knowing she hadn’t heard the back door open from him going inside and realized the only other place for him to be was inside the tent.

Haley unzipped the tent cautiously and poked her head in to see Alex kneeling inside. “Found you!” She said playfully as she too stepped inside.

“Fresh air!” Alex said as he dropped the front of his shorts letting his again fully hard cock fling out of it. Haley giggled as she too bared her genitals to him and zipped the tent back up to give them some privacy.

She lurched forward knocking Alex to the floor as she kissed him passionately and begun slowly stroking his cock. Alex returned the favour by burying a finger in the folds of her slippery pussy and rubbed her nub in circles.

Meanwhile upstairs in their bedroom, Helen had a thousand thoughts going through her head. Mainly she was concerned as to how she may be able to resolve the situation between everyone in the family, but she couldn’t help but picture all the events of last night. It was making her wet as she laid there spooning Richard from behind.

He begun stirring from his sleep and turned around to face Helen. “Hey honey, so what ended up happening with the kids the other night?”

Helen looked at him as he opened his eyes. They were red. His voiced seemed a little higher than normal and he didn’t seem angry.

She knew how and why he was in bed sleeping so comfortably. One of the ultimate hangover cures. He must have used the last of their joints whilst in the shower.

This was it. If she could tell him about anything without him blowing up again she’d may as well do it while he is high!

Helen looked into her husband’s eyes and thought carefully as she attempted to muster up the confidence to confess her actions.

“Hey you remember my sister Shaz?” she asked him.

“Yeah I remember her… What’s she got to do with it? Aren’t we talking about the twins?”

“We’ll get to that, first I need to tell you something…”

And so Helen began recounting the story to her husband about her activities with her sister in her younger years.

As she talked, Richard started thinking about Sharron. He had met her more than a few times whilst he was dating Helen. He always viewed their relationship as a bit odd. Just considering their close age they just didn’t seem to be close as siblings, it just didn’t make sense in his mind.

He had shrugged those thoughts off long ago after they moved out and started a life together until just a few years ago at the family reunion his family had attended. He remembered sitting at a table next to Helen and Sharon as they chatted about some of the mischief they got into back in the day. About how they skipped school together on more than one occasion, about getting caught skinny dipping in the neighbour’s pool.

It just served to make his original suspicions grow as he sat there listening to them reminisce. Even with the happy laughing that was coming out of their mouths, there still seemed to be an underlying tension between them. As if there was unresolved issues being left unsaid.

Richard decided to go buy a drink at the bar but when he came back to the table, they had dispersed into other groups. They didn’t speak again for the whole night. Richard asked Helen about it, but she just dismissed the issue and changed the subject.

NOW however, it was all coming escort etlik together!

Helen had got to the part where she caught Shaz in the bathroom pleasuring herself…

“This is starting to get good!” Richard thought to himself as his wife told him how she ended up taking her clothes off and joining her in the shower. His dick started to harden at the thought of his wife being naked with another woman.

Down in the back yard, things where heating up as well…

Haley had pinned Alex on the ground and was now grinding her bare crotch onto Alex’s face playfully as she watched his hard cock flail about in the air while she straddled him. She grabbed him as it swung about and took the head of his member into her mouth.

Alex groaned slightly, sending vibrations through his mouth onto her pussy as he dived into her clit with his tongue. He grabbed an ass cheek with each hand and squeezed them firmly as he pulled her cunt firmer onto his mouth.

Haley descended her mouth on his cock and breached past her tonsils. She left it there for a while gently moving it up and down forcing her throat to accept the foreign object. She had tried to deep-throat him a few times now, only managing to slide it in halfway before her gag reflex kicked in to reject his hard penis.

She thought about trying a different approach on the drive home and now wanted to put it into action. This time instead of slowly sliding his dick into her, she lurched forward and in one swift movement jammed it ALL the way down her throat, bottoming out as her mouth came to a rest just above his balls!

Alex had been taken by surprise. He felt the movement before noticing in the process Haley had lifted her hips off his mouth accidently in the sudden movement. He lifted his head up to look down at her face now that there was a gap between his head and her pussy.

He could see her throat enlarged by his shaft deep inside her as she rested there, again forcing herself not to gag. It looked amazing, just like when his mother had done the same the night before!

Now that he couldn’t reach her vagina with his tongue, Alex reached out and drove two fingers into her wet snatch starting to finger fuck her as she retracted his cock all the way out of her throat leaving a thick stream of saliva between herself and the tip.

It wasn’t out of her mouth for more than a second before she devoured it once again in one fell swoop, sending waves of pleasure through Alex as he started rimming her asshole with one of his other fingers.

After a while of this, Alex brought one of his hands to his mouth and added a wad of spit to one of his fingers when Haley suddenly rolled off him collapsing onto the ground.

“Fuck it’s hot in here,” she chuckled.

She was right, they had both tried their best to ignore it but unfortunately they’d set then tent up in an unshaded backyard directly under the sun, and the air inside had become just about unbreathable. Both of them where so covered in sweat it looked like they had just come out of the bath!

“Screw it,” Haley said as she crawled over to the tent door and unzipped it just enough to get her head outside and breath in the cool oxygen outside.

“You’re right, we’ll probably asphyxiate ourselves doing it in here,” Alex laughed. “I’m pretty sure dad was asleep upstairs anyway. Maybe we should run a shower?”

“Mmmhmm,” Haley agreed with him from outside.

“But first…” he said before he brought his already lubricated hand up to the bottom Haley was basically pointing at him from her position and slowly inserted his middle finger in her ass as he put his thumb in her pussy.

Haley accidently let out a loud moan before covering her mouth and falling back into the tent before pushing Alex playfully. “Cheeky boy,” she said as they started getting re-dressed.

Helen had now come to the end of her story and felt even more aroused than the first time she’d told it, if that were even possible. She could visibly see her words had managed a similar effect on Richard considering the noticeable bulge that’d grown under the covers.

“So?” Helen queried now wanting some sort of response from her husband who had remained silent throughout the whole story. “What do you think of that?”

Richard gruffly shook his head as if shaking himself out of a daze. “Honey, hearing that your wife has had LESBIAN sex at any point has to be every red blooded male’s fantasy,” he said. “That’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever heard you say!”

“Yeah?” Helen said sounding happy. “So you’re not grossed out by the fact that it was my sister?”

“Well there IS that…” he said sounding conflicted.

Not wanting him to dwell on that particular fact, Helen reached under the blanket and took his now rock hard cock into her hands to begin slowly stroking it as she looked lustfully into his eyes.

“Just the THOUGHT of licking another girls pussy drives me insane nowadays,” Helen said truthfully as she guided his finger to her mound with her free hand. “Just feel how wet I am honey,”

Richard immediately slid a finger into her hole, feeling her pussy dripping with anticipation. “So I guess a threesome wouldn’t be out of the question after all hey??” He said playfully although he didn’t for a second believe the possibility of this actually coming to pass.

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