The camping Trip – Part 1


The camping Trip – Part 1With the weather getting warmer, M and I decided to go for a long weekend of camping on the coast. We decide on a secluded camping ground in the National Park on the bay and pack for two nights. With tent, sleeping bags, lilos, camp stove and utensils, clothes and swimmers packed we head off early Saturday morning, arriving there at just past 11.00 am and find another largish family sized tent set up. We set up our camping spot on the other side of the camping area away from the other tent. It didn’t take long to put up the tent. We put on the kettle to have a pot of tea and a sandwich before deciding what to do for the afternoon. There is no sign of the other people who are camping nearby, however their 4WD is parked next to their tent and it looks like it is all secured. They are probably away having a walk or on the beach which is about a 500 metres away.After lunch we decide to take a stroll down to the beach, have a swim and lay in the sun for a while, then perhaps walk along the beach to the headland. I grab two towels, a backpack, sunscreen, hats and our swim suits and we head down the track towards the beach. We get to the dunes after about 5 minutes walk and feel the very early sea breeze coming off the sea. As we thread our way through the dunes we hear some laughter coming from ahead and upon cresting the last dunes before the beach, we see four people splashing around in the sea. As we walk down onto the beach we see that they are in fact two men and two women. Upon seeing us they wave and continue splashing and clowning around. Something about them strikes me as strange and M leans over to me and points out that the women are in fact topless in the surf. That’s it, I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed that – very strange.We set up our towels about 30 metres away from the others and sit down, taking in the beautiful beach, deserted apart from ourselves and the other two couples. As we sit and watch the other couples leave the water and we see that in fact the women are not only topless, but they are all naked, skinny dipping in the isolation of the beach. As we watch they walk up from the water and come towards us. They stop before us and we see that they are two middle aged couples, similar in age to ourselves. The men are average build, each sporting an average sized penis. One of the men is totally shaven and his penis is circumcised whereas the other has a trimmed pubic bush surrounding a thin uncircumcised cock. Both men are easy on the eye and sport big smiles. One of the women has an athletic build with smallish breasts, her nipples erect with the cool sea and wind, her pubic area devoid of all hair, whereas the other woman is plump, has large breasts and hips and a slight tummy, with a trimmed pubic area in the shape of a heart. One of the men (the one with the uncut cock) introduces himself as Brian and his wife, the larger lady as Chris. The other man introduces himself as Jerry and his wife, the athletic one, is Clare. We say hello and they say bornova escort that they arrived that morning and plan to stay for two nights and hope that they have not offended us by their nudity. Brian said that after seeing the beach and its seclusion, they decided to be daring and go skinny dipping. We both smile, introduce ourselves and say that we are totally OK with their skinny dipping and that we are also down for two nights.They invite us to join them on the beach and we accept, picking up our towels and following them to theirs. They have a largish cooler and offer us a glass of wine. We settle down on the towels and drink our wine with them whilst the sea crashes in onto the sand below us. Jerry asks if we are going to go for a swim and that if we want to, we can also go skinny dipping, seeing as there is non-one else around. M looks at me and I can see she is a little nervous, but given the wine, the sun, sand, sea and the friendly couples, I say that would be great and stand up, dropping my pants, take off my shirt and singlet and finally drop my briefs, for the first time, being totally naked in front of four strangers. I feel excited and also nervous, thankfully, causing my cock to wilt a little and remain flaccid. I look at M, hold out my hand and she takes my hand and stands up. I tell her it will be fine and nod for her to also get out of her clothes. As she removes her blouse and shorts, I see with interest the other couples looking on avidly. The two men, sitting on their towels intently watch M as she takes off her bra, revealing your gorgeous large breasts. Her nipples are still hidden, no doubt she is feeling nervous as I am. I look across at Brian and notice that his cock has started to take note of M, with it starting to stand up. Chris watches on as M removes her thong and I see her lick her lips as M’s pussy comes into sight. The sight of Brian and Chris’ reactions cause my cock to stir and my cock is soon half erect. Jerry and Clare have moved together on their towels and are touching each other as we sit down on our towels and take another drink of wine. “Fancy a swim then”, Brian asks. We all look at each other and get up and head towards the sea.The water, although deceivingly warm, feels bracing on the skin. We both run into the surf and dive headfirst in to get rid of the cool intrusion. As we surface we see the other couples nearby splashing and the women screeching as the men chase them. M comes over to me, wraps her arms around me and kisses me deeply, feeling my body against hers, our first time naked in the sea together and in front of strangers. I can feel my cock rubbing against M’s tummy and she slips her hand between us to take my cock in her hand and gently squeezes it. That has the desired effect and it starts to harden up. Seeing us kissing, the others start to jeer and make some sexy comments. As we part from kissing and look at them we see that Clare has her arms around Jerry’s neck and is also kissing him. As we watch escort bornova her hand goes below the water line and we can see the movement that betrays the fact that she is fondling his manhood underneath the water. Chris and Brian watch intently and Brian moves up behind Chris and puts his arms around her, cupping one breast and the other hand below the water line and appears to be fondling her pussy area. Chris leans her head back on Brian’s shoulder and lets her hand trail below the surface between them, probably stroking Brian’s cock as they watch Jerry and Clare kiss and make out. This is all too much for M and I and we again hold each other and kiss deeply, the sea washing against us, salt in our mouths as our tongues entwine. My cock is rock hard and M is gently stroking it back and forth as we kiss and every so often look across at the other couples.Chris and Brian have moved closer to the shore, with the water up to their knees. We see Chris start to lean forward and Brian takes her hips in his hands. Chris rests her palms on her knees as she leans forward and we can see that Brian is moving his hips back and forth slowly. You whisper to me that he is fucking her and we watch on as they fuck whilst watching the other two kissing and fondling. I move my hand down to your pussy and find it very slick and slimy despite the salt water. Your pussy lips are puffed and your clitoris is extended as my fingers trace your pussy lips and probe your pussy’s entrance. You slightly spread your legs, giving me easy access as we watch Brian start to pump into Chris harder. Chris’ tits are bouncing back and forward now and the force of Brian’s hips meeting Chris’ buttocks is making small splashes as he fucks her harder and harder. We can hear the slapping noise as his hips smack into her bum cheeks as he fucks her harder from behind and Chris’ moaning is getting louder. At the sound of Chris’ moans, Jerry and Clare break their kissing and fondling and look at Brian and Chris. Clare beckons us over so we can see closer and as we walk over she smiles and Jerry and Clare come towards us so we are all now in a circle. Clare stands next to M as I stand behind her, cupping her breast and fingering her pussy below the water as we watch Brian and Chris fuck. Clare moves closer beside M and I feel another hand over mine as I finger M’s pussy. I initially think it’s M’s hand as I watch Brian, but then I realise, looking down that it is Clare’s hand. I move my hand away and cup both of M’s breasts as Clare’s hand takes my place and her fingers find the entrance to M’s pussy, a finger sliding deep inside her, making her gasp. As I cup M’s breasts I feel Jerry come up behind me and feel his hard cock against my arse crack as he reaches around between us and takes my cock in his hand. “I hope you don’t mind” he says, but seeing as the girls are having some fun, I thought us boys should do as well.” I lean over M’s neck and whisper in her ear that Jerry is behind me and is wanking bornova escort bayan me. She turns her head and tells me that she knows because she can feel his hand between our bodies. I take my hand from her breast and put it behind me between Jerry and my body and feel for his cock. He sees what I am doing and moves so that his cock is in my hand. It is very hard and erect and is pressed against my buttocks and lower back. He starts to hump my hand as I squeeze him.Meanwhile, Clare has inserted another finger in M’s pussy and is fingering her fast as we watch the other two fucking. Chris is very loud and vocal and is urging Brian to fuck her harder and make her cum over and over. At this Brian speeds up his fucking and we can also hear him grunting as he pumps his cock into her pussy. Now that we are closer and as they are moving, we can see Brian’s cock pumping in and out of Chris’ pussy. As Jerry continues to wank me, I see M reach down with her hand to find Clare’s shaven pussy below the water. Clare turns slightly, spreads her legs and offers her pussy to M’s fingers. M can feel the swell of her lips. Clare’s clit is extended outside her lips and M traces her pussy lips with her finger. M can feel Clare’s wetness, slimy and slippery and penetrates her pussy with three fingers straight away. Clare moans loudly and presses herself to M’s body as she shudders under M’s onslaught. I can see Clare’s breast press hard against M’s breast. M looks across at Clare, who is looking back at M. M moves her face closer to Clare’s, who reaches up with hers and their lips connect in a soft gentle kiss. I see Clare open her mouth and her tongue touches M’s lips. M is insatiable now and abandons any nerves she had before and sucks Clare’s tongue into her mouth as they both continue to finger fuck each other. Brian watching this as he fucks Chris, hammers harder into her and taking one last, hard grip of her hips bellows as he slams his cock hard into her pussy, cumming inside Chris’ pussy. Chris, watching what is happening as well, feels Brian’s hard urgent thrust, and backs back onto him, cumming as she feels Brian’s spunk start to shoot into her, flooding her pussy with warm cum. Hearing Brian cumming and feeling my constant wanking motion and squeezing on his cock is too much for Jerry and he grunts as I feel his cock start to throb, his cum erupting between us, turning some of the water milky before flowing away. Clare, with M’s tongue deep inside her moth now starts to tremble as her orgasm arrives, M can feel her start to cum and the feel of Jerry wanking me between us and Clare’s fingers in her pussy is too much and M also start to cum, shouting out loud and moaning deeply as she cums over and over in a continuous orgasm. I feel and hear her start to cum and taking Jerry’s hand in mine, hold his hand tight against my cock and I stroke it twice and erupt in my own orgasm, pumping my cock into M’s arse crack as I cum. M moans again as she feels my hot cum against her back before the sea turns it cold. Fuck, we have been on the beach for less than an hour and have not only gone naked for the first time in public in front of strangers, but have had what can only be described as a gang-bang with four strangers. Damn, the weekend looks like it’s going to be fun.To be continued.

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