The Cap


“Nice cap!” she said as she finished the checkout of my groceries.

“Thanks. It was a gift from a friend.”

“Is it real leather?”

“Yeah. I think it’s hand made. Would you like to try it on?” I offered, then paused and added, “…Naked.”

She looked at me kind of funny and said, “Excuse me?”

I repeated, “Would you like to try on my hat… Naked?”

“I… Uh… It… We… Uh… You can’t be serious.” She blushed just a little.

“I’m deadly serious. You’d be a knockout wearing my hat. What’s your name? What time do you get off?”

“Uh… Ellie. I don’t think I can do that.”

“Do what… Be serious or get off?”

“No… Wear your hat… Like you said.”

“Sure you can. We’ll prove it. How old are you? What time do you get off?”

“Uh… 24… I… Uh… Have a boyfriend.”

“O.K., that’s good. I didn’t offer him to try it on. Is he going to pick you up? What time do you get off?”

“Well, no -“

I interrupted, “O.K. I’ll pick you up right outside the front doors. Then we can go to your place. Do you live alone? How old are you?”

“Twenty three. Uh… No. I live with my sister. She’s in college. But I have my own room. She’s not even home this weekend.”

Now we were getting somewhere. It usually didn’t take this long to convince them to try on my hat… Naked.

I admit that this was a cool hat. It was a newsboy or Gatsby type hat, definitely handmade with solid, brown leather bill and brim and a soft leather crown made of eight quarter panels and topped with a leather covered button. The bill had a small flower design that was hand tooled across the front. And it fit me perfectly.

My ex-girlfriend had given me the hat. One Friday night after I got home from work, she was standing in the middle of the living room with the hat on… Naked. Her legs were slightly spread and her hands were clasped behind her back. Her fantastic tits were pointing straight at me and she had this sexy smile.

“That’s a nice looking hat,” I said.

“If you fuck me all night, you can have it.”

Well, several months later she’s gone, but I have the hat.

“What time did you say you got off?” I pressed her.

“Uh… 9:30, but I don’t think I said.”

“O.K. 9:30. I’ll be out front and when I see you, I’ll honk. And one more thing…” I waited for a response.

“Yeah. What’s that?” she asked somewhat bewildered.

“Don’t be fucking late. Now get back to work, you’ve got people waiting.”

She turned and looked and there were three carts in line waiting to be checked out. She immediately assumed her best checkout girl persona and warmly greeted the next person in line. I picked up my groceries and left the store.


I was parked as close as I could get to the store at 9:30 and in two minutes I saw her and another girl come out the front doors. I honked twice and got their attention; they both walked toward my car.

My window was down and she could see I was watching them as they got closer.

“This is Cindy and she doesn’t think I should -“

“Hi, Cindy, I’m Dan,” I interrupted. “You look like you’re really a lot of fun. Do you have anywhere to go tonight? Get in the back. Ellie, come around and get in the front.”

Cindy said, “I don’t think Ellie should do this.”

“Cindy, do you like my hat? Ellie thinks it’s a nice cap.”

She looked at me, a little irritated that I had ignored her comment, and unsure what she should do next.

“Well, do you like my hat or not? Ellie, damnit! Come around and get in the front.”

“Cindy, you like my hat, don’t you?”

“Uh… Yeah, its O.K.”

“O.K.! Just O.K.?” I asked. Ellie was walking around the front of the car on her way to get in.

“Cindy!” I was getting impatient. “You’re wasting our fucking time! Get in the car. We’re just going over to Ellie’s place. Do it. C’mon, Ellie’s waiting for you.”

Both girls were wearing their store checker outfits – dark green short-sleeved dresses that looked as if they were a size too small, and that ended about four inches above the knee. A white bibbed apron was worn on top of the dress. It looped over the neck and had a narrow bib that conveniently fit between their tits then flared out and ended about six inches above the dress hem. The apron tied in back.

As Ellie got into the car her dress rose up to mid-thigh to reveal nice, smooth, well-proportioned legs. She was wearing some kind of canvas shoe with no socks. As she settled into the seat and leaned back, I was staring at her tits which were straining under the double restraint of the dress and apron.

She was looking at me and I finally was able to drag my eyes up to hers and smile.

“Ellie, you look great,” I complimented.

I turned my head back to look at Cindy who was still standing by the side of the car. I just stared at her with an evil stare.

“Oh, all right,” she conceded. “But I can’t stay all night and you gotta bring me back here to get my car.”

I said nothing and kept staring at her.

“Fuck!” kağıthane escort she said under her breath and got into the car.

I looked over to Ellie and said, “Ellie, take that apron off.”

She leaned up, untied it, pulled it off up over her head, and placed it on the seat.

“You are smokin’ hot. Fasten your seat belt and tell me where to go to get to your place.”

I moved the rear view mirror so I could see Cindy sitting in the back with her arms crossed below her tits. She had a mean look on her face.

“Cindy, lighten up. You can’t have a good time if you’re mad. Look on the seat next to you. There’s a couple of bottles of white wine in the bag. Open one and pass it up. Don’t worry, they have screw tops. Ellie didn’t tell me you were coming with, so I guess it’s a good thing I got two bottles. You can start in on the other one.”

Cindy started to fish around in the bag for the bottles.

“Cindy, lose the apron,” I called to the back. “And, girls, you’re off work now. Relax and loosen your uniforms a little. Ellie, let’s go.”

Ellie directed me out of the parking lot and onto a street leading away from the center of town. A couple of blocks down the street, Cindy handed a bottle to Ellie over the console and said, “Here, Ellie. This looks like pretty good stuff.” She still had her apron on.

Ellie took the bottle, looked at me, and asked, “Where’re the glasses?”

I grinned. “Ellie, for god’s sake. It’s fucking Friday night, you’re off work, and it’s time to party. Just drink right out of the damn bottle.”

She kind of grinned at me, said, “Right,” put her lips to the bottle and turned it up. After a healthy chug, she lowered the bottle with an “Ahhhhh… Not bad.”

I reached my hand out and she handed me the bottle.

I took it and said, “Thanks. Are we going the right way?” I took a drink and handed the bottle back. “Cindy, drink some wine.” I glanced in the mirror – she was drinking.

“Yeah, we’re O.K. Two more stop lights and then turn left.”

We continued some small talk and drinking on the way to Ellie’s apartment. Then I parked the car and said, “O.K., we’re here. Let’s go.”

The apartment complex had outside stairs and we followed Ellie around the end of a building and up the stairs to the third floor. She unlocked the door to 307, opened it, and walked in. I motioned for Cindy to go in and I followed her. We all left our shoes at the door.

Ellie had switched on the lights as she entered. The first room was a combination living room-dining room with an opening into the kitchen. Two bar stools were at the counter on the dining room side of the opening. The living room had a sofa with two end tables and an overstuffed chair at a right angle to the sofa. A flat screen TV was in the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf across from the sofa.

Ellie was in the kitchen and Cindy was standing in the middle of the living room looking around.

“Ellie!” I said. “Get some glasses down so we can have some more wine.”

Ellie got some drinking glasses from the cupboard. I went into the kitchen and poured three healthy glasses of wine.

“Let’s sit down,” I said. Cindy was in the chair and Ellie and I sat on the sofa.

“Are you nervous, Ellie?” I asked.

“A little.”

“Don’t be. We’re all friends here. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you like your job?”

She answered and I continued to ask her questions about herself and she began to relax as she told us about herself. I kept their wine glasses full. Pretty soon there was a break in the conversation and it was time.

“Ellie, take your panties off and give them to me.”

Cindy said, “Ellie…”

“Cindy, be quiet! It’s Ellie’s decision to wear my hat and she knows what she has to do. We’ll take it nice and slow.”

Ellie had squirmed a little on the sofa, but had made no move to remove her panties.

“Ellie, don’t fuck around. Give me your panties.” I was giving her no choice.

She stood up, reached up under her dress, and pulled her panties down past her thighs, over her knees, and down to her ankles. She lifted one foot out of them, then the other. She reached down, picked them up, and handed them to me. Then she sat back down on the sofa. I threw them down on the floor between the sofa and the chair.

She was really going to do it.

“That was good. Are you O.K.?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Good. Have some more wine.”

I looked over at Cindy. She had tucked one leg under the other and had a hard grip on the arms of the chair. I tried to relax her.

“Cindy, how old are you?”

“None of your fucking business!”

“You look about 22. Are you old enough to be here?” I ignored her comment.

“26… If you have to know.”

“How long have you worked at the store? Do you like your job?”

“Yeah, it’s O.K.”

“You are a pretty woman, you know. I bet you get lots of looks from guys at the store.”

She blushed a little and said, “Oh, not so much.”

I sarıyer escort turned back to Ellie. Her wine glass was half full.

“O.K., Ellie. You ready? Finish that wine and stand up.”

She gulped down the rest of the wine, set the glass on the end table, and, as she stood up, she tottered a little and giggled.

“O.K. Stand right here between us,” I said figuring I would have to walk her through this. She moved over so she was halfway between Cindy and me.

“Now, take off your dress.”

She looked at me, looked at Cindy, then looked back at me and began to unbutton her dress from the scoop neck down to the waist. After each button she would look up at me and I would just nod slightly. Then she would unbutton the next button.

Finally, her dress was unbuttoned and the top had splayed out around her tits that were captured in a white lace half-bra. She shook her shoulders, reached behind her, and pulled the dress down past her waist and hips and onto the floor. She stepped out of it with one foot and flipped it away with the other foot. She was standing there in front of us, naked except for her bra. She shifted and spread her legs apart slightly and I could see her cunt lips, puffy and glistening with moisture. She was shaved except for a small patch about an inch above her clit.

“Nice,” I remarked.

Cindy gulped and I looked over at her. She was staring at Ellie with big eyes and an open mouth. She had let go of the arms of the chair, had finally removed her apron, and was playing with the top button of her dress with one hand and rubbing her leg with the other. She looked over at me and swallowed hard. I could tell she was breathing harder.

I looked back at Ellie who was rubbing herself with both hands right above her pussy. She was rocking slightly from side to side and breathing harder, too. It was time.

“Ellie, do you want to wear my cap?”

She nodded and said “Uh, huh.”

“Well, then. You know what to do.”

She stopped rocking, reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, slid it off her arms, and let it drop to the floor. As she did, she let out a big breath and said “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…” Then she reached up and grabbed her tits, one in each hand, and began to rub and massage them now that they were released from their bondage.

She stood, naked in front of both of us and looked at me anxiously. She had held up her end of the bargain; now it was my turn.

I scooted forward on the sofa. “Ellie, come over here and squat down in front of me.”

She did that, spreading her legs widely as she squatted. Her puffy cunt lips were on full display. I glanced over at Cindy. She had unbuttoned her dress and had one hand down the front of her dress and the other hand under her dress between her legs.

Ellie bent her head forward. I took my hat off and put it on her head. She stood up, now not completely naked.

“Wow! You look great! Why don’t you go look in a mirror and see how you look?” I suggested. She left the room smiling with her tits swaying and her butt wiggling. I looked at Cindy. She was still playing with herself.

She looked back at me but didn’t stop what she was doing.

“Do you need some help?” I asked.

“No!” she said.

I thought, O.K. I would see how far this could go. “Cindy, give me your panties.”

She looked at me and paused, thinking about it, then shook her head.

“Cindy, take your panties off and give them to me,” I directed in a no nonsense manner.

This time she put both hands under her dress, lifted up off the chair, and slid her panties off. She handed them to me. She had a faraway stare, leaned back in the chair, and went back to playing with herself. Strike one.

I waited a bit, then said “Cindy, give me your bra.”

Again, she looked at me, paused, then finished unbuttoning her dress, pulled it off her shoulders and arms, reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, shook it down off her shoulders and arms, and handed it to me. Strike two.

Her tits were resplendent. Nice and full with hard nipples that she had been playing with. They stood straight out from her body as she sat on the edge of her chair.

I pushed her some more. “Play with yourself.”

She looked at me with that faraway look as her hands disappeared under the front of her dress in between her legs. She began to rock a little and moan as her hand movements became more and more pronounced. Her mouth was open to get more air and she would close and open her eyes.

Ellie wasn’t back yet and I figured I had to make my move while Cindy was alone with me. With Cindy watching me, I unbuckled and unbuttoned my jeans, and slid my pants and boxers down to my ankles. My cock, now hard and stiff, flopped out against my belly with a plopping sound. Cindy just stared at me.

“Cindy, you will do what I tell you to do. Nod if you understand.”

She was looking at my cock as she nodded her head.

“Cindy, take off your dress, get down on your sefaköy escort hands and knees, crawl over here, and suck my cock.”

Just as if she was hypnotized she stood up and pulled her dress down over her hips and stepped out of it. She was now naked. Strike three.

She slowly got down on her hands and knees and crawled over to me in between my legs. I had taken my pants and boxers off and only had my shirt and socks on. She rested her forearms on each side of me and leaned in toward my cock. Just as she stuck out her tongue to lick my cock from my balls to the tip, she looked up right into my eyes.

Then holding her gaze, she proceeded to lick, suck, tongue, and slobber like a real pro all over my eight inches. I was impressed as she began to deep throat me, gagging herself time after time, but finally relaxing her throat and burying her nose against my belly. She would hold it there for a while, back off, cough, and noisily take a breath, then go back down on my cock. And this from someone who didn’t think her friend should get naked just to try on a hat.

She stopped, got a breath, and began to lick my balls. I moved forward to the edge of the sofa to give her more access and she sucked each of my balls into her mouth, tonguing them like they were gold. She popped them out of her mouth and licked and kissed all around my cock from the bottom to the tip. She was just beginning to suck it again in earnest when Ellie came back into the room.

She stopped short when she saw Cindy between my legs sucking my cock.

“Ellie, you look real fine in that hat. Get down here and help Cindy suck my cock,” I said in no uncertain terms.

She did not hesitate and got down beside me and stuck her head right down in my crotch. Cindy came off my cock and for the next ten minutes they shared my cock with Cindy deep throating me and Ellie trying her best, but not completely succeeding. At one time each of my balls was in one of the girl’s mouths at the same time as they sucked and tongued them. Cindy would spit on my cock and Ellie would lick it off. Then Ellie would drop spit on the tip of my cock and Cindy would swallow my cock along with Ellie’s spit. Finally, we had to move on.

“O.K. I’m going to fuck both of you. Lean forward on the sofa – now.”

They sat up on their knees, Cindy wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and Ellie licked her lips. They looked at each other for a second and both moved over to lean over the front of the sofa with their butts in the air. It couldn’t have gotten any better.

I got off the sofa, took my shirt off, and got behind Ellie. I could see her cunt was wet and ready, so I pushed half of my cock into her cunt. She gasped and moaned and said “Oh, yeah! That feels good!” I fucked her with only the front half of my cock.

Then I pulled out to “Nooooo…” and moved over behind Cindy. Her legs were splayed apart as she waited to get fucked. I rubbed my cock against her cunt lips and could tell there would be no resistance. I pushed half of my cock into her cunt. “Uhhhhhh…” was all she said as she moved back trying to get more of my cock. I fucked her with just the front half of my cock.

I talked dirty to them. “You girls are really cock sluts disguised as store clerks wanting to fuck.” I had half my cock in Cindy’s cunt and two fingers in Ellie’s cunt. They both groaned and tried to get more of me in them. “You would probably like to suck every customer’s cock and lick every cunt that came through your check stand if you had the chance. You’d like it if everybody would pinch your tits. You probably go to work with dildos up your cunts.” They groaned and moved more. I switched girls, fucking Ellie and fingering Cindy. I decided it was time.

“Do you like this, Ellie?” I taunted.

“Ohhhh… Yeeeeeessss… Please…” she squealed.

“Then try this,” I said as I gave her all eight inches.

“Oh, fuck! Yes! Oh, god! Fuck! Yes! More! More!” she hollered into the sofa cushion.

I started fucking her full stroke, then, after a few minutes, reached around and found her clit, and rolled it between my fingers. She came hard, drenching my cock and bucking her butt up so hard that I almost came out and almost pulled my fingers out of Cindy’s cunt. Finally the bucking stopped, I pushed in all the way and held it there, then slowly pulled out.

“Fuck, that was soooooo goooooood!”

Still hard, I moved over to Cindy and replaced my fingers with my cock and began to fuck her hard with my full cock.

“Uhh… Uhh… Uhh… Uhh…” she groaned with each stroke. She was on her elbows on the sofa and I reached around to maul her tits. She groaned harder. I pinched them harder while pummeling her cunt. After a few minutes I reached down with one hand, felt her sloppy cunt, and rubbed her clit causing her to flinch and jerk. She was breathing hard with each thrust when I took my wet finger and pushed it into her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Shit! I’m coming! Fuck! I’m coming! Aaaaayyyyyyyiiiiiiieeeeee…” she yelled as spasms and jerks racked her against my cock. With my finger buried deep in her ass, I grunted and dumped my load deep in her cunt.

We settled down and I pulled out and sat on the carpet. Both girls turned around and sat down leaning back against the sofa. Each had a contented look on her face.

“I never thought trying a hat on would be so much fun,” said Ellie.

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