The Cave Ch. 1

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It’s Saturday. Finally! I have been looking forward to today since my boss asked me to take this trip. Okay, maybe he didn’t quite ask, but I would have requested to go anyway. It’s been years since I was back in the old hometown. Right around 19 years if my math is right.

The company I work for is in jeopardy of losing a major contract with one of our biggest accounts. Oddly enough this account is in my old hometown. Mr. Withers, my boss, figured maybe I could use the old hometown boy routine to our advantage. Who knows, maybe I even have a couple buddies there that could help.

So after almost two decades, I get to go back and visit. My plan was simple, Sunday I would look up some old friends, but today I had plans. Today, my plans are to explore that little known hole in the side of a mountain.

It was just a small little cave, at least as I remember it. It wasn’t far from my childhood home. Few locals even knew of it. The adults kept us kids away by telling us it was haunted. Silly now, but as a child, it was enough to keep us out of that spooky little hole.

I tossed a small backpack with a six-pack of beer, a pint of Kentucky’s finest, flashlight and my digital camera into my rental car. As I got closer to the mountain it struck me how out of place this mountain looked. It’s a good forty miles from the mountain range it belongs to. I found a parking spot, grabbed my stuff and set off hiking up the side. After a little more than an hour of searching in the hot August sun, I found what I was looking for.

The opening to this cave was never very large and with nearly two decades of growth it was really hidden. I got down on my hands and knees an shined my flashlight in before I proceeded. I sure didn’t want to upset a family of badgers or wild bores. Figuring everything was safe, I crawled through the little opening.

After about five feet of crawling on my hands and knees the cave finally started to open up enough for me to stand up. With my flashlight I started to explore. Not far in I was amazed at how quiet and peaceful it was. I opened my first beer and headed deeper into the cave.

After a few minutes of exploring I faintly heard what I would swear was moan. The old tales of the haunted cave flooded my mind. I froze and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I listened intently but heard nothing but my heart pounding. After a minute I convinced myself it was only my imagination and I continued.

I had only walked canlı bahis another twenty steps at the most when I heard it again, only louder this time. Convinced I wasn’t hearing things and not willing to accept that the place had a ghost, my curiosity peaked. I turned off my flashlight and waited a couple moments for my eyes to adjust. Deeper in the cave I could see a light. I walked cautiously towards the light, while leaving my flashlight off. The moans and groans became louder, and I could soon tell they were coming from a female. Hearing a woman moaning in pleasure always gets me going. Hearing it in such a odd place had me instantly hard.

As I approached the source of the light and increasingly sexy moans, I was very careful not to interrupt. As I peeked around the corner my eyes beheld the largest room so far in the cave. Off to the side was brunette lying down, naked. She had one hand between her legs obviously fingering herself. Her other hand was holding one of her ample breasts and pinching her nipple. She continued to pleasure herself, moaning and gasping, completely unaware that she now had an audience.

A small scream escaped her lips as her orgasm over took her. The movement of her hand and fingers slowed, she was obviously going to string this out for a while. I wanted to get comfortable and also become less conspicuous so I went to sit. What a damn time for my knee to pop. The sound in the quietness of the cave was enough to startle miss happy fingers. Her eyes shot open and she quickly spotted me. Frightened she tried to cover herself.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude.” I said. “I was just exploring, when I heard you, you sounded so sexy…. I just couldn’t help myself.” stammering right along. “Please, don’t let me bother you, I’ll leave.”

She quickly figured out that I wasn’t a threat. All my stumbling over myself must have amused her.

She giggled and said, “Here I am naked, caught with my hand in the ‘cookie jar’ and you seem to be more embarrassed than me.” Spotting the beer still in my hand she said, “Do you have another? Cumming always makes me thirsty.”

I pulled a bottle of beer out of my backpack, opened it and handed it to her. “Hi my name is Brad.”

“I guess with what you just saw, there’s not much sense in covering up.” she said accepting the beer, “Thanks. I’m Jill. You know this has been my hide-a-way for the last few years and this is the first time anyone caught me.”

“Well I can assure you bahis siteleri it was my pleasure.”

“I can see that.” she said staring at the bulge of my hard cock and winking. “And it looks like one of us is either over dressed or under dressed. Should I put my cloths on?”

Not wanting to see her cover up I quickly started to strip.

I put on a little show. I’m kind of shy so it wasn’t much but I could see the possibilities in the situation. When I pulled my briefs off I had my back to her. Turning around she saw my hard eight inches and shaved balls. A low moan of approval came from her full lips.

“Nice cock. And you brought beer. I’m glad you found my little play den.”

“Me too. Don’t you find it a bit cool in here?”

“Well why don’t you come over here. I’m sure we can find a way to keep you warm.” said Jill.

I got up to move closer. As I got to her she leaned over and took my cock into her hot mouth. She started to give me the most incredible blowjob I ever had. This was a totally mind blowing experience. Here is a pretty girl who I have never seen with cloths on and the first time we touch, is my cock in her mouth. This sudden realization along with Jill’s hot wet mouth and very talented tongue brought me to the edge.

Sensing my approaching orgasm, she let me slip from her lips. “My, we are excited, aren’t we?”

“I’m sorry Jill. It’s just that I don’t often find a pretty and horny naked girl. The whole thing is pretty damn erotic to me.” I said, hoping I didn’t blow my chance.

“Well I was pretty worked up when you found me. Brad, I’m a negotiator, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll suck you off and swallow your load, then you eat my pussy. You do eat pussy don’t you Brad?”

“I love a good tasty cunt.”

“Good. But since you interrupted me, I think you owe me a few extra orgasms. And then we’ll see what else you’re up to exploring.” she said with a wink and a grin. Stroking my throbbing shaft she said, “Is it a deal?”

“YES” I replied. Almost shouted actually.

And with that she went back to gobbling my meat. Damn this woman could sure give great head, She took my breath away. I did everything I could to hold back, while she did everything she could to bring me over. She licked the underside of my shaft and right under my cock head where I am the most sensitive. But when she put he hands on my ass and pulled me close deep throating me, I just lost it. I yelled out as jet after jet shot down her throat. She bahis şirketleri pulled me part way out catching the last couple of shots in her mouth.

Thankfully I had my hands on her head. It was the only thing that kept me from falling when I came as my knees buckled.

Letting my satisfied cock slip from her lips she grinned and said, “Your turn to live up to your end of the deal.”

“My pleasure lovely lady.”

She laid back and I crouched between her fine legs. I started by softly kissing her knees and slowly working my way to her inner thighs. I could smell the wonderful woman scent coming from her honey pot. I took my nose and slid it up her slit bumping her clit. My tongue followed my tongue up between the folds and swirled around her pleasure button. Jill ached her back and screamed out as the first wave crashed over her. I grabbed her thighs and shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her tight cunt. Licking up her juices and fucking her with my tongue. I kept at her until she had cum at least 4 more times good and strong.

“Well Jill, did I uphold my end to your satisfaction?”

“Oh Yes. You did wonderful. Let’s have another beer while I catch my breath then I want to fuck.”

After sharing a beer with her, I reached between her legs and slipped a finger into her. She was so wet and hot I immediately became hard. “Please get on your hands and knee’s, I want to fuck you so bad.”

“Yes, fuck me from behind good and hard.”

I positioned myself behind her, and even though she was so very wet, it took me a minute to slip all the way in because she was so tight. Once balls deep, we started a nice rhythm together and soon we were fucking each other hard. I was grunting and she was groaning. I remembered how she was pinching her nipples when I discovered her. Figuring she liked it a little rough I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard. That brought a scream of pleasure from her as her cunt pulsed around my cock as she came.

“Spank me Brad. Spank my ass.” She yelled.

I spanked her with my right hand and continued to pull her hair with the other. She was cumming over and over when I finally felt my balls tighten. It was such a wonderful fuck and she was so tight I could feel my cum race up my cock and shoot deep in her.

I collapsed on her back.

We were both breathing hard when we separated. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a couple more beers. We relaxed and caught our breath a second time while sharing a beer. What a wonderful day this has been, and we weren’t finished yet.

This is my first real attempt at writing as you can probably tell. I have more to my little tale, and hope to write it soon.

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