The Chair


I hear you pull into my drive way, I have been waiting for you to arrive for so long and am by the door in an instant. I open it before you have chance to knock and pull you into the hall way. I need you so badly I cannot wait. I push you against the wall and bend my head down to kiss you. You pretend to be shy and turn away. I grab a handfull of your thick, beautiful hair and pull your head back to meet my kiss. You moan gently and almost collapse into me, giving up any pretence of fighting me off.

Time stops and the world shrinks to just the two of us, locked in our embrace. I can feel your body heat through our clothes and have no doubt that you can feel mine. My free hand finds the gap between your blouse and your skirt and I trace my fingers lightly across your back skin. You shiver slightly as I touch you but offer no resistance, instead you wrap your arms around my neck and hold me tight. I let go of your hair and hold you by your waist with both hands, I lift you and you grip me with your thighs, wrapping your legs around me. I move one hand under your amazing arse to steady you, the other around your back to hold you and carry you to my living room.

I sit you on the sofa and kneel in front of you, between your legs. We study each other’s faces as you hold me wrists gently. My hands trace your thighs, just exploring under the hem of your skirt. You squirm but make no attempt to push me away. Your eyes are wide open, watching me as I test your boundaries, I am sure you are guiding me as my hands wander further up. Again I feel the slightest of pressure as you steer me to where you need my touch.

My finger tips explore the curve of your hips as my thumbs brush against the thin fabric of your underwear. I feel you stiffen as they trace the outline your shaven mons and I pause for a second, wondering if I have gone too far, too fast?

My fears are soon dispelled when you place your feet flat on the floor and push up a little, raising your self off the sofa. Your hands grip me tighter and urge me on as you make it easier for me to remove your knickers. I pull them down your magnificent legs and catch you watching me intently.

Your küçükçekmece escort shaven pussy looks amazing and I am fighting the urge just to pin you down and fuck you there and then. I hook your legs over my arms and hold your waist again, then bend down to taste you. You moan as my mouth encompasses your sex and its your turn to grab my hair. I hold you to me as I trace your labia with my tongue, then start to tease you relentlessly. Your breath quickens as I suck forcefully on your clitoris, I cannot believe that I am getting to taste you at last.

I bring my right hand down and begin to explore your delicate yoni with my finger tips. I can feel you building to climax as I continue my assault. I slip my hand under your bottom and slowly penetrate you with my thumb. I thrill to the sensation of feeling you clamp down on me as you cum, losing myself in the taste of your love.

Eventually you push me away. ‘We have to unload the car’ you whisper to me, ‘and besides, Im starving!’

We eat, make silly, awkward small talk and have a drink. then I take your bags upstairs for you, I can hear you behind me following me up. I show you around and then take your bags into the bedroom. I can see you weighing the room up and your eyes are drawn to the Victorian winged chair in the corner. ‘Its a family heirloom’ I explain.

You steer me towards it and have me sit down.

You place your bag on the floor next to me, then whisper ‘Now its my turn’. You pull my shirt over my head then loosen my belt. Your hands feel like they are burning my skin I raise my self up and, just like you did, make it easier for you to remove my clothes.

You kneel between my legs and I stiffen immediately. You make no pretence of teasing me and take me into your mouth immediately. You stroke my cock and balls while teasing my knob with your tongue and lips. Your touch makes me shiver with lust. It seems like you work me for ages, leaving me swollen and begging for further attention.

You stand and lean forward towards me, kissing me hard and deep, letting me taste my juices şişli escort in your mouth. You push my legs together and turning to face away, straddle me. I hold your hips, you reach down and guide my cock to where you need it. You stroke the tip of my cock across your still naked pussy and tease your clit with my end. You look over your shoulder and tell me what you want.

I gasp as you start to lower yourself very slowly onto my member, your pussy slowly giving itself up to me. You raise your self for a moment, then resume your assault until eventually you are totally impaled.

You lean back against me, your back on my chest, and sigh contentedly. I reach around and start to unbutton your blouse, then start to massage your beautiful breasts. You lean forward for a second, so I can undo your bra, then lean back.

I whisper in your ear and tell you to look across the room. There, facing us, is my full length mirror. We can see my cock buried inside your pussy and my hands cupping your breasts. You know I love to watch and start to slowly rub your clit while our eyes meet in the mirror.

I am so close to loosing my cool, all I want to do is hold your hips and bounce you up and down on my cock for all I am worth, but some how I keep control. You can feel this and it drives you on, you keep playing with yourself and spread yourself wide to give us both a better view.

I pinch your nipples between my fingers and you cry out, momentarily in pain and then in lust. I can feel you building to your climax again, your breath is getting more ragged and your fingertips are moving faster. Our eyes meet again and this is your trigger. You cum violently, your body shaking as I hold you tightly again.

Eventually we regain our senses and start to giggle at the sight in the mirror.

‘Isn’t about time I let you cum’ you ask?

‘I would struggle to argue that point’ I laughed.

You bend forward and release me from your tight pussy for a moment, whilst collecting something from your bag.

‘Don’t fight this, just enjoy it’ you whisper and raise yourself up again to take şirinevler escort me. For a second I cannot work out what is happening, then it dawns on me, your are not aiming my cock at your pussy. You position my rock hard tool against your bum and gradually increase the pressure.

You are relishing the feeling of surrender as your bottom allows my cock entry a tiny bit at a time. Gradually you work me and ease me inside. Every time I slide a little deeper inside you increases the burning desire building inside me. I fight the urge to force you down my length and impale your tight arse with my cock. You lean against me, my chest supporting your back. I find that I can now kiss your neck, and as you relax again with a sigh, I finally slide all the way in.

Your muscles grip me as I throb and we both pause for breath. I can barely guess what will happen next. You draw your legs up and put your feet on the arms of the chair, then start rubbing yourself slowly, teasing us both and preparing for the next stage in your plan.

I realise that you have a toy in your hand, a glass dildo which you must have had in your bag. You start to slide it across your pussy lips while I kneed and massage your beautiful breasts. I start kissing you up and down your neck and whispering dirty to you. You can take it no longer and, after a deep breath, plunge the toy deep inside your pussy.

The sensation catches us both by surprise, I can feel the ridges and swirls of the toy right up against me, through you. You moan in pleasure, your pussy gripping the toy, your bottom squeezing me, me squeezing your boobs. You can hardly contain your lust and frantically work the glass member in and out of your hungry sex. I can feel the ridges through you, giving as much pleasure to me as it does you.

We are both approaching climax, every muscle in my body tightens as you shake in pure pleasure, the love toy you are frantically working is wanking us both to a frenzy. I grab a handful of your hair and shout my climax. I explode deep inside your bum, filling you with cum while you shake in ecstasy. You collapse back onto me, we are both slipping into a blissful sexual exhaustion, shocked by the intensity of our orgasms.

Eventually we separate for a moment and crawl into my welcoming bed to hold each other close and discuss in awed whispers the beautiful thing we had just shared. How on earth will we beat that we wonder?

‘Well, two toys would leave your mouth free’ I suggest with a wicked smile…….

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