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Subject: The Chandlers – Chapter five The Chandlers Chapter Five Gerald and Franklin Gerry was born five minutes earlier than Frank, and Gerry never let his `younger’ brother forget it. He loved to remind Frank that he was the baby of the family. Brothers usually love each other more than they love their friends. Twins may even love each other beyond ordinary brotherly love, but what these twins had between them was truly abnormal, in a good way. Either one would gladly submit to torture and death for the other. They looked to their older siblings for love and guidance. They even loved the older boys strongly, but nothing compared to the way they loved each other. It just so happens that the twins had the smallest bedroom in the house. When they grew out of their cribs, the room would not take twin beds comfortably, so they slept in a standard size double bed. Like two of their older brothers, their father and their uncle, they were homosexual. It was no problem for them to sleep together. Bull sessions between the five brothers usually occurred at night in Junior’s room. It was there that the twins learned about masturbation when they were eleven years old. The three older boys even demonstrated via a circle jerk. Gerry and Frank were mesmerized. When they went to bed that night, Gerry suggested that they remove their underwear, and sleep naked so they could practice masturbating. They always slept nude after that. After two or three times of jerking off, Gerry, who was `older’, and who always took the lead, suggested they do it to each other to see if it felt different. Oh boy! Did it ever feel different? After that, they always did the other. When Harry told his brothers that Ellie Armstrong had jerked him off, only the twins knew how good it was for him. Junior and George were always whining about their lack of sex. Gerry wanted to advise them to do each other, but he wisely held his tongue. They might ask questions, and he wasn’t ready to let his brothers in on his and Frank’s glorious secret. As they got a little older, they didn’t need mentoring from their older bothers, who weren’t getting much for themselves anyway. Without anybody telling them anything, the twins began to explore the possibilities of what one lover could do for another. They actually discovered and practiced anal sex for a full year before they learned about oral sex. By the time they were fourteen, they had perfected their love making to proceed from fondling and kissing, to oral, and finally to climaxing with anal sex. They could have instructed their older brothers in the art of making love, but when George met his geometry teacher, he could have taught the twins a thing or two. He wanted to do just that, but the twins never admitted that they were lovers, and George was very closed mouth about his much older lover. At OSU, Junior was majoring in accounting, George was pre-law, and Harry was pre-med. John was delighted when the twins told him that they wanted to major in pharmacy. They were the last two at home and they were the ones who now worked after school in the store. The only time the five brothers were together now was at school breaks. The twins missed their escort brothers desperately, and spent a lot of money on long distance telephone calls. For one year and one year only, they would all be together again at OSU. They all needed each other’s love and support because they rarely heard from their mother in Minneapolis. She sent each one a small check and a brief note at Christmas time. John never heard from her, and he decided that it was for the best. As for her twin brother, Ron, with whom she had shared a childhood, and with whom she had been so close, she never wrote or called him once after she ran off. As far as everyone knew, she still had no knowledge of her brother’s relationship with her ex-husband, so that wasn’t the reason for her lack of contact. Ron believed that it was her shame that kept her from staying in touch with John and him. It was an ironic twist of fate that of the three older boys, George was the only one getting lots of sex when he lived at home. He and David hopped into bed whenever they could. Fear and restraint kept Junior and Harry celibate against their wishes. Once they got to college, Junior and Harry had no trouble kissing their virginity goodbye. It was George who had to do a lot of jerking off to remain sane. He and David had sworn to be true to each other. Shortly before their high school graduation, the twins asked Ron and John for a conference in the living room. When the four of them were gathered together, Gerry started, “I’ll be blunt. It’s no secret around this house, that Frank and I are queers, but we want you to know, before our brothers come home for the summer, that we are also lovers. We know it’s supposed to be wrong, a terrible sin, but we love each other. How can that be a sin?” “Gay,” Ron said. “What?” the twins asked in unison. The word that is gaining favor to refer to a homosexual is `gay.’ Try to remember that word as a substitute for `queer’ and all those other terrible expressions.” “Okay, but is that all you have to say about what we just told you?” John stood up and put his arm around Gerry’s shoulder. “Relax,” he said. “Junior told us about you boys when he was sixteen. All your brothers know, and Ron and I know also.” “Shit,” Frank said. “We were hoping to shock you out of your long johns, and everyone knew. You can’t keep a damn secret in this house.” “Yes, you’re right about that,” Ron said, “and say thank God that we are the kind of family that doesn’t keep secrets. You can’t be open and honest like this unless everyone in the family loves each other unconditionally.” Ron took out his wallet and gave the boys a few dollars. “Go see a good movie and get out of the house,” he said. “Your dad and I have some plans.” “I’d rather watch you two make love than go to a movie,” Frank laughed. “OUT!” Ron and John yelled at them. When the twins first learned to masturbate at a fairly early age, thanks to their older brothers, they passed their knowledge on to some of their young friends at school. This gave rise to a small group of six young boys who participated in circle jerks. They established that there would be two winners a session, one for the first to cum and the second for who shot the farthest. It izmit escort bayan was from this core group that Gerry, who was very astute, identified the boys who were along for the ride, and those who were queer like he and Frank were. He concluded that there were two more queer boys in the group. Eventually, the heterosexual boys dropped out, and the close knit homosexual cabal consisted of the twins, Barney Hagen, and Cory Cochran. The four boys graduated from jerking off to having sex. The twins enjoyed sex with their friends, but in bed at night, they didn’t have sex, they made passionate love to each other. Unlike Junior and Harry, they had more sex during high school days than they could handle, what with their busy school and work schedules. They suspected that David Simms, the high school math teacher was their brother George’s lover, and as fate would have it, they ended up in one of his classes. They would flirt with him unmercifully until finally he took them aside for a `talk’. “You know about me and George, don’t you?” he asked bluntly. “No, we only suspected, but thanks for confirming,” Frank said. “Great! Now will you give me some peace in class, please?” “Absolutely,” Gerry said. “In case George hasn’t invited you, we expect you for Thanksgiving dinner next week.” “Thanks. George has invited me, and we are going to come out to your father now that George is over eighteen.” “Gee, that’s swell,” Gerry said. “That’s really good news.” “And Mr. Simms,” Frank added, “welcome to the family. You’ll love us. We’re all a little crazy.” “Well, if not crazy, let’s just say unusual.” A few days before Thanksgiving break, Junior called John. “I’m sort of seeing someone, Dad,” he said. “He and I are beginning to mean more to each other than the others I’ve been with. He’s going home for Christmas. May I bring him home for Thanksgiving, Dad?” “Of course, you can, Son. That’s great news by the way. Do you have any more surprises?” “Well, maybe. Here’s Harry, Dad. He wants to speak to you.” “Hi Pop,” Harry said. “There’s no good way to say this so I’ll just say it bluntly. I’m seeing this girl, and I haven’t told her about all of you. I have to try to find out how she would take it before I say anything. She wants me to go home with her for Thanksgiving, and I said yes. I know it will be the first time ever, we won’t all be together. I’m really sorry, Dad.” “Nonsense. This was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve been waiting for the day. Funny, I thought it would be George, and his not so secret lover. Thank God I have Ron, Junior has this new friend, who he’s invited to dinner, the twins have each other, and you have this young lady. You’ll all be making families of your own soon enough. What’s your girl friend’s name and where does she live?” “Jane,” Harry said simply. “Cleveland.” The twins added their own surprise a day later. “Dad, Cory Cochran’s parents are going to Florida for Thanksgiving. Mrs. Cochran’s sister lives in Miami. Cory really doesn’t want to go. He said that if he could stay here, he could get out of it. He could stay in our room, Dad. He said he’d bring a sleeping bag.” “Sure, why not? The more izmit sınırsız escort the merrier. But you better give him a head’s up on the sleeping arrangements around here. I have a feeling that Dave will finally sleep over in George’s room, since Harry won’t be around.” “Yeah, I know George and Dave will sleep together,” Gerry smiled. “You can relax, Dad. Cory is gay, (he used the new vernacular) and he knows all about our family. He wishes he was part of it. He’s been afraid to tell his parents. Maybe you can talk to him. He needs all the support we can give him.” “Sure!” Cory moved in on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. He brought a sleeping bag with him, but he and the twins managed to squeeze onto the standard double size bed. The first night there, they flipped a coin for who would be in the middle. It was a waste of a toss. By the end of the weekend, each one had his chance in the middle. Dave came over Wednesday after school. He placed his overnight bag in the hallway. Where should I put it?” he asked John politely. “Let’s cut out the coyness. Put it in George’s room.” John laughed, and gave Dave a hug and a kiss on his cheek. “You two have been the worst kept secret I’ve ever tried to figure out. Ice skating, indeed!” George, Junior, and his friend arrived about an hour later. They came in Junior’s car. Junior introduced everybody to Carson Delong, his `friend’. Carson and Junior fit like a pair of gloves. Both were 6’2″ tall, blond hair, blue eyes, bodies like jocks, and devastating smiles. George embraced Dave and they disappeared into George’s room, while Junior got Carson settled in his room. Later, when the family was all gathered in the living room, Junior explained that Carson lived in Toledo, and it was too long a trip for him to make for just a weekend. He chose to remain at the university, but planned to go home for Christmas. One of Ron’s many talents was cooking. He had taken over the job for the household when Hope left. His Thanksgiving dinner was a feast for kings, but the men only had one idea on the brain, and that was getting to their respective bedrooms to make love. That night, sounds of love making could be heard coming through the doors of each bedroom. The noises fueled the juices of everyone in the house. On Friday, the family sat around in the living room and the twins kept picking Junior, Carson, and George’s brains about what to expect when they got to OSU in the fall. “They have hall monitors in the dorms,” George said. “Yes, and they make sure that there is no sex going on in the rooms, so you two have a big problem.” Junior added. “Bull crap,” Gerry said. “You’re putting us on.” “You’ll also have to get used to calling me John. I’m not Junior at school.” “I think we should start calling you John at home also,” John, Sr. said. The room was filled with warmth and family love. “I miss Harry,” George said, “but I have a much more interesting room mate this weekend. He puts out.” Everybody laughed. “I miss Harry, too,” Junior said, “even if he is the queer one here. I’m just not happy that he hasn’t got the courage to tell his girl friend that all his family is gay. If she’s the right girl for him, she won’t give a damn.” There was a knock on the door, and Ron went to answer it. There stood Harry grinning from ear to ear. Holding his arm and smiling was the most beautiful girl John, Sr. had seen since he first laid his eyes on Hope. To be continued……

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