The Chauhans’ Special Day Ch. 05

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I got up early the next day, before the roosters had begun their songs. No one was about but the front door was open and the porch light was on. Puzzled, I made my way to the garden. I had to squint in the semi darkness to make out figures lying about in small clusters.

The compound was gated and the high walls all around made the garden and outlying areas private and invisible for miles around. There were no tall buildings in the vicinity for any would be voyeurs. Even so, all the action was taking place in the garden was happening very close to the high, glass topped walls.

Tauji and Anjali were having a tender father daughter moment, entangled in the missionary position and going about it at a very slow and deliberate pace. She had her arms clasped around his back, eyes closed and face contorted with pleasure. Just a few metres away, there was Debdutta bhaiyya with his head between Sarmistha buaji’s legs. Buaji was clearly enjoying the attention and their moves looked smooth and practised. My father was with dadiji, another moment of tender love between a mother and her son. She had him in her mouth as he lay back against the cold cement of the walls.

Farther away from them was my mother. To my disappointment, she was on her knees in front of Dadaji with his penis in her mouth. By his expressions, I could see that he was having a good time. He stood tall, keeping his large hands firmly on her head. By his side Sulochana taiji held him in a tight embrace.

Dadaji removed one hand and began pushing Sulochana taiji down onto the grass besides him. It was clear that he wanted another mouth servicing him. Sulochana taiji squatted down besides my kneeling mother. She caught my eye and smiled and waved.

“Pitaji,”she addressed her father in law, “Brajesh is there all alone. Shall I go see to him?”

Dadaji nodded and gave her a slap on her buttock as she walked towards me.

“Hey, illegal bahis you are here all alone. A very good morning to you!”

I returned her greeting.

“Do you want to come and join in the celebrations?” she asked.

I was distracted. I was looking at Dadaji now. He was thrusting his penis into mother’s mouth now and she was barely able to stop from gagging. His hands were back on her head and a thin stream of saliva drooled from her mouth.

She looked down and brushed her hand against my erection. “Looks like you are enjoying what you are seeing.” She smiled as she saw where my gaze was directed.

I must have had conflicted emotions on my face in response to her question.

“Oh, Brajesh. Are you jealous? Of Dadaji taking your mom?”

I swallowed as I watched them switch positions. She was on top now and enthusiastically impaling herself on his hardness. It seemed to me that she purposefully kept her head turned to the side, avoiding my longing gaze. Dadaji was mauling her breasts, and meeting her down thrusts with his potent up thrusts.

I looked away. Sulochana taiji touched my shoulder.

She said, “Look over there where my husband is. He tied a mangalsutra around my neck twenty years ago. Now see how he is enjoying with Anjali. We are both having our fill and our union is stronger for it. Dadaji is the head of the family so we have to respect his choices. He likes your mother a lot. She in turns respects and loves him.”

I nodded and looked away.

“Hey, hey,” she said, wrapping her hands around my shoulder and pulling me close. “Did Tauji stop you when I took you in my mouth, Brajesh? No, right? We are all a family. You are a big boy now. I know you love your mother but you should have a large heart.”

I drew closer to her and her breasts pressed against my chest. She hugged me, her hands roaming all over my back and down to my butt. She ran illegal bahis siteleri her fingers lightly all over it and was rewarded with my penis twitching against her belly.

“You want to get away from here? We can go to your room where we will be more comfortable,” she whispered conspiratorially.

I nodded and she led me inside and up the stairs to my room. She shut the door but didn’t lock it. I was too turned on to notice. She noticed the precum that had pooled at the tip of my erection and flashed me a naughty smile. She climbed on the bed and sat back on her knees. I leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips. She responded by pushing her tongue in through my lips and exploring all around my mouth. Her hand stroked the hairs on the chest, finding a course downwards until she reached my tumescence.

A jolt ran through my body and I moaned into her mouth. She broke of the kiss and withdrew her hand.

“Do you feel like cumming, beta?” she asked.

I was frustrated at my inability to last longer for her. The truth was that if she decided to suck me, I would last for barely a second. I nodded in despair.

“Don’t worry, Brajesh. You come as much as you want whenever you want. This is just the beginning for you and it’s natural for young men like you to cum quickly. The more we practise, the longer you will last. It’s a journey, beta. There is no rush. Enjoy it.”

She held my hands in hers and smiled.

“In fact, I want to see you cum as hard as you can,” she said.

I was but a sexual novice but I felt secure with Taiji. She was after all my favourite relative. She lovingly moved her hands all over my chest and back; from there she caressed the front and back of her thighs, not perfunctorily, but rather with a sense of deep affection. She took her time kneading my buttocks, bringing forth strange sensations in my loins.

Her fingers explored my privates canlı bahis siteleri thoroughly. She ran a finger over the underside of my shaft down to its root and back up again. I moaned helplessly. She ran her fingers through my thick pubes, pulling them just the right amount. She brushed the back of her hand against the hair on my balls. Her hands found her way to my waist and belly and my back. The precum was continuously flowing out of my manhood. She interrupted her caresses to collect the thread of sticky fluid with her fingers and put it in her mouth.

“You taste so good, beta,” she said.

Enthused, I leaned forward and went for her breasts. She fed me her brown, perky nipples. I sucked on it rather clumsily, drooling all over her precious mounds. When I was done, it was all sticky with saliva.

She responded by fondling my testicles and sneakily scratching my taint with an exploratory finger. I moaned. She continued her ministrations and her fingers reached the edge of my asshole. She felt the catch in my breathing.

Her hand moved to my shaft and she bent down and spat out a lot of saliva on her penis and then began moving her hand up and down in a deliberate, slow speed. My orgasm began to rise up. I leaned forward and she nuzzled my head on her shoulder, all the while stroking me.

When I finally came, I made a series of indecipherable noises, a cross between a scream and a grunt and when I was finally empty, I was a shaking mess with Taiji supporting me as I took deep breaths. As my vision cleared, I saw my semen splayed out all over her forearm with some dribbling out onto her belly and thighs.

“Are you finished, Sulochana?”

I sat up. My mother was watching us from the doorway, a bit of Dadaji’s cum still stuck to her chin. Instinctively my hands flew to cover my shrinking appendage. Taiji began licking away my semen from her hands.

“Give me five minutes,”Taiji said.

Mother left us and closed the door behind her.

Taiji looked at me. “We are going for a short trip Brajesh. Go to your room and get ready.”

“The whole family?” I asked.

“Just your mother, you and me.”

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