The Cherry Poppers Ch. 20


Jason woke on Tuesday with some mild satisfaction. He had come back from his dinner out with Jillian and gone right to work on his studies. He worked nonstop until eleven and accomplished a lot. A few more nights of this level of studying and he felt he would do well on exams. He had never missed a class and took good notes, so most things were coming back to him quickly.

He arrived a little early for his science class to see Kira and Tessa beforehand, but still wasn’t sure what he was going to tell them. He brought the tickets with him to give to them but really wanted to go too. He thought about getting two more tickets and seeing if Beth wanted to go with the two girls, but decided that was probably not a good idea. Still racking his brain for a solution, he spotted Kira and Tessa waiting for him outside the classroom.

“Hey, you two,” Jason said approaching.

“Hi, Jason,” they responded in sync.

Kira looked great with her long blonde hair nicely brushed and halfway down her back. Tessa looked good too and a quick glance at her breasts reminded him of those incredible cone shaped orbs. ‘Good god, he was a lucky guy, like Chad said, to have so many attractive ladies to fuck,’ he realized. He was even turning down offers, like with Jillian. He smiled at what Chad would say if he knew Jason was turning down sex.

“You look to be in a good mood,” Kira remarked.

“Just looking good,” Tessa added with a cute little smile and slightly lecherous smirk.

She sure was less timid around him these days. ‘I guess knowing someone intimately has that affect,’ Jason mused.

“Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good, if I can just get a few more good days of studying for finals in like I did last night,” Jason intoned, suddenly a bit more serious.

“Definitely,” Kira agreed. “We studied last night too, when we weren’t talking about Friday with you, that is.”

“Well, girls, I need to discuss that with you. I have two tickets and we can get more. But, I have a planned date for Friday already. I’d really like to go to the game with you guys though.”

“Oh, geez,” Tessa lamented.

“Darn, Jason! We were so looking forward to going with you again,” Kira fretted.

As Jason glanced between their concerned faces, he wished for a solution. Did he dare ask Beth to go? No, that wouldn’t work. Besides, he was sure these two hotties were thinking about more than just the game. They were thinking another round of incredible Ménage-a-trios afterwards. ‘Good god, how could he possibly miss out on that,’ he contemplated, despite the alternative was also sex with fabulous Beth. The gorgeous redhead, that loved him, and he wanted to be with too. She was his supposed girlfriend.

“Here … you guys take these tickets. At least you’ll be able to go if we can’t figure anything else out.”

“But, we have no way to get there. Tessa and I don’t have a car.”

Jason realized she was right. That was a problem for them too. Maybe asking Beth to go was the only real answer. He needed to think more about it. The bell sounded and they agreed to talk more on Thursday before the next class.

He was sitting with Tessa and Kira in science class now. At the conclusion of the class and before goodbyes, Jason thanked them for looking after Jillian. They said it was nothing and they did like her.

Jason had a few minutes before his next class which wasn’t far from the science class, so he walked outside the building to use his cell to call Stephanie. He owed her another return call.

“Hey, Jason,” Stephanie said, answering on the third ring.

“Hi, Stef. How you doing? How’s Pam too?”

“We’re both fine but missing you. What are you doing later?”

“Studying and I really have to. I’m way behind lately.”

“Dare! Pam and I wanted to make you happy,” Stephanie explained with a giggle.

“I’d love to but I promised myself I would knuckle down this week before finals.”

“Okay, but we miss you. Also, we have lined up your next conquests.”

“You have? Who are they?”

“Brooke and Marnie. They’re not roommates but you can use our room.”

“How did you arrange this? They just want me to have sex with them?”

“Well, not like that exactly.”

“Are they okay?”

“What do you mean?” Stephanie said jokingly. “They have pussies and they’re virgins. What more do you care about?”

“You know. Are they okay? I mean, are they attractive and not blimps?”

“Getting picky?” Stef mused.

“No, just high standards like Pam and you.”

“Touché, Jason. Okay, they’re not Pam and I but they’re not bad either.”

“Like Tiffany and Susan?”

“Yeah, like that. Brooke, you might like better. She has great tits. Not as good as mine, but nice.”

“Nobody’s are as good as yours,” Jason praised.

“Flattery will get you everywhere, stud. Marnie is a little mousey looking but passable. She is slim with a very tight ass.”

“Okay, sounds like it could work.”

“What’s the matter? Afraid your equipment won’t work if they’re unattractive?” Stef chided.

“Something like that,” Jason agreed ankara escort with a chuckle. “But how did you arrange this?”

“It was easy really. Pam and I sometimes eat dinner with them. We sang your praises, said you were gorgeous, and that you’re a great fucker. Pam told them about your magnificent cock too. We worked them until we thought they were going to orgasm right there on the spot. They must be horny as hell because they couldn’t get enough descriptions of you and the sex.”

“Really, wow!”

“Yeah, they’re primed for you. We told them how gentle you were the first time and I think that sold them. Neither one is very experienced at sex. Sort of like Pam and I at first. They’re ready to learn though. Anxious even.”


“The only question is when?”

“I might be able to do it Saturday night,” Jason offered.

“There’s only one bad thing with setting you up like this,” Stephanie said.

“What’s that?”

“Pam and I don’t get any time with you.”

“Hey, I might have a plan for you two,” Jason thought out loud. “Chad is available Saturday night. Why don’t Pam and you come over here and fuck his brains out while I’m in your room with the virgins?”

“Well, Chad’s not you, especially in the dick department, but he’s still cute. Let me talk with Pam but I think she’ll go for it. Will there be any other guys there too possibly?”

“You want me to invite a few and set up another gangbang?”

“Why not? I’m sure Pam will go along and do as I tell her.”

“Good, let me see what I can set up.”


Jason barely made it to class on time. The call had lasted a lot longer than he planned. He ran into Claire along the way but only had time to say hi. She was looking good and reminded Jason of what a great fuck she had been. That time with Caitlin and Claire had been hot. The time with Claire and Kim was even hotter.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful but good for getting caught up. Jason got in plenty of studying after practice each day. He was getting to like Brad and they had some good work outs together. He wasn’t working at the infirmary now that swimming started and double sessions. Once they got into the season, he could return to work on hours he wasn’t in school or swimming. His new schedule for next semester gave him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons free to work if there was no swim meet.

He wasn’t needed at work this week anyway. This was Doctor Jenny Whitfield’s last week working with Dr. Amanda Clark, so they had two people there as well. After this, he would be on his own with Dr. Clark. He hoped that went half as good as his relationship with Dr. Jenny had gone. He needed to make it over there to see her before she left. She had chosen to go to Hawaii after her retirement for two weeks. He wanted to get two cupcakes, like she did, and go see her Thursday or Friday.

On Thursday, as Jason walked to class, he came back to thoughts of trying to work out Friday’s game. He hadn’t done a thing about it since Tuesday and he was supposed to meet with Kira and Tessa soon to finalize plans. He decided to just open up to Beth and called her on his cell. She answered on the second ring.

“Hi, Jason.”

“Hi, Beth. How’re you doing?”

“Fine, I’m walking to class in the education building.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m going to Moyer Hall for economics and then to earth science class.”

“Have you been studying?” Beth asked.

“Yeah, making progress too. You?”

“Definitely. I’m making excellent progress and Haden helped me with my math class. She is such a whiz at that stuff.”

“We still on for Friday?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t be planning anything else.”

“Well, how would you like to go see the Trenton Thunder in the playoffs?”

“I love baseball, you know that.”

“There’s one thing though. I have two other friends that want to go.”

“Frat brothers?”

“No, two girls from my earth sciences class. I’ve taken them to several games already. They’re baseball nuts and dying to go to this playoff game.”

“I see …”

“Beth, I can just give them the two tickets I have and you and I can do something else or even go separately. Would you like that more?”

“What do you want?”

“Well, there’s another problem with not taking them and that is they don’t have a way there. Neither has a car. I haven’t talked with them yet to see if they were able to get a ride from someone else.”

“I see …”

“I can tell you’d rather not,” Jason exclaimed.

“I was hoping to have you to myself. It seems we see each other so little as it is. Is that the way you want it?”

“No, of course not! I’ve been thinking about seeing you again all week,” Jason proclaimed.

“Did you see your tutoring student on Sunday?” Beth asked.


“Are you having sex with any of these women as well? These two baseball buddies or the Spanish student?”

Jason wished now he had never decided to open up to Beth. This was rapidly heading in the wrong direction and now he was stuck. Should he lie to her to protect ankara escort bayan what they had together, but that in itself would break any kind of trust between them. He was in deep now with no immediate way out he could see.

“Well … you’re pausing is telling,” Beth added before he could think of a response.

“It’s just that I’m not used to discussing my sex life like this,” Jason answered but wished he had it back immediately. ‘Fuck.’

“Oh, so you can’t tell me the truth about what is going on in your sex life?” Beth pressed.

“Good god, Beth, please!” Jason pleaded.

“Jason, I’m at class now. I have to go. Bye.”

The line went dead in Jason’s ear. “Fuck,” he shouted aloud this time and drew several hard stares. “Damn it!”

Jason walked in silence the rest of the way to class. He was in a foul mood now. Beth was pissed and he wasn’t even sure she wanted to see him anymore. He was kicking himself for being so stupid thinking she might be okay with going to the game with Tessa and Kira. He had thought the idea bad from the beginning and should have gone with his first impression. ‘Now, what the fuck am I going to do,’ Jason lamented.

He had a hard time concentrating on what the teacher was saying. That wasn’t good since he was telling the class about aspects of the upcoming exam. Of all his classes this semester, economics had been the hardest for him. He tried hard to put other thoughts aside and listen, but it wasn’t easy. Thoughts of Beth kept invading his mind.

Tessa and Kira were waiting for him, as usual, outside of earth sciences. His mind was racing with what to tell them as he neared. They spotted him coming and their smiles hinted they were still looking forward to the game.

“Hi, ladies,” Jason said, but somewhat somberly, giving a good indication of his mood.

“What’s the matter?” Kira asked as Tessa said, “Hi.”

“I stupidly asked Beth to go with us tomorrow to the game,” Jason said.

“I take it she didn’t react well?” Kira asked.

“She asked if I was having sex with you two.”

“Oh, geez,” Tessa replied.

“What did you tell her?” Kira questioned.

“I didn’t, but my slowness in responding gave it away.”

“Oh, boy,” Kira responded.

“Gosh … what happened then?” Tessa queried.

“She said she had to go and hung up on me.”

“That’s not good,” Kira said.

“Yeah… I’m screwed with her.”

“Was she your official girlfriend?” Tessa asked a little surprised he had one.

“We were pretty much to that point.”

“Sorry, we might have caused this,” Kira offered.

“It’s not your fault. I never should have asked her.”

“What now?” Tessa asked.

“Well, I’m going to try to call her again and see if she’s calmed down. Otherwise, I’m not sure,” Jason proclaimed.

The bell rang as they talked. The two girls were sadly looking at Jason’s face and he glanced between them.

“Jason, whatever you decide is okay with us. We’re just sorry for you that this happened because you were trying to include us,” Kira said.

“Yeah,” Tessa agreed as they walked to their seats.

“Did you find a ride?”

“No, everyone we know in the dorm with a car is busy Friday,” Kira answered.

“You ladies keep the tickets. I’ll either be going with you or find some way to help you get there.”

“Okay,” they agreed.

After class, Jason had some time before his afternoon class, so he hurried to try to meet Beth if she headed back to her dorm. He was waiting there, outside the dorm, when he noticed Haden approaching.

“Hi, Haden,” Jason greeted her.

“Hi, Jason. Waiting for Beth?”

“Yeah, I was hoping to catch her coming back from class.”

“You should. We usually meet back at the room on Thursday and go get lunch together,” Haden stated.

“Oh, good,” Jason replied but not very enthused.

“Something wrong?” Haden asked.

“You could say that,” Jason offered and explained what happened.

“Oh, my,” Haden said when he finished. “She likes you, you know. She was so looking forward to your date. I can see her being upset about sharing you, especially with two other women.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jason agreed.

“I’ll try, for your sake, to make her see your point of view, but it’ll be tough,” Haden stated.

Jason looked at Haden with concern but he couldn’t help noticing her gorgeous blue eyes either. He had noticed them several times before. They were the kind of sparking eyes that made you notice them. Haden was not a beautiful girl, almost plain, but her blue eyes and pretty brunette hair were her best features. Her body was slender but hard to judge its potential with her bulky clothes. The one thing Haden did display was a keen intellect. That was intriguing to Jason but he tried to clear his thoughts about Haden and focus on Beth. The fact that he knew Haden was a virgin haunted him despite his trying hard to suppress it. This contest had indeed changed him.

“Thanks, Haden. I know she values your opinion,” Jason claimed.

“Maybe not when it comes to men,” Haden quipped, “but I’ll escort ankara try.”

“Are you still seeing Mike?”

“Only once since we doubled,” Haden said, “and that seems like a while ago. I’m afraid I can figure out many things, any kind of problem, but not men.”

“We’re really not that complicated,” Jason explained.

“Yeah, I know the sex stuff is all you think of. But doesn’t romance matter anymore?”

“I’m afraid I’m a poor one to ask that of as you can see. I used to think so, but I’ve become a lot less sure in the past year.”

“Why is that?” Haden asked.

“It’s a long story. Maybe we can discuss it some time,” Jason offered.

They both noticed Beth coming towards the dorm. She wasn’t smiling as she neared.

“I’d like to hear about that,” Haden stated and she left to go inside with her books.

“Hi, Beth.”

“I’m sorry I hung up on you like that,” Beth said. “That wasn’t right, but I did have to go.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I’m sorry I even brought up the idea of …”

“No, I’ve been thinking about it, my response that is. I have to apologize. I know you had a life before we started going out. I can’t expect that to go away now that we are.”

Jason was immensely relieved the way this was starting out. He had expected Beth to rip him up and down. He couldn’t actually believe she was the one apologizing.

“I did know them before,” Jason agreed, “but still, I have to be cognizant of your feelings too.”

“If you’re still offering, I’d go to the game with you all.”

“You would?”

“Sure. It was rude of me to want you all to myself.”

“Believe me, babe. It’s you I want to be with,” Jason proclaimed.

“I believe you.”

They kissed right there in front of the dorm with several women and other couples going by. One girl that knew Beth even joked, “Get a room, girl,” as their kissing didn’t stop.

They broke the kiss giggling and both were relieved to be over, for the moment, their first spat. They smiled at each other and held hands. Unfortunately, as much as they put on a good face, both were inwardly nervous that this wasn’t the last. Beth kissed him once more and they parted after Jason told her what time he would pick her up the next day.

Jason was on cloud nine as he keyed his cell to call Kira. He explained the turn of events and Kira was glad for him that all had worked out. They finalized the plans for the next day and Jason hung up. He walked back to the frat for lunch as he called Stephanie too. As soon as he dialed the number, he had regrets. Here he was not ten minutes later, already arranging another sex session, and not with Beth. He almost hung up but Stef picked up before he could.


“Hey, Stef,” Jason said, and it came out a little less excited than he intended due to his other thoughts of Beth.

“What’s up?” Stef asked with concern.

“Just calling to say I spoke with Chad. He’s definitely up for it and I’m sure I can get some other guys too. Is eight o’clock Saturday good for you?”

“I hope. Marnie is acting like she’s going to back out but we’ll work on her. Brooke is encouraging her to join in too as she is a little afraid to go it alone.”

“Let me know.”

“Go ahead and arrange it. We’ll be ready with at least Brooke for you.”


“I still wish you were around for us,” Stef claimed. “Pam too.”

“Hey, why don’t you guys just stay the night with Chad? That way I might be there with you Sunday morning.”

“Good idea. I’ll tell Pam.”

They said goodbyes and Jason went into the frat for lunch. He ate quickly and even got in a little study time before his last class. Just before Jason entered his class, he spotted Sheila. She saw him too. They had about two minutes before the bell and stopped to talk.

Hi, Jason,” Sheila said, smiling warmly.

For some strange reason that beautiful smile reminded Jason he had yet to log Sheila’s name into the Cherry Poppers contest log book as his thirteenth. “Hi, Sheila.”

“I was hoping to hear from you sometime this week,” Sheila stated.

“Sorry. I’ve been up to my eyeballs studying for finals. Haven’t you?”

“Yeah, me too.”

“How’s the Spanish coming?”

“Good, thanks to you, but I could still use a few more pointers before the exam,” Sheila acknowledged with another beautiful smile.

“How about Sunday again?”

“Am I your girl, Sunday?” Sheila asked with a mischievous grin.

“Something like that,” Jason agreed.

“I’d rather be your girl, Friday.”

“I wouldn’t mind that either but I take several people to baseball games on Friday’s,” Jason stated.

“I love baseball.”

“Not this time, babe. I’ve already got a car full, but I’ll think of you for next time.”

“Promises, promises,” Sheila chided.

They agreed upon a time for Sunday and parted. Jason just made it into class as the bell sounded and the teacher gave him another look. He got seated just before the bell stopped ringing. Many of the people in class were watching him which made him a little uncomfortable. After he was seated he noticed two girls by the windows that were looking at him and talking in hushed tones. He had noticed them before. They were somewhat cute but their bodies were hidden under layers of clothes with it getting colder.

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