The Chicago Incident


A distinguished middle aged couple attend an out of town business function.

The Chicago Incident

My husband’s employer recently attended a three day tradeshow in Chicago and as a perk, each of the managers who worked it were encouraged to bring their wives. The show schedule proved to be long and grueling, starting at 7:30 in the morning and closing after 10:00 each night. The first two days I slept in, had a late breakfast and hit a few shops before meeting up with my husband. On the final full day most of us wives helped the in the booth with literature and other handouts and needless to say we were dead on our feet at the closing bell.

On the last night, to show their appreciation, his Company provided a late dinner and open bar at the restaurant in the hotel across the street from the convention center, where they had booked all of our rooms. Though we were both exhausted my husband and I felt that we needed to eat something and with the elevator to our floor only a few feet away and knowing we had the next day off to sleep in, we decided to take advantage of their generous offer.

We ordered cocktails, relaxed and enjoyed our dinner, followed by a few after dinner drinks and some casual conversation with two other couples. I don’t remember much about the elevator ride back to our floor or actually going into our room, but I do remember pulling my dress off, piling into the center of the bed wearing only my bra and panties and telling my husband that I would get my shower in the morning. Then and I fell asleep.

What seemed to be only a few minutes later, I woke suddenly and I was uncovered and lying naked on my back at the side of the bed. When I attempted to look over at the clock I noticed that I was wearing my black silky sleeper ankara escort mask. When I went to push it up and off of my eyes, I found that my wrists were tied to my ankles with some sort of a soft cloth. Before I could call out in protest, I sensed my husband standing over me. I could smell his aftershave and the familiar musky male scent of his naked organ. He gently placed his palm on my left cheek and while turning my head to face him more, he softly said “just relax and enjoy this Honey”. I felt the tip of his erection come in contact with my lips and I took him into my mouth. With his right hand he started to gently pinch and pull on my nipples, using them to lift and slowly rotate each of my breasts in small circles.

Though initially disturbing, the fact that these actions were new to our sex life excited and aroused me and I could feel my breathing start to quicken. Just about the time that I decided to accept this and totally surrender myself in the moment, I felt two more hands touch the insides of my knees and push my legs apart. When I screamed my shocked reactionary disapproval on my husband’s penis, he immediately slipped his hand from my cheek to the back of my head and pushed his cock down my throat causing me to choke. He held it there for a while then pulled back a little to let me breath and sternly instructed me to “just go with this” and I felt myself start to tremble.

The strange hands slide down the insides of both legs and their thumbs separated my butt cheeks. I felt two dry fingers slide flat on the bottom of my butt’s crack and deliberately rub back and forth several times over my anus. Then he reached up and wiped them on my upper lip between my husband’s cock at the underside of my nose. The fingers were held there for a moment, I guess ankara escort bayan to force me to smell myself.

I assumed it was this stranger’s left hand that I felt next when he pressed down hard with his fingertips in the center of my lower belly just above my pubic mound. The fingers on his other hand penetrated me, one in my anus and two in my vagina. He quickly located and worked on my “G” spot as he continued pressing down into my belly against the fingers that were now inside of me.

With the initial shock, fear and humiliation, I didn’t feel it building, but all of a sudden a strong orgasm washed over my body and my loud moans were muffled by my husband’s cock. I felt a thick fluid discharge spill from me onto the stranger’s hand which seemed to cause him to become more aggressive with me. This continued for several minutes before I was gently rotated a quarter turn so that my head would hang off the side of the bed. I felt my husband withdraw first, followed by a slow removal of those fingers. From the shifting of the bed and the sounds of shuffling on the carpet, I could tell that both men were trading places.

At the same time that my husband started going down on me, his mystery partner shoved the three wet and soiled fingers in my mouth and down my throat making me gag. I instinctively suckled them before they were pulled from my lips. I felt a hand on my forehead gently push down until the back of my head was resting against the edge of the mattress. Slowly another cock was pushed into my mouth and down my throat. It was skillfully pulled back a little after each full forward thrust to prevent me from fully gagging. I can remember thinking from the different scent, feel, taste and creamy moisture, that it must have been uncircumcised.

His escort ankara two hands reached down over my shoulders and started to firmly kneed my breasts from just behind my areolas to the end of my nipples and I shuttered with another powerful orgasm. I think that it was my husband who actually mounted me first because I could smell my stale feminine odor on the face just above my head as he pushed himself inside me, starting that slow familiar rhythm. I remember them taking turns and changing places several times, making me moan with animalistic pleasure at the peak of each additional orgasm. Sometime prior to me passing out, both men took full advantage of the position of my head and pleasured themselves by ejaculating in my mouth and down my throat.

I woke up the following morning lying next to my husband. I was shivering cold and wearing only the blind fold. I pulled it off, looked around and found no signs of my bindings anywhere. I had the worst headache that I can remember, a stiff neck, sore throat and an upset stomach. When I wrestled my husband awake and confronted him about his antics last night, he acted totally dumfounded. He told me that I had been drunk and that he practically had to carry me to and from the elevator and into our room where he claims that I stripped all of my own cloths off before passing out on the bed. He told me that I kept kicking the covers off and that he had laid awake next to me for the longest time just to monitor my breathing because he was worried about my condition.

When I finally gathered enough strength and composure to pick my things up and head for the bathroom to shower, I noticed that the panties that I wore all of yesterday were missing. I saw in the mirror what looked to be the start of a bruise just above my pubic mound, the ends of my breasts looked a bit irritated and I had what appeared to be dried sperm in my hair. After my shower, the only question that I could think of to ask my husband was “when is the next tradeshow”?

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