The Christmas Gift


It was the night of Christmas Eve, and like all parents, we were up late putting together those special presents we wanted our kids to see first thing when they came downstairs on Christmas Day. I’d been watching my wife’s body jiggle and sway as she set about putting together our son’s set of drums as I adjusted and tightened the screws on our daughter’s purple butterfly bike. We’d been carrying on our usual playful, flirty banter and I knew that as soon as we finished our tasks we’d be getting to work on each other.

Once the final adjustments were made and everything had been tightened just right, we made our way over to the sofa where we lay holding each other. “I love you,” she said, trailing her fingers lightly up and down the arm I had around her. I turned her gently, pressing my lips against her neck… her jaw line… and I heard her sigh as she turned herself completely and our lips met for a kiss. Now, I don’t know about you, but there is nothing hotter to me than the feel of my woman, my wife, the mother of my children. She is both firm and soft, with exceptionally well rounded curves, smooth skin, and full pouty lips. Naturally I sprang to attention immediately. Her throaty giggle and “Hmmm…” let me know that she too was aware of my need.

She began to make her way down my body with her eyes locked on mine. I knew what she intended as soon as taksim escort I saw that devilish grin on her face. Being the man that I am, I decided that for now I’d just lay back and watch the show. And boy, what a show.

She grabbed and loosened my belt using nothing but her teeth. My wife is quite skilled, you see. My already throbbing erection jumped in anticipation. She gave my zipper the same bite-treatment as she quickly and deftly unbuttoned the top with her hands. By the time I sprang free only moments had passed, but it felt like eternity. I watched and groaned as she proceeded to rub her face all around and across the part of me she’d just set free. Damn, that was hot. I resisted the urge to grab her and shove myself into her mouth, but only managed to just barely hold on to reason. I’m no fool… and I’d like to both respect my wife and remain intact.

Just as I’d finished that thought, I felt the soft warmth of her tongue licking, stroking the area around the base of my cock. I felt her gently pushing, urging me to part my thighs for her. I complied, and was rewarded by more licking and sucking of my perineum and balls. You already know how awesome that shit is. She began stroking me slowly and tenderly at the same time, and I could already feel precum making its way out the head. She does topkapı escort this to me on purpose, almost as though it’s one of her favorite pastimes. I groan again, and begin to feel my body taking the control from my mind.

She noticed that I’d began leaking precum, and licked her way up my shaft where she began nibbling and sucking, licking up every drop she could find. It’s painful torture watching this woman who has loved me so devotedly for so long do things to my body that so many men only dream of. One final swirl of her tongue around the tip and then she expertly took all of me in to the hilt before she raised her head until I was almost all the way out again. Once, twice, three times she did this. Slowly, languorously, teasingly. I know well the game she was playing (she is my wife after all) so I firmly but gently placed a hand on each side of her face and began to slowly fuck myself in and out of her mouth. My wife is one of those rare gems of women who loves it when a guy treats her mouth like a pussy, and that is just what I planned to do.

She began bobbing her head faster, sucking harder, her tongue a swirling frenzy. The faster she bobbed, the harder I thrust up into her mouth. Nearly out of control, I managed to grunt out, “Want… me… to stop?” as I continued to give her face tüyap escort a thorough fucking. Our signal is two pats on the thigh for “yes”, otherwise we keep going. She merely moaned what sounded like “mmm-unh” and looked up at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes, urging me to continue. So be it; I knew I could only last so much longer any way. And with that, I grabbed her hair in a fist (don’t worry, we’ve talked limits quite often and trust me, she enjoys it) and really gave her tonsils a good bruising. She closed her eyes, moans becoming more frantic as I realized she’d had her hand in her sweatpants, rubbing away at her clit the entire time. Good head manages to make us men somewhat oblivious to other things, I guess. And with that last coherent thought, I felt my balls tighten and force the cum up my shaft and out of my dick where my beautiful wife mewled like a kitten and sucked it all up hungrily, never breaking contact between my cock and her mouth. As I slowed down and stopped the frantic bucking of my hips as the list ripple of the orgasm shot through me, I noticed when my wife also came, squeezing her eyes shut and muffling her cries by squeezing her lips tightly around the part of me she still held in her mouth.

I stroked her hair, sweeping it back from the sweat on her face as her breathing slowed to normal once again. She looked up at me and smiled with her head in my lap, strands of hair still plastered to her face. Honestly, is there ever a more beautiful sight? She’s gorgeous. I then chuckled to myself at how lucky a guy I am to have such a great woman like her in my life, and told her “Merry Christmas, baby. No other gift given today can even come close to the gift I have in you.”

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