The Cinema Experience

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After a long day, we’ve decided to go out, and the cinema was the first choice. We get the tickets, and go into the screening room. The room is dark, as the trailers and adverts have already started, so after fumbling in the dark for a while, we make it to the back row, were they are hardly any other people. I put my arm around you, and give you a kiss, then settle down to watch the movie. After a minute or two, I look over and reach for some popcorn, when I see that your tight short skirt has got even shorter, and I can see the top of your thigh. I feel my cock grow a little at the sight of it, and I let my eyes wander up your thigh, up to your tits, then back down to your thighs.

I’m getting more and more turned on, and then I realise that your hand is on my leg, moving closer and closer to the bulge. When you get there, and you feel it, you look at me, and look me deep in the eyes, as you massage it through my jeans. I’m not wearing any boxers, and you can feel it swell even more at your touch. My arm around your shoulders moves over slightly, and my left hand starts to gently squeeze, and rub your tits. You’re still looking at me, as your hand wanders over to my flies, and unzips my jeans, slowly and quietly. And as your hand slips in and grabs hold of my hot, hard, (and growing harder) cock, your head looks down so you can see it better.

My hand starts groping your tits harder now, and my other hand slips between your thighs, and rubs the soft smooth skin of your inner thighs, letting my finger tips run up and down, closer and closer to your wet, hot, horny pussy. I can feel you breathing harder, in anticipation of my fingers touching your pussy, while they just run lightly up and down your inner thigh. I lean over a little and kiss your neck softly, as my fingers work closer and closer to your pussy.

They eventually get to your pussy, and I can feel the wet material of your panties. I use my first and second finger to rub your outer lips through your panties, letting the soft material rub you too.

Your hand has grasped the whole of my cock, and you’re sliding it as far up and down as you can, letting your fingers slide over to rub my head, which is glistening in precum already.

You canlı bahis şirketleri look around to make sure no ones looking, then get out of your seat and drop to the floor. My hand slips out from under your skirt to make it easier, and with one hand as you rub my throbbing cock; you take them off from under your skirt, and throw them to me with a wink. Then you take my hard fat meat out of my jeans, and expose the head properly. You give it gentle, light kisses, up and down the head, and the shaft, and then lick the head all over, spiralling from the bottom to the top, licking the eye all over, using your tongue to rub the eye. I’m breathing really heavy now, and my hands are all through your hair, as I feel you gently blow a bit on me, then take the head in your mouth, and suck a little.

I lean down, and say lets go back to your place, where we can be a little louder! You smile, and we quickly leave the cinema, and get back to your house in record time. The moment we close the front door, we’re all over each over. I press you to the wall, and slip my hand down under your skirt, and fondle your ass, then move it to your soaking wet, hot pussy, all the while kissing you long and deep. My tongue winding around yours, feeling you pressed to me, with your hands down my back, then to my front, unbuttoning, and unzipping my jeans. My cock springs free, and hits your thigh.

You moan a little as my fingers start rub your pussy lips nice and firm. I pull away from you and kiss down your neck. When I get to your t-shirt, I’m so horny, I rip it off you, and start kissing and sucking on your nipples. Your hands are fondling and groping my ass, and then they move up to unbutton my shirt, and pull it off me. We start to move to the lounge, and to the dining table. I lay you on the table, and kiss down your cleavage, down your stomach to your pussy. I put your legs on my shoulders, and lick your outer lips, then move it in, to your inner lips. I’m rubbing your thighs, as much as possible, then I hold them and pull you as close as possible to me, and you feel my tongue slide in all the way, till my mouth is pressed hard to your pussy. I look up a little, and I see your groping your tits, and canlı kaçak iddaa squeezing your nipples, moaning loud as my tongue curls up, and presses the roof of your pussy hard, and moves back and forth.

Your head is going from side to side, and you’re writing with pleasure. I love it; every motion you make just makes me hornier. My hands slip to your inner thighs, and then move up to your outer lips. I use my fingers to stretch you open even more, and your body jumps a little when I do. I circle my tongue deep in you, and you feeling running along every side of your pussy. Then I gently slap it against each side of your pussy. You can feel my tongue gently hitting you. Then I slip it out, and press my whole body to yours, and slide up you, my cock pressed hard to your thigh. I kiss you long and firm again, and you can taste your juices on my mouth and tongue.

I move back down your body, and start to play with your clit. I take it in my mouth and suck on it a little. Your body bucks and writhes with pleasure at even the slightest touch of it, and now you’re writhing and squirming all over as I suck on it. I pull away from it, and slide my two fingers in you, right up to the knuckle.

I start to slowly pump them in and out, as my other fingers rub your clit, making you squirm even more. I open my fingers in you, and stretch your tight pussy open again. I start rubbing your clit with my finger and thumb, going clockwise, then anti-clockwise. My fingers get harder and faster in you, all the while, and I can feel you getting closer to cumming. You’re moaning and groaning really loud, your tits are heaving, and your body is writhing all over the table.

As my fingers get a little harder in you, I SQUEEZE your clit. Your body jumps as I do, sending electricity through you, and your moaning gets louder.

I let go and you calm down slightly. I SQUEEZE it again, and you scream and moan louder than ever, and I feel your cum run over my fingers. I keep squeezing your clit slightly, and I can hear you moaning ‘Oh my god’ over and over. I slowly let go of your clit, and your orgasm starts to calm down. I slow my fingers down and bring them out of you, and lick them clean. My cock is like a piece canlı kaçak bahis of rock through all this. The head is deep purple, and dripping in precum. My shaft is long, hard, rigid and very fat.

I slide you off the table, turn you round, and bend you over. I grab hold of my cock, just below the head, and rub it up and down your wet creamy lips. I can hear you groan at that. I let go of my cock, and let the head, rest on your lips. Then taking hold of you, I slowly slide it in. Your back arches up; as it slowly slides in, stretching you open. You can feel every ridge slide in; you can feel it throbbing in you as it moves deeper in. You can feel the head pressing hard to you. It’s so big; it feels like it’ll never

stop sliding in you. Eventually it does, and comes to rest at the balls. I hold your waist, and slowly bring it out of you, out to the head. Then I slowly side it all the way back in. You’re groaning ‘Oh god, mmmmmmmmmmm, shit, Oh God’ as you feel it stretch you open again. My hands move from your waist up to your tits, and I start to grope them, as I thrust my cock harder and faster in you. I squeeze and tease your

nipples, and pound my cock in and out of you. You’re moaning so loud again, as you feel it moving in and out of you harder and faster. Stretching you, feeling it throb and grind you. Feeling the balls slap you, feeling your ass shake cause it’s pounding hard.

You’re screaming louder than before now, and I know you’re going to cum soon. So am I. My cocks getting harder and heavier, as I get closer and closer to erupting deep in you. I tell you to hold on a little for me to cum with you, as I get harder and faster still, holding your shaking tits. I start groaning ‘I’m going to cum baby, oh shit I’m going to cum, deep in side you, ohhh fuck’. Suddenly you scream, ‘I’M CUMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGG, AHHHH’ and I feel your hot cum hit my cock. That’s too much for me, and I blow my hot load deep inside you. We’re both groaning and screaming as loud as ever, as both cum together. And it feels like it’ll never stop. You can feel it deep in your pussy, and I can feel both our juices run over my shaft.

Slowly we both stop, and I very, very slowly bring my shuddering cock out of you, and you gingerly stand up straight, and we kiss again. Then you kiss down my chest to my shaft, and lick my tender, sensitive head and shaft clean of the juices.

We go up to the bed, and lie in it, and wait for round two to start…

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