The Cleaner


The Cleaner”Off to work again ” Sheryl thought to herself with a sigh she was currently holding down 3 jobs as was her husband times were hard in the middle of a recession hardly had time to eat together never mind a more intimate relationship.Sheryl was a well put together brunette a sexy bbw with a very high sex drive which wasn’t getting attended too at the moment and she missed it,big boobs and a big sexy ass she loved fucking and got ansy and short tempered when she wasn’t getting what she liked.Yesterday for instance her n Steve had had an afternoon off together and he had watched football all day Sheryl walked round the house in her most revealing top white see through no bra her clit throbbing begging to be fucked and he didn’t even look up or show any interest she ended up sorting her self out in front of the bedroom window putting on a show for the next door neighbours sixteen year old daughter (she was a bit of a exhibitionist ) with her favourite black dildo when he went out.She ground her teeth together she was still angry about the lack of attention she was getting from Steve as she walked up the front drive to her new cleaning job .She knocked on the door and it opened and stood there was her new employer”hi I’m Sheryl” she said she looked him up and down mm not bad she thought a bit chubby but a nice smile her eyes drifted down to his jeans ….. fucking hell she thought is that his cock she could see a faint outline in his jeans front it looked big and thick and drooping down the trouser leg she hurriedly looked back at his face blushing”Hey Sheryl” he said “how are you” … “I’m OK” she stammered dying to look again without making it too obvious …do you wanna start downstairs he said….”yes please” she says he led her through to the front room after showing her where all the cleaning stuff was …”ten pound an hour we said didn’t we” said simon “yep” said Sheryl “ok” he says “I will pay up at the end of the day I will b up stairs if u need anything” he smiled at her “ok” she said with a last glance at his jeans was it… wasn’t it…. she couldn’t tell the jeans were quite loose fitting ,god she was horny her clit was thumping the lack of male attention at the moment AND a new boss with what looked like a monster in his pants !She got on with her work grafting all day thinking about big cocks and her lack of action trying to quell her growing impatience with Steve. The day ended she got paid then went home without having her curiosity satisfied as simon had been sat down “c ya next week” he said and smiled at her then carried on with his paperwork and she left.All week till the following Wednesday when she returned to Simon’s house she wondered about that cock had it been her imagination ….could she find out…and how to find out …did she dare find out….things weren’t improving at home and she was horny continuously.Wednesday arrived and she made her way to Simon s she had dressed provocatively short skirt and a low top just to see if she could get her boss hard then she would know for definite if it was as big as she thought not that she would do anything about it she said to herself she was married after all it was just a bit of fun.She opened the front door and went in “hiya” she shouted “hi Sheryl” a voice drifted from the upstairs office she started working downstairs her boobs nearly bursting out of her top showing plenty of leg …if this doesn’t get him stiff she thought he must be bent she smiled to herself.She worked all day gradually getting to the office where he worked. She took a deep breath and walked in to his office “hey Simon” she said he looked up his eyes widened “hey Sheryl” he croaked he couldn’t take his eyes off her she smiled to herself delighted with his reaction she moved around the room making sure he saw plenty of flesh bending from the waist and scrubbing vigorously at a table top in front of him her boobs moving around under her top her nipples nearly showing Simon’s eyes were popping out of his skull by this time….right she thought lets see if that’s worked “can I do your desk please” she said smiling “er OK” he replied and stood up …….his arousal was obvious it snaked down his trouser leg to mid thigh soo long and thick and now it was her turn to stare fucking hell she thought its enormous she felt her nipples engorge and a familiar wetness in her pussy she had to tear her eyes from his crotch and clean his desk she was scared now what have I started im married she thought all the time trembling about the massive erection she had induced wondering what it would taste like..would she be able to take it all….just cut it out she thought it was just a bit of fun you are married ……. she turned around…..but he was gone she felt disappointed and relieved at the same time … as she left there was her money on the table by the front door with a note saying see you next week with a smiley face. she walked down the drive and her pussy felt like it was on fire and sopping wet she was feeling more and more disappointed the further she got from the house feeling like she had missed out on a chance to feel a big hard cock inside her forgetting that at the time she had been scared and not willing to risk her marriage.The next week passed in a blur of fantasy over big cocks, masturbation, and trying to get Steve to fuck her, all the time worried that she wouldn’t enjoy it now if she did .Wednesday came around as it always does and she set out to work telling herself to behave and nothing was going to happen all the while she put on the same clothes as last week minus any underwear she was stark naked apart from a short skirt and a thin low cut blouse but she continued to tell herself nothing was going to happen .She went into simon s house …..Morning she shouted upstairs good morning Sheryl was the answer how are you today said simon coming down the stairs ooooh she thought hes wearing trackie bottoms today she could see his cock moving around underneath mmmm and hes gone commando just like me she giggled to herself, his cock moved and twitched as she watched starting to thicken against the fabric she turned away hurriedly and started work trying not to let the lust show on her face while he went to get a coffee and return upstairs to work.She worked through the morning trying not to think about the huge cock that was just a flight of stairs away but in the end she gave up and mounted the stairs heading for his office “can I start in here now” she said “of course u can Sheryl” simon replied …. l cant stand this any more she thought I have got to at least see it in the flesh all thoughts of being married were pushed to one side just a look she thought cant do any harm so she started to clean and scrub her tits swaying about she could see him watching her and moving around in his chair tugging at his crotch as if to hide something right she thought I’ll give him an eyeful god im so horny she smiled to herself and bent over in front of him she could feel her skirt ride up at the back and she new her pussy was exposed …. she heard him gasp out loud she turned round and his cock was straining for release from his pants she walked towards him all thoughts of marriage had been banished “mmm” she said “did I do that” looking at his cock eyes wide with a saucy smile on her face…” er yes Sheryl you did” said simon… “sorry” he stuttered embarrassed “ooooh dont be” says Sheryl ” mmmm can I see it please” “oh er em….” says simon embarrassed “I dont know errr” …”oh come on” she smiles sweetly blue eyes twinkling “well ok he says” and starts to pull down his trackies slowly, shez stares fascinated the top of his shaft came into view his trackies came down another two inches shezs eyes widened more cock came into view a big vein started at the top and wormed its way down the shaft another two türbanlı ardahan escort inches god she thought its going on forever another two and more cock now she can see his balls dangling behind, her pussy is radiating now waves of pleasure going up into her belly her clit feels massive pulsing engorged…another two inches and more cock the rest of his balls her nipples are like bolts now screaming out for attention … another two she thinks the head must come soon this fucking thing is huge Steve’s was only half this size another two and the head pops out his whole cock moves into view and bobs straight up Jesus she thinks its past his belly button , waves of desire are pulsing through her this cock is e…fucking. ..normous she thinks at least nine inches I’ve got to touch it she thinks…I’ve gotta feel it she reached out to touch it just as her fingernails touched it it jerked away as if with a life of its own and slapped wetly against his belly Simon groaned out loud “ohhh god” she reached out again and grasped it was hot and pulsing life so thick her fingers couldn’t touch round the other side it was leaking clear drops of pre cum she was entranced she pulled the foreskin up so it covered the bulbous purple head then down then up the head was slick now simon was groaning Sheryl was entranced her hand moved up and down his huge organ her pussy was dripping with desire she wanted it in her she wanted to feel herself being stretched by this cock she wanted to be filled by this cock she stopped pulling and laid on her back she parted her legs and pulled her skirt up fuck me she said he kneeled between her legs his cock throbbed with life he put the head at the entrance to her pussy and pushed slowly “ohhhhh fuck” she said.. it felt like somebody was sticking a rounded coke can in her she thought her pussy was stretching round his cock another two inches slipped in waves of pleasure were moving up her body she lifted her ass off the floor to take it easier simon groaned above her but she was oblivious as he slipped more into her she rocked her hips taking more and screaming out loud “ohhhh fuck” this is amazing more cock and more cock it was in all the way right to the hilt she could feel it pulsing all the way to her womb twitching and filling her so she couldn’t take any more he pulled out till just the tip was in then pushed into her pussy again and again suddenly they where both screaming in orgasm together coming and coming simon was blasting cum into her Sheryl was screaming in one long orgasm filled to capacity with thick cum and cock “ohhhh fuuuuck” she screamed again and lay back exhausted panting and sweating Simon pulled out of her his cock slithered out and Sheryl felt an emptiness where he had been …. “Sheryl” says “simon how would u like to earn more money you could do with more cash right?””What do you mean” she demanded a bit annoyed what am I she thought a hooker ….”well” says simon “next week when you are cleaning if you do it topless you will get twenty pounds an hour …if you do it naked you get thirty an hour… if you let me use you while you are working you will get fifty pounds an hour” …what do you think he finishes …”I’m NOT doing any of that she says this was a one off I’m fucking married”…”well OK” he says “but if you change your mind there is something else you can do which will earn you an extra fifty quid an hour sooo that will be 100 pounds an hour for a days work” he grinned “I will see u next week” and he rolled off her and got dressed.Sheryl went home that day in a daze her pussy throbbing from the abuse it had received at first she was disgusted by Simon’s proposal but the more she thought about it the more she thought well i need the money he’s offering as much as £800 per day (OMG what does he want to do for £100 an hour) I’ve already gone all the way and FUKIN loved it if I’m honest.That week went in a blur of wondering what on earth was worth £100 per hour disgust with herself for giving in to her base needs then justifying to her self well I’m not getting any cock at home I do have needs (and boy did i get those filled she thought with a grin !!) Still no sex with Steve the only stuff that seemed to arouse him was some porn sites he must have been looking at judging by the history on the computer but she didnt pursue it as she wasn’t sure she wanted it from him any more, bills arrived in the post needing paying that extra money from Simon looked more and more attractive it was getting closer and closer to Wednesday and she was starting to think I will go for the £50.00 per hour as Its fun for me and I get paid doing it she felt a prick of guilt now the decision was made.Wednesday came around and she was careful getting dressed short skirt again stockings and suspenders no bra and a see through filmy top she put on a overcoat and set off to work her pussy was already throbbing her tummy full of butterflies what was it he wanted to do for £100.00 per hour she wondered.She turned up a Simon’s and he was waiting for her when she came in after the initial small talk he said “I’m glad you came I wasn’t sure if you would or not, did you think about my proposal” she looked him in the eye and thought to her self I darn t do it I will just go topless this time I want to go for the £20 per hour option so she told him this ..”Ok he said so you are gonna spend the day topless” …. “yep” she said …” well its up to u” he said “why not just keep your stockings on and go naked and earn your self £40.00 per hour and I will just watch you but keep my hands to myself” ….. “hmmm” she thought to her self no touching and double your money I cant go wrong and i get to behave but she could feel the sexual tension building up inside her she looked down she could see he was stiff already fuck it she thought “OK I will go for the £40.00 per hour” she said “hen she hesitated….” errr can i ask”says Sheryl “what do i have to do for £100.00 per hour?” “Ok I will tell you” says simon “but I don’t think you will go for it… to earn the £100.00 p/h you must a. let me fuck you and b. phone your husband while I do it” …… she was stunned she hadn’t expected that I cant do that she thought he would go mad I would be giving up my marriage for a days work…but the thought intrigued her she had always been turned on by exhibitionism and they had fantasized about it as a couple but never done anything about it ” na” she said “no never I will do the £40.00 rate but that’s it!! mainly to give her time to examine this idea “OK” he said “no pressure its completely your call” and with that he sat on a chair while she dis-robed apart from the stockings and suspenders and started to work.Hes gonna sit and watch me work she thought with a thrill.. he was only wearing a dressing gown and soon the evidence of his arousal was plain to see jutting up from his dressing gown front big hard and veiny it pulsed up and down as it throbbed as she stared it started to leak from the top she felt herself melting with desire down below,she carried on working making sure he was getting his moneys worth once she even reached over him and let her tits drag across his cock “ohhhhh” he groaned out loud he started to manipulate his cock pulling the foreskin back and forth she watched fascinated she had seen this on porn before but never live and never ever with such a big cock backwards and forwards he pulled his cock watching her she was rubbing her breasts now and sucking her own nipples her hand travelled down to her pussy and started to rub her clit it was soaking down there by this stage he was moaning out load and obviously approaching an orgasm her hand became a blur as she frigged herself for all she was worth shouting out loud as she came sobbing and moaning at the intensity of her orgasm türbanlı ardahan escort bayan she moved over to him as her orgasm ebbed and trapped his cock between her big boobs and tit fucked him i will give him his £40.00 worth she thought as she smiled up at him with a load groan he came over her face and tits streams of warm cum was landing all over the place …..gradually it subsided and his cock slithered out from between her boobs Sheryl jumped up and went to get washed when she came back he was upstairs she could hear him tapping away on the computer she carried on cleaning gawd she thought £40 p/h and the most exciting sex I’ve ever had I cant go wrong she smiled to her self.All day she kept coming back to the £100.00 p/h rate it was exciting she had to admit getting fucked at the same time as talking to your husband she could feel herself getting wet again that familiar feeling of horniness crept over her how could she do that and get away with it she wondered ….just forget it Sheryl she thought it will never happen …….. Sheryl spent the week trying to broach the subject with her husband but every time she thought of talking to him about it she shied away from it at the last minute how do i tell him I wanna fuck someone else with him listening she thought she knew he was into voyeurism and cuckolding by the pornsites he visited but fantasy and real life were miles apart …but I wanna do it she thought she had always been an exhibitionist she always got turned on walking down the street and men were staring at here well stacked body she loved it she liked to put on a show for the girl next door at her bedroom window she didn’t think she was a lesbian (maybe a little bi curious) she just loved to show people her body and it ALWAYS got her off she knew she wasn’t a size 10 but she was proud of her BBW figure even now thinking about it she was getting horny, god I’m insatiable at the moment she giggled to herself.Wednesday came around and Sheryl found herself at work she was gonna go for the £50.00 p/hour today she decided so she stripped off and started work she heard Simon come into the room behind her “mmmm” he said “now that is a sight I would love to see every day” he smiled at her she smiled back he was only wearing a dressing gown and she could see his cock start to rise into position she carried on working making sure her boobs swayed from side to side his cock thickened and stiffened as she watched he sat down and started to rub his organ she dropped all pretence of work and watched with rising delight fucking hell she thought Im gonna ride him today “play with yourself like last week” he said so she did she bit and licked her nipples she pushed her tits together so her cleavage was compressed she teased and rubbed her clit and started to dip her fingers into herself as she was watching him he smiled at her and said “watch this” he lowered his head and started to gently suck the end of his own cock Sheryl couldn’t believe it she had heard of this but had never met anyone with a cock big enough to be able to do it she watched him perform fellatio on himself with a rising tide of lust but he could only take in the top, she moved over and watched close up for a while her fingers busy on her self then she gripped the base of his hot cock he paused and she kissed him full on the mouth stroking his cock at the same time mmmmmm she thought i can taste cock on his lips she thrust her tongue into his mouth savouring the flavour mmm this must be how a fag hag feels mmmmm she was really turning herself on with these thoughts amazing herself at her own sexuality.she was in a frenzy of passion now Simon pushed her gently to the floor and started to nibble around her clit and he pushed a finger into her ass this had never happened to her before Steve would never try using her ass so it sent waves of pleasure shooting through her body his tongue and his fingers probing deeper and deeper “ohhh god” she groaned “mmmm thats it mmmm right there ohhh dont stop” he moved up her body pushing her boobs together round his cock and started to push backwards and forwards slowly titfucking her “ohhh” moaned simon “mmm thats good I am LOVING fucking your tits Sheryl mmmm fucking hell that feels so good” his hips bucked back and forth sliding between them she took over pushing her tits together and he reached back to rub her clit again she pushed her hips onto his hand trying to get as much contact on her pussy as possible ohhhhhh she groaned the tit fucking and fingering carried on and on both of them working towards there first orgasm of the day he pulled off her and moved down to put his cock into her he stopped at the entrance to her pussy and looked at her enquiringly one eyebrow cocked…”please simon please fuck me Im so ready” still he hesitated she tried to shuffle down to take it in her self she groaned with impatience as he kept tantalizingly out of reach just a light pressure on her pussy entrance “OH COME ON FUCK ME” she exclaimed so he pushed and pushed till his whole length disappeared into Sheryl “ohhh” she moaned “thats amazing mmmm now fuck me hard” she said and he started 3 long strokes then 3 short slowly in and out in and out she rose up to meet his thrusts simon was grunting with each thrust Sheryl felt like her insides were melting constantly being pummelled by his massive cock….suddenly her mobile started to go ring ring ring ring she pushed simon off and went to get it a sudden guilt seizing her god what if its Steve she thought and ive been…. she couldn’t finish her thought she picked her mobile off the top saw it was Steve tapped accept and said “oh hi Steve what can i do for you” she listened as he prattled on about his day at work suddenly she felt Simon turn her round and push her across the table on her back she covered the mouth piece no no she mouthed to Simon pleading but it did no good she couldn’t protest too much or Steve would get suspicious Simon buried his cock into her pussy it was all she could do not to cry out god she just felt soo filled she carried on making polite conversation with her husband it became a competition between them to see if simon could make her cry out he pounded and pounded into her while she struggled to keep her voice even and not appear to be out of breath… she let out a little squeal involuntarily “what’s the matter” said Steve “oh nothing” she said “I was drinking a coffee and burnt my lip” she looked up at simon his face was a riticus of ecstasy pounding away at her she couldn’t stop her orgasm any longer “right Steve I’ve gotta go” she said and didn’t wait for a reply thumbed the off button and screamed in orgasm one long one after another after another all the pent up frustrations of the last two weeks exploding at once then simon came she could feel it spurting into her it seemed to go on forever wave after wave of orgasm sweeping through her …… god she thought why cant every day at work be like this.Sheryl walked home that night in a thoughtful mood I cant believe this has happened she thought I’ve gone from struggling to get my leg over at all (apart from the once a week shows with the girl next door she is only 16 so its a bit pervy but I love it) to the best sex I’ve ever had and I’m getting to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do but Steve wouldn’t do…what a life she thought with a grin she walked in through her front door and there was Steve stood by the front door he looked furious ….. “you fucking slut” he nearly screamed … ” er whats the matter” she replied nervously suspecting she knew already but how does he know she thought… “listen to this” he says and shoves his mobile in her face her voice radiates out groaning and shouting and swearing clearly having sex and enjoying it shit she thought türbanlı escort ardahan with growing horror I didn’t switch my phone off this afternoon she listened to herself begging to be fucked and coming and coming and coming she tried to switch it off …”leave it on” said Steve “there is sooo much more to enjoy” he grinned at her savagely… omg how long was it on ,her and simon had ended up fucking all day she listened as she finished her orgasm and after 5 mins of chatting she heard her self giving a noisy sloppy blowjob telling simon in a muffled voice how big she thought it was then she was gagging on it then he was fucking her again all the time she was moaning and cumming and screaming and cumming and groaning and cumming again, she kept glancing nervously at Steve he just stared at her accusingly …. then … was it possible she was becoming turned ….on!! she was on the verge of a divorce and she was getting horny…maybe i am a slut she thought miserably.”So what do you want to do Steve” she said “shall i pack my stuff?” ” NO YOU FUCKIN WONT I’M GONNA GET WHAT HES BEEN GETTING” he nearly screamed at her, he reached for her and she ran upstairs but he caught her at the top and pushed her down onto the floor pulled her skirt up … “as i thought he shouted no fucking knickers were they so soaked you had to take them off or did you not bother wearing any you little slut” he didnt wait for an answer just pulled down his jeans and buried his cock in her and just slammed into her as hard as he could …. suddenly she could hear her performance that afternoon he had switched on the recording while he fucked her she could hear herself swearing and begging and cumming and with that she started to cum again and so did Steve both of them cumming together ..It carried on like that for the rest of the week every time he switched on the recording she knew what was coming next, he fucked her long and hard all week filling her with his cum every chance he got..he used her mouth her pussy and even her ass which he had never done before, the situation they were in was never discussed between them before or after, the recording was switched on and she would get fucked and that was the way it went not that she was complaining it was a bit rough and impersonal but even that was turning her on now ….in fact he never talked about it until the Tuesday night before her work day at Simon’s house Steve said to her …. don’t forget your mobile tomorrow when you go to work… what does he want me to do she thought she had an inkling she knew and she was a bit nervous about it and how to go about it.She set out on Wednesday with a body stocking on under her normal Wednesday fuck me gear she arrived at Simon’s and went straight in, he was waiting for her and this day he made no pretence of waiting for her to start work he kissed her on the lips sending his tongue in to explore her mouth hugging her passionately she broke off already breathless as he reached up to fondle her boobs … er Simon I need to tell you something … what he said kissing her neck still fondling her, rubbing her nipples, getting her hot, “mmmm body stocking” he says “my favourite thing get your clothes off and lets have a look”…OK but i need to talk”she says and she starts to strip… “go on then”he says “talk to me” smiling at her …. “Steve knows what we have been doing” she blurted it out she was afraid he would not want to see her any more …. “mmm OK” he says “his eyes still busy watching the body stocking being exposed what do you want to do about it” he asks “obviously you still want to keep coming on a Wednesday cos here you are” he smiled…. “well” she said “he seems to be turned on by all of this he actually recorded our session last week cos like a silly cow I left my mobile on after he phoned”…”so you want to record it again this week is that it” says simon…”er yes” says Sheryl “I think so he never actually said what he wanted just said make sure you take your mobile” “right” he says “I think I know what he wants” said simon “come and stand over by the table” so she did,she just stood there in a body stocking hard nipples poking through the gaps … god im nervous she thought what’s gonna happen to me …simon walked slowly up to her he had stripped too his cock fully erect already bobbing up and down as he walked he lightly ran his fingers up and down the top of her arm raising goosebumps she shivered delightfully he bent down and kissed her full on the mouth tongue exploring her she moaned “mmmmmm” his hands reached up and fondled her weighty boobs pulling them out of her top he put his fingers in his mouth and wet them then started to roll her nipples between forefinger and thumb “ohhh” says Sheryl she reached down and rubbed his cock with both hands loving the feel of it hot and hard in her hands already lubricated ready to fuck her.They carried on kissing fondling each other breaths coming faster and faster Sheryl moaning with desire wanting to be fucked desperate to be fucked Simon stripped the rest of her body stocking off and moved his hand down over her tummy down down it went until his hand reached her pussy slowly parted her lips and gently rubbed her clitoris he just lightly stroked his finger over the top of it “mmmmm”she said “ohhhh that feels good mmmm …keep going ….mmmmm…just there” Sheryl was really breathing fast by now Simon reached over to her bag pulled out her mobile phone and said “phone him Sheryl” … by now she was passed caring she phoned him waited until he picked it up said …”hi hunny”.. put it on speaker then put the phone onto the table top Simon whispered in her ear “tell him what im doing as i do it” he told her…”ok” she breathed Simons head went down “ohhhhh hes sucking my nipples mmmmm that feels good ohhh hes fingering me now oh my god that feels soooo good he has 3 fingers in me my legs are wide open he is finger fucking me” ….you could here Steve grunting over the phone obviously playing with his cock while his wife was getting ravished “Sheryl can u hear me” came from the phone “yes” she said breathlessly “suck his cock for me baby” said Steve …. so sheryl moved down his body and took his cock in her mouth moving her mouth slowly over the head tasting the pre cum licking the bottom as it went in looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes she took more in and more she gagged slightly when it got to the back of her throat she pulled back licking the base as she came lingering on the really sensitive bit underneath then in it all went back again she repeated the process again and again she kept going simon let out a shuddering moan his cock swelled and twitched in her mouth mmmm says shez round her mouthful …Steve was groaning out loud from the phone you could here the wet sound of his foreskin going back and forth “go on baby suck that cock” said steve …. Sheryl stopped sucking and presented her ass to simon …”fuck me simon”,simon lined up and sank into her inch after inch all the way to the hilt ….”ooooh ohhhhh” moaned Sheryl “he’s fucking me Steve “she said breathlessly “he’s fucking me so slow it feels huge inside me ohhhhh fuuuuuck” she shrieked “hes fucking me hes fucking me hes fucking me” over and over she said it.. Steve was groaning on the phone he was close to orgasm “cum for me baby cum all over his cock” ..this was the release for Sheryl she screamed in orgasm she screamed so loud she thought her throat would burst over and over she came one long shuddering orgasm after another then Steve came shouting over the phone then simon came shooting his load deep into Sheryl “oh god” says Sheryl “hes coming in me I can feel it and she came again” ….it was over Simon and Sheryl kissed tiredly they smiled at each other she glanced at her phone it was disconnected so obviously Steve had had his fun … not her though it was only ten oclock she had the rest of the day with her new toy simon she looked up at him and smiled wrinkling her nose in a mischievous way. .. what are you planning said simon ….”well” she said laughing “could we……….”but thats for another day Thanks for reading this please try and ignore any errors spelling mistakes and bad grammar

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