The Club

Big Dicks

The ClubWe got ready to head out to the club. It was our first time going to an alternative club but planned nothing but checking it out, having a couple drinks and hopefully some good music. We dressed conservatively not wanting to draw attention or give false ideas.We got there and nervously went in, there was a couple inside, slightly older than me and introduced themselves as the hosts and welcomed us, any questions or problems see them. They seemed nice. It was dark inside, at least at first as my eyes adjusted but could see the well lit bar and immediately noticed the smokin hot brunette bartender and nudged Rose. She smiled.Up to the bar we went, got a long island while Rose chatted with the hottie. They finished and I motioned to Rose about sitting a table on the upper level overlooking the dance floor mostly because it looked empty. There were only a handful of people, maybe 5-6 couple and a couple guys at the bar ogling the waitress lol. We headed up and as we walked by one table I heard Hi. Ugh i thought but couldnt be ignorant so stopped and looked down where 2 guys, one my age and one younger were sitting with a lady my age, i assumed they were husband and wife and their boy toy. Hey i said and Rose had stopped and with a big smile and said hi. I nudged her onwards and found a table. We could see everything from up there and we were alone. Best seats in the house i said and you agreed but dont be so damn friendly or we’ll have company. Sorry you said but i said dont worry and laughed, i think they already have their fun for the night and you agreed and said he was hot and her hubby looked cute too. The wife was a cutie i said, maybe theyll let us watch later. We laughed and sat back and relaxed. We checked out everbody from there and shared our thoughts. The 2 guys at the bar were still doing their best but you could tell she was just being nice which made us laugh.We had a few drinks and you wanted to dance. Ugh i thought but was getting a little messed and night at the roxbury came on. Now or never i said and up we got. A few others got up once they saw us which was nice. I heard a hello and turned to see the lady we had passed with her men lol. I replied hi how are you? Kinda tired she alsancak escort replied but they dragged me out. She went on to say they had closed the place the night before and had “bothered” her for hours later lol. I looked over to see Rose chatting and dancing with the 2 guys.Im guessing the one is your hubby i said to her and introduced myself. Yes Kevin was her hubby, she was Ellen and the boy was Jake. She leans in and whispers, they think your wife is cute. Especially her chest and i motioned for her to look over where they were both checkin out her puppies. We laughed.Honestly were just here to spectate, have a few laughs and fuck my slut wildly later. Ellen grinned wide and said nice plan but no worries they’re harmless. Just get all worked up checkin her out and then theyll expect another night like last and honestly im wore out. Was amazing she went on, was the first guy that could please me, most are shy or dont last but Jake enjoyed pleasing me while Kevin watched, i think it really turned him on which we loved and it was so comfortable, they chatted while we played, fiirst time for that and then my wildest fantasy, my first dp and they fucked me good. Ellen was grinning from ear to ear and then she said im sorrry too much info. No worries i said was hot hearing it and picturing and and we laughed. Ill tell you a secret and Ellen says what. I explained a little of our past, no body had really thrilled us but had always want to see Rose taken and pleased by 2 men, older and younger and i laughed. She can fill in, im beat she laughed. Maybe another night i said and she said j\k. The song ended and we went back to our table. I could see Ellen had too but the guys were still out there teasing and chatting with Ellen. I told Rose about our conversation and she told me that the boy was quiet but Kevin had been chatty, complimented me alot and kept catching him staring at my tits so i purposely leaned over a few times for him. Thats hot i said. And Jake is sooo cute you said, surprised at what Ellen said about him being so open and confortable with them, he seems quiet. Gotta watch out for the quiet ones i said and we laughed.I want to dance more you said but i didnt. escort alsancak Mind if i join them and you nodded toward Ellen’s hubby and friend who were still on the dance floor. Only if you tease and flirt with them while you do I joked. Ok you said and laughed and were gone. I looked around and saw Ellen looking and motioned for me to join her. I shook my head no but motioned for her to come up here. She did and i said better view, can see everything from here and she agreed.I need a wake up she said and i asked what she had in mind. You like to watch she asked. They have a room over there and pointed, VIP room. Can soft play on there but pants must remain on and is a safe place for fun. Cmon she said and off we went. I told Rose on the way by and she said enjoy, let me know. We walked in and theyre was only 1 couple. The girl was topless and the guy was massaging her big breasts, then i noticed it was the hosts. She smiled and said sit and relax, dont let us bother you. No worries looks hot i said and Ellen came right out and said “just like to watch” and the lady said enjoy. We sat and Ellen watched the couple. I could see the dance floor from where we sat. Rose was smiling and laughing and of course the guys were ogling. I nudged Ellen and she laughed Yep thats Kevin, old horn dog. I looked down at her ample boobs and said id love to massge them while you watch. Thats hot and she immediately pulled them out. Amazing i thought, pefectly round and hard slightly smaller than Roses but perfect nipples like hers. Very nice i said and she said thank you. Help yourself she said so i placed a hand over each and gently caressed them. I brushing them lightly with my face as i went. Thats nice she said, will have to remember this. Imagine with one guy on each side i said and she smiled and said yum.I would love to chat with you more but am so wore out she said. But would love your number, you sound like we’d get along. Sure i said and we exchanged. Not sure ill get them outta here though and if i do theyll just bug me back at the hotel 8. Were at the same one i laughed and we realized we were just down the hall. They can hang with us I suppose. Will give Rose someone to dance alsancak escort bayan with so i dont have to lol. And you could get some rest. Just a couple hours Ellen said. You guys wouldnt mind? Will ask her but dont want any false hopes. I will make sure they understand, that is if they want to stay and i hope they do and we laughed. We headed back and Ellen grabbed Kevin and i motioned for Rose and we sat down.I told Rose and explained she was beat. Was having fun you said and smiled. I could see Ellen chatting with Kevin and i went over. They want to stay but dont want to intrude. No problem i said but in exchange Rose wants a couple dances. Kevin smiled and Ellen explained everything, no worries we’ll behave, maybe flirt? Deal i said. Ellen leaned over Thanks and gave Kevin and Jake and kiss and left. Come sit Kevin said but told them to come up with us better view. We approached and Rose was smiling and said hi. I sat in back with Rose across with them on either side. I hear you want a wake me up Kevin said to Rose. Oh yea she said, Jake perked up can i come? Of course Kevin said and looked at me. Im good i said not much of a dancer. Rose came over and kissed me and whispered can i show him? If you like i said and off they went. They went into the room and purposely sat in my view and waved and I did back. Kevin looked at me and i saw my phone beeping. I looked and it was Rose. She had written, Jake is so cute and Kevin handsone, they are making me horny. I rushed and looked and she was smiling. She messaged again mind if i play a little? Enjoy hun i replied have fun. I watched and saw Jake take off his shirt. He was bare chested and slender but muscular. I was confused but not for long as she smiled at him. She ran her hands all over his chests and proceeded to run her tongue slowly around his chest brushing his nipples. I could see him gasp and smile and i rushed. I texted Rose he liked that. She smiled at me and texted back he sure did. Told me it felt so good. I watched as she did the same to Kevin and she got the same reaction. Wow i texted and she looked at me and smiled as she was sitting between them all facing me she ran her hands across their chests and flicked their nipples. I could see them both wriggle and smile and then to my shock Rose texted me Can i kiss them? Sure i replied and she immediately turned toward Jake and kissed him deeply and rubbed his chest and then did the same to Kevin. I rushed and texted sooo hot. You looked and smiled and texted back was hot

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