The Club Pt. 02


Author’s Note:

This is the second part to my story “The Club”, where you were introduced to a secret club where members who did not know each other met up to have sex… a dark room. This story takes the story in a slightly different direction and I hope you enjoy reading it.


The Sex Club — part 2

Chapter 1

My name is Jasmine and I have been working for an exclusive, member’s only private sex club for twelve months. In your mind, you are probably thinking of something a little seedy, like a brothel or a strip club – somewhere that men go to pay for sex? You also think that I’m one of the sex workers, don’t you — a woman who fucks a man for money? You’re wrong on all counts.

This sex club is like nothing you would have heard about before. Chances are, you would not get an interview to become a member. We are a private, exclusive club and all our members are interviewed by Nina, the owner.

When you first meet her, you will think that she is a senior executive for a blue- chip company. This is exactly the image she wants to portray; professional, intelligent and successful. Nina is striking, with luscious wavy black hair and large brown eyes. She wears designer fitted dresses, with matching jackets. She is always in Louboutin heels and carries a handbag from another designer label.

Shall I tell you a bit more about this Club? First of all, you don’t choose us – Nina chooses you. There is a vigorous selection process. Unless you know someone who is a member with us, you will not even know we exist.

Nina is extremely careful about the type of person she is willing to accept as a member. They have to be successful, for a start and we check your bank accounts to ensure you can pay the extortionately high joining and membership fees.

Nina expects people to take good care of their physical health. This is after all a club where strangers are having sex with one another. The men I have seen walk through our doors, are in excellent shape and ridiculously handsome (Nina seems to always pick the good-looking ones). The women are also successful in their careers, well-educated and stunning.

Even though the physical appearance of our potential members is vetted by Nina, did I mention that they never see each other in the light? This is probably the biggest secret about the Club. No one knows who they are fucking. It’s all in the dark.

I want to quote something that Nina says in every interview:

“We want your encounters to be purely physical. To get the most out of the experience, we limit what you can see. All your other senses will be heightened when you can only touch, hear and smell. There will be very limited lighting in the suites and it’s not bright enough for you to see each other.”

This is quite an original concept don’t you agree? I think this is why the Club has been so successful. The intense experience of sex, without sight and the anonymity of sleeping with strangers.

If you saw the list of our members and where they come from, you would never believe me. This list would give someone plenty of ammunition for blackmail.

If you pass the interview stage with Nina, you will be sent an agreement to sign, with a list of rules which all members must follow or be rejected.

1.You must be introduced by an existing client

2.You must not talk about the club to anyone, without prior consent from Nina

3.You must not share any personal information with your dates

4.You will agree to background and credit checks

5.You will have a health check with our own private clinic

6.You must not arrange to meet any of our clients outside of the venue

Now you are more than intrigued, aren’t you and you also want to know what I do at the Club?

You may call me a “Hostess,” but in reality, I am Nina’s right hand person. I know everything that is going on in the Club. She trusts me more than anyone else in the world. Why? Because I am her sister.

But I need to tell you a secret. I did something that threatened her whole business and our relationship. You might even say it was unethical. I’ll start with the day that it all went horribly wrong.

Chapter 2

I work at the Club, six days a week. It is a huge manor house set on six acres of land in the British countryside. The guest part of the house has ten private suites where members meet and have sex.

The other side of the house has been set up for the employees. There is a lounge area, two bathrooms, a kitchen, plus what I call the “business rooms.” These consist of a private room for security, who monitor the cameras in every suite and a large office where I work with another hostess called Alayna.

The office is a big room, with huge bay windows overlooking the landscaped gardens. There is a tall bookshelf running from floor to ceiling on one wall, a large fireplace on another wall and on the third wall are three desks, side by side with large computers. I sit at one desk, Alayna sits at another yenibosna escort and the third is reserved for Nina, when she is in the office.

Alayna and I have similar roles. We perform administrative, as well as front of house duties for Nina. Every morning at 8 a.m., Alayna and I have to log on to the software system to see who has booked in for that day. We go through the members’ list and agree who is responsible for greeting whom.

The morning session starts from 10 a.m., the afternoon from 2 p.m. and the evening from 6 p.m. Each suite is only used once a day. This is to allow time for thorough cleaning of the suites and avoid the risk of our members bumping into one another.

We never allow all ten suites to be occupied at the same time each day. Again, this is to allow for more privacy, exclusivity and ensure we are not running the place like a whore house that charges by the hour.

Our software system was designed by a former college roommate of Nina’s. It is sophisticated and does all the random matching of male and female members, plus allocate suites and times to ensure there is no double booking.

I would say that on average, we have two morning sessions, three afternoon sessions and the rest are evenings. Don’t look surprised. Many members want to start their day with a good fuck. Others pick a lunchtime as it is easier to leave work and say they are at a lunch meeting, but in fact, they are here getting intimate with a complete stranger.

Chapter 3

One Thursday morning, I was with Alayna in the office and Nina was out meeting potential members. I logged onto my computer and saw that we had already booked in eight couples that day. There were only two sessions for the morning, starting at 10 a.m.

I had agreed with Alayna to greet the members for the first session and she would greet the second. We then allocated the rest of the day’s sessions between us.

I sent an encrypted message to the first couple’s phones, to confirm the pickup time from our chauffeurs. Nina had managed to partner with a private executive chauffeur company, whose owner is very discrete. All their drivers signed a non-disclosure agreement to work with us.

The rest of our tasks for the day, involved reviewing application forms. While Alayna booked in the interviews for potential new members, I checked the bank account to make sure that money for the joining and membership fees had been paid. This was one of the final things that had to be ticked off on a member’s file, before they could access our secure app to book in a session.

The first member scheduled to arrive that day was a male, let’s call him Brandon for now. This was at 10 a.m., and the female, called Lisa was going to arrive at 10.15 a.m. We always stagger the arrival times to ensure that neither party can see each other.

At exactly 9.45 a.m., I walked through the hallway from the employee quarters to the other side of the house. It was long and narrow, with dark red walls and a few ornate picture frames, displaying abstract paintings. The ceiling was tall with decorative cornices.

I walked past the familiar gold numbered doors of the suites. Five on one side of the hallway and five on the other. At the end of the hallway, I pushed open a large wooden door and waited for one of our chauffeurs, Peter to drive up.

Within ten minutes, a black Mercedes pulled up close to the house. I watched as Brandon got out of the car, with Peter guiding him by his elbow.

Brandon had a blindfold on (dark black velvet, similar to an eye mask). He was a new member as I did not recognize his name when I looked at his profile earlier. He had medium brown hair, was about 5′ 11″ tall and wore a dark grey suit. He was carrying a laptop briefcase with him, which suggested he had either left work or was going to go straight to work afterwards. I prepared myself for the usual meet and greet.

When Brandon and Peter reached the entrance, I took hold of Brandon’s free hand and said,

“Good morning sir! Welcome to the Club. I’m Jasmine and I will take you inside the house. Once we are indoors, you can remove your blindfold for a minute. You won’t bump into any other clients, as we deliberately stagger your arrival times. We also have four different entrances into the venue. Please mind your step, just here as we walk through the front entrance.”

“Hello Jasmine. Pleased to meet you.”

Brandon smiled confidently and I noticed he had nice, full lips and the smudge of stubble around his chin and lower cheeks which gave him a rather sexy look. His voice was deep and smooth, reminding me of a DJ on a radio station, who played love songs all night long and used catchphrases like, “Here’s one for the ladies.”

I bit my bottom lip to stop myself from giggling. Taking Brandon’s hand, I led him into the house.

“You can remove the blindfold now, but please keep hold of it as you’ll need it later,” I said as I zeytinburnu escort shut the door behind us.

Brandon blinked and adjusted his eyes to the dimly lit hallway. When he turned to look at me, I saw his eyes were quite a vibrant sky blue colour. He smiled slowly and his gaze took in every inch of me from my high heels to my face.

I was wearing my standard work attire, which was essentially a tight black, knee length skirt and a silk cream blouse. The skirt was also functional as it had side pockets for storing my cell phone and a skeleton key for all the doors in the house. My light brown, wavy hair was tied up in a loose braid down my back.

I didn’t even flinch. All the male members scrutinized me and I was used to it. I wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous like our female members and was well aware of this fact, but my eyes are an unusual aqua colour, that can sometimes look green and sometimes blue and they always make men look twice.

I stared right back at Brandon, keeping a serene smile plastered on my lips. I did, however, feel an increase in my heart rate when his eyes landed on my breasts (above average size C cups) and lingered there a second too long.

Finally, he stopped eyeing me up like I was on the menu and said, “I can’t wait to meet the person I’ve been matched with. Is she here yet?”

I shook my head, “No sir, she’s arriving a bit later. She was held up and couldn’t get here earlier so for now, I’ll take you to a lounge area and you can wait there for a few minutes.”

I led Brandon down the hallway and we passed the wooden paneled doors of the suites. Brandon’s eyes tracked the numbers and it looked like he was mentally counting them.

“Are there ten rooms here?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Do you get full at this time of day?”

“No, sir. It’s usually quieter in the mornings. Don’t worry, your privacy is guaranteed. You won’t run into any other person at all.”

He nodded and seemed satisfied. We turned the corner and I pushed open another wooden door. It led through to a small lounge area with two soft armchairs and a coffee table in the middle of them. One large window let in the sunlight.

“Please take a seat. Can I get you drink?”

Brandon shook his head and moved over to a sofa. “No, thanks. I’ll just get my laptop out and check some emails.”

“I’m so sorry, but no devices are allowed in here. Do you mind giving me your laptop and phone for safe keeping?”

Mild annoyance flitted across his face

“It’s for your own protection,” I reminded him.

He nodded reluctantly and gave me his devices.

“Please make yourself comfortable and I’ll be back very soon.”

I left Brandon sitting on the sofa, fiddling with his watch.

As I shut the door behind me, I quietly locked it with the skeleton key. I did not want the risk of Brandon getting impatient and coming out of the room and potentially bumping into his date.

I put Brandon’s devices in the drawer of a side table, then walked swiftly to a second entrance of the house and waited for the female guest to arrive.

At 10.10 a.m., I got an unexpected call on my phone. My heart rate kicked up a notch when I saw it was Terrence, one of the chauffeurs.

“Hi Terrence, are you nearly here? Our male guest is waiting in the lounge.”

Terrence answered in rushed voice, “No Jasmine. Lisa was not at home when I arrived. I called her and there’s no answer. I think we’ve got a no show.”

My heart sank. In the twelve months of working at the Club, we have never had a no show. This was bad news for Brandon and our reputation.

“What do you want me to do, Jasmine?”

“Just go to your next job, Terrence. I’ll figure something out.”

I stood outside, staring at the luxury grounds of the Club. The tall beautiful oak trees, the stunning flower beds, the sweeping green lawn and wonderfully sculpted topiary. Normally this view would bring me peace, but not at that precise moment.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I cursed loudly. I knew I should call Nina and ask her advice, but she had put me in charge of front of house and I did not want to let her down.

There was one solution that flitted through my mind and I hesitated for a beat. This encounter would be anonymous and in the dark. Brandon would have no way of knowing who he was fucking. Maybe I could take the place of Lisa?

Even as I considered this option, my sensible brain was telling me it was too risky and I was not being rational. However, in that split second, I made up my mind and it altered the course of my life. Looking back, would I have made the same choice again? Yes.

Chapter 4

I ran back to the office and burst through the door. Alayna swivelled quickly in her chair and looked at me with an alarmed expression, when she saw my face.

“Alayna, I need your help. We’ve got a no-show female and the male is waiting in the lounge. I can’t let him down. It could acıbadem escort have serious repercussions for the Club so I’m going to take her place.”

Alayna’s jaw dropped and her eyes were like saucers.

“But….but….that makes no sense! You can’t do that, Jasmine. Shouldn’t we just cancel or call Nina? I’m sure the client will understand?”

“No, I don’t want to call Nina. She put me in charge and I want to solve this problem myself.”

“You can’t sleep with him!” she cried out, “this is totally insane.”

I have known Alayna for more than five years. We worked together in a previous company and became really good friends. The only reason she had this job was because of me.

“Alayna, I know what I’m doing,” I said firmly, “and this is the only solution. Brandon won’t even know it’s me. He’ll just think he’s having sex with some female he’s been randomly matched with. I just need you to bring him to suite number 3 in ten minutes ok?”

“Jasmine,” she said softly, “you’re really going to have sex with one of our members? Someone you don’t even know?”

I hesitated for a second. I had never had a one-night stand before, let alone sex where someone had paid for it. Could I go through with this?

“I’m going to do it, Alayna and I need you to help me and keep this a secret from Nina, please.”

I could tell from the resigned look on her face that she was going to support me and as she walked over to the door, I grabbed her and gave her a tight hug.

“Thank you. I really appreciate this.”

“I hope this isn’t going to backfire on us,” she said ominously.

Chapter 5

I ran back down the hallway and I stopped at suite number 3. My lucky number. I crossed my fingers that it was going to be lucky for me and I was not making a huge mistake.

Like all the other suites, the room was dark and from the faint hallway light you could see the outline of a huge, king size bed. The windows inside were covered with blackout curtains. There were tiny little lights on the ceiling and also miniscule lights along the edges of the walls. Down by my feet, were two strips of faint light, about a metre apart, which created a path from the bedroom door to the foot of the bed.

I closed the door and started taking my hair out of the braid. I shook the waves loose and ran my fingers through the tangles as I walked tentatively along the strips of light and sat down on the bed. It felt so strange to be on this side of the door.

Working quickly and without any hesitation, I took off my heels, then my skirt. I unbuttoned my blouse with shaky fingers and tossed it aside on the bed. I was left wearing a lace cream bra, with a matching lace and silk thong. Not that it mattered what colour they were as Brandon was not going to see them anyway.

I could hear Alayna’s voice as she and Brandon walked towards the suite and as she reached the door of number 3, she started the standard speech we gave all our guests.

“Please keep your blindfold on sir, until I have shut the door. If you need anything at all, just call out and security can be here within minutes.”

Every suite had cameras and listening devices. I had sat in the security control room in the past and watched the members on the television screens, with Dan, our security manager. The suites were so dimly lit that all you could see where silhouettes and shapes. I was not worried at all about Dan recognizing me. He has worked for Nina since the Club opened and he did not find his job sexy or arousing. In fact, Dan often sat reading a book and would peer up every now and again to check the monitors. When I first went into the security room, I was more disturbed by the moans, yells and grunts, but after a while it became background noise.

Alayna gently tapped on the door and then it opened. A faint shaft of light swept the room. Brandon and Alayna were in silhouette so I could not see their faces.

Brandon took a step in and I could see he still had his suit on. Then I noticed the circle of light on his left wrist. Fuck! I knew I had forgotten something. Every member is given a bracelet that emits a faint glow of light. It provides a point of reference for each guest so they can locate each other, but it was not bright enough to identify anyone’s face. I looked down at my bare wrist. I wasn’t wearing a bracelet.

Suddenly Alayna exclaimed, “Oh no, we forgot to put a bracelet on you! She walked past Brandon swiftly and approached the bed holding up a circle of light. Thank God for Alayna. She had remembered. I grabbed the bracelet gratefully and whispered, “Thank you.”

Alayna walked backed out of the room, passing Brandon and shut the door. “You can take your blindfolds off now,” she said from behind the closed door, knowing full well that I wasn’t wearing one.

Brandon started moving towards the bed and my voice was in my throat. What if he recognized me when I started talking?

“Hi, I’m Brandon,” he said.

I cleared my throat and tried to disguise my speaking voice, by dropping it down to a huskier tone. Usually, when I was “Jasmine, the Hostess”, I had to be perky and light, so my greeting voice was often at a higher pitch.

“Hey Brandon. You can call me Jade.” It was the first name I could think of and I was mentally kicking myself for not picking one that sounded totally different to my own.

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