The Coeds: First Week Fuck (Amy)

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NOTE: The Coeds is a series of short stories (some longer than others) about the sexual exploits of six freshman girls at a fictional college. The stories are organized by character, and, occasionally, the same story is told from multiple perspectives. Although it draws inspiration from real-life events (and some of the stories are not too far off), the names and locations have been changed to protect the horny, and it’s meant to be a sensationalized parody of college life.

All characters are over the age of 18 at all times described herein.

Amy’s First Week Fuck:

The first week of college is freshman orientation. Some upperclassmen are there, but there weren’t any classes. It was mostly events during the day to familiarize the new students with campus, and then debauchery at night as most of these 18 year olds were completely unsupervised for the first times in their lives.

I was at rooming with my high school friend Megan, and we went out on the second night with a lot of the girls from our floor. There were about ten of us, and we all ended up at the campus bar with what seemed like hundreds of other freshman. Music was playing, and drinks were flowing, and, even though everyone was practically “meeting” for the first time, pretty much everyone seemed to be looking to hook up.

Megan and I ran into a guy we had met earlier at orientation, and we started talking to him and some of his hall mates who were out just like we were. I immediately hit it off with his roommate from Vermont named Evan.

Evan was tall and confident, with sandy brown hair. I think he knew he had me twisted around his finger from the first moment. He bought me a drink, and then another. We were talking to others in the group, but we kept on coming back to one another.

I don’t know who asked who at this point, but we ultimately found ourselves out on the dance floor together. canlı bahis şirketleri It was an upbeat R guys will do just about anything if you suck their dick once in a while. With my ex, a spontaneous blowjob would always guilt him into doing something that he was fighting me on—without fail. The best part was that I was good too; so I could usually make him cum after a few minutes and be on my way!

With Evan, however, I was more interested in letting him savor the blowjob. I wanted to impress him. I clutched his thick cock at the base as bobbed slowly and methodically on the first few inches. I prided myself on my technique, occasionally twirling my tongue and curling it around the sensitive head of his big cock. He moaned appreciatively as I sucked powerfully and started to slowly stroke him with my hand too.

For the next ten minutes, I proceeded to suck Evan’s cock like it was the last cock on earth—bobbing up and down and taking it as deep as I could without gagging. I licked playfully all over his shaft and fluttered my tongue against the tip of his cock. About half way through, I pulled his pants and boxers all the way down to his ankles and licked and sucked his balls as well.

I could sense his climax coming as Evan’s moaning became more intense. “Ohh fuck that’s it,” he muttered. He was breathing like he had just sprinted a hundred meters. “Ohhh fuck don’t stop! Mmm, ohh, ohhh go—d!” Evan let out a prolonged groan of pleasure as his warm cum exploded in my mouth. I kept sucking as I felt burst after burst shoot down my throat, swallowing it all in stride as I continued to milk his cock at the base.

I had barely pulled his hard cock from my mouth when he pulled me up onto his bed. Evan kissed my neck and rolled me over to suck my breasts again. He continued to kiss and suck my flesh as he continued down across my toned stomach. I moaned softly canlı kaçak iddaa as he peeled off my thong and slid down on his knees at the side of the bed. I spread my legs and offered him my shaven wet twat.

Evan hungrily leaned in and started to lick my pussy. He was gentle and very deliberate—not rushing it one bit as his tongue slowly traversed my sensitive slit. I felt him spreading my pussy with his fingers as his tongue delved deeper and then flicked against my needy clit.

He soon increased his pace, licking and sucking with less exactitude, but no less pleasure. I moaned relentlessly as his tongue danced up and down my pussy; I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer as I grinded against his mouth as he sucked.

“Ohh fuck! OHH YES!” I moaned loud enough for the entire hall to hear. “Ohhhhhh! OHhhhHHH!” I have to believe a few of those nerds were jerking off to the sounds of my screams.

I continued to wail as Evan closed his mouth over my clit and sucked. I felt him slip two fingers inside me, and they glided in and out as his tongue caressing my clit. It didn’t take long before I was clutching his sheets and my body was shaking with orgasm—for the whole floor to hear.

I let go of my grasp of his sandy brown hair as I lay there breathing heavily, my body still tingling with delight. My eyes fluttered open as Evan was standing up. His cock was hard as a rock again, and he was already reaching into the drawer of his desk for a condom. He tore open bright gold foil packaging and unrolled the latex down his big cock; and I rolled on to all fours.

He climbed on the bed behind me, rubbing the tip of his cock playfully against my slit before pushing inside me. Even with me wetter than a waterslide, it was painful as his thick cock spread me apart; but pain soon turned to pleasure.

I climaxed again as Evan slapped and grabbed my ass; canlı kaçak bahis and I was well on my way to third time as I rode his big cock. I had never had multiples with my ex (not with his dick anyway); of course, we’d never even tried multiple positions in one session…

As continued to bounce on top of Evan’s thick sausage of a cock, I started to cum again. Evan was moaning right along with me, laboring a bit as his eyes clenched shut. He grunted loudly and pushed deep inside of me. He grunted some more as he started to cum. My own body pulsed with pleasure as I smiled down at him and collapsed onto his chest.

We cuddled up naked and I slept in his bed that night. When I woke up, I noticed that Evan’s roommate John had come home. He had probably seen at least my breasts, since I wasn’t fully under the covers when I woke up. Strangely, that made me feel a little excited. It felt like a bit of a naughty rush.

John was snoring only a few feet away, but I decided to wake Evan up with a little morning head. I slipped under the covers and took his entire limp cock in my mouth. Evan immediately started to moan softly as I sucked and tugged on his cock, which quickly started to grow. His once supple member became rigid with excitement. I started caressing his balls as I sucked—I loved sucking his big cock.

I’m sure John heard the whole ordeal, because Evan was not being that discreet, grunting and moaning with every flick of my tongue. I no longer heard John snoring.

“Ohh suck it just like that,” Evan pleaded (removing any doubt as to what I was doing under there). “I’m cumming so hard!”

I tasted his warm cum even before he said it. It was a big juicy load, but I swallowed it all. When I emerged from under the covers, Evan was looking down at me like he had met his dream girl. Later, when I quickly got dressed, I could have sworn I saw John (fake sleeping) take another peek at my body.

Honestly, I figured my performance that night would have inspired many return hook ups with Evan, but shortly after that night he began dating some other girl in our class. He is still the best lay I had all year.

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