The Conference Hookup: His Story

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For another version of this story from the other perspective, check out The Conference Hookup: Her Story by infamousquail.


For twenty-four years now, I’ve been getting up at the same time every morning… 4:30am. So much so that I’ve actually been waking up at 4:29 am. No alarm. My body has trained itself to wake up without it. Yet, every night, I set the alarm. I guess I’m a creature of habit.

Today is no different. I get up, pack my lunch, and head out to the jobsite. We’re remodeling a hotel lobby that’s stuck in an 80s holiday movie. Should be an easy fix. Maybe some hot, corporate woman and I will take one look at each other and fuck like animals. At least, that’s the fantasy that plays in my head. One of many daydreams that get me through the day.

I like to show up early. Find a good parking spot. Enjoy my coffee and try to pick out the men and women that look like they’re having an affair at the hotel. It’s a game I like to play. Probably because I wish it was me getting laid. I suggested that to my wife once. You know, the role play thing where we pretend like we’re strangers that meet at a hotel and fuck. She laughed. I can’t say that I didn’t try. She’s not very adventurous.

As the work day begins, I notice a more-than-normal presence of corporate men and women arriving. They’re all going into the conference room. This’ll make for a non-productive day. You can’t expect a bunch of horned up construction workers to stay busy with a hot piece of ass walking by all day. We can build skyscrapers, but put one woman in our view, and it’s over. All the skilled labor is out the window.

Then you walk in. It’s almost like the world around me stops. You’re a perfect 10. And you’re on a mission. I can see the confidence in your walk. It’s so fucking sexy to me when a woman knows what she wants. Small, curvy body with your business skirt and heels, hair pulled back. You’re so focused on work, you don’t see illegal bahis my jaw drop. You make your way into the conference and disappear behind the doors.

I’m completely distracted now. I keep looking to see if you’re coming out of the conference room, constantly. Lunchtime rolls around, and I choose to stay behind and wait for you. As the doors kick open, a herd of suits pours out. I’m scanning feverishly, looking for you. Just as I think I missed out, I see you. With a serious look on your face, heading towards the check in desk. I make my way closer. I can hear your voice while you’re talking to the front desk person. You’re checking in for the night. Your voice gives me goosebumps. It’s sexy and confident. I’m wandering a bit closer when you turn around and start walking towards me. Our eyes lock as you walk by. I must look like a deer in headlights. I stop and stare as you walk by and you give me a smile. You smell amazing. So amazing…I’m paralyzed. As I watch you walk away, I realize I missed a chance. You leave for lunch with the rest of the herd, and I go back to work.

I can’t believe I froze up. I’m stewing about it the rest of the afternoon. I can’t get you out of my head. It’s quitting time now. I’m packed up to leave. I decide I better use the restroom before I head home. Still thinking about you as I turn the corner, I almost knock someone over. It’s you…we bump into each other. And as you start to fall, I reach out with both hands. One grasps your right hand, the other your lower back. It’s almost like we were dancing and I dipped you. I pull you to your feet and apologize. Your scent is even stronger being this close. It sends a shiver down my spine. We linger for a moment… Then you apologize and head back to the conference. I’m awestruck now. I’m determined. I’m not leaving until I talk to you. Something in your eyes tells I have to stay.

I wait at the hotel lounge bar for your day to end. Finally the illegal bahis siteleri doors open. There you are; you’re walking towards the bar. I’m starting to sweat a bit. I gather myself and get ready to make my move. It’s as if you’re walking right to me. Our eyes lock again. The closer you get, the heavier my heart beats. You walk right up to me, smile…and keep walking slowly past. I realize I didn’t say anything. I’m left staring again. Then you look back over your shoulder at me and wink. A rush comes over me. I jump up and saunter towards you. You’re at the elevator bank as I make my way over. I see the doors opening. You’re walking in. I rush to get to you. I get to the elevator just as you’re turning around. We lock eyes, embrace…and kiss. Like long lost lovers, as the doors close.

The doors open to your floor. You smile and start walking down the hall. I follow. You get to your room, open the door, and before the door can close, we’re kissing and grabbing at each other again. I start to unbutton your blouse and pull at your bra as you pull my shirt up and off. I lead you to the bed and lay you back. Staring into your eyes, kissing you lightly. Slowly moving down, towards your neck, behind your ear. You let out a sigh that melts me. I keep moving, caressing your breasts as I make my way down your shoulder, kissing. When I get to your breasts, I’ll start to nibble lightly on your nipples. At the same time, my hands are running down your body. I’m pulling your skirt and panties down, kissing my way down.

You put your legs up as I pull the rest of your clothes off. I start back kissing your body at your belly button, down towards your pussy. But I don’t touch it yet. I’ll move to the inside of your thigh, just above your knee, looking up at you as I kiss back up towards your pussy again. I want to see your eyes as I get close. When I get to the top of your thigh, I’ll stop just to the side of your visibly wet pussy…then canlı bahis siteleri move to the other leg. From your knee, back up. Now both of your legs are over my shoulders. I’ll kiss and lick slowly, starting at the bottom of your pussy. My arms wrapped under you grasping your ass, pulling you in as if I’m about to eat the juiciest fruit. Running my tongue up and down with one hand now rubbing slowly right above your clit. I can hear your breathing increasing now.

Now I’m starting to push my tongue into your soaking wet pussy. With my other hand, I start to rub the bottom of your pussy. It’s so wet, my finger slides right in. Licking your clit and slowly sliding my finger in and out. You reach down and grab my hair. You’re starting to roll your hips and grind your pussy on my face. I won’t stop until you beg me to fuck you. You’re moaning louder now. You start to pull my head up. I know you’re ready.

I slide my pants down. My cock is so hard by now. We lock eyes again, kissing. You grab my throbbing cock and start rubbing it up and down against your wet pussy. It slides in slowly. We both let out sigh of relief as I inch my way in. Slowly thrusting at first, staring, kissing. You grab my hips and pull me in as deep as I can go. It feels amazing. You look at me and whisper to fuck you hard. I start to speed up. Deeper…faster. We’re both moaning louder now. The bed is starting to hit the wall. Both of us are panting like animals. Faster still…harder. I’m sure the neighbors can hear us, but we don’t care. I’m thrusting so hard and fast now, my balls are slapping against your pussy with every deep thrust. We’re close. I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock. It feels so good…I can’t hold back anymore.

“I’m gonna cum,” I groan.

You’re pulling me in harder and faster still. Both of us are climbing, grabbing, until finally with a loud grunt and moan, I cum deep inside you. You can feel my cock pulsing and pumping my cum deep inside, filling you full. The feeling of your pussy squeezing every last drop out of my cock is like no other feeling I’ve ever had. Both of us are out of breath now. Kissing. Staring. Basking in the most amazing sex.

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