The Convict Discipline House


Mary and Betty walked up the path to the front door, both dreading what was going to happen to them over the next couple of hours. Mary was sixty-four-years-old and Betty was sixty-six-years-old and both were partway through their prison sentences. Most of the prisoners worked at the prison for just a very low nominal wage which they used to buy special items, but Mary and Betty very were two of the lucky ones offered employment at the local factory owned by Mrs Carson. Mrs Carson was forty-two-years-old and owned almost the whole town and lived in a mansion on the outskirts with its huge grounds. She also owned the factory and with a constant eye for making a profit, she approached the authorities and suggested she employed several of the prison inmates to work in the factory and she would meet the wage bill. She pointed out how that would save the local authorities some money, and as she had expected, they were eager to take up her offer.Mrs Carson had a strict authoritarian demeanour and interviewed each prisoner to make it clear that if they were allowed to work in the factory, there were strict rules they had to comply with, and if they failed to do so, then they would be liable to a discipline regime that was much tougher than the simple loss of privileges that they would suffer at the prison. However, because the pay was so much higher, Mary and Betty, along with several other inmates, readily agreed.Mary and Betty joined the other prisoners on the bus that took them to the factory on their first day and were surprised to find that the supervisors were teenagers. They were told by the other inmates that, as it was summer holiday time, the usual supervisors were working elsewhere, and the teenage prefects who attended the local sixth form college took over. Mary and Betty smirked at each other thinking that the teenagers would hardly have the experience to supervise them closely and they, therefore, thought they wouldn’t have to work very hard at all and still get the higher pay. They also reckoned that they should be able to find things that they would be able to steal and take back to the prison and sell to other inmates, which would supplement their income. The teenage supervisors all wore a green and white check short-sleeved gingham dress with bare legs, which made it a uniform and although similar to what girls wore at college, but it gave them the edge in terms of authority over the inmates just like a uniform was supposed to do.During the first morning, Mary and Betty had to admit they were surprised at how hard all of the other inmates worked, and how worried they seemed whenever one of the teenage supervisors was in sight. There was no joking about but just focus on the work that they had to do, which was rather different to the work ethic by those inmates that carried out their work inside the prison. Mary and Betty couldn’t understand why the other inmates were being so obedient, and even when they tried to engage other inmates in conversation, they were given short shrift and told to stop talking and concentrate on their work.During the late morning, Mary and Betty both secreted a small screwdriver in the inside pocket of their dresses, knowing that they would get quite a price for them when they got back to the prison. They took them as soon as they saw them, just in case they disappeared during the afternoon, reckoning they were safe enough hidden away in their dresses.However, when they made their way to the canteen, they hadn’t realised that they would be searched and, were immediately worried that when they were, the items they had stolen would be found on them. What surprised them even more was that the search was going to be carried out by the teenagers who stopped each of the inmates ahead of them as they walked towards the canteen and ordered, “Okay, ladies, stop and put your hands upon your heads, please. I just need to pat you down.”Mary and Betty both looked on anxiously as they joined what was effectively a queue and saw that everyone was going to be patted down before bahis siteleri they walked into the canteen. It was then that both Mary and Betty realised they should’ve waited a while before trying to steal and, as they got closer to the front of the queue, they both got more and more tense as they could see that the teenage girls were actually quite experienced in searching for stolen items, and they had little doubt that they were going to be caught. As they moved closer to the teenage supervisors so they both remembered the stories they had heard from other inmates about how they would be disciplined if they didn’t work hard enough, and disciplined more severely if they did something like steal, and all of a sudden they were regretting what they have done but couldn’t find a way of dropping the screwdrivers without being caught anyway.Suddenly it was their turn to be searched and both were ordered to put their hands on their heads and two teenage girls were patting them down and as they both felt the screwdrivers, they looked at each other and then at Mary and Betty and one of the teenagers said sternly, “Right, ladies, step over to that wall and remain standing with your noses pressed against the wall because you are going to have to be dealt with for stealing.”Moments later, both now distraught women had their noses pressed against the wall and were deeply regretting what they had done and could now see that the teenagers were much more experienced at dealing with the inmates than either of them had imagined. They didn’t know how long they were in the naughty spot position, but they were suddenly shaken out of the reverie with the order, “Hands down and hold them out in front of you, you naughty granny-aged women.”Both Mary and Betty immediately obeyed, and within moments both had their hands secured in handcuffs with chains on them, and they were being led as though they were pet dogs by two of the teenagers. They both also noticed how they were getting looks from the other inmates, which told them that they knew they were both in for something quite awful, and that got them both more and more worried. Once outside, they were led to a waiting bus and were secured to their seats by their handcuffs.Once on the bus, Mary and Betty were told by the supervisor that they were being taken to a house a little way away from the factory and it was also owned by Mrs Carson, and used by the teenage supervisors to discipline disobedient inmates and that they should fear the worst about the severity of the punishment they were going to receive.Mary and Betty were both still in handcuffs as they were led off the bus and up the pathway to the front door. The house was clearly not the mansion in which Mrs Carson lived, but was still a substantial house in a road comprising other houses of a similar nature which were well spaced out. As they got to the front door, it was opened by yet another teenage prefect with a nametag, Emma, on her dress, and reckoned she looked all of seventeen-years-old.The handcuffs were removed as Mary and Betty stood in the hallway, and the teenage supervisor then made to leave but first made the comment with a stern look on her face, “You have certainly underestimated our ability to find the stolen goods, and I have no doubt that you will regret what is about to happen to you, but I’m confident you will suffer the pain and humiliation that you fully deserve.” She then left the house and walked back to the bus.Emma then ordered, “Right, you naughty ladies, into the front room.”Mary and Betty cringed at the comment but obeyed because they knew who was in charge, and it wasn’t them. After all, it had been made clear to them that it was for them to obey whatever instructions they were given, without fail and without question, and they must not forget their place as inmates of the prison, put there because they committed a crime, and now brought here because they have committed yet another crime and the teenage supervisors were both judge and jury.Mary and Betty were led through to the front canlı bahis siteleri room and were surprised at just how many teenage girls were there. Only the supervisors wore the standard uniform whilst the rest were in clothes commonly worn by teenage girls like tight cropped vest tops and tight shorts or a miniskirt, and with bare legs, because, after all, it was the middle of summer. Hence the girls were suntanned and Mary and Betty immediately remembered how they were once able to sunbathe until they became inmates and their lives had changed.Emma let the two women look around the room momentarily, knowing the watching teenage girls were making derogatory remarks already, before ordering, “Right, you naughty granny-aged women, get undressed for your punishment.”Mary and Betty grimaced again but knew that they had no choice as here they were, standing in the middle of a room otherwise occupied by at least a dozen teenage girls, and they were the ones being told to get undressed. Humiliated but immediately obeying, they both unzipped their dresses and slipped them down their arms and passed their waists down to the floor, and then eased themselves down, stumbling slightly, but both managing to scoop up their dresses from the floor. They looked around for somewhere to put their clothes but heard Emma order, “Leave them on the floor as that’s where your clothes belong.”Because of that instruction, when both Mary and Betty put their hands behind their backs and unclipped their bras and slid them down their arms and caught them, they simply let the bras fall to the floor as well. They then eased their thumbs into their knickers and pushed them down to the floor and stepped out of them, and when they stood back up, fully naked, they knew that their clothes were simply lying on the floor as though they didn’t matter. After all, they were just lowly thieving inmates being watched by their superiors in every way.As the two increasingly distraught women stood back up, they heard derogatory comments from several of the teenage girls about their fleshy arms and legs and tummies, and their lined faces and turkey necks, and as they looked around the room, they saw the smirks on the teenage girls’ faces and listened to their giggles. Of course, had this been a public place, both Mary and Betty would have given these girls a real tongue lashing, but, to be fair, it was the teenage girls who were in charge, and not only was there nothing to be gained by any retorts, both women realised it was only likely to cause an even more severe punishment than they already expected.A second supervisor, whose name tag showed her name was Lucy and who looked to be sixteen-years-old, came into the living room and, ignoring the two naughty inmates, Emma said to her, “I think naughty spot time.”Lucy replied, “Agreed,” and turning to the two inmates, ordered in an authoritative tone, “Go to the wall over there and press your noses against it and stay there until we tell you otherwise. Your hands must be on top of your heads.”Mary and Betty now felt the humiliation of standing with their noses pressed against the wall as they heard the constant chatter from the teenage girls with continuing remarks about their fleshy bottom cheeks and how they were soon going to be turned so red and with welts from the cane painted across them. The two women were thinking how they would’ve found it quite funny if they were watching two women like them about to be disciplined, but it certainly wasn’t funny at all being the two women actually facing the discipline of these haughty teenage girls.As Mary and Betty stared at the white wall just an inch of their eyes and continued to hear the derogatory chat, they also started to hear the swish of canes. Mary knew that she was used to being caned, although she had never discussed that with Betty. She loved to be spanked and caned both before and after sex with her girlfriend, even at her age. So, in a strangely erotic but perverse way, she was actually looking forward to being spanked and caned canlı bahis but felt sorry for Betty, who she supposed hated the prospect.In fact, Betty had rather more than a fantasy herself about being both spanked and caned as she too had experience of both because when she was married, her husband, John, liked her to be dominant and to both spank and cane him. She knew that John coped reasonably well when she disciplined him, although he always preferred it when he asked her to discipline him. Once she had discovered John’s liking for being disciplined, she imposed various rules, including timekeeping and jobs around the house, and whenever he failed to do something, she told him to fetch her the cane, order him to remove his trousers and underpants, then have him bend across her lap for quite a long spanking, followed by a normal six strokes of the cane. There was a notable difference between John asking to be disciplined and Betty deciding he needed to be. When he asked to be disciplined he already had an erection and stayed turned-on to give her the most huge orgasm after his punishment. On the other hand, when she decided he needed to be disciplined there was no erection and he wasn’t turned on by the end of the punishment, but Betty never minded that because she saw it as being a disciplinary punishment rather than foreplay to sex, and, anyway, gave herself wonderful orgasms whilst John was dealing with the unwanted pain. Betty was trying to assess as she stared at the blank wall whether she was turned on or not by the fact this time it was her who was going to be disciplined, and not by her own choice either. She didn’t suppose it was so different being on the receiving end compared to being the one giving the punishment, although with John, she always tried to make sure that although painful, it was never more of a punishment than he could take, whilst now she wasn’t so sure that these teenage supervisors would stop then, but might instead make the punishment one that she could not reasonably take. Either way, she doubted Mary was looking forward to the spanking, anyway.Emma and Lucy let the two granny-aged women worry about the punishment for a while before they both went and sat on high-backed chairs and then Emma ordered, “Right, you naughty women, come here and get across our laps.” As they turned, Mary saw that Emma was looking at her.Lucy ordered, glaring at Betty, “You too, you naughty granny-aged woman.”The time had arrived for both Mary and Betty as they looked at the two authoritative teenage supervisors in their short-sleeved dresses with the hems having risen right up so that their tummies were going to be lying across the two teenage girls’ bare thighs as they had their bottoms spanked. They didn’t dally, though, because without realising the feelings of the other, they were both turned on by the prospect of being spanked, although were worried that this was not going to be anything like the playful or sexual spankings they had received or given in the past, but a real discipline punishment. Moments later, both Mary and Betty were across the teenage girl’s laps, with an upside-down view of everybody in the room, and having to listen to the continuing derogatory comments and encouragement from the watching girls to make sure it was a really hard spanking. Mary and Betty both saw the calf muscles of the two teenage girls tense and knew that the first spank was on the way and, when it did land, it stung. As the spanking proceeded, they both realised that whilst being spanked or giving a spanking as part of sexual foreplay the build-up was slow; this wasn’t because the spanks landed with quite a pace and increasing intensity and were clearly designed, as both of them had thought, to be very much a punishment.The two supervisors proceeded to spank alternate bottom cheeks, doing so for several minutes, turning each bottom cheek deeper and deeper shades of red. Afterwards, they changed to spanking the same bottom cheek several times and then the other bottom cheek several times, and so the bottom cheeks started to glow red. Then they did the same to the backs of each leg and enjoyed seeing how the naughty woman on her lap squirmed around but didn’t try to get up, no doubt for fear of an even harder spanking.  

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