The Corporate Ladder


The Corporate Ladder

(All rights reserved)

Part One

Once again, Celia returns to the shame of this dark, dreary place with indiscernible features. First, she inhales the overwhelming stench of sex, placing every nerve ending on alert. Then, from the darkness, a whiff of masculine cologne propels a ticklish trimer careening through her core. Celia tenses. Without warning, his fiery breath caresses the nape of her neck. He’s behind her, but she dare not see his face. Being taken in this manner is humiliating enough without his image haunting her mind. Then, without warning, he grinds into her. Even through the layers of clothes, Celia detects his every twitch. Celia senses the other watching. Every eye in attendance glares to prepare for witnessing her shame in this act of decadence. Faceless forms jockey for position, drawing the oxygen from the room.

He hikes her skirt over her bum. Celia’s panties become crepe paper in his hands as he rips them off. Modesty dictates she ends her scandalous display by lowering her skirt. But her insatiable cravings demand she spread her legs instead.

A whimpering moan escapes her lips as his bulbous head traces over her entrance. Instantly, her breasts are swaying to the rhythm of his thrusts. Spectators gasp, hands are on her breast, their moans fill her ears. Yet, Celia’s focus remains locked on the pounding phallus until her body convulses in orgasmic bliss.

Alone on her bed, the buzzing dildo remains firmly embedded when Celia finally opens her eyes. Once more she is left to her own devices to find momentary relief from her insatiable cravings

Celia slowly withdraws her favorite dildo, but instead of freeing it from her love canal, she shoves it back in for one last thrill. Her hips rotate as Celia questions the five year relationship and three-year marriage to Bret. But her love for Bret isn’t in question. Neither is the strain of living with a man whose job keeps him away for days on end.

An hour later, Celia squeezes her thighs together once more before turning the car off. One more little thrill before starting the workday. “Damn you, Bret. You may be the love of my life, but this waiting alone at home for you to reappear is getting old.” But, of course, there’s no reply. Her husband doesn’t return from his flight until tomorrow.

Before buckling down to work, Celia makes a stop by the lunchroom for her morning coffee. Marcy joins her, patiently waiting for her turn at the coffee machine, asking, “Aren’t you sleeping well?”

“Does it show?” Marcy nods. “Bret’s on the last day of a ten-day flight, and I don’t sleep well when he’s away.”

Mary smiles sympathetically. “Yeah, I remember being twenty-three. Twice a day sometimes didn’t do the trick.”

“At this stage, every other day sounds doable,” Celia says with a giggle.

Celia takes a sip as Xillia sticks her head in the door, saying, “Celia, Mark wants to see you before you start.”

Celia tilts her head. “Did he say what he needed?”

Xillia smiles. “I’ll let him tell you.” She gives a wink, “but don’t worry, he’s in a terrific mood.”

A million scenarios rush through Celia’s mind. But, unfortunately, not one ends well when the Senior Partner of Johnston and Johnston asks to speak to you first thing in the morning.

Xillia leads Celia into the reception area outside Mark Johnston’s office. She does a double-take from her desk as Celia stares. “Mark’s expecting you. Is there a problem?”

Unable to move, Celia asks, “Do I look alright.”

Xillia suppresses a giggle. “You’re stunning.”

In a whisper, Celia asks, “Is he firing me.”

Xillia slowly shakes her head, extending an index finger toward Mark’s door.

Celia taps on the door to Mark’s office before turning the handle. Mark waves her inside, saying, “Celia, glad you could stop by. Please take a seat.”

“Is there a problem, sir?”

“Celia, can you believe you have worked for us a year already?”

“Yes, sir. Or I mean no, sir, I enjoy working here so much. Time just flew by… Am I in trouble?”

Mark nods, “You will be if you don’t start calling me Mark.” But then, he chuckles, “I’m kidding. Your work and work ethic is exemplary.”

A nervous tremor vibrates through and through. Celia clutches her hands so as not to show them shaking. Mark pours a glass of water, handing it to Celia, “Calm down, my dear. Then, with your permission, I would like to discuss your future with Johnston and Johnston.”

Celia catches herself before placing the glass on her boss’s desk. She damn sure didn’t want to get fired for leaving rings on the antique mahogany desk.

Mark smiles. “Celia, where do you see yourself in five years.”

“I’m taking paralegal classes and hope to earn a position when I graduate.”

“Marvelous. We all need a goal to shoot for. How far along are you.”

“I’ll graduate in six months, sir.”

“We always need outstanding paralegals. Would you consider a position with us after you graduate?”

Nervously ankara bayan escortlar Celia bows her head, “Earning a paralegal position here is my goal.”

Mark taps his upper lip. “I understand the paralegal course is pricy. How would you feel about me financing your studies in return for agreeing to take a paralegal position with us.”

Celia’s head spins in confusion. “You are too kind. But I could never ask you to do that, sir.”

Mark extends his index finger, “First, you didn’t ask. I volunteered.” He raises another finger. “Second, you proved yourself as a superior employee with great work ethics, so it’s prudent business.” Holding up a third finger, his steel-blue eyes lock with hers. “And if you don’t quit calling me sir, I’ll need to spank you.”

Celia’s thighs involuntarily twitch together at the prospect of being bent over this handsome man’s lap. Of course, he’s kidding, but the image of those long tapered fingers swatting her bare ass is a mind-boggling turn-on.

Mark jars Celia from her vision, saying, “Shall we discuss why I brought you here today.”

Celia nods. Mark says, “Confidentiality is the crux of our company. For an employee to advance, they must be a trusted team player.” Mark holds his stare. “Celia, are you a trusted team player?”

“What I see and hear inside this office stays inside these walls. I think my work history proves this, Mark.”

“Most definitely, and therefore I thought of you when this position opened.”

Celia’s head tilts. “I don’t recall seeing a position being posted.”

Mark chuckles. “The best positions are never posted. They’re offered.”

Mark studies Celia a moment longer before saying, “Xillia started this position three years ago. Last semester she graduated from law school, and last week she passed the State Bar. This is her last week as my administrative assistant. I would like for you to fill the position she’s vacating.”

“Is Xillia leaving the company?”

“No, she’s our newest associate.”

“Sir, I’m honored. Yes, this position is a dream come true.”

“Don’t be rash. This position requires a dedication some may not be willing to commit to, so think this over before making your decision. I have yet to explain your duties.”

Celia nods as Mark presses the intercom. “Xillia, would you mind joining us”

Xillia enters, locking the door. “Yes, sir”

“Celia expresses an interest in filling your position. Would you mind going over some of what that entails?”

Xillia nods, facing Celia. “As the head of the company, Mark fills a stressful position. So we want him relaxed and at his best at all times.” She holds her hand out to Celia. “Allow me to demonstrate.”

Hand in hand, they approach Mark. “Just as I suspected, can you tell how keyed up he is?” Xillia motions toward the tent in Mark’s trousers.

Celia freezes, pulling back. But her eyes don’t leave the outline of Mark’s magnificent manhood in his slacks. Xillia smiles. “Don’t be intimidated. Let’s examine it closer, shall we.”

Celia’s breaths quicken as Xillia’s delicate fingers lowers the zipper. She fishes his cock free, turning to Celia as she strokes. “Have you ever seen anything so masculine?” Lost in her captivation, Celia isn’t aware of her head shaking slowly from side to side.

Xillia sinks to her knees and engulfs Mark’s erection in her mouth. She removes his wet red cock from her mouth, swirls her tongue around the head, and summons Celia. In a sex-starved trance, Celia joins her kneeling on the other side of Mark’s legs.

Celia exhales an agonized moan. Xillia smiles, tilting his cock toward Celia, and says, “Taste his shaft. But remember, he adores wet juicy head.”

Fixated, Celia’s fingers encircle his erection. She savors his aroma as her tongue sloshes around the head. Then she takes him into her throat. So focused on her blow-job, discovering Xillia naked a moment later surprises her.

“My turn,” Xillia says, wrapping her fingers around Mark’s cock.

Celia stands, and in mindless fascination, lowers the zipper on her dress. Her mind swirls. One event morphs into another until Xillia is sprawled in front of her on Mark’s desk. Behind her, Mark eases Celia forward toward the V of Xillia’s widespread legs. Celia’s mouth an inch from Xillia’s pussy, Mark enters her. The forbidden thrill is captivating. He is the same size as the man she loves, her husband. As Mark pounds into her, Bret’s image flashes in her mind.

Forgive me, Honey, but I can’t stop now. I promise to make it up to you.

Twenty minutes later, Celia’s pussy is overflowing with Mark’s sperm. Xillia’s juices coat her face, and for the first time in weeks, she’s experiencing the glow of sexual satisfaction. Xillia takes Celia in her arms, tracing her tongue over Celia’s lips, before giving her a passionate kiss. Their lips part and Xillia says, “Welcome to the eighteenth floor. We’ll have a ball.”

Mark kisses both women and says, “Xillia, I see no reason for prolonging this. Call maintenance elvankent seksi escortlar to move your things into your new office and help Celia settle in this afternoon.

Xillia nods. “And you need to get a move on. You’re due in court in an hour.”

Mark chuckles on his way to the shower. “Celia, those are some humongous shoes you’ll be filling.”

Celia giggles, “I can only imagine.”

Alone, Celia steps into her panties with a sigh. Xillia studies her, asking, “Are you all right.”

“Conflicted,” Celia says with a shrug. “I’m no cheater, but God, I enjoyed what just took place.”

Xillia nods, asking, “Is this the first time you took the bull by the horns and taken what you needed. Instead of waiting for a man to give it to you.”

“Am I that obvious.”

“What we need is a long talk over lunch. Let’s go.”

“Xillia, it’s not even ten o’clock.”

“You now report to Mark, who when in a satisfied state of mind cares less how you spend your time.”

The two women follow the maître d to their table as Celia scans the restaurant. Finally, Xillia asks, “Does this place meet with your approval?”

“Unfortunately, Xillia, I can’t afford this.”

Xillia laughs, “Obviously, Mark neglected discussing the salary and perks of your new position.”

Celia’s mouth opens as her head tilts. Xillia playfully flings a credit card toward Celia. “You now have an expense account. Lunch is Mark’s treat.”

On their second martini, Xillia asks, “Are you ready to tell me what’s bothering you.”

Celia glances around the room, ensuring their privacy. “I can justify losing my mind once, but I can’t rectify being a concubine.”

Xillia giggles. “You’re not a concubine. Think of this as being compensated for taking what you need while giving what Mark needs.”

“I’m a married woman, and however you justify this, sex outside the marriage is wrong.”

“Celia, you marry for love. But just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re sexually satisfied.”

Celia shakes her head, “You marry to be the only other person in each other’s life.”

“That’s the beauty of this arrangement. You go to work, take care of all your pent-up sexual frustrations. Then return home to love your husband with a satisfied mind.”

“And in the meantime, my husband is faithfully abiding by our vows. I can’t do that to him.”

Xillia takes a sip and smiles. “You’re either a conniving little bitch, or the most loving wife I ever met.”

“What do you mean.”

“Are you concerned with him discovering your sexual trysts or considering allowing him to share the freedom you’re experiencing.”

Celia gives a sheepish shrug, “A little of both, I guess.”

“Have you two discussed playing with other people?”

Celia nods, “Which I immediately shot down accusing him of wanting to have an affair.”

“Is he serious about wanting to play with other people?”

“The idea of fucking other women turns him on,” Celia says.

Xillia nods, “And with seeing you fucking other men.”

“I guess. He brought it up, knowing I wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea.”

“Are you planning on telling him all about your new position? Or are you pacifying your guilty conscience?”

“Pacifying my conscience for at the least the time being.”

Xillia laughs. “Mark’s going to be thrilled. You’re a much bigger jackpot than he expected.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Let’s just say I am a regular guest at his and Helen’s parties.”

“Who’s Helen?”

“Mark’s wife.”

“Oh my God, Mark flaunted you in front of his wife.”

“No. He fucked me in front of his wife while she did the same with anybody striking her fancy.”

Celia gulped her drink in stunned silence. Xillia finally asks, “Any idea how you will reveal this to Bret?” Celia shakes her head, and Xillia says, “Don’t worry, I do.”


Five o’clock Friday afternoon, Celia answers the doorbell to find Xillia on her front steps dressed to kill. Her short black cocktail dress is split to her naval and short enough to put on a show if she bent over.

Xillia rushes through the door carrying a garment bag. “Is he home yet”

Celia shakes her head. “He should be here any minute.”

Xillia hands her the garment bag. “Put this on and hurry. We have little time.”

“What’s this.”

Xillia arches her eyebrows. “A little something to ensure tonight goes as expected. I took you as a size 6, am I right.” Celia nods.

Half an hour later, from the front door, Bret says, “Honey, you better be naked. I sported this diamond cutter all afternoon thinking about what I’m about to do to you.”

His shirt is halfway unbuttoned as he freezes in the den. Bret’s eyes lock on the voluptuous blond sitting across from his wife. Then, finally, he pries his eyes from her exposed cleavage to lock with her sky-blue eyes, as she says, “Don’t stop on my account.”

Celia hastily introduces Xillia to her husband. “Honey, this is Xillia, my coworker.”

Bret’s bayan etimesgut escort lips form an unenthusiastic frown. “But, Celia, this is my first night home.”

Celia pats the sofa. “Sit down, Honey. Have I got a story to tell you.”

Bret gives Celia a confused stare. But before he can speak, Xillia flops on the other side of him, saying, “You’re going to be so impressed with your little wife.”

Of course, with the sexual aspect of her new position omitted, twenty minutes later, Bret sits between the two women with a broad smile. “Honey, I’m so proud of you. We should go out to celebrate your new position.”

Xillia busts out laughing. “Damn, Celia. Why didn’t we think of that.”

Both women are laughing as Bret turns from one to the other. Giving Xillia’s cleavage a covert glance, as he does.

Xillia gives Bret a mischievous smile. “Is there something on my dress? Or are these what you find so fascinating?” she says as she pulls the flaps of her dress apart, allowing her breast to spring free.

Bret’s head shoots around to face Celia with his mouth agape. She grins. “Those are some bodacious ta-ta’s. Aren’t they?”

He raises his hand to cop a feel. But thinks better of it and faces Celia and asks, “What’s going on.”

Celia shrugs. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”

He turns back to Xillia, who smiles as her index fingers trace circles around her nipples. Then, turning back to Celia, she’s doing the same thing. But before he can comment, both women straighten their dresses and stand. Finally, Celia says, “We’re going out to celebrate. Are you joining us or staying home”

A fabulous dinner at the swankest restaurant in town and three hours of hopping from one nightclub to another find Bret and Celia grinding on the dance floor. Finally, Bret says, “Honey, not to be rude, but do you think we can lose Xillia and go home.”

Celia snuggles close, “Whatever for. The three of us are having so much fun. Why would we want to ditch Xillia.”

“Celia, they say men might die from going this long with a Boner. You don’t want my death on your conscience.”

Celia raises her head, drawing her lips to his. Her head slowly shakes side to side, and she says, “Xillia and I are going to team up to ensure you don’t die.”

Bret’s head shoots back. His eyes lock with hers, and he asks, “Are you insinuating what I think you are?” Celia gives a broad smile and nods. “Let’s take this show to the house.”

Inside their home, the girls usher Bret upstairs to the master bedroom. He unbuttons the first two buttons on his shirt before freezing. Then, facing Celia, he asks, “Are you sure about this.”

They smile as Celia unbuttons his shirt, and Xillia takes care of his pants. In moments, the three are standing naked beside the bed. Bret glances from one to the other, asking, “This is new to me. What do we do.”

Xillia suppresses a giggle patting the bed. “Jump up here on your back. We’ll think of something.”

With no need to get Bret up for the task, both women position themselves on either side of him, taking turns licking and sucking. In moments his toes curl, his legs grow taught, and he groans, “I can’t hold back any longer.”

Xillia pulls down hard on his shaft, covering the head with her mouth. One stroke, and he’s going off like a Roman Candle. Her eyes never leave his as she greedily gulps every drop. When his trimmers stop, she takes Celia’s head in her hands, giving her a tongue-sloshing kiss.

Bret watches in fascination as both women explore each other’s bodies. In no rush, they linger with tantalizing caresses until morphing into a classic 69. Bret maneuvers, waiting for an opportunity to plunge his cock into Xillia’s dripping honey pot. Only to draw her stern rebuke. “Not this time, Bucko, do Celia first. Then if you’re man enough, come see me.”

With Celia on top of Xillia, Bret brings his cock to her entrance. Then, with a gentle thrust, he’s inside and stroking. Xillia is soon alternating between Bret’s shaft and balls and Celia’s clit. While Celia follows her urges with her mouth on Xillia’s clit.

It could have lasted but a minute or an hour. Time is impossible to calculate in this state of arousal. But after each reached the pinnacle of sexual bliss, they lay in a panting huddle on tangled sheets. Then, with endorphins enhancing their post-orgasmic glow, the three make their way to the den for a glass of fine red wine.

Xillia and Bret settle in on the sofa as Celia excuses herself. Bret studies Xillia’s sensual form and asks, “Would you mind my asking what I owe the pleasure of your company this evening.”

She smiles, “The subject came up during lunch conversation the other day.”

Bret nods, “Which of you brought up the subject of tag-teaming me.”

“I don’t recall. We both mentioned being horny, and when the subject evolved into who might remedy the situation, your name came up.” Xillia toys with his flaccid cock. “I sincerely hope you’re not offended.”

“Not in the least. My curiosity comes from her going ballistic when I brought up the subject.”

“She mentioned that. Celia also said her biggest fear is you going bat ass crazy if she ever fucks another man.”

Bret’s cock jerked in her hand. “She’s wrong about that. Her doing another man is my deepest fantasy.”

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