Subject: The Council of Elders 10 Chapter 10: Council of Elders The Council is back in Session By Kingeorge From the previous chapter: Later that day, Reverend Withers began to the think about the arrival of his friend, Lord Espiton, and especially, about the virgin ass of his eleven year old companion. Wither’s cock began to swell under his robe and became obvious to Widow Widrial. “Please make sure there is adequate lube in my bedchambers on the evening that my guests will arrive.” he said. “Of course” she said. And now, faithful readers, the Carriage carrying young Marcus of Comeson arrives at the estate of the Marquis DuCoch. Marcus was suddenly awoken when the lavish carriage came to an abrupt halt. He could still detect the subtle taste of semen in his mouth. His jaw ached slightly from giving his elderly companion oral sex on three different occasions. The carriage door was opened by Sidney, the Coachmans thirteen year old apprentice. He put his hand on the bare knee of Lord Espiton and shook it slightly to wake him up. “Evening Sir. We have arrived at the Marquis estate.” he said. Lord Espiton did not bother to put his breeches back on. He exited the carriage and kissed Sidney on the mouth. Young Marcus watched as the thirteen year old reached down and cupped the Noblemans balls. “Dont forget what I said about coming to my estate later this week and spending the night. I have more urgent business to attend to in the next two days, but on Thursday, I should very much like to have you in my bed. That was an extreamely good buggering you gave me earlier today, and I would like to return the favor.” He said. Lady Charlotte stepped out of the south entrance to the estate and approached the carriage. She looked down at the softened penis of Lord Espiton and smiled. She shifted her gaze to the eleven year old Marcus, then returned to stare at the limp cock. “I can see that you must have had a pleasant journey my lord. And you, boy. I suspect you must be worn out as well. It appears you were very, very busy during the past few hours. Is there anything that I can do to assist either of you? Do you want me to apply some soothing oiintment to the boys bottom?” She asked. “That wont be nessessary, Lady Charlotte. He has had nothing in his bottom yet of any considerable size. I did use my finger on him a few times, to get him accustomed to having objects placed inside. But young Marcus here is still a virgin, in his backside that is, and we are saving that pleasure for the good Reverend Withers.” Lord Esption said. Lord Espiton paused for a few seconds as if to ponder the situation. He raised his finger as if to make a point. “The truth is, Lady Charlotte, I feel the boy is still in need of some preliminary loosening of his bottom, because I dont want the Reverends cock to cause so much discomfort, that the boy will have to recouperate a few days afterwards. I was wondering if you would assist me? It would be generous of you, if you could take the boy for an hour or so, into your bedchamber, and give him a good fingering.” “Very good me lord. Reverend Withers is preparing the boys choir for a performance tonight. Perhaps you would like to freshen up and visit with the Reverend. He has twelve boys in the choir which is the largest number we have had so far. He may need your help in preparing them. In the meantime, I will try to loosen up the boy a bit. Have you used just one finger, or did you try two? ” she said. “I only used one. But with your delicate little hands, I think that if you use two fingers, it would go a long way to help him. Let us do that then, my good lady. Young Marcus can go along with you. We will join the Reverend in an hour or so.” Reverend Withers had assembled the twelve boys in the karşıyaka escort spacious library room to get them fitted with their wardrobe for the evening performance in the Marquis great hall. The boys had all been bathed and had finished undressing. They milled about the room, in the nude, looking at all the great books that they would soon come to read upon graduation from their school. Withers requested the Widow Widrail provide him with twelve ribbons, six of which were pink and six of which were blue. The Pastor sat on a wooden stool near the fireplace. As each boy approached him, he would select a appropriate choir robe for him to wear. Withers would select select the robe and place it over the boys head and smoothe out the fabric, spending an extraordinary amount of time with his hands on the boys backside. The conventional robes would be a few inches above the floor, but Widow Widrail had shortened them considerably at the request of Reverend Withers. The robes now came to end just a few inches below the boys genitals. In that manner, when the boys were singing from an elevated platform, the parishioners sitting below, could see a glimpse of the boys penis and scrotum. The Pastor always made certain, that during the hymns, to remind the Choirmaster to raise both hands high into the air and look upwards towards the heavens. The boys would see his directions, and all raise their arms straight up and look at the ceiling. In doing so, their robes would raise several inches, completely exposing their genitals to the entire congregation. Reverend Withers decided to add a special touch to the wardrobe by tieing a yellow ribbon around each boys testicles. The ribbon was supplied to him for free, as a gift from Oswald Tamberlain’s millinary store in town. It was Oswald himself who first suggested that if the boys’ testicles were tied tightly enough, it would allow them to reach much higher notes during each song. Oswald not only offered to provide the ribbon without cost, but also volunteered to help the minister attach them to the boys. But at the last minute, he was not feeling well and asked his wife of 40 years to take his place. Sitting next to Reverend Withers, on a nearby stool, Alice Tamberlain spent a considerable amount of time lifting, adjusting, positioning and caressing each of the boys as she tightly fastened the ribbon around their testicles. To the boys dismay, she tended to tighten them rather well, which created a great deal of discomfort, especially in the thirteen and fourteen year olds, who balls had developed into nearly an adult size. Mrs. Tamberlain handled their genitals for a longer time than was actually necessary, and signified to each boy that he was finished, by planting a long wet kiss on the head of his penis. Many of the boys were becoming aroused, but the tightness of the ribbon caused a pulling sensation. The harder their cocks became, the more pressure was put on their ballsacks. The more pressure that was put on their ballsack, the harder their cocks became. And so, by the time the boys had been assembled in the great hall of the Marquis Estate, their short choir robes were all tented out. From their elevated position on the four foot high platform, the first two rows of guests had an excellent view of the ribbons that Mrs. Tamberlain had attached. The gentlemen assembled began to figit with their breeches and some even began to unbutton them, freeing their cocks for all to see. When the thirty guests were assembled in the Great Hall, Reverend Withers introduced the Choirmaster, Mr. Leonard Grestise. Withers reminded the people in the audience, that following the choir presentation, as always, the Elders would be invited to remain in the hall and enjoy some personal time with as kartal escort many boys as time would allow. “But tonight, I have a special announcement to make. The Council of Elders met last evening and by a unanimous vote, decided to suspend the rule that a man must be sixty two or older to enjoy the benefits afforded the elders. For tonight and tonight only, the Council has stated that any adult over the age of fifty in the audience, may remain after the performance, and partake of the pleasures that these choirboys have to offer.” Withers said. “Can we have a show of hands to see how many of you between the ages of fifty or older, plan to remain after the performance.” Withers shouted. Nine hands went up into the air. One of the gentlemen was speaking to his wife and Pastor delayed saying anything more. At that point, the gentlemans wife said: “Oh go ahead. Its alright with me.” and a tenth hand went up into the air. Six other men in the audience were considered Elders and it was assumed by Pastor, that they would of course, join for the post performance activities. “So there are sixteen of you and twelve Choirboys! Excellent. Perhaps the nine novices will want to spend some time with one or more, or even all of the boys. So please remember, tomorrow is a holiday and the boys will not be attending school, so you need not worry about them having to get up early tommorrow morning!” he said amid a great deal of laughter from the audience. “I however, will not be attending the choir performance or post performance activities. There is a very dear friend of mine who has just arrived. He has brought with him, a lovely eleven year old boy whom I knew since he began attending our services in Comeston five years ago. I have always admired this lad, and I will be spending the evening, making him feel welcome in our village. Mr. Grestise and Mrs Tamberlain will assist you after the performance is finished.” Withers said. Withers bowed to the Choirmaster and exited, stage right, to join his friend Lord Espiton and Marcus. Withers cock grew uncomfortably stiff as he walked back to the clergyhouse. Despite his age, his step was very lively and he took notice that the singing from the boys choir had already filled the night air. In the Great Room, Choirmaster began with “Begin, My Tongue, Some Heavenly Theme,” by Isaac Watts. During the chorus, Mr Grestise raised both hand high abouve his head and reached for the heavens. The boys followed his direction and exposed their genitals to the audience. The men leaned closer and the women coyly looked from the corner of their eyes. After a prolonged applause at the end, Choirmaster Grestise began the next hymm, “Oh For a Thousand Tongues to Sing,” by Charles Wesley. During this song, Grestise directed the boys to turn around and face the cross on the wall. Having practiced this verse many times, the boys knew that after turning, they were affording everyone in the room, a spectacular view of their backsides. During the performance, many of the elders and their guests, had unfastened their breeches and freed their erections. In the second row of chairs, Lucinda, the daughter of Joshua and Penelope was staring at a gentleman on her left. He had his erection freed from his breeches and was avidly stroking it up and down. Mr. Blouth, the propriator of the local confectionary store saw the nine year old girl staring at this member. He removed his hand and leaned back fully to give her an unobstructed view. She leaned forward a bit and cocked her head back and forth to see this from different viewpoints. Finally, young Lucinda turned to her mother and said: “Mother, Mr Blouth has his thing out of his pants! “Yes dear, he does. And so does kastamonu escort Mr Typros and Mr Dearlons. Can you see them in the chairs behind you? Its quite normal for that to happen dear.” she said. Lucinda looked over her shoulder and saw Mr Typros, the watchmaker slowly stroking his balls. When he saw the little girl turn around, he grasped the bottom of his shaft and pointed the bulbous head of his cock directly at the girl. He smiled at her. The nine year old smiled nervously back. She turned then, to her right and looked behind her to see her kind friend, Mr Dearlons do the same. When Lucinda’s father went to heaven during the great plague two years ago, Mr Dearlons volunteered to babysit her whilst her own mother went to work at the hospital, caring for the sick during the night. The sixty nine year old had retired from the grist mill a decade ago and spent much of his time babysitting the local boys and girls, spending the night with them, to protect them, while their mother worked. It seemed odd to her, that in the last two years, she had on a daily basis, sat on his lap to hear a story read to her just before bed. Mr Dearlons would be sitting on the soft, near the fireplace, wearing a silky thin robe tied loosely around his waist. Why even yesterday, she recalled that she had put on her nightshirt and perched herself atop his lap whilst he read “Cobwebs to Chase Flies” by Joyce Whaley. It was a delightfully funny book and at times she jumped up and down and clapped her hands. She often felt a very hard object under his silken robe and thought only that his lap seemed very boney. Eventually, she would become drousy and fall asleep on his lap. She never recalled being carried to bed, but would awake the next morning when her mother returned from work. Now, Lucinda was able to understand what hard object she had been feeling under his robe, poking into her thighs, and on some occasions, poking into her bottom. She looked at his stiffened member as Mr. Dearlons stroked it slowly. When he realized she was looking, he reached into his breeches and pulled out his ballsack. He removed his hands so that she had an unobstructed view. The law was quite clear and Dearlons understood, that oral or anal penetration of boys was not only permitted, but encouraged. However, the penetration of a young girl was strictly forbidden, for every elder, other than the Members of the Council. Dearlons was well aware of this. However, he knew of know law that prohibited him from babysitting young Lucinda. And there was no law that said he could not be aroused by her sitting and bouncing on his penis. With only the thinnest silk on his robe touching her bare thighs and buttock, there was no law that said he could not be excited. Furthermore, after consulting with his friend, Lord Espiton, he was also certain, that there was no law preventing him from lifting the childs sleepwear and exposing her tiny slit to his view provided she was soundly asleep. And he reasonably concluded that there was no crime committed during her sleep, to spread her legs and masturbate as often as he desired. Dearlons always carried a cotton handkerchief in the pocket of his robe, which he used to wipe off her little slit after he ejaculated. He did not see any crime in doing so, but he nevertheless did not want her mother to be questioning his motives for babysitting her each night at no cost. Revernend Withers had now reached his residence whereupon, he opened the heavy wooden door to find his friend, Lord Espiton and young Marcus sitting at the table, sipping on hot tea. He embraced Lord Espiton and thanked him for bringing the lad on such long, tiring journey. He motioned for Marcus to stand up and give beconned him to come for a warm hug. Reverend Withers put his arms around the boy and lowered his hands to cup the boys bottom cheeks. “I am so glad to see you here Marcus. I have been waiting for this day for over a year. Now that you have turned eleven, I have a special birthday present to give you” Marcus could feel the ministers erection pressing into his chest.

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