The Countess Ch. 24

Bubble Butt

Sara and I have been back in LA for about a month. The producers and writers patched up their differences and everyone was back to work. I’m directing again and loving it. Sara was still protesting but several of her cases were moving toward resolution. Sara was in full take no prisoners mode in her negotiations with the other parties. She and I attended a gala for a film museum, and she wore the dress, the pearls and the watch and got rave reviews in the gossip columns and several complements at the event.

We are about a week away from finishing the re-decorating of the tower wing of our home. With all the renovations and redecorating the place was becoming our home. The architect, the decorator and contractor seemed to work well together. Mrs. Kelly road herd on the project while we were on vacation. I was happy that Sara still liked the paintings that I purchased when she saw them for real. My friend Rene´ and Sara made contact and set up a schedule for her portrait. The first sitting was day before yesterday. Sara decided to dress in black slacks boots and a red top. She wore the pearl necklace the diamond earrings the watch and bracelet. She brought a photo of the first session for me to look at.

I don’t know how I did it, but I was able to find time for a golf game with Bret’s husband George Cummings. I have not touched a golf club in several months and it showed as George took me to school. I shot 95 and I thought that was good for a long layoff. Unfortunately, George who plays almost every week and has a 7-handicap shot 85, so I was on the hook for lunch plus I owed him fifty bucks. George, and I were walking off the 18th hole, walking toward the club house bar so I could drown my sorrows. We turned a corner and I looked at the parking lot and I saw a green Escalade and wondered why Sara’s car was here. Bret and Sara must be cooking something up. We were about to go into the male only club room, but I was stopped.

Much to my surprise I felt an arm grab me around my waist. Sara was standing beside me looking like she wanted to kiss me. I looked around and in the background my friend and boss Bret Peterson was walking up to us.

“Paul I am short of cash and I need $100, and since you always seem to have cash could I trouble you for a loan?”

“What did you get yourself involved in?”

“Well Bret and I needed to discuss the party we are planning and decided to do it on the golf course after we heard that you and George were playing today. We came a little after you two and played course two.”

I shook my head and kissed Sara. If she would have asked, I would have told her that Bret was on the Cal Berkeley woman’s golf team. She almost went into the LPGA. Bret got a job with a network as a production assistant after she missed her card. From there I hired her as an assistant editor on a project I was doing. I guess I can spot talent.

“What was the bet, darling?”

“Hundred bucks if either of us won by five shots, and I lost by 7, my friend Bret is unbelievable,” said Sara as she lifted my wallet out of my pocket and kissed me.

Sara quickly emptied my wallet of five twenties and handed it back. I thought that was a nice maneuver. I wondered if she learned to pick pockets in law school. I looked at George and we changed our plans and invited the ladies to lunch. George said he knew a place nearby and we agreed to meet the ladies there in forty-five minutes. George and I went to the men’s locker room. I changed shoes and my shirt and George drove us to the place where we would meet the ladies. George reminded me that lunch was on me, and I still owed him the fifty bucks on our bet.

“I almost feel like upping it to one hundred. I like that my wife took yours for that amount,” said George.

I pulled the fifty out of my wallet before he could enforce the new terms. The ladies joined us just as we were completing the transaction. I looked at my wallet and noticed that it was empty. After Sara and Bret were settled, we ordered. George and Bret decided that they wanted the most expensive things on the menu. They smiled while doing it. Sara decided that she wanted what Bret was having. After the meal they ordered desert. I was glad that no one ordered wine. The bill came to well over two hundred dollars, and Sara did not make a move to cover the expense.

“Don’t look at me you were the one that bet on lunch, darling,” said Sara as I looked at her.

My credit card came out and the transaction was finished. George offered pick up the tip which I declined as I had added it to the bill. When we left the restaurant, I pulled my clubs from George’s car and put them in Sara’s Escalade. I took the driving position, but Sara stood by the passenger door. Sara was in full Sara mode as I got out and held the door for her. When I got back in the car Sara leaned over and kissed me.

“You are so nice Paul.”

Her hand brushed my crotch and she whispered that she wanted to make love when we got home.

“Not if Paula has changed the sheets darling, aydınlı escort I don’t want her to do it twice. But I love you.”

“Darling that goes without saying, I love you too,” said Sara.

I pulled into a branch of my bank and went through the drive-through ATM to restock my wallet. Sara told me that she and the decorator toured the tower. She was pleased with the progress and said that the tower suite would be good for her mother and father when they visit soon. I finished the transaction and pulled the cash from the machine.

“US money is boring,” said Sara, as I folded the wad of bills and stuck them in my pocket.

“I like the way it spends, I don’t consider the design,” I replied.

I continued to drive to the house, but I went through my mind to see if I had any errands that I needed to attend to. Nothing jumped up so I continued to Red Rock Road.

“What do you want to do for dinner, Paula is taking the evening off today?” I asked.

“Well we could order delivery or William can take us somewhere. What is your pleasure?”

“My pleasure is to make sensuous love to my wife,” I replied.

“You sir need to keep it in your pants,” said Sara as she worked my crotch over.

I pulled into our driveway and stopped before the garage. I waited while Sara got out and I pulled in and pulled our clubs out and stored them in the garage. I walked into the house and Sara was on the phone in the Great Room.

“OK mother we will see you in a week,” said Sara.

I sat next to Sara and we kissed. “So, we will be visited by Solsbery seniors soon?”

“Mother and Father will come to the L.A. area and live in the Malibu house, but will come over here for a few days and we will put them up in the tower suite.”

“Will they bring their staff with them?” I asked.

“They will rough it and just have Paula to help them,” replied Sara.

I went up to my office which was finished a week ago and started to study my script that I would be shooting next week. The memoir screenplay seemed to be on the back burner even Sara didn’t mention it. When I finished my current project, I had a Code Women episode on my schedule. Bret was already texting me about casting, but I wanted to finish what I was doing before I dove into that production.

I was still getting offers to edit movies, but I was booked for the foreseeable future. I think my next move would be to direct a feature film. But I like television as I could move in do my thing and move on. Working on a film would mean a commitment of at least a year.

There was a knock on my door, and Sara walked in. “William will be taking us to “Mario’s in an hour.”

It seemed that the decision was made without my input. Not that I minded. I waited for the other shoe to drop with Sara telling me that I was taking her to dinner.

“Darling I will allow you take me to dinner tonight,” she said like it was a privilege.

I knew that was coming; she could have said that since she paid for most of the vacation, I was picking up dinner. I remembered the flight home. Having a private 737 was sweet. I thought the biz jet was nice, but a chartered Boeing is very nice. Sara came over to where I was sitting and kissed me.

“Just because you are nice darling,” she said.

“Do it again I want to be sure,” I said.

Sara did kiss me again and her hand moved to my crotch to check if I could do my duty after dinner.

“It’s a little soft sir but I know that when the time comes you will perform,” said Sara.

“Well it is nice to know you have confidence in me. Kiss me again, I want to remember.”

“No sir you are a loon and I don’t kiss loons,” said Sara as she planted a big one on my lips.

“I’m horny and hungry let’s go now Sara,” I said as I kissed her again.

“Take a cold shower you can wait. I have things to discuss with William and Paula before she leaves.”

Sara turned and walked out, I turned back to what I was reading and made more notes to my script. I emailed Sheela my asst. director, who I borrowed from Code Women for this production, the notes for her to work on. I got up and walked over to our bedroom and changed clothes. I have to admit that the new shirts and slacks improve my appearance. I made a note that I should go to the same store in LA that we shopped at in New York and get a few more shirts and slacks.

I walked down to the great room and started making a pitcher of martinis. I filled two glasses and started looking for Sara. She William and Paula were in the kitchen and I handed her a glass and walked out.

“You could have stayed, we were not discussing anything that important,” said Sara as she came into the great room a few minutes later. Sara found the pitcher and refilled her glass.

She sat beside me and we kissed. She finished her cocktail in three swallows and kissed me again. She asked if I was ready and we both rose and walked toward my car which William was getting out of bağdat caddesi escort the garage. William started to get out of the car, but I held the door for Sara and motioned for him to stay. We pulled into traffic and William soon had us at Mario’s. After dropping us off William parked the car and then came inside. He sat at a table alone. We were seated at a table in another part of the room but still could be observed by William.

Sara seemed to be more careful about her security since we had the prowler and the Ann Winter FBI raid that happened when we were on vacation. If she had information, she was not telling me. Sara leaned over and kissed me.

“I like doing that more and more Paul, you are very kissable,” she said as he motioned for a second round of drinks.

We ordered and waited for dinner. It soon came and Mario’s did not disappoint, the food was excellent. Sara was about to order another cocktail when I whispered that she was better sober.

“She put on the pouty face but decided I was right. After I paid both William’s and our bill we rose. I noticed that William was leaving and would have the car at the entrance soon. We were standing at the entrance when my Escalade pulled up and I held the door for Sara. William had us at Che Red Rock in fifteen minutes and Sara and I got out and walked into the house. Sara went up to our room and I checked the doors and turned off the lights and set the alarm.

Sara was almost finished undressing when I came in. I moved to my dressing room and pulled my clothes off and walked out to the bedroom. Sara was seated on a chair. I sat between her legs and started licking her pussy. She moved allowing me better access to her pussy lips. She pinned my head to her muff and would not let me go until she got pleasure. With no warning Sara got up and moved to the bed. I slipped beside her with my cock near her mouth, hoping that she would give me a blow job.

“No sir I want it in my pussy,” said Sara as she opened her legs.

I moved over Sara and my cock found the entrance to her and I slipped in with no resistance. I kissed Sara as I started to move my cock in and out in a slow deliberate motion. Taps on my butt indicated that Sara wanted me to move a little faster. I kissed her again and started to fuck her a little faster. With one thrust in I felt my cock release a wad of cum. I continued moving until I was flaccid and fell out of her. Sara moved over and kissed me. Her hand started to massage my cock. My hands were busy massaging her breasts. Sara kissed me again and rolled away. I spooned my wife and a few minutes later felt my cock become erect again. I kissed her neck and then her back. My hand worked on her breast. I licked her ear and started to hum.

She turned around and put a finger to my lips and then kissed me again. Her hand directed my cock into her pussy, and I moved on top and started move my cock in and out of her.

“I love you, darling,” said Sara.

She and I kissed while we made love.

“Cum for me darling,” said Sara.

I continued fucking my wife and then felt my orgasm explode. I rolled off and kissed Sara several times.

“Will you be this good in the morning, Paul?”

“I don’t know we will have to see,” I replied as I kissed her again.

“No getting out of it sir, I will hold you to it,” said Sara.

She turned away allowing me to spoon her which is my favorite position other than making love. I don’t know when I drifted off to sleep.

I sat almost upright as I felt Sara’s mouth on my cock. She was also pulling on my balls.

“Hey that is a little tender down there be careful,” I said.

My shaft was between her molars and I got some teeth letting me know who was in charge. Sara then started to give me a really nice blowjob. She formed a ring with her lips and started to fuck my cock. Her tongue caressed my shaft and painted the crown. One of her hands rested on my scrotum pulling and tugging at times. With her hand and mouth on my privates she moved placing her pussy near my mouth. I reached out and moved her closer to me and my tongue found her vulva. I speared her vagina several times and licked her clit. She lifted off of my cock when I worked on her clit, her hand continued to massage my shaft.

“I want your best fuck, darling,” said Sara as she positioned herself over my cock and let herself down on my shaft. She kissed me and pulled my tongue into her mouth and held it. She worked her butt up and down on my shaft. My breathing deepened and I felt my cock fire a wad into Sara.

“You better hold it sir, I still need to cum,” said Sara.

I couldn’t and we held each other kissing. Sara rose from the bed and went to her bathroom. The view of her walking away was almost enough to get me going again. I moved to my bathroom and after relaxing was able to do my business. I grabbed a robe, moved to the bedroom and started to straighten the bed.

A set of arms circled bostancı escort my waist. “You know we have a person that does that,” said Sara as she kissed my ear.

“Yes madam, I know, but Paula is not here this morning,” I replied.

Sara got on the other side of the bed and helped. When we finished, she went to her dressing room and I decided to take a shower. The hot water was nice. We added instant hot water heaters to our bathrooms when we did the renovation and it was nice walk into a hot shower almost instantly. I set the temperature as hot as I can stand and stepped in. I liked the way that hot water cascading over my body focused my mind.

I was joined by Sara who entered my area uninvited and found her hand massaging my cock while I was trying to wash.

“Darling I just wanted another session,” she said as she lowered herself and started to suck on my cock as the water splashed over both of us.

I brought her to her feet, and we kissed. “Sara I will take you to breakfast if you will let me finish.”

“Darling I knew that already. I just needed some more of your loving.”

I grabbed my bath sponge and filled it with body wash and started soap Sara down. I turned her around and payed special attention to her breasts. I sponged them over and over again until she turned to get away from me. I grabbed the hand shower and rinsed her off, she turned again, and we kissed. She walked out after tweaking my cock, causing an erection. I stepped out and grabbed a towel.

“Just like a woman she gets me excited and walks away,” I yelled.

Sara heard me and walked back and planted a kiss on my cock, and then kissed me.

“Just for that we are going to the Hilton for breakfast, I want Champagne, darling.”

I have created a monster I thought to myself. I finished toweling off. I dressed and walked down to the kitchen to get a glass of either lemonade or orange juice. I was sipping my OJ when Sara walked in and poured herself a glass.

“I’m sorry about the shit I have put you through, I guess it is stress from the office and putting this party on with Bret. We can go wherever you want to.”

I kissed her and took her hand and started to move out of the house. I was about at my car when William walked around the corner. I handed him my key fob and waited for him to pull my car out. I held the door for Sara and then climbed in after her.

“William we are going to breakfast at the Hilton,” I said.

As usual there was no response from the tall man in the driver’s seat. Sara kept to herself during the drive. William pulled up to the arrival area he held one of the doors while we exited. Sara gave him $60 dollars and he pulled away. We walked in and went to the buffet. It was kind of expensive at $20 dollars a person, but I needed some groceries. We got the usual eggs, bacon, biscuits. I got a few of the petite pastries. We were shown to a table and Sara asked about getting either Champagne or a good domestic sparkler. The server came back with a California sparkling wine with a French name. The food was good and went well with the wine.

“Darling I know that you want to go home and do something unspeakable with me. But Rene´ called while you were dressing and has time today for another sitting. So, after we finish, William will drop me by her studio. Then take you home and collect me later.”

“Sounds like a plan, I have plenty of work to do before tomorrow.”

“Darling I think that you work too much.”

“I would like to continue contributing to the care and upkeep of Che Red Rock. That takes work on my part.”

“What happened to the money you made in the soybean trade, which I am still not happy about.”

“I bought shares in a real estate investment trust. I am part owner of several apartment buildings and office buildings. It throws off a good income.”

Sara poured more wine and took a sip, “Paul are you in over your head with all these investments?”

“No these are good stable managers hell I might own a part of this building,” I said.

“Good since you own the place can you get us another bottle?”

I shook my head and caught the server’s attention and allowed Sara another bottle of wine. I rose and went through the buffet again stopping at the omelet station; there was a full glass waiting for me when I sat down. If I let her, she could drink champagne all afternoon. Sara also went through the buffet again and came back with a few things. We both finished and my credit card was the first one on the table. Well it was the only one on the table. I signed the chit and left a twenty for a tip. We walked out and like magic William was waiting for us.

Sara gave him instructions on how to get to Rene´s studio and I sat back, and watched the world go by. William pulled up to Rene´s house that she also uses for a studio. Sara kissed me thanked me for breakfast and got out. Since I was not going to work, I got in the front seat with William.

“Is Her Grace safe, sir?” asked William.

“As far as I know, but if you want to go back and wait outside, I am sure the Solsbery’s would appreciate it.”

“Very good sir,” said William.

William parked my car and took Sara’s and left. I felt like a swim and changed to a swimsuit and dove into the pool. I started swimming laps when my phone started to play “Ruffles and Flourishes. What did Bret want I wondered?

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