The Country Club Ch. 06


We host a gathering of the bikini and lingerie club


Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This series follows on from the Holiday Loving series and Chapter 1-5 of The Country Club. While it is stand alone, it will make more sense to read those stories first.


“It’s designed as a fun weekend with a small competitive aspect,” summarized Brian.

“The bikinis and lingerie are really just interests that hold a group of girls together. We’ve been meeting monthly for the past few years and have a weekend away once a year, in summer, of course, when it’s warm enough to wear not much outdoors. It’s great that you’ve got a pool as well because then we can put the bikinis to their ultimate test — do they stay on when the wearer dives into the water. Many of them, especially the smaller ones, are really for show only,” explained Trish.

Neil and I nodded in agreement, imagining large numbers of bikini and lingerie clad young women congregating around the pool area.

“So, presumably it’s not just girls, I’m guessing they’ll have partners or boyfriends or something like that?” asked Neil.

“Oh yes, each of the members, and they are all female, are required to bring a partner so there will be equal numbers,” replied Brian.

“Yes, the guys really enjoy the weekend, don’t they dear?” she looked to Brian, but then gave a giggle before carrying on herself. “It’s not always the case that a girl sleeps with the partner she brings, there’s always a bit of mixing and matching. But they’re all adults so they can make their own choices. Usually Brian and I sleep with different partners on the annual weekend, and we’re married.”

Brian made no comment, but seemed to have difficulty meeting my eyes. He was well-built, early 20s, I guessed, and from the bulge in his pants I wouldn’t have minded sampling what he had to offer. I looked towards Neil and he was obviously taking a definite interest in Trish; long blonde hair, short skirt, low cut top to reveal a tasteful amount of tanned breast. It sounded like this would be another interesting weekend without too much to organize during the next four days.

“Come and have a look at everything anyway,” I suggested.

We walked out through the wide-open sliding doors onto the lawn, which was starting to dry out now summer was here, and we showed Brian and Trish several of the cottages, which they agreed were excellent, and the main facilities of meeting or activity room and kitchen/dining area. Then we headed to the pool where they inspected the changing rooms, rarely used due to the proximity of the cottages, and felt the water temperature.

“It’s just the right temperature,” enthused Trish, “Not too cool but refreshing enough. I’d really like a swim now but I didn’t bring my bikini,” she laughed.

“Well, we don’t insist you wear anything in particular in the pool so if you wanted you could go in wearing your underwear, or nothing, for that matter. We’re both broad minded enough and I assume, from what you’ve described of the activities, that you are as well,” I suggested.

They both looked at me to see if I was joking, I guess, then Trish began undressing, removing her top and skimpy bra before we really knew what was happening.

“Am I the only one swimming today?” she asked, looking at us as we ogled her gorgeous breasts.

“Not at all,” I replied, following suit by removing my top, freeing my boobies and noticing that Neil and Brian had bared their chests and were removing their pants while Trish and I slid our skirts and panties to the ground. Four naked bodies hit the water within a couple of seconds of each other and we swam to the far end, where Trish and I rested while the guys continued to swim lengths.

“Tell me, how did the club form?” I asked Trish.

“Well, it really started in school where several of the original members, including me, were in the same dorm. We tried to outdo each other with the lingerie we wore and that extended to swimwear, seeing who could wear the sexiest gear. Of course, for school events we had to wear the uniform one-piece black suits, but over the weekend we could wear what we liked. So, we started designing and sewing increasingly daring bikinis. Sometimes at night we’d even sneak out of the dorm and have moonlight nude swims as well. When we left school, we decided to keep the club going. We discussed it with trusted friends and we brought along boyfriends and partners, some of whom became husbands, and the club grew. The most difficult part was finding a large enough, private facility with management that was aydınlı escort sufficiently broad-minded to allow us to continue our annual weekends. Several of the venues thought that we’d just walk around in bikinis that would hide all the interesting bits, and we’d conduct ourselves with restrained decorum, shall we say.

“However, that’s not how it was, so our applications for further meetings have been declined by each of the venues in turn. Hopefully, you guys will be a lot more lenient, as is evidenced by us chatting together naked in the pool right now. The other thing is that the bikinis and lingerie do not always cover all the naughty bits,” she giggled at the term she used, “And some garments, for want of a better term, are simply a few strings joined together. Other venue managements objected to our approval of swinging and partner swapping, which we feel is a major drawcard as it allows people to make love with someone other than their partner or wife, which we’ve found keeps our love and lovemaking alive and loving. We have a policy that what happens at these gatherings stays at these gatherings.”

“Yes, we’ve noticed the same thing,” I replied as the guys completed another length and started the next, “Just about every weekend we get to join in with the group we have and play with different people. I also get to experiment with various things, taking part in medieval torture sessions, being caned, and ten days ago having my breasts pierced. Neil and I have discussed getting my clit hood pierced as well sometime soon, but I really don’t want to do that yet because I’m enjoying sex too much and don’t want to miss out on that while the piercing heals.”

“Oh, you don’t have to miss out on sex, I had mine done a year or so ago and I was able to have sex right through; you just have to be careful with your positions. Sure, you don’t get much clit stim for the first few weeks, but it’s definitely worth it. I have really hard orgasms now and cum far quicker and more frequently. It’s great.”

The guys arrived alongside us and rested against the wall, panting lightly.

“Awesome pool,” said Brian.

“Yeah, we certainly enjoy it. Swim every day now,” Neil replied.

“So, all good, we just need to sign the contract and we’ll see you Friday evening. The troops don’t arrive until mid-Saturday morning but we like to arrange things a bit first, if that’s Ok with you.”

“Yeah, sure thing, Brian,” replied Neil, “We’d better get out and dry off so we can do the paperwork. You’ve seen the menu we prepared so we’ll have to organize food and we’ll make sure that there’s a cabin set up for you for Friday night.”

I looked at Neil, then Trish and finally Brian. “Um, I was just wondering, you guys could stay in the spare room in our flat if you like. That way we’d be able to accommodate more in the cabins in case that was needed.”

“Actually,” Trish added by way of clarification for Brian, “I think what Mandy means is that if we stayed in the spare room it would be easier for us to switch partners, if, of course, that was mutually agreeable.”

I found my eyes being drawn irresistibly downwards to view Brian’s cock alongside me under the water. He noticed my gaze.

“You can touch it if you wish,” he offered.

I cast a glance at Neil, not so much to seek permission as to wonder how he was taking the situation, then reached downward and clasped Brian’s cock, made smaller by the cool water. Trish swam around to Neil and felt him as well, moving her body against him so her nipples pressed into his chest. This could lead to all sorts of lovely activities this afternoon, I thought, but we really did have work to do, so I released Brian’s cock, gave him a kiss on the lips and boosted myself out of the pool, noticing that his eyes followed my movements, gaining a great view of my shaved pussy as I stood above him. I parted my legs more than was necessary to enhance his view.

We collected our clothes and walked naked to our flat, where we dried before signing the contract, then we gave Brian and Trish a quick tour, pointing out the two bedrooms and resisting the urge to occupy one of those with Brian for the next little while. ‘Patience’, I told myself. They dressed, kissed us goodbye with sexy kisses full of promise, then drove away.


It was around 8pm when Brian and Trish arrived on Friday night. We greeted them and poured drinks, then sat in the lounge of our flat chatting about things in general. Neil was obviously intrigued about the people in the club, wondering what type of people would be interested in erotic bikinis and lingerie.

“Oh, most of the women work in well-paying jobs, many have quite high qualifications. There are certainly no slugs amongst them. Remember that it started from a group in a boarding school so there had to be some affluence there. I’m a qualified legal secretary, we have doctors, lawyers, accountants, in fact most of the professions are represented. bağdat caddesi escort Obviously most of us are still climbing the ladder due to our ages, which range from 18 through to 29. It’s an interesting fact that it seems to be the more affluent sector who participate in these types of avant garde activities. Possibly it’s because we have more disposable income, but possibly also it’s due to greater work pressure requiring more, shall we say, exotic means of relaxation,” explained Trish as she slowly and probably unconsciously traced a finger along Neil’s inner thigh as she leaned against him on the sofa. I certainly couldn’t complain as I was doing much the same with Brian.

“Yes,” agreed Neil, “It certainly seems that people in more professional work are more attracted to the mental, psychological and physical stresses and releases afforded by diverse sexually oriented activities. The group we had from the Medieval torture club, who celebrated the last equinox here and who will return in two weeks for the summer solstice, were also all professional people, and they certainly engaged in some activities that would cause a huge amount of all types of stress. Perhaps stressing the body voluntarily assists in dealing with stress that is forced upon you in the workplace.”

“A good theory,” agreed Brian, “Be an interesting scientific study for someone, although I have no idea how that would be researched. Maybe by measuring cortisol levels in a person when they are being tortured voluntarily and when they are in their working environment. I’d really have to think hard on that one.”

“So, you’re in the medical field?” I asked.

“A medical technologist,” he replied, “Operating machinery that provides answers for doctors is probably the easiest way to describe it. Means I get to see some fascinating cases.”

“Yes, you would, I’m sure,” replied Neil, who was now quite distracted by Trish’s more overt arousal attempts. She was no longer simply using a finger, nor was she confining her area of operations to his thigh, just as he was also stroking her upper inner thigh beneath her skirt. I noticed that Brian was watching his wife seduce Neil and I was fascinated and encouraged to see his long bulge beneath the zipper in his trousers.

“Time for a nightcap?” I asked.

We all agreed it was so I poured liqueurs for us all and we toasted each other, wishing ourselves a wonderful weekend and a totally enjoyable night. Then, without any discussion required, I took Brian to my room and Neil took Trish to the spare room.

Once inside, Brian and I locked lips in a sexy, tongue-wrestling kiss as our hands explored each other’s body, sliding beneath clothing, unfastening buttons, unzipping zippers until our clothing literally fell to the floor as we stepped away from each other. Brian’s cock was hard and ready and I could feel girl juices running down my inner thighs.

“Take me, darling,” I whispered in his ear.

He pressed against me so my hard, ringed nipples rubbed against his chest hairs, then walked me backwards until I was against a wall. He then placed his hands under my thighs and lifted, pulling me upwards so that his cock slipped forwards and ended up immediately below my gaping opening. Then, with our lips still locked in a kiss, he lowered me gently so I could feel him sliding into me, inch by inch, until I felt his cock pressing against the end. He held me there for a few seconds, then lifted me again before dropping me once more, letting my weight lengthen my tunnel as he pushed into me. A third lift and drop and he was completely inside me, my clit being squeezed wonderfully by the base of his cock.

We stayed like that for several minutes, my vagina becoming accustomed to his length. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, causing my vagina to pulse also in response. It was as though our sexual organs were communicating in pulses. Then he moved me away from the wall a little and began pulling my hips away from his, then pulling them back, causing his cock to slide back and forth over my clit. Waves of pleasure poured through me and I clasped him hard in response. We kept this up for a few minutes, I’d guess, then it was obvious his arms were tiring, so he carried me in that position to the bed and bent forward, laying me down so my ass was at the edge of the bed. In that position the weight of my upper body was taken on the bed, while he held my thighs and pushed and pulled me so my hips moved back and forth, pounding his cock in and out of my love tunnel and causing my clit to drag along its full length.

I knew I couldn’t take this for long; each thrust and retreat pushed me closer to my release. I’d never been good at holding back and tonight was no exception. In a few minutes I was panting, rolling my head from side to side, and then I heard a scream from the next room as Trish came. That set me off and my scream joined hers, my body trembling and shuddering as Brian held me close so I was deeply bostancı escort impaled on his rigid member.

Once I relaxed he simply withdrew, then instructed me to kneel on all fours on the bed. I did, lowering my shoulders, pushing my ass in the air and turning my head sideways so I could breathe and see a little of what was happening. The first thing that was happening was when I felt a hand slap my ass cheek, followed immediately by a slap to the other cheek. He looked into my eyes.

“You like that?” he asked.

Did I like that, I wondered? The initial sting followed by a sexy feeling. I guessed I did, so I nodded. He slapped me twice more on each cheek, then he knelt behind me and eased his cock back where it belonged. He then began slow fucking me, slowly in until he was completely engulfed, then slowly out again, then two slaps, one of each cheek, then repeat the process. I lost count of the slaps. Interestingly I found myself waiting for them wanting them sooner, faster, harder, but he kept them slow and deliberate. The stimulation to my clit was minimal and my breasts were just hanging in mid-air, so nothing there. If I was to cum, it would be vaginal all the way. I hadn’t realized how dependent I’d become on other areas of stimulation.

Gradually I felt the tell-tale feelings of a pending orgasm; the tightening of my muscles, increase in breathing rate, a warmth all over, loss of sense of time and self as pulses of electric sex ran through my body and seemed to accumulate in my brain. I found my hips were moving, seeking greater stimulation punctuated by sharp stinging from each slap on my ass. Then he thrust into me hard and I felt the wonderful feeling of his hot cum plastering itself over the end of my love tunnel. It made a bee-line to my brain and I screamed as waves of orgasm washed over me again. I felt my body tense and shudder beneath Brian as he began thrusting into me hard, pushing me further, increasing my own sensations until I reached a second peak, then I gradually came back to earth and we rolled ont our sides, Brian’s cock still deeply embedded inside me.

Brian cuddled against my back, gently stroking my upper breast without touching the nipple ring and tender nipple. Our breathing slowed as we relaxed with each other and drifted off to sleep. We awoke shortly afterwards and used the bathroom then turned off the light before cuddling and falling asleep for the night.

Saturday morning dawned fine and clear, important for the outdoor activities that the group obviously enjoyed. We made love again, Brian bringing me another satisfying orgasm while holding himself back, explaining that there was a lot of weekend and many gorgeous young women to consider. I had the feeling that I would need to find another partner for tonight, but put that thought from my mind as I enjoyed his comforting caresses before we both rose, showered together, dressed and went to breakfast, arriving a few minutes before Neil and Trish. We greeted our partners and talked briefly about the previous evening, then began preparing things for the day.

The first of the visitors arrived soon after 9am, followed closely by a stream of couples arriving shortly afterwards. I was responsible for directing them to their cabins while Neil oversaw the general organization and our staff prepared refreshments and a buffet lunch, to be eaten before the competition began at 2pm.

By midday Trish told me that everyone who had booked was here then she gathered them all into the main hall and welcomed them before outlining the program for the rest of the day.

“As usual,” she announced, after words of welcome and introducing Neil and me, “The lingerie competition will be held before the bikini competition because then you can stay in the pool as long as you wish. You’ll be pleased to hear that nudity and public sex are perfectly acceptable to the management, who are more likely to join us rather than ban us. That presumably goes for the staff as well,” she looked at me and raised her eyebrows questioningly. I nodded in agreement. She continued. “So, the three sections of lingerie will be judged first, the everyday wear, then the wedding wear and finally the nightwear, starting at 1, 1.30 and 2 respectively. After that there will be a short refreshment break before the bikini section competitions begin, the standard section at 3pm, followed by the daring section at 3.30 and the almost nude section at 4pm. As we have access to a large pool, each section will include a dive into the pool with points awarded for how well your bikini creations remain in place. After the almost nude judging, your time is your own. You will notice that there are many padded benches scattered around the area, these are seats or beds where you can spend time getting to know people a lot better, if you get my drift. Mandy tells me they are very comfortable to make love on.” Trish grinned at me over the heads of the visitors. “Judging will, as usual, be carried out by all the males who choose to do any judging. You may judge as many or as few as you wish and can collect your judging cards from the table at the back of the room. Being a lovely day, the competition will be held outside so make sure you use sun protection if required. Good luck everyone. There will be drinks from 5pm and dinner will start at 7pm. There is no theme for dinner dress so wear as much or as little as you wish.”

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