The Country Girl Next Door

The Country Girl Next DoorWriter’s Note: This story is my first ever erotic or pornagraphic (whichever you wanna call it) story. I understand it might not be very good, so take it easy on me. hahaLiving in a small town was not easy for me when I was younger. I was born and raised in Chicago, but my family moved to Eastern Indiana when I was 13 when my dad found a job with a local engineering firm. I tried my damndest to adjust as the “fuckin’ new guy” through middle school and even high school, but didnt really gain acceptance until my senior year. After my senior year I found a good paying job as a welder and moved out on my own into a small house in a small town of around 300 people. Now that I have been living here a while, I’ve grown to enjoy the peace and quiet as well as getting to know some really great people. But this story doesnt ivolve any of that. It’s about the country girl next door and a situation she was in this past summer. This is where this story truly begins.I was outside on a warm summer day working on my truck when I heard screaming and yelling from the house next door to mine. A few seconds later a guy around my age stormed out of the house with a girl close in tow throwing clothes at him. Grabbing his clothes, he turned around and jumped in his car and drove off, flipping her the middle finger. Not really thinking much of it since it wasn’t my business, I finished my work and went back in my house. Around 30 minutes later, I heard a knock on my door which I reluctantly answered. “Hi, I’m Paige your next door neighbor?” she said to me as I stepped on the porch. Continuing she said to me “I am so sorry about what happened earlier with my ex. I noticed you were outside when we had our fight. I don’t know why he came back, he’s the asshole who cheated on me. Nodding my head I replied, “Oh it’s alright I figured he had to have done something big for you to throw clothes at him like that.” She smiled and said “Yeah that probably was a little dramatic, but after what he did I think the little bastard deserves worse.” Forgetting what she was talking about she then said to me “I’m sorry I never asked what your name is!” Laughing, I said to her “Well my name is Andrew, but my folks and the few friends I got call me Andy. I hope you dont mind me asking, but what did he do?” After being silent for a few moments she pulled a phone out and showed me a picture of herself and a younger woman. “That’s my younger sister.” She began as we both sat down on the stairs leading to the house “One night I got off of work early and as I pulled in the driveway I noticed her car was here too. I walked in the door and found him and etimesgut escort her fucking on the kitchen table.I was in such a shock that I just left the house and didnt return for a few hours. I came back to find her gone and him pleading for me to forgive him. As you can probably tell, I kicked him out and he still tries to return to see me even though I tell him not to. Shaking my head, I gave her my apologizes for her situation. Noticing it was now dark out, she ended our discussion and returned to her house.The next day I looked out my window and noticed a very shapely woman sun tanning in Paige’s backyard. Not thinking much about it, I turned to finish washing the dishes when it hit me. The woman in her backyard WAS Paige. Admiring her from afar, the same woman I had just talked to the day before looked completely different from the baggy, body consuming clothes she had worn previously. While she was only average height, her large perky breasts and firm, but shapely ass quickly drew my attention as they bulged from the small camoflagued string bikini she wore. Perhaps due to my paying too much attention to her and not to the task at hand, I knocked a glass off of the counter and watched as it shattered on the floor. Cursing under my breath, I began to sweep up the broken glass when someone knocked on the door. Not noticing that Paige was no longer in her backyard, I went to the front door and opened it roughly, only to find her now standing at my front door now wearing a pair of dark brown cowgirl boots on her feet and a towel d****d around her shoulders. “Nice outfit,” I quipped as I looked at her from just inside my house. Smiling, she laughed and said to me “Well I am a country girl, gotta look good even when we’re tanning. Besides you didnt seem to be complaining much when I looked over and saw you staring out your kitchen window at me.” Surprised that I had been caught I said nothing, but looked down at the ground. “It’s ok that you peeked, I think you’re pretty damn good looking,” she said as she walked in my house. Feeling my cheeks turning red I said nothing. As we sat down in my living room and were starting a conversation, I noticed the same guy who had been at her house the previous day walking up onto the porch and knocked on the door. Looking over at Paige, who couldnt be seen through the door from where she was sitting, I got her attention and said to her “Your ex is here.” A sudden smile coming over her face, she grabbed my hand and walked to the door and opened it. “What the fuck are you doing over here?” Her ex said as she leaned against the frame alanya escort of the door. With a smirk on her face and with me standing behind her, she said to him “I’m with my new boyfriend, what the fuck are YOU doing over HERE?” Starting to get mad, her ex glared at me and said “Well I hope you havent fucked yet, I already stretched that pussy out as far as it will go.” Getting pissed myself, I said “Well considering how tight she was last night, I’d say you didnt do all that well. Now get off my porch and never come back, or I will kick your ass.” With the same glare on his face, he muttered under his breath then slowly turned around and left, speeding off in his car.”Oh my God Andy! That was amazing!” she said as she jumped in my arms hugging me. Then thinking about what I had said she then asked me teasingly “How did you know my pussy was tight?” Laughing, I replied to her “It was just a good guess apparently. He seems like someone who has little-dick anger.” Now looking at me with a devilish smile on her face she said to me, “Well I’m sure you are bigger then he is.” Choosing not to put my foot in my mouth I stayed silent until she said to me “Well, can I at least see it?” With a smile on my face I said to her “Sure, if you show me what you got.” Walking over to the radio I had in my living room, she turned it on and turned it onto a country music station. Then she started performing a strip tease, first untying the top of her bikini and pulling it just over the top of her breasts, but still exposing a large portion of her more than ample breasts. Then she untied the bottom of her top and threw it aside and started rubbing and pinching her breasts. Walking towards me she winked at me and said “You get do the rest.” Grabbing her ass, I pulled her onto my lap where I began kissing her on the lips and neck. Then working slowly down her body, I sucked and licked on her breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking and biting them. Using my teeth, I removed her bikini bottoms and slapped her on the ass roughly, eliciting a sharp gasp. I then stood up and removed my jeans and boxers, exposing my now rock hard cock. With a look of surprise on her face she said to me “It really is bigger than his.” Smiling at her I replied, “And you really are very tight.” After I said this, she shoved me onto the couch and took my cock in her hands and slowly started jacking me off. As pre-cum started oozing from the head of my dick, she opened her mouth wide and began sucking me off. The feeling of her sucking my cock was almost too much and I had to stop her once to keep from coming so kaş escort soon to which she replied with a smile on her face, “Yeah I’m really good at this” then returned to sucking. After a few minutes of her sucking me off, I grabbed her and pulled her onto the couch where I began eating her pussy. Guiding my tounge between her lips, I licked and sucked on her clit, eventually causing her body to shiver as she moaned and screamed in pleasure “I’m cumming!” followed by her squirting all over the both of us. Taking my cock in my hand, I slid it into her tight pussy and began to pump into her eliciting more moans and gutteral screams from her body. As I started to fuck her harder her screaming became louder as she came again this time grabbing her breasts and pinching her nipples as hard as she could. We continued fucking until I felt myself about to cum. Feeling her pussy tighten around my cock once again, I began shooting stream after stream of cum deep into her. With my cock still inside her we collapsed in a heap. Then she looked up at me and said, “That was fucking amazing!” Nodding my head in agreement, I noticed a smile come to her face. Puzzled, I looked at her and said “What?” She replied back with the same grin on her face, “Grab my phone and come take a picture of my pussy, but try to leave as much cum inside it as you can.” Now understanding the method behind her madness, I carefully pulled out and walked across my living room and grabbed her phone from the top of the radio. Taking a picture of her cum filled pussy, I then handed it to her. Now with us sitting on the floor, she then sent the picture to her ex, along with the caption “Now I’m stretched out.” Laughing at her boldness, I suddenly remembered the picture of her and her sister and something from my past. “Send it to your sister.” I said “Why do you want me to do that?” She replied puzzled. I then told her the story of an ex-girlfriend, also a country girl much like herself, who I walked in on fucking a friend of mine on her families couch. “That ex was your sister, and while I know this sounds stupid, I always said if I’d get revenge, I’d make sure she’d know about it.” Smiling at me then kissing me, she then sent the picture to her sister with the caption, “Andy sends his regards.” After dating for the past few months we have since moved into her house together. And while her ex still drove by every now and then it never really bothered us, mainly because we were usually making out or having sex when we’d hear his car drive by. But the other day I read in the paper that he’d been killed by a husband who walked in on him having sex with his wife. As for my ex/her younger sister, she has since apologized to both of us for what she did, an apology that while was long overdue for both of us, only makes each time me and Paige make love even sweeter. Life can be a funny thing, but sometimes it smiles on the people who have been fucked over by the same people. It certainly smiles on us.

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