The Couples Retreat

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We knew we were going to share a room in the condo with Tim and Tanya before we went to Estes Park for a long weekend. Our other friends, Matt and Monica were in the one single room because it was their timeshare. We’d all known each other for years; we met at church, our kids all knew each other and we played cards together every Friday night. After all the years we’d known each other, there was very little we hadn’t done together. We’d gone on cross country trips, camped, vacationed and even helped each other move. Other than threatening to throw boots at each other for snoring, we were comfortable with the arrangement.

The first night there we went to a mixer in the club room, meeting couples and families from all over. The wine wasn’t great but it was free. It was fun if a little stuffy, and thankfully, it was over by 9pm and we went back to our condo to unwind a little. When we got back to the apartment, I opened a new bottle of Scotch and Kathy opened a bottle of Cabernet. We all had a drink and planned the next couple of days.

There were some events to go to in town, but we could also take in the National Park and go and watch the elk and look for bighorn sheep. I wanted to go hiking at some time, while Kathy wanted to hang out by the creek and relax. Since this was right behind the condo, Tim and I were also planning on doing a little fishing. Matt and Monica had in mind some shopping in town and Tanya and Kathy would probably go with them at some point.

There had always been a little sexual tension between us. I’ve had fantasies about both Tanya and Monica for years. Even though we’re all good friends, I’ve daydreamed about them in all kinds of circumstances; all of which are impossible. We’ve flirted a little and every time I look into Tanya’s blue eyes I drown. When we play cards, both Tanya and I will look up sometimes and find the other looking. Both Tim and Matt tease Kathy like a little sister and flirt with her too. Kathy is pretty busty and usually has some cleavage showing, and I’ve caught Tim and Matt both looking at Kathy’s boobs many times, especially when her nipples were hard.

I know Tanya and Monica have caught me glancing down their tops when the opportunity was there, or looking at their ass when they wore tight jeans. Monica was thinner than the other two, with long legs that were meant for jeans or a skirt. She had also caught me checking up her skirt whenever possible.

It was getting late and we all decided to call it a night after a couple of drinks as we were all yawning and trying hard to stay awake. Matt and Monica went to their room, while the rest of us went into the room we shared. With two beds in the room, there wasn’t a lot of space. There was a bathroom down the hall and Tanya was the first to claim it to change into her pajamas. Kathy and I stacked our suitcases and got our things ready for the next day.

Tanya came back in wearing a tee shirt and some shorts. We made small talk while Kathy carried her nightgown to the bathroom to get changed, and I did notice that Tanya wasn’t wearing a bra. This was actually the first time we’d shared accommodations like this and the first time I’d seen her without a bra on. Her breasts were clearly outlined under the tee shirt. I must have grinned when I looked because our eyes met briefly and she blushed.

Kathy and Tanya were both attractive, curvy women. Kathy had large breasts which somehow resisted gravity, while Tanya’s were smaller but still filled out her bra nicely. Kathy was a natural redhead with pale creamy skin and freckles, while Tanya was a brunette with an olive complexion, which made her light blue eyes even more striking.

Kathy returned wearing a cotton nightie under a light robe. Tim was next to use the bathroom and while he was gone, Kathy took off her robe and climbed into bed.

Tanya pulled back the covers on their bed and, when she slipped under them, I managed to get a better look at her nipples, jiggling free and hard under her tee shirt. We said our good nights and turned out the lights. I pulled Kathy closer, and we spooned long enough for me to find out Kathy wasn’t wearing anything under the nightie. She slapped my hand and said, “Behave yourself Sam!” which got a chuckle from Tanya. Tim came back after we’d turned out the lights, undressing and getting into bed while I drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later I woke up with Kathy’s hand gripping my leg. She had her back to me and was reaching back, nails digging in deep. I could hear sheets rustling in the other bed, and there was just enough light coming in through the gaps in the window curtains to make things visible. I looked over and could make out Tanya’s hand holding the side of the bed, her wedding ring sparkling in the dim light. It looked like she was face down with one knee drawn up toward her chest, while Tim was behind her thrusting slowly. Kathy was facing them and had a front row seat. I could feel her heart pounding. I moved very slowly to get a better view canlı bahis şirketleri across Kathy as the covers over Tim and Tanya continued to slip down.

I was instantly hard as I watched. Their covers slowly fell away, and Tanya was clutching the bed, timing the movement of her hips with Tim’s. Their breathing was heavy and they moaned softly. They must have been convinced that we were fast asleep or just so caught up in the moment that they couldn’t stop. Tim tried to pull the covers up at one point but gave up after the sheet fell away again. I could make out Tanya’s dark nipple bouncing as Tim thrust harder and faster into her. He rolled her onto her side and pulled her knee up farther. I don’t know if it was intentional or not but Kathy and I both saw Tim’s cock pumping into her pussy just below her dark triangle. Kathy’s grip on my leg tightened even further.

Very slowly I pushed Kathy’s nightie up under her armpits. We’d watched a few porn movies together, but we had never seen anyone doing this in real life… especially people we knew well. Both of us were electrified. Kathy was shaking with excitement. I pushed my cock against Kathy’s soaked pussy and the head immediately slipped inside.

Kathy moaned softly and Tanya gasped, “Oh My God!” The others stopped and frantically tried to cover up.

“You guys are so busted,” I laughed. “So don’t stop now!” I pushed farther into Kathy and pushed her nightie the rest of the way up and off over her head. Tim grunted and started thrusting again.

I was squeezing Kathy’s breasts as I thrust into her. Her breathing was ragged and she was moaning each time she exhaled. Kathy started out holding the sheets up around her neck but she let go to grab the bed and they fell away. Now that there was no pretense of sleeping, and a stiff dick having no conscience or inhibitions, I got up behind Kathy and held on to both her hips, bringing her up on all fours. She was clasping the sheets tightly, her large pink-tipped breasts swaying and bouncing beneath her.

Tanya was also hanging on to the sheets at the edge of their bed, her other hand over her head clutching the headboard and her breasts bouncing as Tim rammed into her harder and faster from behind. He grunted as he came inside his wife. She stiffened and quivered, gasping for air through her wide-open mouth and moaning loudly as she came as well.

Seeing that pushed Kathy and I over the edge and I gripped Kathy’s hips hard as I came inside her too. She was a strong woman and she gripped my cock like a vise. Kathy’s whole body shook as she milked my cock dry moaning, “Oh God, yesss!” I held Kathy’s hips tightly for a long moment, throbbing inside her, then we both collapsed trying to catch our breath.

A few minutes later Tanya started laughing. “Well THAT was interesting! So much for being sneaky!” We all laughed.

“Remind me never to break into a house with you!” I said.

“You probably woke up Matt and Monica!” Kathy added.

“Not just them, the whole neighborhood!” Tim joined in.

“I can’t believe we did that,” Tanya giggled. “Fun huh?”

Kathy pulled the sheets up and over her and I reached up and over her to turn the lamp on.

“Oh my God!” said Kathy, echoing Tanya’s thoughts. “Did we really just do that?”

“Pit stop.” I mumbled as I got up and leaned over to pick up my pants.

“Chicken!” Tanya said, laughing.

I grinned, dropped my jeans and walked naked down the hall to the bathroom. I didn’t meet Matt or Monica in the hallway and their light was still out. When I returned, Tanya was standing up and pulling her tee shirt on.

“Now who’s the coward?” I quipped.

Tim smiled at her and said, “Fair is fair!”

She pulled it back off again and tossed it to the floor. She looked up with those big blue eyes and smiled at me as she walked past me naked, out the door and down the hall. Kathy was laughing and looking at Tim.

“Just so you know,” Tim said. “We don’t normally have sex in front of friends, or strangers. I don’t know what got into us.”

“Well, we know what got into Tanya! it certainly got Kathy’s attention and I don’t think we mind at all,” I said laughing.

Tanya walked back in, all our eyes followed her as she climbed into bed. Her darker skin was such a contrast to Kathy’s, and I couldn’t stop staring at her neatly trimmed triangle and dark, pointed nipples.

Kathy got up. “I guess it’s my turn”. Now it was Tim’s turn to watch, his eyes on her pink nipples and natural red bush as she walked to the door.

Tim looked at me and said, “Cotton Candy! Nice!”

Tanya looked at us and shook her head, laughing. “Have we lost our minds or what?”

“Well I have to admit, I haven’t done anything this exciting in quite a while!” I said.

“I sure wasn’t expecting it!” Tim commented.

Tanya giggled. “God we’re bad! Me neither.” Then she got a mischievous look on her face. “Let’s mess with Kathy’s head”.

She lifted the sheets and climbed canlı kaçak iddaa into bed next to me. I could feel the warmth from her body beneath the cool sheets, her skin hot where her hip touched mine. I was shocked, but I wasn’t going to protest.

Kathy walked back in, her pink nipples still hard. “Shh. You’re going to wake the others! I could hear you all down the hall.”

I couldn’t believe she was walking around naked in front of Tim and Tanya. Was this my wife? She rarely did it even when we were at home alone, but she certainly didn’t seem shy about it now. Then she noticed the “new” arrangement. She gasped, “Oh my God! Are you serious?” Her eyes were wide and the look of confusion and panic on her face was priceless. She looked at me, then Tanya and finally at Tim. Then she said “You guys ARE kidding right?”

Tanya grinned and looked at me. Those blue eyes sent shock waves right through me. She said, “Well… Maybe”. Then we all started laughing, although I felt a twinge of disappointment when she got back into bed with Tim.

Tim got up to take his turn in the bathroom. Kathy’s eyes followed him as he walked out.

“I … um… I haven’t seen another man naked since before I got married,” she blushed. “Well, except in a porno. And I haven’t been naked around anyone else since the wedding.”

Tanya said, “We go naked at home a lot, but just when we’re alone. This is a first for us too.”

I looked at Tanya and grinned. “I like it!”

Kathy slapped my arm playfully.

Tim walked back in. “Do you realize its only 2:30 am? I seriously doubt any of us will go back to sleep.”

I agreed. “It’s too early for coffee and too late to drink. If we go into the kitchen we’ll wake Matt and Monica up. Besides, we’d have to get dressed”.

Tim climbed back into bed with Tanya.

Kathy whispered, “Were you guys really kidding?”

“Yeah, Tanya was just messing with your head. Why?” I asked.

She looked at me and nervously chewed her lower lip. “It’s just a thought”.

I held her eyes with mine. I couldn’t believe this was coming from Kathy, but there was a lot I couldn’t believe that was happening tonight.

“What would you think? It might be fun.” she whispered hesitantly.

I looked over at Tanya who was sitting propped up against the headboard with her pillows behind her. Tim was whispering something in her ear and she was laughing. I shrugged my shoulders and whispered, “Are you sure? If you are, then go for it”.

Kathy chewed on her lower lip for a moment, then got up and walked over to the wine bottles and poured herself a glass. All our eyes were on her. I looked at her light red bush and smiled, remembering Tim’s “Cotton Candy” comment from earlier. She sipped her wine and said, “Why not?”

Tanya looked at Kathy. “Why not what?”

Then she stared at Tim, who was looking at Kathy. “Kathy! Really? Have you completely lost your mind?”

Kathy nodded. “Probably. But what do you guys think? We’ve known each other for a long, long time, so it’s not like we’d be sneaking out”.

Tanya looked at me and I nodded. “Tim’s had the hots for you forever,” she said to my wife.

Kathy looked at them both and said, “Well?”

Tanya was silent for a long minute, then she kissed Tim on the lips and said “Enjoy!”

The hot brunette that I lusted after for years got out of her bed and slipped into bed beside me, while Kathy finished her wine and then climbed in alongside Tim.

Tanya snuggled in closer to me, her skin warm, soft and smooth against mine. She took my chin in her hand and we stared into each other’s eyes until finally we kissed. My hand immediately went to her breast which felt so… different than Kathy’s. Our kiss became a frenzy, our tongues exploring and swirling.

I looked over to see my wife straddling Tim and holding her breasts up for him to eagerly suck on her large nipples. Kathy’s head was tossed back and she moved her hands into Tim’s hair as he squeezed and kneaded her tits.

I slid my hand down Tanya’s side to her hip. We scooted down in the bed and I pushed her knees apart. I wanted to touch her all over. Tanya’s pussy was wet and slippery as I teased her swollen lips and ran my fingers through her surprisingly fine pubic hair. I moved my lips down and started kissing and nibbling on her neck. I could feel her breathing getting faster and her nails digging into my shoulders. Tanya lifted her knees and started moving her hips, moaning moaned as I slipped a finger inside.

We both looked over in time to watch Kathy move between Tim’s legs and lean forward to take his cock in her mouth. He had his hand on her head as she wrapped her lips around him and started bobbing up and down. Tim had a look of amazement on his face. He groaned “Ohh fuckkk!”

Tanya giggled. “You go, Kathy!” She reached down and started stroking my cock. I moved down and sucked and nibbled on one of her hard nipples. I’d wanted her for years and couldn’t get enough. She was different canlı kaçak bahis than Kathy; shorter, with smaller breasts, her full body not quite as curvy as my wife’s, and her skin was darker, with tan lines where Kathy was pale skinned and freckled.

I squeezed and tugged at Tanya’s breasts, then kissed my way down to her stomach. Her scent was intoxicating. She pulled her knees up to her breasts and I ran my hands up the inside of her thighs. Squeezing her legs, I spread them wide. Her swollen pussy lips parted, revealing her hard clit. I looked up into her eyes which were burning sapphires. Tanya’s mouth was open and she was trying to catch her breath. I leaned down and took her clit in my mouth. She moaned loudly. “Oh God! YESSS!”

She rocked her hips and lifted her pussy up to my face. I swirled my tongue over her clit and her whole body shook. I sucked the growing nub into my mouth and simultaneously slipped a finger into her to tickle her G spot. My other fingers slid between her ass cheeks, teasing her soft skin. She squealed and went crazy, pulling at my head as I slowly rubbed her clit hard with my tongue. Tanya clawed my neck. Her body shook and then she flooded my face as she came.

She was still trembling when I rose up between her knees, pushed them up and wide and slipped the head of my cock between her lips. She felt white-hot as I slid deeper inside her. Tanya’s hips drove up to meet mine as I sank all the way into her, and then we both started thrusting.

I was propped up on my arms, my hands on either side of this beautiful brunette, her hands on the back of my neck. She wrapped her legs around me to pull me closer and hold me there while we both moved our hips against each other. Her eyes held mine and she kept gasping “Yes, yes, don’t stop!” It didn’t take me long to push hard into her and cum. She squeezed my throbbing cock and her body shook as she came again.

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she gasped. “Oh my god yesss!” I collapsed onto her chest as we both fought to catch our breath.

Tim was on his back. Kathy was straddling him, this time riding his cock. He was holding her breasts, squeezing them and tugging at her large pink nipples as she rocked her hips faster. Her hands were on his chest. He slid his hands down to her hips, pulling her close, then gripped her bottom, squeezing and pulling at her cheeks. Kathy’s breasts, now free, bounced wildly as she rocked her hips. Tim grunted, arched his back and pushed up into her. She gasped loudly and arched her back as she came. I saw her body go rigid and shake as orgasms washed over her again and again. I knew from experience that she was squeezing him tightly.

I started to slide out of Tanya but she held me there inside her with her legs. “No! Stay there” she said hoarsely. Her pussy was clenching on me as she held me tight, her gaze steady as she slowly relaxed.

Kathy stayed on top of Tim, her body shaking with aftershocks. After a moment, Tanya kissed me again and slowly unwrapped her legs from around me. We were both still breathing hard as I rolled off and lay down beside her.

“We really have lost our minds! But it was great!” Tanya said breathlessly as she squeezed my hand.

Kathy rolled off of Tim and said “Whoooooo! Oh my god! Wow!”

“Ohhh yeah!” Tim said “Kathy, girl you got some serious skills!”

We all laughed.

I looked into Tanya’s blue eyes and whispered, “So do you!” She smiled and winked at me.

Kathy commented, “If that didn’t wake Matt and Monica up, I don’t think anything will.”

“Think they would freak out?” I asked.

“I’d bet on it! I would have freaked out if you’d brought up doing this yesterday,” Tanya said.

Kathy said, “Me too! But I’m glad we did it.”

Tim grinned and chuckled. “I’m glad you did too!”

Kathy reached over and patted Tim on the chest saying, “Anytime!”

“I’ll hold you to that. Should we tell Matt and Monica?” Tim asked.

“I don’t think so… But I don’t think we should hide it either. They’ll get the idea,” Tanya answered.

“Is anyone else hungry” I asked.

Tanya slapped my chest laughing. “And he thinks of food!”

“I’m starving,” Kathy said.

“I’ll make some omelets,” I offered.

Kathy got up and picked Tim’s tee shirt off the floor. “Mind if I borrow this?” she asked.

Tim grinned and answered “Not at all.”

Once on, Tim’s tee shirt was tight over her breasts and barely covered her bottom. Tim and I grinned at each other. We were both amazed. It was so unlike Kathy or Tanya to act this way. Tanya turned her back to us, bent over, and picked up my shirt. God! she had a beautiful pussy. She put it on, only fastening a couple of the buttons. In turn, I put on my jeans and grabbed another shirt while Tim put on his shorts and grabbed a fresh tee shirt.

We walked into the kitchen and turned on the lights. Working together, we started some coffee, got the eggs for omelets and sliced up some fruit, while Kathy poured some orange juice. The four of us tried to be quiet but it proved too hard, we were having too much fun. We bumped hips, and squeezed each other’s bottoms, smacking the girl’s asses as we messed around in the kitchen and they smacked ours.

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