The Cowboy Ch. 02

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Following his visit to the Marshall farm, Brady Bent made his way home slowly. Despite the snow on the ground and occasional flurries of sleet, he was feeling warm and elated. The jeans that he had been given were warm due to the fleece lining but his heart was pounding as he remembered the dancing and ‘mating’ Sylvia and he had shared.

The journey was long and as much as his horse was anxious for her warm stall, he realised this was a time for reflection and the beginning of a new understanding about himself.

He finally arrived back at the farm and stabled the horse in a warm pen. There wasn’t a lot he could do out in the paddocks. He had moved the herd to a paddock that had plenty of tree shelter for the cattle and he would have to wait for the family to return before they could move them to the barns for the winter.

After moving some firewood into the house and lighting a fire, he made himself a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and potato fritters; then settled himself in front of the fire with a big mug of coffee.

He went back through his memory of the previous night and as he remembered how events had escalated he began to appreciate Sylvia Marshall’s situation. And then he understood that it had been her sexual needs combined with the adverse weather that had resulted in their ‘mating’.

He chuckled as he recalled her outlining animal mating and that he had been so green he had mounted her like a bull. But the softer aspect of their lovemaking felt good and he now realised he was no longer a virgin.

Two days later the roads were open enough for his parents to return home and he realised that he had been lonely without their presence on the farm. He had thought about ringing Sylvia on some pretext but decided against it.

With his Dad’s help they moved the cattle to the barns, chopped up sufficient firewood for the cold months ahead and Brady occupied the rest of his time servicing the tractors and the generator that would supply electricity.And the following day the phone rang.

His Dad answered it and Brady soon realised his Dad was talking to Sylvia Marshall. He wasn’t able to listen to the conversation and an inner sense warned him to stay quiet.

His Dad put down the phone and turning to Brady he said “You didn’t mention your visit to Mrs Marshall while we were away but it seems you did the right thing helping with that bogged cow. Sylvia – I mean Mrs Marshall, was wondering if one of us might be free to give her a hand to fix her log splitter. Grab some tools and I’ll run us over in the truck. I’ll let Betty know where we are going while you do that.”

Brady was elated but also apprehensive at the same time. If Dad was going to be there he would have to watch what he said and how he would act around Mrs Marshall. He soon had his toolbox in the truck and they set off into a cold wind that threatened snow again.

Within 20 minutes they pulled up next to the utility barn where Sylvia was waiting for them.

“So good of you to come at such short notice but I am running out of fire wood and there are only these big logs left that are too heavy for me to drag inside.” said Sylvia.

Brady’s Dad laughed and said “Well I can lend you Brady to do the repairs and the manual work while I go and check our cattle down in the South paddock back of your place.” Brady grabbed his toolbox from the truck and wandered in to look at the old electric splitter while his Dad chatted to Sylvia for a moment then took off in the truck.

He soon figured out the major problem – a large splint from a previous log had wedged into the spring loaded return and he wrestled with it for nearly half an hour till he had it free. After giving it a general check up he placed a log onto the tray and pressed the lever and button that made it work. It graunched along very slowly and came to a stop before the hydraulic arm had reached the log. Obviously there was something more seriously wrong with it.

He worked at dismantling it until he found a broken hydraulic rod and went into the back of the barn to see if there were any replacements. Sadly there wasn’t anything that would do and he had no choice but to attempt to fashion a new rod.

Like their own place, the Marshall farm was well equipped with a smithy forge, angle irons, pipe rollers and grinders for emergency repairs and he began to stoke the forge to prepare some scrap iron.

His Dad returned as it was getting dark to see how much wood Brady had split and finally learnt the extent of the problem. “How long do you reckon it will take to manufacture a new rod?” his Dad asked.

“Well it will take the forge about an hour to be hot enough and maybe another hour to fashion the rod; after that it will need to be reassembled, bout 40 minutes, then I can begin splitting the wood.”

His Dad looked at his watch and said “Well that could take you well into the night so I had better see if Mrs Marshall has a spare bed for you for the night”

He came back from the farmhouse about 15 minutes later and said to canlı bahis Brady with a laugh “Yep, that will be okay and she has promised to feed you so that you don’t die from malnutrition.”

With that he took off in the truck back to his own place.

Brady continued to work the forge and it was soon very warm in the small forge area. He stripped off his coat and shirt and soon had a sweat raised. Only a little while after his Dad had left Sylvia approached him and asked “When can you take a break to eat?” He told her ‘in about 2 hours if everything goes to plan’. She asked if he needed anything and he said a mug of coffee would help.

While hammering out the steel rod and then shaping it in the roller he felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder but continued until he had the rod inserted in the splitter. It was now quite dark and snow was beginning to fall again.

He decided to split just a few logs for the immediate fire and placed them in a carry box, which he struggled to carry to the house.

As he entered, his shoulder seemed to burn just next to his neck and he hurriedly carried the wood to the pile by the fire. Sylvia noticed his discomfort and suggested he use the big bath tub to soak his tired muscles. He filled it with hot water and then thankfully lowered his tired body into the water. He slid down so that the water covered his shoulder and felt the tension slowly releasing.

Sylvia came to the door and said “When you are ready there is food on the table,” so he quickly dried himself, dressed and entered the kitchen. As he sat eating Sylvia noticed he was not able to move his shoulder easily and asked what had happened. “Just a strain probably from hammering the steel,’ he replied ‘ it should work itself out by morning.”

She was not so sure and when they had finished she got him to sit in a chair by the fire and made him take his shirt off. His naked upper torso set her heart beating a bit faster and when she started to gently massage the shoulder and neck area the warmth from his muscular body radiated through her fingers to the rest of her body. However she was astute enough to realize he had torn a muscle quite badly and would be in no shape to do heavy work next day. And the snow was now falling very heavily.

She made the decision there and then to phone his parents; advise them of the situation and offer to keep him at her place until he recovered, or the roads were safe enough for him to be picked up. They agreed it was the wisest thing to do and she then told Brady what had been agreed upon.

He nodded in agreement and said “I hope I am not putting you to too much trouble.”

“Not at all,’ Sylvia replied, ‘I have thought about you a lot since your first visit and wondered how long it would be before I would see you again. It will be nice to have a man to look after again and you are nice and handy if I need anything serviced.”

Brady laughed when he realised what she was intending and commented “Looks like I could be here for at least a day or so and I don’t have to feel guilty with my folks knowing I can’t get home for a while. But in my present condition with a busted wing I am not much use to you.”

“Oh you can certainly be of use to me and you don’t even have to use or aggravate that shoulder.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.” said Brady.

“Well you just sit there and I will show you.”

Sylvia was very excited by what she had in mind and put more logs on the fire. “I’ll just be a minute – you stay there and keep warm.” She quickly put the meal dishes in the sink then went to her bedroom.

She wasn’t long in returning and Brady sensed she had taken off her bra because her breasts seemed fuller under her blouse.

She knelt in front of him and undid his fly and he lifted himself off the chair as she removed his jeans and shorts. She took his soft penis in her warm hands and gently stroked his ball sac and below it. Brady responded just as quickly as he had the first time and was soon long and hard. Sylvia knelt closer and took his stiff rod into her mouth. It felt so soft and velvety it sent shivers down between her legs.

She ran her tongue underneath the head while she raked her nails across the top and then took him as far as she could down her throat. She could feel his tumescence increasing and she had to release his head from her throat before it became too big. He had moved both hands to her breasts and was fondling her nipples which were already hard. On an impulse he bent his head and kissed the top of her head.

Maybe it was that kiss, or her desperate need to feel him inside her again but she was now very wet and Brady was obviously responding by the amount of pre-cum that flowed into her mouth. She slowly disengaged herself and made Brady rest his head against the back of the seat.

Then she pulled up her skirt and turning around, guided herself onto his massive cock. Using the arms of the chair for support she slowly lowered herself down, just as his hand went between her legs and parted her labia. Brady bahis siteleri had guessed correctly – she was wearing only the skirt and blouse.

Without hesitation she lowered herself as his engorged head entered her vagina. She continued her downward movement until he was fully inside her, even past the cervical join. She couldn’t believe how deep he was and just sat still for a few moments to savour this fullness.

Brady arched his back and put his hands around her torso – one on her breast and the other on her clit.

Sylvia started a rocking motion then lifted and lowered herself, getting faster as the sensations from her breast and clit increased her excitement. She took one hand off the chair arm and covered Brady’s that was rubbing her rosebud clit.

She guided his fingers to rub across it and humping his cock with a slapping noise she reached her climax. As she quietened down she used her hand to masturbate the bottom half of his cock and massage the balls. She felt him tighten as he came with an enormous gush deep inside her. She came again as the hot spurts entered her cervix in torrents.

They sat like that for quite a while although Brady’s erection hadn’t yet subsided. Sylvia wondered how he would react as she decided on something she had wanted to do for many years.

She lifted herself up and moved forward so that his enormous cock was positioned at her sphincter hole. She felt quite loose and relaxed as she lowered herself onto his massive girth. His cum covered head slid into her anus quite easily but as she began to lower herself even further she grimaced with the pain.

Brady quietly asked “How have you tightened your pussy?”

“No my dear man, I want you to pleasure me in a way I haven’t had before” said Sylvia. She then decided to turn around facing him – she wanted to kiss him and have him play with her nipples as she enjoyed this new way.

When she was repositioned she lowered herself again and found he slid in much easier. With his hands on her breasts Brady was able to thrust more easily and began to move deeper inside her. She gasped as her rectum was stretched but the feeling of being filled to capacity was very satisfying.

She lifted and lowered herself with increasing pace as she rubbed her clit and Brady sucked on her nipples. The previous climax was tame by comparison because all of a sudden her anal passage was filled with Brady’s come, so hot and forceful it tipped her over the edge and for the first time she was squirting cum herself. It ran down between Brady’s legs and over his ball sac onto the chair.

Sylvia collapsed onto his chest moaning and shuddering as her vagina and anus continued to spasm in unison. They fell asleep in each other’s arms for at least an hour before the ache in Brady’s shoulder became intense, causing him to wake.

They kissed and fondled each other for a while and finally went to their respective beds as the fire died down.

The next day they discovered that heavy snow had fallen overnight. Sylvia stoked up the fire with some of the remaining wood and suggested that after breakfast they should attempt to split some logs to keep the house warm.

They made their way through the snow to the barn and Brady helped Sylvia to move the bigger logs to the splitter. He showed her how to work the splitter and hoisted log after log until there was a huge mound of firewood.

He hitched a trailer to the tractor and filled it with wood. Sylvia hung on to him as they drove to the house and helped him load the bin that had access from within the house. He took the tractor back to the shed and waded through the tyre tracks back to the house. His shoulder was burning again from all the heavy lifting.

They had a solid lunch and Brady asked if it was okay to soak his shoulder in the tub again. While Sylvia ran the hot water he got undressed in front of her and she started to take her clothes off as well.

Brady gave her a quizzical look and she said “I’m going to massage that shoulder for you in the tub.”

She got in and spread her legs then told Brady to get in between her legs with his back to her. Once he had adjusted himself she raised her knees each side of him and he could feel her pussy against his buttocks.

She took a large sponge and once it was filled with hot water slowly squeezed it over his shoulder. It hurt the first few times but slowly the muscles relaxed as Sylvia massaged the area gently.

She was revelling in the closeness of his powerfully muscled body and began pushing her crotch into his backside. As her excitement mounted she reached around him to find his lovely manhood. Her efforts had not gone amiss because it was almost fully erect. She played with it until she could sense the pre-cum then masturbated him until he came. His come spurted for at least 9 inches before it slowly sank into the water.

She was very excited by what she had dared to do and the force and energy of his explosion made her want him so much more. They got out of the tub and dried each other bahis şirketleri tenderly.

Sylvia suggested they make their way into the warm living room with a mug of coffee each, so they walked naked and comfortable with each other into the kitchen and then to the lounge where they sat each side of the fire facing each other in big comfortable recliner armchairs.

Sylvia said “This weather and the circumstances of our being together won’t last forever, so I want to take maximum advantage of you being here. Who knows when we, or at least I, will have this opportunity again? I hope you don’t think I am some sort of sex maniac Brady, but you are a godsend to a lonely and sexually frustrated woman and I want to feel you inside me as often as I can while you are here.”

“Well if you are a sex maniac I am grateful you have taken me under your wing to teach me about sex and that you give yourself to me so freely. You are a kind, lovely and extremely good looking lady with a wonderful body and I am eager to learn every way in which I can please you, and you can teach me how to do that. I had no idea it could be so enjoyable or enjoyed in so many ways”

“Come here Brady, let me show you other ways you can please me. I need you again because I can’t get enough of you and you also seem eager to learn. Kneel down between my legs and kiss my pussy please.”

Brady did as he was told and for the first time saw the female genitals up close. He was fascinated – they looked very different to those of the livestock. The folded skin of the inner lips protruded between the outer lips and the mound was prominent between the legs. Not having ever been near the sea he had no idea it looked like a clam (which it was often called).

He leant over and kissed it. It had a slightly musky smell and quivered as his lips touched the skin. Sylvia suggested he run his wet tongue over the closed surface, which he did. The outer lips opened up a fraction so he repeated the licking.

Feeling adventurous he poked his wet tongue into the soft folds and was amazed how easily his tongue slid through the opening into a warm wet cave. Using his fingers he parted the outer lips to investigate further.

He discovered that the skin folds came from the top part of the opening and underneath was a small fleshy knob. When he ran his tongue over it Sylvia gasped and pushed down on his face for closer contact. As his confidence grew he started to run his tongue around and inside, even pushing it as deep as he could into the opening. Sylvia was bucking her hips and pulling on his hair to get his face in as deep as possible.

“Oh my god that is so wonderful – my husband would never go anywhere near there.”

Brady continued until Sylvia finally came with a huge moan and he could feel the spasms on his tongue. It was almost impossible for him to remain passive as he was aching to be inside this beautiful woman again.

He got off his knees, flicked the lever so that Sylvia was lying horizontal and then hooked his arms under her knees. As he rose he forced her legs wide apart and back past her breasts. He plunged his cock as deep as he could into her still rippling cunt and fucked her like there was no tomorrow.

With every thrust he could feel the heat growing inside her and as he exploded she screamed his name and came with him.

All at once he felt weak and his shoulder seemed to be coming apart from the effort of holding her leg in place. He moaned in pain and collapsed on top of her.

Sylvia sensed that this was more than exhaustion from their love making and wriggled out from under his heavy weight. She covered his naked body with a blanket and realized his right arm and shoulder were at an unusual angle. She inspected the shoulder point and discovered it was dislocated. A gentle finger examination proved that the tendons had torn off the bone.

She had a dilemma. There was no way she could dress him in his semi-conscious state and without the use of his arm he could not help himself. She banked up the fire and placed a pillow under the damaged shoulder to give it some support. Because he was face down she made sure he could breathe properly and then decided to ring the local doctor for advice.

When she got through to him she explained that Brady had needed to repair her splitter and must have initially damaged his shoulder when hammering the forged steel. Moving all the heavy wood had aggravated the tendon damage and he had slipped on a scatter rug and fallen awkwardly on his right arm.

The doctor suggested a sling to take the weight of the arm and he would try and arrange an ambulance – if it could get through the snowdrifts. He would ring her back once it was arranged.

She went to Brady and finally woke him out of his pain stupor. “My darling boy we need to get you clothed. You have dislocated your shoulder and they are going to try and get an ambulance here to take you to hospital’ she said, on the verge of tears.

Brady was able to roll over holding his damaged arm and Sylvia got his shorts and jeans on with some difficulty. The shirt was more difficult but finally he was clothed. Using two tea towels knotted together she was able to create a serviceable sling which eased the pain for Brady.

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