The Cum Factory


Gary slouched low in the driver’s seat of his Tesla, eyes trained on Mister X’s jacked-up GMC pickup parked in Gary’s driveway, a block away. He felt like a private eye on a stakeout. He really needed a fancy camera with a long zoom lens. Instead, he had an Android phone. Just not the same vibe at all. Gotta have the gear to play the part.His mind starting to wander, Gary almost missed Mister X when he came out the front door and hoisted himself into the truck.“The fucker looks satisfied,” Gary said out loud. Tall. Over six feet, definitely. Gary had the phone camera zoomed out as far as it would go, but the resulting pictures were still blurry. Gray hair? Maybe. Mustache? Yes. No. Hard to tell at this distance. The guy was strong and confident, for sure. But he could be anybody.Gary did have a detailed description of certain parts of Mister X’s body, courtesy bahis siteleri of Gary’s wife, Momo. “Symmetrical balls. Exactly matched in size and shape. A perfectly smooth scrotum, never any stubble. I’m not sure how he does it. Velvety; but very, very manly. It is truly a pleasure to draw each ball between my lips before I suck his cock. Up close, he smells faintly like bourbon. You really should consider upgrading from your Walgreens body wash.“And yes, that cock. It is a joy to watch the whole process when he gets an erection. I would pay money to watch it, over and over. I like to weigh it in my hands. So obscenely heavy! He is circumcised. The tip is sensitive, of course, but he is always in control. In command.“He has powerful, taut muscles in his butt. I felt them while I was kneeling in front of him. Then I wanted to see those muscles, so I asked canlı bahis siteleri him to turn around and I licked his asshole.“I don’t know how he fits in my throat. It shouldn’t be possible. But he does. The best was when I was face up, my head tilted back, hanging over the edge of the couch. He skull-fucks superbly. I wonder if you could take him, that way.“He wanted to eat me. I suspect he would have done a competent job, and intend to find out. But I was ready for the main event. More than ready. He bottomed out in me. My face gets all scrunched up when a man does that. You have probably never seen it because you can’t quite get to the same spot.“I made it very clear that I wanted him to come inside. If he messed up my face, I might not have time to clean up before you got home.“And Gary. You will not believe it. The man is a cum factory.”Momo had canlı bahis told Gary all this just after her first fuck with Mister X, three weeks earlier. Gary had just gotten home, rumpled and fatigued after a frustrating day at the office, wanting dinner and a stiff drink. All that vanished from his mind as Momo spoke, sitting at the dining room table, vaping, in a thin robe that kept shifting to show her nipples. Gary had lifted her onto the table, torn open the robe, and taken her.Although he could not verify any of the impressive anatomical details about Mister X, he could vouch for the cum factory part. If he hadn’t known better, he would have thought Momo had been passed around by the starting lineup of the forty-niners. Glistening milky cum was running down her legs and pooling under her ass cheeks. And there was still plenty and to spare inside. Curious, as he fucked Momo’s supremely sopping pussy, he snagged a finger full of Mister X’s cum and tasted it. Damn, if he didn’t taste better than other guys, too. Slightly sweet. You could bottle this stuff and make a mint of money.

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