The Curious Case Of Cunning Uncle Pt 4


The Curious Case Of Cunning Uncle Pt 4verwijderdverwijderdtringgg!!!.. It was Monday morning again. I hate mondays. Not that saturday and sunday or even friday night was awesome. I had stayed home and binge watched some sitcoms over the weekend. Work was hectic. I hated to come back to reality. I liked the stories of people on these tv shows. I wanted to be like them.Living life king size but here I am struggling to make enough money to pay all the bills with my non-progressive job. I had to think 10 times before burning the money in some pubs to make my weekend memorable. Well this brings me to my next problem. Even if I had money to splurge in the pubs, I lack the next important criteria. Girlfriend. Forget that I did not even have proper friends. Only those hi, hello ones in the office and many virtual ones active on different groups I am a part off on whatsapp. I had 734 friends on fb. None of whom call me or like a post of mine, except for the many many happt returns for the day wish that I post for those I feel are privileged to get a wish from me. Most of them don’t even like individual wishes anymore. They say a thank you in bulk the next day after their birthday to convey that they had a blast on that day and did not have time to reply personally.I opened my eyes and searched for my phone as first thing. No missed calls, no new messages, many forwards on WhatsApp, none specifically asking for me. Thank god for mute button on WhatsApp. I casually glanced that the WhatsApp messages anyway. The building association waala group took the first place with 176 unread messages from yesterday night 11:30 pm to 7 am today. The group had erupted into a fight on which color to chosen to paint the exterior of the apartment which had now turned black during its 11 years of existence. Not that anybody cared just that people just do not wish to give anyone monopoly over choosing the color. I stayed out of it.I forced myself out of my bed and dressed up to face this very aggressive week head-on. By the time I had breakfast at a nearby hotel. It was 8:30am. Ola and uber did not show any mercy to me and showed me its surged pricing. I took a bus to work. I smelled bad thanks to my sweat odor and from the people who pressed on to me. I sat in my cubicle and I waved at my colleagues who waved me back with a raised eyebrow not even looking at me. I was happy that the chair on my left was empty as my colleague had quit after getting 30% hike in the rival company. I did not have it in me to clear an interview anymore. I was stuck in this company for past 6 years.I always wanted to be like those who quit every 2 years getting 30 to 50% hikes in other companies. Here I am thankful to god that I have one job at least. Going abroad was a dream that was slowing dying as I have started to accept the harsh realities of life that I may never reach the shores of America anymore. My friends who were duffers in college reached us and posting pics on FB of their travel adventures. They keep checking in to different countries in the morning , afternoon and night. Phew what a tiring day!!! Traveled to 3 countries in a single day. That’s what their status would say. Like I am supposed to feel sad for them. I had thought of deleting my account in FB many times but those jerks don’t let you do that either. If you login again all the amazing moments my friends enjoyed splashes on screen again. My life sucks. No doubt about that. I checked the matrimonial app on my mobile to see that someone had rejected me again. Common on a Monday morning. That’s the meanest thing to do. Like Tuesday would have been ok to be rejected. Damn I liked that chick as she was really good looking but then again why would a girl from rich family marry a middle-class guy like me. Makes sense why her father rejected me. Well in a way he was right. I cant afford her a weeks makeup items also. Her father surely did see those old 80’s Bollywood movies. Tumhare pass kya hai? And I would reply “mere pass house loan, bike loan and personal loan hai”. Beat that answer you would-not-be-father-in-law.And then it happened“hello”. I heard a most beautiful voice. “hello” I heard it again. I turned around to see one of the most beautiful girls, far better than the girl who rejected me on the matrimony app, looking at me. I stared at her in disbelief. After getting no response from me, she kept her belongings on the desk to the left of mine. I shook back into reality and managed to say hi. She told me that she joined new. Of course my manager had brought in a replacement for my colleague who left. I never in my wildest dreams thought he could hire a babe like this. She spoke again and I was again lost in my train of thought. When my senses woke up again she was still looking at me with a large cable in her hand saying, would you? What did she just ask me? My brain became full alert. Babe, cable, would you?? What could that mean? Aah.. It struck. Fix the cable of her computer in the socket as it far under the desk. She wanted me to fix it for her. Then I heard a familiar voice saying “let me do it for you”. It was that bastard, he took this opportunity to barge in and took the cable from her and fixed it for her and started chatting with her. Damn this is how losers are. I cant believe that I missed the first shot. My brain got disconnected again. I could hear faint laughter of hers as my colleague had cracked some jokes ad already etched his name into her head for first goto person in case of any help that she might require. I felt like Amol Patekar.Suddenly a crowd gathered around my cubicle. Many guys gathering to introduce them to the chick that newly joined. I sat back in the chair and acted busy working. Many guys gave me the envious look for getting a seat next to her. From what I could overhear. She was flooded with offers to have coffee with some, lunch with some other group and even a first day evening party. In minutes all her free slots were booked for this week and few days into next week as well. I looked up at god for showing me happiness and taking it away in a flash. I hate god. I am sure he created people like me to make other people happy that their life is better than mine. But then there are people living in slums who would kill to live my life. But why do I have to always be happy comparing myself with people in the lowest form of life to be happy. Like look at a cripple and be happy that I have all my body parts intact. After half an hour, the crowd dwindled and it was me and her again in that cubicle. Silence. I looked at her from the corner of my eye. She was busily staring at the computer screen. She wore business formals. A shirt with buttons, pink in color, a formal pants, black in color. Neatly creased. Straight hair till her shoulders. A well-polished shiny black leather shoe or sandals. I looked up at her face again and she was staring back at me. I froze. Damn. I blew my impression on the first day. The first impression is the last impression. She said hi again.This time I was prepared and responded immediately with a hi. She responded back by saying that her name is Nisha. My brain again got disconnected thinking if I should extend my hand or not. The result was no. Don’t act desperate. When the connected to my brain restored, I saw she had extended her hand and waiting for me to shake it. I immediately jumped to shake it. There it goes again. Desperation. I don’t know how to behave like a gentleman. We spoke for a few seconds more where I congratulated her for the job and she said thanks. She smiled and got back to her screen. Ok, not collateral damage yet. Thank you, god. I love you.I could not get to talk to her the rest of the day as the colleagues from systems, hr, then managers all kept her occupied. It was time to leave and she packed her stuff to leave. I gave a cursory glance at her and she smiled before walking past me. A bye would have been better but at least she smiled. I was happy for the first time on a Monday. Something good had happened. Never has such a beautiful girl sat next to me. Back from my younger days I always prayed for a good-looking girl in the same birth as mine when I travel in trains but irctc had ensured that my wish never comes true. But in the next compartment, they will have college girls canlı bahis going home on vacation. And I will get f 58, f 62 and m56 near me. Same was the case when I travel in buses. I had cursed god every time that had happened. Now I apologized for all and prayed that she remains in that seat for years to come. I will retire in that company if she sits next to me.Tuesday morning, I stopped the alarm before it rang. I was excited to see her. I wanted to get to know her, her likes, her favorite color, her favorite movie. Maybe we can discuss all that for hours today. I paid the 4x surge pricing to uber so that I look fresh. My heart was beating fast and I reached the cubicle. She was not there. Well, it was still early; she can come in anytime. I sat and waited. And waited and waited. It was 12:15 pm and then I realized she was not coming in today. I was disappointed. I looked up at the ceiling thinking of cursing god again. Why does he do this to me? I don’t know. I was demoralized and the rest of the day went at snails speed. I took a bus and did not crib when people pushed and pulled me. I was a loser. I checked some porn on the net tried hard to get a boner lost interest after trying for half an hour. I spent half an hour trying to search for the right porn video to watch browsing through millions of videos and when I found that right video. It took me to another website and then another and then another and then I lost track of what I wanted to watch in the first place. My fingers pained after closing pop-up ads. The last ad wanted me to increase the size of my dick to a length which I think had to be rolled up inside the underwear. I looked at mine. Did not feel like a emperor but still it was not that small to be ashamed off.Wednesday I decided not to pay the surge prices and took the bus instead. I looked like shit after the journey but I am not spending cash which is becoming extinct as the month progresses on a girl who might or might not turn up. I half-heartedly walked to my seat and voila she was there. She greeted me with a smile and I smelled like shit. She smelled sweet of some perfume which I felt was made for her. I avoided going close to her. Before I could ask her why she was on leave yesterday, asrani barged in. He kept her entertained for some time and I disappeared in my work. Before leaving he reiterated his words of contacting him and only him for any help. He avoided me totally. I was totally intoxicated with her smell, her looks. She was sitting only inches away from me. So near yet so far. She dumped her business casuals and she was in her salwar and leggings. He legs were long and her leggings clung on to her like second skin. Her top had a huge slit on the sides. When she sat it parted giving me the best view of her slender legs. Her perfectly round bums could be seen when she shifted in her seat. I whole-hearted thanked god for giving me this opportunity. I forgave him for betraying me 1082 times when I had to travel in chickless trains and buses.We smiled casually every time our eyes met. Maybe she was obliged to. I was so happy, thinks could be better than that. But I had better things in store for me that day. It was 2 pm after lunch and I was feeling sleepy. I heard a yawn escape her. I turned to look at her and she giggled. She told me in a low voice that reading all the documents had made her sleepy. I nodded in agreement. She shook her head and stretched her hands up in the air. And there I saw it. Her top raised when she raised her hand and I could see that smooth skin on her waist above her leggings. I could see only a bit. I had no words to express my happiness. I prayed to god for her to stretch again and crossed my fingers. She turned her head left and right to make her alert again. But did not raise her hands anymore. Ok I should not push my luck. This is what I deserved and got some entertainment. Seeing some real skin is far better feeling on seeing 1000’s on tv. I was happy that night. I dreamed of me kissing some girl that night. I felt happy the next day morning. Only if we could control what we dreamt at night. It would be like 7 hours of unlimited internet for every man. But alas we don’t control what we dream. Why god why? Any logical reasoning here?Suddenly office was happy hours for me. I gave my bike for servicing again. No more surge pricing , no smelling armpits in bus. I reached office to find she was already there. I smiled but she was not in a good mood I guess. She half glanced at me and got back to work. I guess her real work started. I might be the unluckiest man on earth but not the stupidest. I know when not to disturb an angry woman. I silently got to my work. I could hear she muttering something, I couldn’t make sense out of it. She was furiously typing on the keyboard. She was in her business casuals again. Blue top and black pants. Blue top was tight and short. I could make out that she had tucked it in the morning when she started but now somewhere the tucks were out. When her pen fell down she bent to take it and her tucks from the backs came out completely. As she stretched to get the pen the back of the top rose giving the good look at her bare back. She was not aware that this happened.Since it was me and her in the end cubicle no one noticed this until they come to our cubicle and stood behind her. Even after she sat back up, her top was still raised and I kept stealing glances at her back. God, I am enjoying it. It was the tension that she might notice what I am staring at gave me that extra excitement. She was very careless and she stretched to take some papers form the shelf, her shirt lifted more and I could see even some skin on her side. She had a very slim perfect waist. I would have killed to see her navel from the front. But that was difficult. I could not work at all. My concentration was on her midriff. I was getting greedier by minute. I wanted to desperately see her navel. Her belly button. That would be orgasmic. I felt ashamed for asking this favor. Common which god would help a pervert like me enjoy an innocent girl’s exposed body parts. I left god out of the equation and prayed he wont punish me for asking such wishes. It was just looking, I am not touching her or anything. Hmm.. Still does not sound right. It was lunch time and she left. When she came back she had tucked in her shirt. I couldn’t see anything anymore. I was disappointed. But today was amazing. I will never forget this day.Thursday went without any excitement, as she wore a properly covering dress. I realized I completed a lot of my pending work on that day. Girls are really a distraction.Monday was a holiday and many people had taken off on friday to make it a long weekend. I made of list of serials that I had to complete. Friday I went to office not expecting her to be there as people who have proper life take off and enjoy. Many cubicles were empty. Asrani was on leave as well. I went to my cubicle and yes she was not there. As expected. Girl like her has a life. Many friends and definitely a boyfriend. I accepted my fate and got back to work. I had the earphones on and suddenly I felt some movement beside me. I was amazed to see her standing near me. My eyes popped off. She was wearing a saree. A maroon saree. She looked like an angel. Sleeveless blouse. I was losing consciousness. I gathered my courage and told her that she looked good. She smiled back and sat in her seat. Oh cruel god, she was sitting to my left side and from where I was looking her stomach was covered by her pallu. I had to be on her other side to see her exposed navel. I tried my best to control my eagerness to look at her from the other side to check if she had covered her stomach with her pallu or she left it exposed.The suspense was killing me. How can I make her turn towards me. Throw my mobile and go and pick it. No not mobile. Mobile was still on emi. In my desperation I stood from my seat all of a sudden. She looked up at me. She smiled and asked me if I was going for a coffee. I was not. I hate coffees from vending machines, but I nodded nevertheless. She requested me if I could bring her a tea as she hated coffee from vending machines. I gave her a very weird smile, like I was happy inside but could not express it outside. Before she could change bahis siteleri her mind, I walked out and ran to the cafeteria and got two teas for her. The tea was hot but I let my fingers burn till I reached her. She thanked me and got up and walked towards me and took the tea from me. For a second her fingers touched mine and the burning sensation vanished. I would have done some punya karmas in my last life for which I am finally being rewarded. I could have cried but that would look foolish in front of her. I saw that her saree may not be covering her midriff entirely but I couldn’t say for sure.She told me that she was wearing high heels and in her saree it was very difficult to bring the tea without spilling it. She looked tall in her high heels. Her saree was sticking on to her body. As she took the tea from me and turned I saw that her blouse was very low and there was a gap between blouse and petticoat showing some skin. I told her that it is very difficult to carry oneself while wearing saree to which she replied that it was mistake that she decided to wear it as she find it difficult to hold it all together. I laughed at her statement. Actually, she was right. She was constantly pulling up her pallu to keep it from falling. Wasn’t there supposed to be a pin holding the pallu or something. I did not ask her that though. In the 5 mins that we had tea she had to constantly adjust it from falling off her shoulders. I was staring at her shoulders all the while, her milky white shoulders.I hoped that the entire pallu would fall off her and show me her perfectly round bosoms and navel. But that I guess was again too much to ask. I quietly excused myself and gave her some privacy to adjust it and left to the loo. I had to act like a gentleman even when I don’t like it. When I came in again she was not be found. In a few moments, she appeared again with a safety pin in her hands. I blinked my eyes congratulating her on finding one. She blinked back and sat in her seat. I avoided looked at her directly while she was trying to put that pin in place. She very tightly pinned all the pallu on her left shoulder. I realized that she was done and looked at her. She had in the process removed the pallu that was covering her stomach. All the pallu was in a straight slanted lined exposing lot of her stomach. My eyes lit up. She did not do anything to cover her navel when I looked at her.She turned towards me giving me the best look of stomach. Her belly button was bit under the tuck. I was disappointed. Are you able to breathe I asked her. She smiled at me and stood up . He stomach now facing me, she put her hands and removed more of her pallu covering her stomach and with both hands on the either side of the petticoat. She pulled it down bringing her bellybutton inches away from my face. She had a flat stomach. She took a deep breath and told me that she is feeling relieved now. I was in state of c***. She sat in her seat. He body slightly tiled towards mine. I could clearly see her belly button and exposed navel. She saw me staring at her tried to cover a bit of stomach with her pallu which sent alarm bells ringing in my head. I told her that she maintains her stomach well. And to change the subject I asked her if she hits the gym often. Since I was caught red-handed I wanted to ask some genuine questions. She felt uncomfortable with this and told me she does not go to gym nor yoga. Then how do you maintain flat abs, I asked her. She did not respond to that just smiled as if she wanted to stop that subject there. I did not push her anymore. She saw that I had already gotten full view of her navel.She just put a hand of hers on her bare navel and pressed it and said that running around trying to make a living is enough to maintain a flat stomach. I smiled and turned around and got back to work without acting creepy. I saw that she made no efforts to cover her navel with her pallu. She just left it exposed. We spoke some more she did not feel the necessity to cover it. I secretly enjoyed her bare navel. She was not of suspecting nature or she enjoyed exposing it to me. I did not know. I got her another tea and this time she sat facing me and we spoke about office. He entire navel was on display to me. I openly stared at her stomach shamelessly. It was soft and white. It was so tender. I could have sucked it, licked the bellybutton till it went dry. But I resisted the temptation.This was the best day of my life so far.Monday was a holiday. I missed office. I wanted to be back on my seat next to her. I did not have her number also. I waited for sunrise on tuesday. I got my bike and reached on time. She was there already. She smelled of some shampoo. I smiled at her and she smiled back. There were lot of people in office. I was saddened. But the bright side was that she is here now, sitting inches from me. She was wearing a tshirt and a jean. Her breasts were pressed against her tshirt. Tshirt was short, it was raising up everytime she stretched. I had seen so much more that small skin show did not excite me anymore. I wanted more. Since she wore no belt, her jeans hung loose around her waist. If I stood I could see her panty. She was bending forward and working and I could see her tshirt was lifted high up her back and she wore a pink panty. She was not aware of my looks. I was the luckiest guy in office who has seen her bare skin to this extent. Since there was wall covering us from behind and side, people could only see us from the front but with the cubicle wall blocking the front as well.Since I had brought her tea the other day, today she bought me tea. She smiled and gave me tea and told that she is feeling cold. They must have increased the ac power. She cupped both her palms around the tea mug and pressed it against her shoulders giving it some warmth. I told her that I have one warm sweater in my draw. If she needs it she can take it. She was happy to hear it. I took it out and it was a nike pullover. She put it on her and thanked me many times. I was thinking of smelling the pullover all night after reaching home. It was very hot outside, only inside the office it was cold. So when she went out for lunch she wanted to remove it. I told her that it was super hot outside and she should take it off and wear it when she is inside.She agreed to it. In the process of removing it from her head. Her tshirt also lifted along with it. I saw the milky-white navel of hers again when her tshirt raised till her ribs. When the cold air hit her she immediately pulled it down. The damage was done. I saw what I wanted to. She wanted to go to the restroom and remove it but she had gone there few minutes back. I laughed at her and told her that I will hold down her shirt for her. She did not know what to reply. But then she dragged her chair closer to mine. It was a risky thing to do. Someone could see this. I looked around to see that most of them had left for lunch. I looked at her face, brought my hand inside her pullover and pressed her tshirt over her waist. Since the pullover was little tight to remove. It got stuck on her head. I let go of her waist and loosened the thread near the neck and asked her to try again. I then went put my hand intentionally over her waist. She took it out of her and off her hands. I still kept my hands on her waist till it was off her completely. She thanked me but waited for me to removed my hands from her waist. I took my time as I knew no one would see where my hands were. I reluctantly removed it. She stared at me. I did not know what she was thinking. I prayed yet again to rectify my mistake. But I had crossed my limit this time.I skipped lunch and hoped she would not create a fuss here. I avoided her when she came back to her seat but to my happiness she wore the pullover again. Life came back to me. She spoke normally to me. She had more work to complete and she stayed back after work. I did not have work but I stayed back because she did. By 7 pm, the room was stranded but for us. She packed her stuff and was about to leave. I was sad that she did not remove the pullover. Maybe she will wash it and bring tomorrow. She was about to walk out that she realized that she was wearing my pullover. She called me and asked me to help again. I was happier beyond imagination.She bahis şirketleri again brought her chair towards me and she realized that there were not anyone around. She started pulling up the pullover dragging her t-shirt with it. When it was half way up, her entire navel was shown to me she motioned me to pull down her t-shirt please, in a commanding voice. I immediately found the t-shirt and pressed my hands on it resisting it from raising any further but neither did I bring it down. I wanted to enjoy her navel and her belly button some more time.She removed her pullover completely. I let go of her t-shirt , but since it was tight it remained halfway there and not coming down. I took a step back and enjoyed her half nudity. Maybe she did not realize that her t-shirt did not come down and started to take a hair band and tie her hair instead giving me more time to relish her body. There was a small paper piece stuck on her t-shirt which now was stuck on to her navel above her bellybutton. When she realized that her t-shirt was still up she pulled it down and said sorry to me. I wanted to tell her about the paper piece stuck on her navel. But when I started I stopped it.She asked me what it was. I told her it was nothing and that there was a small paper piece stuck on to her. She looked at her t-shirt and jeans and could not find it. I told her that it was stuck inside her t-shirt. She acted concerned and lifted the sides of the t-shirt to find it. I told her to lift the t-shirt more and I remove it. She pulled up her t-shirt again giving me the display of her most beautiful navel. I directly touched the paper piece and threw it away. Anything more, she asked me. I lifted her t-shirt more and made her turn around and told her nothing. She pulled down her top. She gave me a strange look. Without saying anything she hurried off.Next day she came to office and I told her hi. She did not reply. She pulled her chair close to me and said” I have a boyfriend”. I was taken aback after hearing her words. I did not know what to say. She sensed it. She continued saying that she loved her boyfriend. I knew what she was getting at. I told her that I was not a psycho who wanted to cause her any harm. I told her that I was happy to hear that she was in a good relation. She felt relieved to hear that. I told her that I was merely her admirer and liked to just look at her. She did not know how to respond.She asked me what I wanted from her? I confessed to her that I was a navel lover. She did not know how to react. She was curious on hearing it. I told her that I loved to see her navel whenever I got a chance. She kept mum. She wanted to hear more. I told her that I don’t want to be her lover or husband or any such thing. I just wanted to see some skin of hers. She thought for some time and asked what do I get from just staring. I told her that this is the first time that I was so close to a girl and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. She was confused. I told her not to get upset as I will stop looking at her if she was not happy about it.She was confused further. We sat in silence for some time and she asked me what do I like best in her. I told her that I liked her belly button very much. I told her that I can gaze at her belly button for hours non-stop. She was surprised. But its just a belly button. Whats the big deal? I told her that that’s my fetish. She laughed. She told me that I am the weirdest guy she has ever met in her life. I smiled back. At least I could convince her that I was not there to cause her any harm.We went back to our seat. She did not speak anything to me. I never tried to talk to her also. I was wrong. Maybe she thought I was crazy. Maybe she will send her boyfriend to beat me up. I got crazy thoughts in my head about hr firing me for m*****ation that night. I went to office scared. I should not have confessed to her. I went our cubicle she was not there. I expected the worse to happen. And then she came. She wore a jeans and a thick pullover. She had covered herself from head to toe. I expected it. She sat on her seat. I thought of apologizing again. She kept her items on the table. I looked at her. She looked at me. Without saying a word.She lifted her pullover along with a t-shirt shirt underneath. I was shocked. She kept her pullover in half raised position, giving me all the time to see her silky-smooth navel. I was speechless. Do I thank the god for this or the devil himself. Maybe devil had taken control of my life. I stared without blinking. She then pulled out the pullover. She smiled at me. I gave her a nod that conveyed thousand thanks to her. She gave a naughty smile and started working like nothing happened. The best-looking girl in my office had just agreed to spice up life. This could not be happening. I was not a loser after all. Throughout the day she teased me with a bit of exposing. I loved the feeling. The excitement was killing me. She used to turn her chair towards me and stretch her hands lifting her top giving me a sneak peak of her belly button. She loved teasing me now. I never attempted to touch her. There was this time when the entire cubicle went for a meeting ad only me and her was there.She purposely lifted her t-shirt and tied it around just below her breast. I ogled at her bared naked navel for half an hour while she acted as she worked. She started liking the feeling that she had an admirer. We never spoke of our personal lives. It was a unspoken bond that we developed.One day we both worked late. By 6:30 everyone left and we were still there. She looked around to find no one nearby. I winked at her. She had a lot of work but she removed her buttons at the bottom and started working. I don’t know what came over me but I pulled myself out of my chair and bent down and turned her chair towards me. She was shocked. I have never done this before. I parted her shirt and started licking her belly button like crazy. My saliva dripping on her navel. She was too shocked to react. She finally tried to push my head away but I did not relent, I started madly kissing her all over her navel. She could not scream. She pushed me away hard. Finally, I let go of her navel. She slapped me hard on my face. She cried tears rolling out of her eyes. I did not say sorry. She hurriedly buttoned herself and left.Next day she did not come. I knew I had crossed the limits. I deserved everything that will happen to me know. I did not pray. Even god will not save me anymore. She did not come the next day as well. She came the day after. She did not speak to me. She wore salwar. The look on her face told me that she did not anything to do with me anymore. I conveyed a very very sorry expression on my face which she ignored. She avoided me the whole day. She was getting ready to leave when I wrote on a tissue paper that I will get my seat changed. She did not reply and went past me. Next day I was prepared to get my seat changed to reason that there is not enough sunlight. I came and kept my bag on the table and was about to go to my managers cabin when I saw a tissue paper kept on my desk saying “no need” in bold. I smiled and sat back. I was happy. She came back after a while and smiled at me.She wore a saree she looked stunning. She sat on her seat and pulled her chair close to mine. She pulled my hands placed my hand on her navel and covered it with her pallu. I could not believe it. Was she a psycho now? I did not care. I slowly caressed her navel all over . We both acted as if we were staring at the monitor. My hand were free to touch whatever I wanted. I wanted to be bold. I slowly raised my hands and touched her breast. She left out a moan. I started squeezing her breasts. I massaged both her breasts for about half an hour and also tickled her belly. She was getting wet I supposed. When someone stood up I let go of her. We acted normal when people were around. This was a perfect arrangement. When no one was around during lunch. I used to go on my knees and suck her navel , lick every corner of her stomach while massaging her breasts. We had mini orgasms every day.One day she wore a knee length skirt. I had placed my hands on her things massaging her inner thighs all day. We stayed back after work. After most of them left. She pulled out her panty and spread her legs and sat while I liked her pussy juice dry. She got her first proper orgasm in office that day. I fingered her to heaven after that. We keep our office romance active.And this is the story of a loser turning hero.

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