The Dancer

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The music comes on and I begin to move. I feel the beat slowly move through my body and into my blood. It flows, making me move to the slow rhythm. I glide to the end on the stage and move into my splits.

I slip down to the floor and spread my legs and look the man standing at the end of the stage in the eyes. Gazing at him, I move deliberately like I would if I was having sex with him moving over my body. I arch my back as if I am in the heights of passion, moving my hips against the floor. I can tell by the looking in his eyes that I have him in my trance. I move closer still, coming to my knees, moving my hands down my body. Right now I know I am beautiful and he would do anything for me. I bring my left leg up and slowly lift my garter for him to slide his money onto my leg. I smile just for him and move away.

I move around the pole, treating it like my lover. I run my hands up and down it, I move my hips into it. I slowly climb it, keeping time with the music still in my blood. Locking my legs around it I lay back on it, upside down. I move my hands to my breast. Slowly caressing them through my top. Arching away from the cold metal I release the ties in the back and my top falls to the ground. I slowly straighten and using the muscles in my upper body and arms I drop my legs away and flip upside down again. This time the pole is between my breast as I slowly slide down the pole. I know this move looks like a snake slowly slivering down the pole, moving my body into and them away from the pole. I curl my body around the base of the pole as if it were my lover and move once again on the floor.

Seeing someone else walk up to the stage I begin to crawl to him. I have my head down, looking at him through my long hair. Most men like this part most, it reminds them of a good slave, moving on all four and never raising their eyes to their master. I finish my crawl right in front of him, languidly coming to my knees again. I begin to move my hips as if I am riding some unseen lover. I know the look on my face is one of passion as I take my lover deep into my body, I throw my head back and run my hands across my tit. I cup them like an offering. I feel the music pumping through me, making me move in ways that most men only imagine their lover would move for them. I slowly take his dollar between my teeth and move away to the next man. I turn my back to him and move into the classic doggie style. I move my ass in front of his face making him think that I am taking it from behind. I move my hands between my legs as I lower my illegal bahis chest to the ground. Running my hands up and down the inside of my things. Grinding my hips into my imaginary lover once again. I feel the music start to die away, and turn to the man and take his money. I move back to the pole as the song ends. I reach down and pick up my top and walk off stage.

I pass the next girl coming onto stage and I tell her it is a dead night. She smiles her thanks and moves onstage to begin her set. I watch for a second then head for the bar than dressing room.

Most people think I become aroused while I dance, but I don’t. I have long since passed that stage of what I do. I have other things’ that excite me now.

I remember what it was like when I first started. The rush of walking onto the stage and having every eye in the place watching my body. Of knowing I could have anyone I wanted that was there but I was smart and knew that if I ever did that it would be the beginning of the end. You never dated customers, and I mean never. It was a written and unwritten code that must be followed. I have seen girls break that rule and seen it break them.

I walk to the dressing room and begin to get ready for home. I have been here for my eight hours and I am ready to leave. I might have stayed if it was busy but I don’t waste my time on dead nights. There are other places where I can get my rush. And tonight I knew where I would find that rush.

I pull my street clothes on and sit down and brush my long black hair. Looking into the mirror I see what others see. Even though I have long since become jaded, I know I am pretty. My hair falls to the back of my knees, black and silky. My eyes are green and resemble those of a cat because of the way they tilt at the corners. My Indian heritage shows in my high cheekbones and my full lips. My skin has a slight tan that I keep all year. I have a definite exotic look about me. My body is firm from constant exercise and I have high firm breasts with a small waist. I dismiss the way I look and finish getting ready for the rest of my night.

I pick up my bag and head for the door. The club is already forgotten before I am even out the door. The bouncer walks me to my car, which is a house rule, waits until I start it and begin to back out.

I reach and turn the music loud. As always, I feel it move into my blood. The music is why I do what I do. I love to move in time with it. It is not really my fault that when I do I am sensual about it. To me dancing is like having sex. If I illegal bahis siteleri am going to do it I am going to do it right and totally enjoy myself.

I arrived at the nightclub down town about ten minutes later. I parked and moved to the door where I said hello to the bouncer. I have been coming here for a while so I know everyone that works here. Moving through the crowd I move to the bar and order my drink and look around. I am now on the prowl. I know what I want, what I must have. I sip my drink and watch the dance floor. Maybe what I am looking for is out there among the moving mass.

I stay at the bar for a while until I locate my prey. “Nice, very nice.” I think to myself. I watch him dance for a while longer while I feel my desire heating. When I know I am ready I make my move.

I make my way between people until I am right behind him. I start to move, my body taking over once again while my mind works on the next stage of my plan. I know the exact moment he sees me. I can feel his eyes slid down my body. He smiles to himself as if the idea of making a move on me is his. I will let him think so for a while longer, it always helps if they think they are making the first move.

I don’t have to wait long. He moves closer to me and reaches out to pull me to him. “Yes, that is it. Hold me close so I can move against you. You still have to prove you are worth my time.” I think. I move between his spread legs and press my chest against his. I feel his heat, and the front of his pants bulge and picked up speed.

He is passing my test quiet fine. I am hot now. I feel the moistness between my legs. My breasts are swollen and just begging for his mouth. I know he will help my problem, at least for tonight.

As the song ends, I take his hand and move toward the back of the club. Finding a dark corner I move us into it. He takes my hint and pushes me up against the wall. His mouth takes mine hungrily. I feel his hands move to my aching breast and he squeezes them. I moan into his mouth letting him know how much I like it. He is now moving his hands up and under my shirt. His palms sliding up my sides. A shiver runs down my back. Pulling his mouth from mine he moves to suck my nipple into the depths of his mouth as his hands run lower on my body. I quiver as his hands begin to lift my skirt.

His mouth still attached to my breast but I knew the minute he figured out I had no underwear on. He went still and I felt him draw a deep breath to try and calm himself. I moved my ass into his hands. I don’t want canlı bahis siteleri him calm, I want him hot and aching like me. My pussy was now drenched and I could feel my own wetness on the inside of my legs.

He squeezed my firm ass and pulled my hips into his and ground his bulge against me, making me whimper. I wanted his hard cock in me. Sensing I felt this way, he pushed me to my knees. I slowly unbuttoned his jeans, kissing and rubbing my hands on him through the barrier. Pulling his pants down enough to free him I admired my prize. “I was right, very nice.” I say to myself. I run my tongue around the smooth head before taking it into my mouth. I stroke him with my hand as I begin to suck his large dick into my mouth. He tastes so good. I am moving my mouth faster and faster now. I cannot get enough of this gorgeous cock. I run my hand down to his balls and rub them. He is pumping in and out of my mouth now. I feel him tense and know I am about to be rewarded with his cum in my mouth. I stroke and suck harder now. He growls deep in his throat, and my mouth is filled with is hot sweet orgasm. I swallow it all still sucking and stroking him.

When I am sure he is done I stand and turn my back to him and lean into the wall. He moves behind me and grips my hips. I fill his dick seeking entrance. He pushes into me with one hard lunge. I cry out because it felt so good and because it hurt because he was so large. He is now fucking me hard. Ramming in and pulling out to ram me again. I was whimpering and crying out now. I turn my head to see we had an audience. This turns me on more. My cunt is now grabbing at his hard cock. I feel the first tingles of my orgasm and knew I would not last long now. I start to meet his thrust by slamming back into him. He reaches up and grabs my hair and pulls my head back making my back arch and take him all the way to the hilt. My body is starting to quake now, sensations running through my pussy. I cry out as I cum. The walls of my cunt are squeezing him, trying to bring him with me as I fall head long into oblivion. He grabs my hip with one hand and reaches around me and grabs my breast with the other. He squeezes both as he fucks me harder and harder until he groans and I feel his sperm shoot deep into my waiting cunt.

Leaning into the wall trying to catch my breath he whispers into my ear “Good as always. You really love to be watched as I fuck you don’t you?”

Turning my head I smile and kiss him gently. “I don’t like it anymore then you like people watching you fuck me. After all this was your idea.” I laugh when he again squeezes my breast.

We pull our clothes on and move to the bar to pick our dessert course of the night. I know his taste well; after all we have been together for two years …

The End…?

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