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Subject: The Dangling Cross Part II Hello readers: sorry foer the very long delay. I have been incredibly busy and suffering a great deal of difficulty making a major life change. One element of that change is focusing more on stories like this and less on more frivolous and stupid ways of getting my jollies! Hopefully I will have more time to devote to writing soon. Regardless, here is a very brief but steamy second installment. I hope to hear from any of you who enjoy, or who don’t enjoy! Please feel free to email at ail Happy Water Tiger Year to you all. CHAPTER TWO: Not having consulted my boyfriend before this plan, he was understandably confused and frustrated when I returned to the car. The kid was leaning in the driver’s side window, and didn’t notice me approaching. “What’s going on?” Sam asked, “are we giving Danny a ride now?” Danny. The boy turned abruptly to look over his shoulder at me; he looked scared, as if I was going to strike him, but my smile and wink seemed to set him at ease a bit. “I figured we’d do whatever might be helpful. Was that your dad, Danny?” “Half brother. Fucking asshole.” “Do you want us to drive you to your Mom’s?” Danny laughed. There was snow falling thicker now, and he shivered a bit. “That’d be a big ask, she lives like six hours away. My stepsister might come get me though, if I ask.” My eyebrows raised. “You’re gonna wait here at this gas station for six or more hours for your stepsister to drive from where?” “From Salamanca.” “Where’s that?” I asked. “Indian reservation. It’s close to Pennsylvania.” “No shit?” I asked, “That’s pretty much on our way home. How bout this, at least hop in the back seat and we’ll figure out what to do.” With a look of slight hesitation, Danny nodded and climbed into the back seat. Bork was all over him at once; the boy laughed and shoved the dog out of the way. I pulled out of the parking lot, and we sped Westward. Danny was a diamond in the rough; his family sounded like the typical, miserable blue collar Trumpers. His dad had died of a heroin overdose when Danny was two years old; his Mom was in and out of rehab constantly for her own opioid problem. Danny lived most of the time with his half brother and aunt Cindy in a trailer park about fifteen minutes from the gas station. We offered at first to take him back there, but Danny was adamant. “I get kicked out of my Aunt Cindy’s house every month or so. She’s Christian, and crazy. I usually live with my stepsister unless my mom is using. I used to stay with my Grandma Helen a lot, but she went to a nursing home last Christmas.” My boyfriend shot me a look of horror. “Sounds pretty hard,” I said. “You feel like anybody would miss you if you just up and disappeared?” Another glance from my boyfriend, now: scolding. I caught Danny’s face in the rearview mirror. He was looking wistfully out the window. “I dunno. I guess not. My step sister always looks out for me, but most of the time she’s just obsessed with boys. Me too I guess.” My eyebrow raised. “What do you mean?” I asked. Danny looked at us sheepishly. “You guys are gay?” he asked. “Yeah,” Sam said. “I think,” Danny said. “I think me too? I guess I’ve never said that before,” the boy added. He let out a long, jittery sigh. “Wow, awesome,” I said, smiling. For a moment, I stopped feeling like a creep and genuinely rejoiced in this kid coming out. “Welcome to the queer world,” I said. “It’s a lot happier than anybody’s probably told you.” “I know. I mean, I’ve heard. Or I guess I see a lot of Tiktoks and TV shows that make being queer seem really cool. I never met any other gay people before. Except my uncle Larry, and he’s super gross and ugly. You guys are like, way, WAY different from Larry,” afyon escort Danny’s voice was starting to get a little anxious. “In that we’re not gross or ugly?” I asked. Danny laughed. “I mean, yeah, I mean, like–” he hesitated, giggling anxiously, “like, You look like gay people on TV or instagram or, something.” “Thanks, I guess?” Sam said, laughing. “It’s a compliment!” Danny said. “You’re both, like, you know!” We both waited, grinning. Danny was blushing so deep he looked as red as a tomato. “It’s okay,” I said. “I think I get what you mean.” “You’re both really cute,” Danny blurted. We both laughed. Now it was our turn to blush. I grabbed Sam’s hand and kissed it. “Thanks, Danny,” I said. “We thought you were really cute too.” “What?” Danny asked, eyebrows raised. “You’re super cute,” I said. Now it was Sam’s turn to blush. He was looking at me in frustration. “God, so,” Danny said, stammering. Scrambling to change the subject, he said something about the snow. I put on some music, and there was a lull for a while. Danny pet Bork and snuggled under a blanket Sam pulled from the rear of the hatchback. “So are you guys really gonna drive me all the way to Salamanca?” Danny asked. “It’s on our way home,” I said. “I don’t see why not. Should you call your stepsister?” “Yeah,” he said. Sam offered his own phone, and Danny dialed. Immediately, he started speaking. “Hey Steph, it’s Danny. Dad was a dick again and I need to stay with you at Mom’s place for a while. I have a ride down. I should be there…” Danny paused, looked at us, “how far are we?” I looked at my phone. “About five hours.” Danny finished, and hung up. “It went straight to voicemail,” he said. “Is that normal?” “Yeah. She’s always with her boyfriend Sean. They um,” Danny paused. “They do a lot of drugs.” “Oh,” I said. We passed about twenty minutes in relative silence, watching the pines and fields of eastern New York state pass by, listening to The Cranberries and Smashing Pumpkins. And then, suddenly, I felt my cock start to get thick in my pants; we were approaching a familiar spot. On the interstate around an hour before reaching Oneonta, there was a rest stop made of brown bricks. It was nondescript, built in the 60s or 70s, and hadn’t been updated since. Outside of it, tall blue spruces stood thick and close. It was one of the only places Sam and I had ever had public sex. We aren’t usually into that sort of thing–it’s dangerous, it’s stressful, and neither of us gets off on risk alone. Both of us enjoy a change of scene, a mild sense of exhilaration, but only in a very controlled setting. Ideally, one that was a little nostalgic. And that’s exactly what this rest stop offered. I pulled onto the offramp and Sam squeezed my hand. “Really?” he asked. “Why not?” I replied. Sam bit his lip. Neither of us had fucked since we had been at my sister’s place, and both of us had talked about stopping at the rest area for several days. A few hours ago, our flirtation had mounted to a point of getting both of us hard without even touching each other. “Do you need to go to the bathroom, Danny?” I asked, much louder than I had just been speaking to Sam. “Yeah,” he said, already unbuckling his seatbelt. We all got out of the car together. The air was cold enough to bite, and snowflakes were falling a little thicker. “Danny, would you do us a favor?” I asked. “Sure,” he said, blue eyes bright under the silver sky. “You go head and go first, can you walk Bork around for a few minutes when we go to the bathroom?” “Ok!” he said. He ran up the pine needle covered hillside to the men’s room, and me and Sam were alone for a moment with the dog. “You really want to fuck with Danny in tow?” Sam asked. “Look agrı escort around,” I gestured. The entire parking lot was empty. “We’ll just be like, five minutes.” Sam bit his lower lip and dropped his chin toward the ground, looking at his feet thoughtfully. He peered up at me from that angle, big brown eyes making my heart leap. “C’mon, kiddo,” I said, wrapping him in a hug and kissing the side of his ear. He melted into me, and sighed. “It’s been like four days since we fucked,” he said, almost in a whimper. “I don’t want it to be rushed.” “Then just suck my cock,” I said, my voice low and grumbling in his ear. He moaned and buried his nose in my chest. Just then, Danny came bounding back out of the restroom. “Okay!” he said. “Did you even wash your hands? Damn that was quick!” “Yeah yeah yeah,” Danny said. He took Bork’s leash and started jogging around the spruce trees. Sam and I trudged up through the half-melted snow to the restrooms. Inside was the most retro nostalgic bathroom imaginable. The stalls were not partitioned by plastic alone–no, they were cinderblock from floor to ceiling, offering unparalleled privacy. No fluorescent lights here–old fashioned incandescent bulbs burned yellow in the ceiling. The sinks had two spigots, one for hot and one for cold. The stall doors were made of wood. It was a trip to 1961. I surreptitiously poked around to make doubly sure that each stall was empty. When I had ensured that we were totally alone, I went into the stall where Sam was already waiting. He was standing on the toilet, his cock out. He was wearing a pair of black and white vertical striped girl jeans, and his silky smooth balls were hanging out in the cool air. Without a moment’s hesitation, I took one in my mouth and started squeezing his dick. He moaned, and I slurped both of his testicles into my mouth as I worked his shaft. I didn’t stop this attention until precum started running over the back of my hand. I licked it up, and then sucked his head and continued jerking him. His fingers raked through my hair, I tasted his sweaty, precummy dick. Sam’s body odor always drove me insane, and today was no exception; he smelled of something sweet and spicy and youthful, with none of the pungency of a man. All at once, Sam’s cock swelled up in my mouth almost double and he started thrusting with a frenzied urgency. My gag reflex acted up a bit, but only for a moment before I was able to allow him to fuck my throat with his long, boyish lance. And then he gasped, the sharp sounds echoing through the restroom, and I tasted salt and thickness in my mouth. I squeezed the base of his cock, but didn’t keep sucking–I knew he was so sensitive at this point that he just wanted me to hold his cock in my mouth and allow the savory juice of his orgasm to coat my tongue. When he was finished, panting, he climbed down off the toilet seat. I’ve never been one to swallow cum, it upsets my stomach–no matter how horny it sounds. I spat the mess into the toilet, cleared my throat, and slugged back some gatorade I had brought for a palate cleanser. “My turn,” I whispered. I straddled the toilet seat and with relish put my hands through Sam’s hair as he sat down on it sideways, his own cock still gleaming and hard between his muscular thighs. He unzipped me, and buried his nose in my crotch. He took a long, deep inhale. Sam has always been a slut for the smell of a man’s ball sweat, and I watched him visibly tremble as he wrapped his hands around my buttocks and begin mouthing my cock through my underwear. I groaned and pressed his head into my package, and he obligingly worked at my balls and shaft with his mouth, and also nuzzled in with his nose. Soon I was hard, and precum was leaking through the only dry spot on my briefs. “Put it in your mouth, slut,” I whispered. akdere escort My beautiful boy nodded and moaned as he pulled my waistband down, and freed the long erection within. He began to suck just the tip of my cock first, swirling his tongue around the head, then sucking and slurping at the base and underside of it. I grunted and thrust my cock through the suction at the base, and then closed my eyes when he finally wrapped his whole mouth around my head. He worked it like he always did: expertly, sweetly, with the thirst and eagerness of a teenager but the practice and skill of a veteran cocksucker. Sam gives the best head I’ve ever received. As somebody who’s only fucked people under the age of around 27, I might have a poor sample of skill and experience; nevertheless, I do believe there are naturals in this world, and Sam is one of them. My boy took me all the way down until his nose was buried in my pubic hair, again and again, eyes watering and throat opening so that there was no uncomfortable barrier for me to ram up against. It was nothing but hot, tight, wet pleasure all the way down to his uvula. “That’s it,” I said, “I need your ass.” I climbed down, sat on the toilet, and pulled out a tiny bottle of astroglide from my coat pocket. “What if I’m not clean?” Sam asked, hesitant. “I don’t give a fuck,” I said, “give me your ass.” Sam shucked his pants down just past the cheeks. His bottom was so perfect–smooth, round, standing up so pert; I often joked that I could build a house of cards on top of it. I spread the cheeks for a moment, just to enjoy the sight of his tiny, tight hole, shaved perfectly hairless as always. I needed it wrapped around the base of my cock, right fucking now. I spat on it, and he trembled. “You want this dick?” I asked. “Yes, sir,” he whispered. I slicked myself up and he lowered himself down onto me. I grunted in satisfaction and he moaned as he sank down onto me entirely. The pressure of being in public, the intense heat of his tightness, the visceral pleasure of grasping his copious asscheeks and pumping him up and down onto me–all of it got me to the brink of climax within thirty seconds or a minute. “Give me your tight little pussy, baby boy,” I grunted. Sam’s pleasure came out in feminine, infantile moans. One of my hands was grasping his throat, the other one was between his thighs, grasping his pereneum so I could lift him up and down. “You like daddy’s cock up inside you?” I asked. “Yes, sir,” he moaned. “You gonna give that tight little boypussy to daddy?” “Yes, daddy.” “You want daddy to come up inside your tight little boy pussy?” “Mmhmm!” I grunted and thrust and felt my cock spasm inside him. He moaned softly with each spurt of my ejaculation, and ground himself downward onto me to get me as deep inside himself as he could. We sat there a moment, daring to relish the feeling before we had to rush away; Sam’s body was so warm and close to mine; I could feel his heartbeat through his asshole, pulsing around the base of my softening dick. He shifted and then sat up, and looked behind in apprehension. “Is it clean?” “Yeah, babe.” He leaned back and kissed me on the cheek. I tousled his hair and kissed his ear. “I love you,” I said. “I love you too.” He left the stall first, peeking out for a moment just to make sure the coast was clear. I waited two minutes, looking at my phone, as he went into another stall and voided what I has just left inside him. When I heard him leave, and the big exterior door bump shut, I got out of the stall and went to go wash my hands. To my immense surprise, I saw a pair of shoes in one of the other stalls. Somebody had been in here the whole time. My heart skipped a beat. I froze for a moment, then tried to act nonchalant and pulled paper towels down, dried my hands, and fought the urge to literally run for the car. I dared to glance back toward the stall and look again at the shoes. They were white and blue, smudged, cracked, cheap-looking sneakers. To my immense shock, I realized I recognized them: they belonged to Danny.

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