The Darkened Lot


The Darkened LotTaking you by the hand as we leave the bar, rushing out through the door and into the parking lot. Leading you behind the building as you skip a few steps behind me. Turning the corner and finding a darkened area, very little traffic and prying eyes I turn you around and kiss your lips deeply and passionately. My hands slide down your back underneath your skirt. Sliding over your ass, squeezing firmly and teasing your skin as our tongues dance with one another. Feeling my finger slide between your cheeks and pressing the anal plug into your asshole, making sure you still had it buried deep inside your tight little hole. Lifting the back of your skirt up, exposing your ass, as I bring my hand down hard onto your cheeks. Spanking your ass loud enough for anyone to hear that was close by to us. Looking into your eyes I tell you “Squat down for Daddy”.Not waiting for you to squat down on your own, my hand grabs the back of your head, your hair tightly in my fist. My other hand unzipping my pants as I pull my cock out, throbbing hard in front of your face through the zipper. Holding your canlı bahis head back far enough not able to touch my cock, I look down at you and say “open that mouth up wide, stick your tongue out” As I start to tease your face with my cock, running it along your lips, smacking it against your tongue and rolling it over your cheeks. Making sure you don’t wrap your lips around my throbbing hard cock. Keeping up my torture as you feel a cool breeze blow over your pussy and ass. Pulling your hair back, making you look up to me as I tell you “Beg for that cock my slut”. Keeping eye contact with me you plead, “Please Daddy, let me have that cock, I want to suck you dry Daddy”. Running the head over your lips before I lean down and slide my finger over your soaked pussy. Pressing hard against your clit, and pinching slightly as I command, “More, make me believe you need this cock”. Gliding my finger between your wet slit, feeling you drip down as I curl slightly into you and hear you moan “I beg you Daddy, fuck my face with your hard cock, let me prove to you I’m a good cocksucker”. Without hesitation bahis siteleri I slam my cock deep down your throat, making you take it all in one thrust. Keeping my fist grasp on the back of your head, feeling my strength as I start to slowly pull in and out of your mouth, making you take every inch. Stepping closer into you, making sure you have balance while I ease up on my grip, slowly letting you do your job of sucking that cock. Watching your face bob up and down on me, making my cock disappear down your throat as I reach down and pinch your nipples through your bra. Squeezing your tits hard, as my cock pulsates in your wet mouth. Grabbing your skirt and pulling it up all the way, revealing your soaking wet cunt and stuffed ass to the world. I moan out “Fuck that mouth, gag on Daddy’s cock, show me that you are a good cocksucker” before I spread your pussy wide open with my fingers. Spanking your clit and pussy before thrusting a finger inside you, feeling the warm moist hole drip with juices. From the corner of your eye you notice people slowly walking towards us. Sensing your tepidness from güvenilir bahis the idea of being caught so blatantly I grab the back of your head with both hands, latching on roughly and tightly. Whispering to you “Keep sucking, you don’t fucking stop unless Daddy tells you to!” as I start to fuck your face wildly. Setting the pace, and slamming your mouth making you gag hard on my cock, unable to keep up with my speed. You notice the people get into their car and drive away, without seeing your mouth full of cock. I pull my spit-soaked cock from your mouth and run it over your face as I pull your hair back and look down at you “Unless Daddy tells you to stop or pull away, you don’t fucking move, do you understand? Because of your actions, I am going to have to punish you now” as you look up at me and say “Yes, Daddy”.I pick you up from the ground and straighten your skirt and tell you “Open your mouth wide” as you do I grab your panties from my pocket and stuff them into your mouth and telling you to close. “Now, you’ll keep those stuffed in your mouth for the walk home and you won’t say a word the entire trip” as I lift your skirt and spank you slightly, making you jump a little before we head our way back home, walking through the busy streets, your mouth full of panties and your ass plugged deeply. To be continued…

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