The Daughter Ch. 05


Jen and I were sitting at the breakfast table naked which had become our morning ritual. She said to not forget the surprise she had for me tonight. I told her she had me very curious and I couldn’t wait. She said we were supposed to go back to Joan’s pool today and lay around until time for them to go to summer cheerleading practice again. She asked me if I wanted to go and stay with Joan’s mother again like yesterday. I told her that would be fine and I said, that is something I wanted to talk to you about this morning. I told her that Joan’s mother was so lonesome and she discussed with me how her sex life was so low.

She told me that she didn’t see her husband often and when he did come home the only sex he wanted was to climb on her and satisfy himself quickly and then go to sleep. I told Jen that I felt sorry for her and I told her that if she was my wife she would get her brains fucked out when I got home. I told Jen that June had really appreciated my concern about her situation and she touched me a lot and I sensed she would like for me to throw her down on the ground and screw her good. Jen said yes she seems lonely and she liked her and was glad that I was a nice sympathetic person.

I told Jen that if we were left alone today I didn’t know what would happen but I had the weird desire to make her feel good. Jen said she understood that because I had tried to make her and her friends feel good. I told Jen that even though she was a pretty woman, it wasn’t like I was in lust with her and just wanted to fuck her, that I just had sympathy for her. She said I believe you are asking me if it would be alright with me if you made her happy. She said she thought it wouldn’t be any different than her bringing a friend over tonight to help make her happy. She said she wouldn’t feel like it was cheating on her mother because what we had done didn’t feel like it.

I said no, I love your mother very much and it would not take anything away from her or you. I said I love you both and I just wanted to pass it by you to see if you would understand and approve and if she thought that I shouldn’t do it, I would avoid her. Jen said, well it’s settled, I think you should make her feel good. That’s what makes us so special, you love to share and I should let you share and I know my mother would be ok as long as she never found out. She said but if you do anything please tell me about it. I agreed that if it did happen I would tell her everything. She said, but don’t wear out my dick because I want my friend to play with it tonight. I held Jen in my arms and kissed her deeply and told her again she was so special and that I loved her.

I used to try to save myself for the next sex but I gave up on that and always went ahead and enjoyed the moment. I had the ability to cum a lot so it wasn’t the problem I used to think it would be. I even jacked off a lot as thinking about sex made me want to cum and it had never made me weak during the next real sex. One thing that I never did though was eat my own cum after I had jacked off but somehow after I came in a woman I had the great desire to eat it out or off of them. It had become part of my love making and it was good to me.

We went over to Joan’s house and when we got there I gave Joan a little hug and turned to her mother and hugged her also and thanked her for letting us crash there to lay out in the sun. She said she didn’t mind at all that she enjoyed Jen and Joan having time together and she needed company also. We lay in our chairs and the girls started rubbing themselves down with tanning oil and I jumped into the pool to cool off. I playfully splashed water on them and they both came running and cannon balled me in the pool making a big splash. Jen jumped on my back and I carried her around and then dumped her in the water. Joan then jumped on me and whispered in my ear that she was so happy to see me.

June went back in to get us some drinks and I told Joan that I had missed her little body. I asked her if she was sure she didn’t mind me hanging out with them today. She said, are you kidding? I think my mother couldn’t wait for you to get here. She talked about you last night about how nice you are and she has been getting dolled up for the last hour. She said that her mother had also put on what she considered her sexiest bathing suit. She said now don’t you go fucking my mother while we are gone and laughed.

June came back out and I climbed out of the pool and sat next to her. She said the girls like you so much and you are so good with them. What she didn’t know! I said, and how do you like me? She responded with a short answer….. Very much. I smiled and touched her hand and said my dear you look lovely today, do you have a date? She whispered back that her pussy was going to explode if she didn’t have one. She said it was going to be so hard for the next few hours until the girls left to keep her hands off of me. I said, I have the same feeling but don’t restrain too much as the girls know that both of us like to touch. She said yeah you are right, do you think they would be shocked içerenköy escort if you rubbed some oil on my back and sides.

I said well turn your very beautiful body over and let’s see. I started rubbing her and looked back and blew the girls a kiss. They giggled and blew one back. Seeing that June wasn’t looking the girls kissed each other and I smiled. I felt like one of the luckiest bastards in the world. I rubbed on June and every chance I got rubbed up under her bathing suit which was very sexy. It was a bright orange and covered very little. Her large tits really were pushed out and squeezed by the top. I couldn’t wait to have my dick in her again. I playfully slapped her on the ass and told her it was my time and I lay on my stomach.

She rubbed me good and then told me to turn over. She started with my legs and feet and worked her way up to my stomach and chest and she gave my nipples a pinch. I could tell she was much more relaxed today and really wanted me. She noticed the girls were not looking and she placed her hand on my dick and gave me a squeeze. June was so hot and pretty with one hell of a body. How could her damn husband ignore something like this? We lay out about an hour and then went inside to eat lunch. June already had the sandwiches prepared and she got them out of the refrigerator. We ate in our bathing suits and the girls tits which I loved so much looked like nothing compared to June’s. They were so nice and tan and really were trying to pop out of her top which I was hoping they would.

Like someone making my wish come true they did just that and Joan said goodness gracious mother are you trying to punch our eyes out with those things. June blushed and said she would go get a shirt to put on. After she left, Joan asked me if I got a good look and asked me what I thought about them. I said they were nice and I sure would like to get a mouth full of them. She laughed and said maybe I could after they left. I couldn’t believe she had said that and I told her that she was a naughty little thing and bent over and kissed her. Jen winked at me and I then knew that all of us were on the same wave length. She came back and had on a shirt but it was rather sheer much to my delight and I could still look at her beautiful tits. They were stuffed back in but right on the edge and I could barely see her nipples. I was getting so hard and I was so ready to get my dick into her mouth and pussy again.

The girls finally left and June and I pulled our chairs up next to each other. We waited until we heard the car leave and I started kissing June and had my hand all over those tits. I said baby did you pop those things out on purpose. She said yes that she wanted to flash me and also see what the girl’s reaction would be. She asked if I thought Jen would tell her mother on her and I told her, no, that she was cool. I admitted to June that I had kissed Jen a few times and she had let me feel of her little titties so we all had our little secrets and would remain discreet. June asked me if I had enjoyed feeling of Jen’s titties and I told her that I had.

She asked if I would like to see and touch Joan’s titties and I told her that I had tried to see them a few times. I told her that even though Joan’s titties weren’t nearly as beautiful as hers, there was just something about getting a taste of those little nipples. I told her that I would never try that though and she could trust me with her. She said like they trust you with me and we laughed and went back to feeling of each other’s bodies. I explored her body with my hands and she pulled my suit down and grabbed me. She was massaging my dick and asked if I thought about her last night. I told her that I did all night long and it was so wonderful. She said she had thought about me to and couldn’t wait for today to get here.

I said that I was dying to get my dick in her hot pussy again but let’s get naked and go play in the water for a while. We stripped down to our skin and jumped into the pool. We played a little and then I pushed her back against the wall and put my hands on her hard tits and kissed her deeply. I kissed her nipples and pulled on them with my teeth and she put her arms around me and asked if that was what I would like to do with Joan. I was afraid to pursue that subject as I thought I might get slapped but I had to answer the question. I said well you didn’t slap me and hit me when I told you of my fantasy previously so I wasn’t sure what you thought about it.

She said oh she knew all men fantasized about having sex with young girls. She said no it didn’t bother her like she thought it would and she said that she had even thought about sucking Joan’s little titties herself. I said well then I hoped she understood what I meant then and didn’t interpret it as me wanting to have sex with her daughter. She said that she did not think that and after all if we didn’t have sexual thoughts then we probably wouldn’t be naked with each other right now. I said, baby you are so neat and I love kadıköy escort you for the way you think. She said well since her husband was always gone she had to resort to thinking about sex instead of the real thing. I said, well you don’t have to just think about it anymore that you have me and my dick is yours anytime you want it.

She said yeah anytime that Jane doesn’t have it in her. She asked me if I loved Jane and I said yes. I told her I loved her daughter also. She asked if Jane was a good fuck and I said yes we were very compatible, that we both liked the same thing. She asked, what is that? I told her the fucking was good but we like to get each other off by masturbating in front of each other and we loved to talk during sex. She then asked what we talked about and I told her that to add variety to our sex life we always fantasized about having another person there in a threesome or just having another person to fuck while the other one watched.

She said you are very kinky aren’t you? I said well I think it really spices up our sex and it really made my dick hard to talk about it. She told me to put my dick in her and talk to her. She spread out her legs and guided me into her. Her pussy felt good and it was exciting to fuck someone else besides Jane. And of course, Joan and Jen.

She kissed me and told me my dick was so good. I told her that her pussy was great and of course I couldn’t get enough of her gorgeous tits. She said do you like to suck on my tits baby. I said yes they really respond to my touching and nibbling. She said, can you fuck me baby and suck on Joan’s tits too? I said, yes that would be great that I wished Joan was with us right now to watch her mother get fucked by my dick. She said, oh you make me so damn horny. She said I want to fuck you harder but I want to know what else you would do if Joan was here. I said well, I would first sit both of y’all on the side of the pool and spread out your legs and lick your pussies.

She responded by fucking me harder and said, oh that would be good. I said, I would have y’all bend over and let me suck on y’all’s tits and I would put a finger in both your pussies and rub them good. She said, damn honey fuck me harder and suck on my tits. She said, keep talking. I told her I would get out of the pool and lay a towel behind them and lie down and take their hands and put all four of them around my dick and tell them to pull on me. She said, and can we both suck you? I said, yes I want you to show Joan how to do it and then watch her put her little mouth over my dick. I want you to watch her and tell her what to do.

June said, let’s get out on a towel so I can imagine that we are doing that to your dick. We did so and June lay next to me with her feet toward my head and she grabbed my dick and started sucking. She was really getting into the fantasy and told me that she was going to help Joan suck my dick and both of them would have their tongues all over me. She said, I am going to kiss Joan between the times we have your dick in our mouths. I asked if she wanted Joan to feel my dick in her little pussy and she said, oh yes, I want her to feel that dick in her. I want her to get a little at a time and enjoy the feeling of it going in. I asked her if she was going to be jealous of Joan getting her dick and she said, oh no, I want to share you with my daughter and teach her how to have sex.

I asked June if she would like to climb on top of me now and show her daughter how I liked to be fucked. She said, hell yes, she wanted on my dick right now and she climbed on top of me and started gyrating those hips. I told June she should have Joan lay her head on my stomach and watch my dick go in and out of her pussy and lick us. June surprised me and said, she would have Joan lay on top of me with her pussy in my mouth and I could eat her while she watched me fuck you. I said, that would be great.

I said, I wanted Joan to sit up on my face and face you and y’all lean over and kiss each other and play with each other’s tits. June said, I would love to do that and she said, I hope you are about to cum because I have got to have it. I said just say the word and let me know when you are about to get yours because I could explode at any time. She started hollering and I fucked the hell out of her and we both grabbed each other and clinched out bodies together as my cum shot out in her pussy in a simultaneous orgasm.

She rested for a minute and then bent over and kissed me and said she had never in her life been as sexually excited and had a climax like that. I said, well, I guess we will have to have sex with your daughter more often and hugged her. I told her I wanted to go down and eat my cum as it drained from her pussy and Joan was going to help me and did she mind? She paused and then said, yes, I want Joanie to taste my cum out of her pussy. She spread her legs wide open with her knees up in the air and said, come on Joanie, suck on your mother’s creamed on pussy.

I started sucking hard and flicking kartal escort her clit back and forth in my mouth and she soon tensed up and screamed out again and with another climax said, oh God, you sure know how to fuck me. I crawled back up to her kissing her body all the way. Her dark skin was a real turn-on and like eating a steak. I moved up to her tits and kissed each one and then her chest and then her neck. I nibbled on her ears and then kissed her lips so delicately.

We got up and jumped in the pool again to refresh and put out suits back on before the girls got there. We lay back in the lounge chairs and we both were breathing hard. I held her hand and lay back until I caught my breath and asked her if she had fun then. She said, yes it was great. She said, her husband never said anything during sex and just grunted until he got his damn cookies off and then fell over and went to sleep. I told her that it was only a fantasy but it sure made the sex hot.

She was quiet for a minute and I was wondering what she was thinking. Finally she said, yes, a damn good fantasy. She then said, it may be more than a fantasy that she thought she would really like to do it with me and Joan. She said, I hope you don’t think badly of me for even saying such a thing. I said, no baby, it think it is a beautiful thing to want to share her sex life with her daughter. She asked if I would be willing to help her introduce sex to Joanie and I told her that I was there for the both of them.

She said she would give it some thought, as a matter of fact, a lot of thought. I told her that the girls would be in Florida the following week and Jane would be with them along with another mother to watch them. I told her I sure wish I had a pool to lie out in and had somebody’s mother to fuck while they were gone and we both laughed. She said, she wouldn’t put on any clothes for a week. I told her that I was going to take her out for dining and dancing and I wanted her to wear the sexiest outfits she had or to go buy something just for me.

She asked what I would like and I told her a long black slinky dress with spaghetti straps, a low neckline with her brown tits showing and sheer black thong panties and tall high heel shoes. She said, you got it honey and I want you to go naked and she laughed. I squeezed her hand and placed it on my dick just as the girls came back and she had to jerk it back real fast. She asked them if they had a good practice and they said, yes. Joan asked if we had a good time and she said, yes, she really enjoyed my keeping her company. Jen and I had to leave and June hugged my neck and told me to come back anytime. I reached around Joan’s waist and hugged her and said goodbye.

No sooner than we got into the car, Jen said, well I can tell what y’all did today. I smiled and said, I didn’t know what she was talking about and laughed. Jen climbed over and put her arms around me as we went down the road and kissed me. She asked if it was good and I told her that it was, that June had really opened up to me and we talked a lot and I fucked her in the pool and on the deck. She said she wanted details. As we headed to get a bite to eat before going home I started telling Jen what all we had done and she started rubbing her panties and squirming. I helped hold them to one side and she slid a finger into her pussy and started playing with herself.

She took my hand and told me to rub her pussy and she started playing with her tits. I told Jen that we fucked while fantasizing about having Joan there to help fuck me. Jen said, I can’t believe that. I said, well, I had her so hot she came very fast while I described to her how we could fuck Joan and eat her pussy. Jen was pulling her nipples like crazy and I had my whole hand up her hole and she said, damn, you are going to make me cum. We got to the parking lot of the restaurant and I parked around back and Jen climbed on my lap and kissed me violently. She pulled out my dick and slid it into her pussy that was so juicy it was dripping. She said that was so exciting that Joan’s mother wanted both of them to fuck me.

She fucked like crazy and then cried out as she had a climax. She collapsed onto my body and held me tight. She said, you drive me fucking crazy. She got her clothes together and zipped me back up and asked if I thought it could really happen? I told her, I didn’t know, but June told me she would let it happen if we ever got the opportunity. I told her that it excited me just as my fantasy about fucking her with her mother. I told her I didn’t know how that would ever happen but I was going to work on it. She said, oh shit, I forgot about your surprise, we had better eat and get home.

I lay on the couch to watch some news and Jen went to her room to clean it up. After about 30 minutes, I heard the doorbell ring and Jen hollered that it was probably her. She came back upstairs to the den with her friend and introduced her to me. Her name was Jessie and she was a short little black girl and very cute. I shook her hand and said she was pretty. She looked so young and I couldn’t tell she had any titties through her clothes. This was the girl that Jen said had the hots for her and was always touching her. Jen asked her if she wanted a beer or she could make us all some margaritas. She said, a margarita would be real good. She said, she had never had one but her parent’s liked them. I told Jen that would be fine with me.

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