The Day I Lost My Skirt


The Day I Lost My SkirtIt all happened because I lost my skirt. It looked kind of like this one, but maybe not quite so sheer.We were on a picnic at Bob and Terri’s. They had this really nice place – about 50 acres – not quite 25 miles out of town. They’d made this little swimming pond by digging out this little stream that went through the property. It was kind of right in the middle – away from everything. It was quiet and peaceful and just the perfect place for a picnic or an afternoon in the hammock or something like that.It was the afternoon after our 30th college reunion. The party had been wonderful, and Terri had asked us all out to their house before we went back to our real lives. There were six of us – Terri and Bob who’d gotten married almost right out of college, Clare and Paul who’d been married for just a couple of years, and Tom and me, Millie. Tom had lost his wife in a traffic accident a few years ago, and me, well, I just never did settle down with anyone in particular, although I’d had lovers over the years. We’d been kind of a group during college and for a while afterwards – Bob and Terri pretty much exclusively, at least after Terri and Tom dated for a little while freshman year, and the rest of us kind of swapping around with each other. It was mostly just fun – there was always someone to do something with if you wanted to.But all weekend there was something in the air – not tension, at least nothing negative. Lots of flirting and touching and little comments and significant glances. Nobody seemed to be acting on it, but Tom held me a lot tighter than I expected during a slow dance or two, and Clare’s nipples seemed perpetually erect and straining against the fabric of her clothes.So they we were, at the pond, sitting on blankets on the ground. We’d eaten and were just drinking a little wine and talking. It was all really comfortable and pleasant and a really great ending to the weekend. And then I stood up.I felt a little cramped and wanted to stretch. It was warm, and I was wearing a peasant blouse and an older summer skirt I had that had an elastic waist. As I stood up my foot caught in the hem of my skirt, and the elastic being not as tight as it was when the skirt was new, my skirt slipped off and fell to the ground as I stood up. “Wow!” Bob gasped. He just happened to be looking right at me. And then everyone was.It wouldn’t have been too bad if I had been wearing my normal cotton bikini panties. But I wasn’t. I told you, there was something in the air that weekend. On Friday when I was getting ready for the start of the reunion events I’d shaved – everywhere. Normally I just trim my pubic hair, but for some reason this time I took it all off. And I’d touched it up Saturday afternoon. And, well, I was wearing this tiny, pale blue thong that barely covered by labia – and it was sheer on top of that, so not much was left to the imagination. And Bob, well, he was about two feet away from me, with an eye level view of my crotch.“Like what you see?” I asked him – and everyone. I told you, a lot of flirting was going on and for some reason I wasn’t embarrassed at all. I spun around so he could see everything.“I always loved your ass,” Bob replied. “Bob, cut it out,” Terri said.“Yours is canlı bahis great, too,” he said to her. “But Millie’s – gee, she’s 53 and she still has the ass of a 20 year old.”“And what about me?” Clare asked. “Those two have nice asses, but my tits have held up better.”“I’m going to need proof of that,” Tom said.“Me too,” I chimed in. “Mine are still in pretty good shape – even after 30 years of gravity.”“If you must,” Clare replied. “But you’ll have to prove it too.”Clare was wearing a sundress, and, it turned out, nothing else but sandals. (I told you there was something in the air that weekend.) She reached behind her neck and untied the strap that was holding her dress up, let the front drop down and reveal her breasts, and then she pushed the dress down over her hips and stepped out of it. As she did I pulled my blouse over my head and unfastened my bra. We stood before the group; Clare naked and me close enough so that it didn’t matter. There was a little bit of discussion in the group. Neither Clare nor I are big women, but I’ve always had a bigger chest than her – 36B to her 34A. My breasts were still full and round, but I would have trouble passing the pencil test today. On Clare there was no doubt – her breasts stood out proudly from her chest, still small and perky and with light brown nipples saluted the sky.“I vote for Clare,” Tom said. “Me too,” Paul said.“Ok, ok, Clare’s still got great tits”, Terri said. “But I think my ass is just as nice as either of them.”“You know what you have to do, honey,” Bob said. Terri blushed. Of the three of us, she was the only one who’d been a mother, with a pair of twins who had just gone off to college. “C’mon, honey. It’s not like we all haven’t seen you naked before,” Bob prompted.“That was at a different time and in different circumstances. Groping around in the dark when you’re 19 is one thing. This is different.”“Nonsense,” Tom chimed in. “You were lovely then and are even lovelier now.”“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Clare commented as Terri slipped out of her skirt and blouse, undid her bra and then pulled down her panties. “Ok, line up next to each other,” Paul demanded. “Turn your backs so we can see your asses.”We did as we were told. It was weird – three women in their early fifties naked, having their asses judged.“The thong is distracting, Millie,” Bob said.“Really, just that little string running up between my cheeks and around my waist?”“Take it off,” he replied.I did.“Ok, now bend over and close your eyes,” Tom demanded.The three of us exchanged glances. This was getting to be a bit much. But it was exciting at the same time. I bent over and grabbed my ankles, and Clare and Terri did the same.“I don’t know,” Bob said. “They’re all pretty fine. Some minor differences – Millie being shaved certainly gets my attention. I think we’ll have to feel them to make a final decision.”“Bob, don’t you dare,” Clare said.“Quiet!” he barked. “The judges must have all the facts in hand in order to make their decision.”A hand rubbed gently over my ass, sliding over each cheek, and then gently squeezing them. It was followed by a second, then a third. “Ok ladies, stand up,” Bob said. The men quietly looked at each other. “It’s a tie,” Tom announced. “All three of you bahis siteleri have amazing asses.”“Well, that was very diplomatic of you,” Clare said. “But honestly, why are the three of us standing her naked while you’re dressed? I think it’s time for you to strip off and let us do some judging.”The men stripped out of their clothes faster than I thought was possible. To their credit, none of them were erect, although Tom’s cock was heading in that direction.“Ok” Terri said, “Assume the position!”“What?” Paul asked.“Bend over, just like we did,” she replied.The men bent over, and the three of us walked up behind them and stroked and squeezed their asses just like they had done to us. Of the three, Paul had the smallest ass, and Bob had the most hair, but they were all pretty nice and it was lots of fun to grab them and play with them a little.“All right, you can stand up now,” Terri announced after we’d each had a chance to play with all three of them. When they did, they were noticeably more tumescent than they had been when they bent over.“Looks like we had a little effect on them, doesn’t it?” Clare said as she reached out and stroked Paul’s growing cock. “We might have to help them out a bit.”And then we got really naughty. “That sounds like fun,” Terri said. “But…”“But what?” Clare replied. “I have an idea – it was something I always thought about all of us doing back in college, but I never had the guts to ask. But now, since the men seem to be rising to the occasion, I want us to do a daisy chain.”“You’re k**ding,” I said. I felt my crotch twitch a little though. It had been awhile since I’d been with anyone, and even longer since anyone had gone down on me.“Not at all,” Clare replied. “And Terri, you can’t start with Bob and I can’t start with Paul. If we’re going to be perverts, let’s go all the way.”“So how?” Paul questioned.“Easy. We start with Terri. She gets Tom. Tom gets me. I get Bob, Bob gets Millie, Millie gets Paul and Paul gets Terri.”Well, it was easier said than done, but eventually we got ourselves arranged and went at it. Paul’s cock got hard real quick and it was pretty tasty – all musky and male. I licked it up and down and then sucked it deep in my mouth. I’d go up and down on him for a while, then take a little break and just lick all around the head and jerking him a little with my hands.In the meantime, Bob was driving me crazy. His tongue was everywhere – lapping up and down the length of me, poking deep into my pussy, and then real quick up and over my clit. He never stayed in any one place for long and I was squirming, and when I could, moaning. Clare was the first to come. All of a sudden she just pulled her mouth off Bob and started yelling. “Oh fuck yes, oh Tom, oh Tom, right there, don’t stop, don’t stop. I’m so fucking close, so close.”Tom apparently did what he was told, because a moment later Clare screamed at the top her lungs. “Coming! Coming! COMINGGGGGGGG!!”Well, that was all Paul needed. He pushed his cock deep in my throat and erupted. I sucked hard and swallowed as best I could as his seed spurted down my throat.The rest of us followed along. My orgasm was really nice, but not enormous. Bob just wouldn’t stick to my clit for long enough to really get things built up, bahis firmaları but it did finally happen, and like I said, it was really nice.We unwound ourselves from each other, and looked around a little sheepishly. After all, we weren’t k**s anymore, and here we were out in the woods sucking each other off like teenagers. “That was really nice,” I said. “I’m ready for more.” I really was, too. Like I said, I had a nice orgasm, but not a great one. I wanted to scream like Clare had.“Well then,” Clare said. “Next, lets each get with someone we haven’t been with before. Terri, that means you get Paul. That leaves Tom and Bob for Mille and me, since Bob hasn’t been with either of us, and Tom and I did have a great weekend once.”I looked at Tom a little shyly, and walked over to him and took his hand. This part was a little harder. It was one thing when we all went at it once, all with each other, but this was more intimate. Tom took me in his arms and kissed me, and the feel of his chest against my breasts got me going again. I got down on my knees and sucked him hard again, and then I pulled him down on top of me and we went at it. He touched me everywhere and I touched him and it was all hands and mouths and stroking and sucking. I was hot and wet and pushing my crotch against his thigh. Finally he rolled me over, got between my legs, and slid deep inside me. I almost came then. He filled me up just about perfectly – not too long but kind of thick and stretching me open. We went at it like rabbits, him pounding into me over and over, me arching up against him, receiving every thrust and squeezing around him as he pulled out.I ended up on top of him – actually, so did Clare and Terri – grinding my clit hard against the base of his cock. He reached up and massaged my breasts with one hand and worked the other in between us to play with my clit. This time it was me that was screaming. There was a line of fire between the nipple that Tom was gently pinching to my clit that he was rubbing as I bobbed up and down on top of him. He wouldn’t stop rubbing and pinching and his cock felt so good and right inside me and everything just built up until I couldn’t stand it. It felt like I was exploding. And I was screaming. Nothing imaginative – just yes, Yes, YES, YESSSS!!!! But that second one, with Tom, it was a really good one.The rest of the afternoon, well, let’s say It was the first time I had three different cocks in my pussy in the same day, the first time I watched someone with a cock in her ass and her pussy (Terri, Bob and Paul. Clare and I just watched and fingered each other and played with Tom a little) and the first time I made love with two women at once. I thought about getting DP’d too, but the men just weren’t up to it by the time I was ready for it.It was long after dark when we ran out of steam. It was one of those things you never would have planned, and that none of us were probably going to talk a lot about in the future. But it was a great way to pin down how much we did care for each other.And for me, well, Tom escorted me back to the hotel, and he came up to my room. I swear, it was like we were back in college because he got it up again and I pulled out my trusty battery-operated boyfriend and some lube, and while it wasn’t truly a DP, I did find out what it was like to have a cock up my ass and a good dildo in my pussy. We’re going to see each other next weekend after he finishes some business in my town.

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