The Deal

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It was 10:30 on a peaceful Friday evening – Tyler had just slipped out of the shower and began dressing when he checked the clock and smiled knowing Cam would be showing up in the next 15-minutes.

Tyler wasn’t your typical 20-year old college kid – he took a year off after high school before starting college – he’s currently a sophomore at the University of South Florida majoring in video communications and earning a small salary as a producer at 870 AM, The Sports Animal – in Tampa. Living at home with his parents was a drag, but when they went on vacation he was sure to make efficient use of his house. Ty’s love life was at a standstill; his high school sweetheart was the last person he had been intimate with and every girl he was close to was either engaged or madly in love with their “soul mate”. Despite Tyler’s non-existent sex life, he had his fair share of kinky fantasies, which he was determined to live out before graduating from USF.

In fact, one of those fantasies ran through his head while he got dressed – his erotic twist to the classic version of strip poker. It wasn’t that unnatural for Tyler to be daydreaming of this considering he often imagined himself playing it with Cam.

Cam was the epitome of Tyler’s dream girl. She’s 20-years old herself and attends Eckerd College (near St. Petersburg Beach) where she’s majoring in Business Administration. It’s her face that Tyler daydreams about most often. She has dark brown hair that she wears in a ponytail with a couple braids spurting out from behind her ears covering the sides of her eyes. Oh her eyes – they were the deepest and darkest brown eyes Tyler had ever seen – and they consisted of the perfectly round shape that anime characters are often thought to have. Simply put, Tyler had never laid sight on a more beautiful pair of eyes in his life until he met Cam in November.

Their meeting was by chance, Cam grew up in classic tomboy fashion and her family forced football and NASCAR down her throat. Luckily she got over the NASCAR fascination but football was in her blood and on a warm and tropical Floridian afternoon, Tyler and Cam bumped into each other at a USF football game – they managed to find seats near each other and the rest is history. Unfortunately for Tyler, that day was a microcosm of the last four years – meeting the girl of his dreams only to find out that she’s in love with a guy 8-years older than him.

They’ve spent many nights together since that infamous football game – watching movies, soaking in a night at the comedy club, even the occasional party on the USF campus. In fact, they had spent a great deal of time together over the last month because Cam’s boy toy left in early March to visit his brother and spend part of the summer in Phoenix. But no matter the circumstances or how far away her boyfriend was, Tyler knew there was a line he couldn’t cross without possibly ruining a friendship with the most beautiful girl (and coincidentally his best FRIEND) that he had ever met in his life. “After all” he would think to himself, “There’s 8-years between the two of them, eventually something has to give, right?”

Amidst all these thoughts, Tyler loved spending time with her and tonight was an optimal time – his parents were in Detroit visiting family so the house was his. “Good Will Hunting” was on Cam’s wish list for the night and Tyler owned the DVD. It was no secret to Tyler that Cam had seen it before, but her obsession with Matt Damon drew her interest on that hot and humid April evening.

Just as he had finished throwing on his “Hard Rock Café” tee shirt, the doorbell rang and Tyler’s spirits were instantly lifted. He rushed downstairs and swung the door open – Cam came in, gave him a tight squeeze, and walked into the family room to set her purse down and take her sandals off. Tyler fired up the DVD and killed the lights so there wasn’t too much glare on the TV screen. The two grabbed a pair of pillows and lay out on his newly carpeted (and fairly soft) floor and watched the first few minutes of the flick.

About 15-minutes into the movie, Cam got up to get a glass of water from the fridge. She went to set her glass down on the kitchen counter and placed it on a deck of cards. She instantly froze and stood in a state of shock for 30-seconds before snapping out of her daze and crawling back up to her pillow next to Tyler. Ty glanced over and noticed the spirit she had when she came in the door had suddenly vanished. He put a finger in her hair and asked her if she was all right. Cam explained how she had managed to go a couple days without thinking of her boyfriend but knew that his brother was holding a poker tournament with his work friends and her boyfriend was supposed to be playing with them tonight. She added “I was doing fine until I rested my glass on a deck of card by the sink and it reminded me of him”. Tyler offered words of encouragement and asked her what he could do to help take her mind off it. Cam shook her head and told him she was going outside to get some fresh air.

Tyler illegal bahis knew at this point that the movie wasn’t going to help that much so he turned it off and pulled up a seat next to the kitchen table. Cam came back inside and walked over to the sink and took another sip of water, then she grabbed the cards and took a seat at the table herself.

“If he’s playing cards tonight, why don’t I?” she thought to herself. “Ty, what games do you know how to play?” Tyler answered “Euchre (it’s a Midwest game his Detroit family taught him how to play), rummy, and poker.” “Hmph” she whined, “of those three, I’ve only played poker before.”

Tyler’s biggest weakness became rather apparent at this point – his male hormones immediately considered the possible fun he could have playing poker with her. “Most of the time people play poker for money, but I’m flat broke Cam and I’d never take your money anyhow.” Cam nodded and replied “Yeah, I’m running low and I’d feel horrible taking your money too hon – but what else can we bet with?” Tyler smiled and calmly but with a joking smile said, “there’s only one other version of poker I’ve ever heard of.”

Cam could have taken that comment a variety of ways – but she knew Tyler would never do anything against her will. In the 10-seconds that followed Tyler’s comment, she realized that she needed something “different” to cheer her up – she also admitted to herself that she had found Tyler attractive from the day she met him at the football game – and the fact that her boyfriend would be gone for another month meant there wasn’t any real excitement in store for her anytime soon.

“All right hot shot” she exclaimed with a very sly, mystical half grin on her face, obviously changing moods rather drastically – “I’ve never played before, so what are the house rules if I was to agree to play.”

Tyler managed to keep a straight face but inside his heart was beating 100 Miles per hour. “I guess the regular ‘lose a hand, lose an article’, unless there’s any other twists you wanted to add.” She quirped “What do you mean by ‘twists’ Ty?” “Well, I imagine both of us might be a little bit nervous when we start bearing it all, and the loser is going to feel especially vulnerable. Look, I know he’s not here and this is kin**” She cut him off “Listen, he’s not involved in this tonight – this is ‘my’ night – tell me what you’re thinking because you may never get this opportunity again!” she said with a smile… a smile Ty had never seen on her face before. A smile Ty wouldn’t soon be forgetting.

With a boyish grin and his face turning flush, Tyler continued: “with the loser being in the awkward position of being completely nude in front of a long time friend, I figured maybe the winner owed the loser a favor.” Cam smiled and said “a favor? Tyler, it sounds like you’ve been thinking about this for awhile now” Tyler said “I’ll admit this is something I’ve fanaticized about since I was in high school.”

Cam continued smiling and added “I’m adding one rule then. Whatever happens tonight stays inside these walls and is never brought up again under any circumstances. This is something I’ve never done and – if I didn’t know you as well as I did and have as much faith in you as I do Ty, I’d never do with anyone. So do we have a deal?”

Tyler managed to break away from the eternal grin he had on his face to utter the words “you’ve got a deal Cam.” So with that, Tyler motioned for them to head back to the family room so they could move around a little more. They examined each other and simultaneously recited the articles of clothing they had on so they could start at an even point. Cam counted 4 total – shorts, tank top, bra, and panties. Tyler just had his shorts, boxers, and tee shirt on. He offered to grab a hat to make it even, but Cam told him to stick with what he had and start dealing the cards.

Tyler wasn’t about to argue. He dealt the first hand – and after drawing 3 cards, came up with a pair of 6’s. Cam’s pair of 8’s beat him though and he lost his tee shirt as a result. “Nothing bad” he thought to himself, “she’s seen me swim before, it’s not the first time she’s seen my chest.” Cam dealt the next hand and dealt herself a straight with a 9-high. She held the cards over her mouth and smiled. Apparently Tyler recognized her eyes squinting and shook his head while beginning to blush. Tyler drew 2 cards and couldn’t even muster a pair. Cam laid out her straight and winked at Tyler as he stood up and removed his khaki shorts. Down to his boxers and nothing else – Tyler felt extremely embarrassed at this point – especially with the bulge that suddenly popped up in his boxers. Suddenly the room felt a lot colder and his goose bumps became apparent to the naked eye.

Ty dealt the next hand. Cam held a full house – three Kings and a pair of two’s. She glanced at Tyler and thought to herself “the poor guy has been checking me out for 7-months now, I’ve got to at least let him see my bra!” On that note, Cam threw away the kings while Tyler picked up three aces. illegal bahis siteleri Tyler slapped his 3-of-a-kind down and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Cam responded by giving Ty a warm smile and lifting her tank top above her head and throwing it on the couch by her purse. Tyler asked her “are you ready to deal” but apparently forgot where her magnificent eyes were – Cam darted back “Just what exactly are you talking too hon?” – she gave him a warm smile assuring him that she was merely giving him a hard time – and was she ever.

Cam dealt the next hand – and for the first time this game, she had nothing. She drew 3 cards and had a 7-high to show for it. Tyler squirmed in his little spot on the floor as he showed her his pair of 2’s. He was visibly shaking until Cam’s fake “victory smile” turned into a devilish smile. Cam stood up and unbuttoned her own khaki shorts and let them drop to the ground. Tyler admired her legs as his eyes became fixated on the black bikini-style panties she wore. They were high cut and revealed a good portion of her muscular yet soft thighs – covering everything they had to except one little hair that managed to squeak out. After posing for a few seconds, she realized she was getting a little wet so she sat back down in hopes of hiding her sudden rush of excitement.

Ty grabbed the cards and dealt himself a flush. Ty looked straight into Cam’s eyes for the first time since she began stripping. He blushed a bit and smiled saying “this is unreal Cam – what a comeback I’m making!” He let her draw and once again she came up empty handed. Ty showed his all red hand to Cam as she reached to the back of her chest and unhooked the black lace bra she was wearing. Off it came, out came her breasts, and Tyler’s jaw must have dropped at least 2-inches. Cam smirked again as she showed legitimate embarrassment for the first time all night. She took the cards and gave them one final shuffle. This was it. The next hand would dictate complete and total exposure of someone’s body.

Cam dealt Ty five number cards of all different suits. Ty drew 3 cards and ended up with nothing but a king high. He had to keep his poker face on in case Cam was watching and drawing a certain amount of cards based on his reaction. Cam had pair of 2’s – 4 total hearts and one spade. The spade was the 2 of spades. Judging from Tyler’s smile, she knew he must have had something (and anything beat her pair) so she threw away the only pair she had when she tossed the 2 of spades hoping to find another heart and get a flush, which would surely beat anything Tyler had. Instead, she drew a king of diamonds. Tyler was squirming beyond belief and Cam was almost positive there was a wet spot on his boxers which gave her the impression that maybe he was starting to piss his pants! Tyler laid down his cards with a king high – he crossed his fingers and said, “Lets see it Cam.”

Cam dropped a 3, 5, 7, 10, and jack – she had nothing but a jack high. Tyler’s smile came back and he fell backwards and lied there for a moment before getting back to his sitting position and standing up. “Do you mind if I help you take those off Cam?” Cam was visibly nervous at this point. But her nervousness was more sexual energy than anything else. Cam smiled her million-dollar smile at Tyler and nodded her head – she stood up and placed her hands on her ribs allowing Tyler to approach her – he kneeled down on one knee, and took his fingers around her waste and slid the elastic string down her thigh till it reached her crotch. He then reached around her and pulled the back and front at the same time (taking a moment to fondle her ass in the process) until he managed to slide her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and Tyler stood up and whispered in her ear “I guess this is where I give you a reward for being a good sport, ‘eh?” Cam placed her hand on his chest and said “I guess so, this is your fantasy Ty, don’t short yourself.”

Tyler motioned for her to lie down on the floor next to his pillow. She lay down on her stomach and Tyler stood atop her admiring every inch of her well-toned and perfectly shaped body. He finally got down on his knees and began kneading her neck with his talented fingers. Cam let out a soft moan as it became apparent that this wasn’t the first massage Tyler had given in his life. Tyler worked on her neck and eventually used his thumbs to relieve some tension in her lower back. After spending at least 10-minutes on her back, he knelt down by her knees and sat Indian style at her feet. One by one, he took the toes of her left foot and massaged the little bones in each toe – while leaning over and taking each one into his mouth and sucking on them. He’d let his tongue slip out and draw circles around the toes while sucking just enough to make each of her toes feel like they were floating in mid air.

Tyler got up on his knees and rubbed down her calf muscles in each leg – continuing up to her knees and eventually to the back of her thighs. He gave her a deep tissue massage in the canlı bahis siteleri back of her thighs using the muscles in his forearms to give Cam a solid hard rub releasing lots of tension that had built up in that area over the last month. Finally Ty reached her butt and smiled. Tyler was always “all about a cute butt” – more so than anything other than eyes. The funny thing is that in the 7-months Tyler had known Cam, he was so fascinated with her eyes that he never even took the time to take a glance at her ass. This was the first time he had ever had a chance to admire it and boy was he in awe. “Ghetto Booty” shouted his name as he groped one of her cheeks and used every massage technique imaginable while working each cheek over a 10-minute period. After fully massaging her ass, he leaned down and kissed a bit – sucking a bit of her round flesh into his mouth and tonguing circles around the areas he had just finished massaging. Tyler took good care of worshipping her cute derriere before asking her to turn over one last time.

She rolled over on her back and Tyler climbed atop her unclothed body. He sat right below her pelvic bone and leaned down so his face was just over hers. He took his right hand and fingered her hair while putting his left hand above her right shoulder to keep his balance. Tyler moved his lips to her and delicately kissed her before sliding his tongue through and tenderly exploring her mouth. Tyler kissed her passionately at this point before pulling out and carefully licking her ear. He traced an “S” on her earlobe and continued on to her neck suckling each little ounce of skin while taking a moment to breath in her natural aroma that her skin let off. Tyler was in a trance – her body tasted and smelt like nothing he had ever experimented with before.

He ventured down to her magnificent breasts and lightly kissed the nipples on each one before using his hand to rub one and paying close attention to the other with his tongue. He drew circles around the base of her left mound before inching his way to the top and nibbling every so softly on the rose-colored nub. He nibbled more – teasing it with his tongue, before taking the whole thing between his lips and sucking every so gently – combining this action with a gentle nibble and slight twist of his tongue. Cam began moaning heavily as she tightened her legs around one of his. Her breathing increased threefold and Tyler got the message that there was one last thing that had to be attended too.

Tyler finished caressing her incredibly sensitive breasts and tongued a straight line from her cleavage down over her ribs, below her belly button and stopped on the pelvic bone just above her neatly shaved treasure. Tyler backed up a bit and knelt between her thighs – he took her left one and traced a circle around the inside of her thigh causing Cam to “yelp” in a brief fit of ecstasy.

Tyler knew his time was running short before Cam’s “yelps” became a bit more violent. He lay down on his stomach resting his chin just above her lips and kissed the hair that protected the opening. Finally he took a deep breath, ingesting the most wonderful smell he had ever inhaled in his life. He looked up into her eyes one final time and felt as if he was going to melt. Her eyes were the most enchanting he had ever seen them and he never wanted to wipe that image from his mind. His dream was finally achieved. Tyler closed his eyes, moved her thighs so they could rest on his shoulders, and slipped his tongue inside her labia causing a shock wave to rock her body from head to toe. After Tyler had been teasing her for nearly 20-minutes as it was, Cam was extremely on edge and ready to unleash her powerful orgasm that she had been building up step-by-step. Tyler slurped at her juices and swallowed at every chance he could while reveling in the fact that he was causing her such immense pleasure. Tyler let his tongue investigate every wall of her aching vulva while getting assistance from Cam’s hand on the back of his head. Tyler inserted a finger and increased the pressure on her loins until running the top of his tongue across her clit. Ty took his finger out and traced circles on her clit slurping and sucking causing her throbbing love button to convulse wildly. Cam let out a loud moan and tightened her legs around his head. Tyler felt her pussy muscles tighten up on his tongue while he continued licking and sucking her clit as best possible. Cam’s body began swaying until she let out a soft cry followed by a loud grunt and let loose. Her body was bucking wildly as she grabbed his head and pulled it into her groin as hard as possible using it as a center of balance. She was having the best orgasm of her life and Tyler was reaping the rewards. This scene repeated itself for nearly 30-seconds as Ty nearly passed out from the lack of oxygen. He couldn’t breath but he didn’t mind, unconsciously he continued lapping at her juices swallowing as much as possible and licking her insides and outsides clean. Cam was convinced that she must have rattled through at lease 3 orgasms in a minute and a half. Ty served her by slurping every last bit of her cum up while continuing to stimulate her labia until she finally pulled his head out and rolled over onto her side panting in rapid and short breaths.

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