The Delivery Pt. 03

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[Part Three of Three of “The Delivery” – Featuring Outfit

I was starting to wonder if I had actually died while sitting in my easy chair and had now been plunged into my own very personal version of hell. I would be forced to endure all eternity constantly aroused, incredibly enticed…but with no release ever. I had a seat in the chair and contemplated my throbbing cock. I thought about just grabbing you the next time you came in the room, throwing you to the floor and then fucking you hard until I covered you with the gallons of cum now waiting in my purplish-blue balls. I wondered if that would be considered a crime. Even if it was a felony, I was starting to believe a jury with at least one guy on it would let me walk.

You call from the other room, “Wow! This is the most complex and fiendishly kinky piece of clothing I think I’ve ever seen!” Yep, definitely my own personal version of hell. “This thing had to have been created by a committee of ten horny guys! Hey, uh, sir…could you put on a little music for me? Something I can dance to!”

Great…now I’m expected to provide a soundtrack to my torture! It was an older cut, but I knew that I had Pussycat Dolls’ “Dontcha” somewhere close. That seemed appropriate for the outfit you’d be wearing. I stumbled over to the sound system with my fist around my cock and was able to locate it through my addled brain.

I sat back down as the hard thump of the driving beat filled the room…”dontcha wish yer girlfriend was hot like me..” …and you came strutting in on your heels looking like every guys’ impossible wet dream. Damn! I remembered looking at that outfit on-line when I bought it…but I had no idea it would look like this in person!

The bustier material had a wet-look with silver studs up the sides. It was an “open cup” teddy which meant your firm tits were sitting on top of some underwire frames completely out in the open and looking deliciously suckable. I did notice just how hard your nipples had gotten and was starting to think maybe this wasn’t just the “professional” assignment you made it out to be. Surely you weren’t going to stop me again…just seconds from exploding…to tell me the delivery seemed complete and in order.

This teddy was obviously designed strictly for sex. I could imagine the ten horny guys on the committee that you mentioned stroking themselves as they came up with ever kinkier and kinkier features to add to the design. It’s crotchless and I can see the wet lips of your canlı bahis şirketleri pussy peeking through the wet-look material. You turn around, getting into your dance. The whole thing is backless except for some strategically placed straps criss-crossing your back. The straps meet together creating a G-string. I love the view of your hot ass in the incredibly complex G-string.

I absentmindedly move my hand down to my hard cock and start to stroke slowly as I watch you grind and shake in this unbelievably hot outfit. You are still wearing the nude stockings. Your sky-high stilletos seem to have been made with this kind of a getup in mind. You slip on some lacy, sexy black gloves that go to your elbows. Damn! This outfit did not miss a sexy TRICK!

You notice me starting to stroke my throbbing and engorged prick. This seems to remind you of something. “Oh, right!” You run out of the room back to the foyer and I’m thinking, “oh, great…leave me hard again!” But you return immediately with the star spangled vibe and the bottle of lube. The dance continues as you dribble some of the lube over the head of the vibe. You shake your hot ass at me as you work the lube onto the length of the toy.

“Mmmmmm…” you say as you start to stroke the nine inch vibrating cock, “I could really use a little relief…this delivery has gotten me…worked up!” Tell me about it!! I’ve got a pillar of throbbing marble mounted in my crotch area and YOU’RE complaining about needing relief?

Oh, damn…oh…you start to provide yourself a little relief!! You turn around in front of me and bend over at the waist. You’re looking through your legs directly at me with the most smokingly sexy glint in your eyes. I can see your full pussy lips trying to escape the opening of the crotchless teddy. Then, without breaking your gaze, you touch your hot slit with the head of the vibe. The moment it makes contact with your swollen pussy lips causes you to shudder. I see your eyes roll back in your head. After a couple of inches have been forced into your wet, hot hole, you regain your composure and catch my eye again. You start working the vibe into your pussy slowly…but as it starts to glisten from your wetness you increase the pace.

My hand has involuntarily begun to stroke my cock faster. I grip my shaft harder. My cock is so numb from my endless erection I really doubt there is much chance of me cumming…but stroking feels pretty good. You are thrusting harder and harder with the buzzing canlı kaçak iddaa cock. You seem to really like watching me stroke myself in time with the music. You turn towards me, still dancing, still fucking yourself with the most patriotic latex sex toy ever invented. You come up so close to me I can see your hot juices being forced out around the edges of the vibe every time you push it deep into your pussy.

You’re moaning deep and long…jamming the vibe harder into your cunt…flicking your clit with your other hand. Then you let out a little shriek and pull your hand and the vibe away from your pussy. A little squirt of hot juices lands on my face and in my lap. You made yourself squirt…and then you came on me!

You look a little sheepish about it, “sorry, baby…didn’t mean to do THAT…but it was SO hot…what can I do to make up for it?”

Not that I really feel you need to ‘make up for it’ but I don’t hesitate a moment, “turn around and sit down on my cock. Jam it deep in your cunt and then ride me like you’re about to win the Kentucky Derby. And, while you’re at it…hand me that vibe.”

“Mmmmmm…okay, baby…sounds good.” You hand me the vibrator and bottle of lube then turn your hot ass towards me. You reach reach down to steady yourself on my thighs and then lower your steaming hot pussy down over the length of my cock. Once I’m completely inside you, you continue to dance…grinding…shaking your hips…it feels good…but I want pounding. I lift my hips up against your ass and buck you up in the air slightly. You look over your shoulder with a grin, “Big Daddy does want a rough ride, doesn’t he?” Then you start to fuck me HARD. You have your hands on my knees to steady yourself and you are bouncing your hot cunt up and down the entire length of my cock.

After about two minutes of hard, continuous pounding I think I may actually be about to cum. But there’s something that I want to do before I shoot.

I put my hand in the small of your back and you stop, my cock deep inside you. You look over your shoulder at me as I am lubing up the vibrator. I get it nice and slick then set the buzz to maximum. I slide the vibe down between the firm round cheeks of your ass until I’m probing your tight little asshole with the tip. You moan and arch your back so I have easier access. I work the buzzing rubber cock into your asshole and I can feel it buzzing alongside my cock.

You start to move up and down again. This time you are fucking both my hot, hard canlı kaçak bahis shaft with your pussy, and the buzzing latex cock with your ass. You are moaning and panting and you start to involunarily shout, “oh FUCK! Oh, baby…oh, fuck…oh that is SO fucking GOOD!” The feel of your cunt squeezing my cock and the vibe buzzing against my shaft through the wall of your asshole is possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.

You lift off of both shafts and look around at me. “My ass, baby…fuck my tight ass with that big cock of yours!” I pull the vibe out of the way as you lower your tight, lube-slicked asshole down over the head of my cock. I put my hands on your waist, but I’m not doing a thing. You completely take over, pounding my hard cock with your sweet, tight little asshole. You are almost shouting at the top of your lungs, “oh, FUCK…OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK!! That is SOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!! Fuck my ass with that big cock!!” Then you start to cum. You put your fingers inside your pussy and your whole body is racked with intense orgasms. You keep sliding your hot little asshole up and down the length of my throbbing pecker. I love watching my cock disappear between your taught, round, firm asscheeks on each thrust. You’re cumming hard and continuously. Your ass is so tight and you feel so good…there is no way I can take another second. Just as I’m about to shoot, you lean back, and over your shoulder you say in my ear, “do you know why this teddy is cupless?”

My brain isn’t fully cognitive, but I stammer, “So I can see your tits?”

You laugh and say, “No, baby…so you can SHOOT on my tits!”

You jump off my cock, whirl around and kneel in front of me with your back arched and your nipples pointing up at me. I stand up in front of you and grab my shaft. I start to jerk my throbbing cock for all I’m worth. It’s like I’ve turned a fire hose on you. Great huge blasts of cum shoot out of my cock all over your tits, your face, in your gorgeous auburn hair, on your tongue, down your sexy, toned belly, splashing on your sexy stockings. I keep stroking and stroking and shooting and shooting, covering you with every last bit of juice I can pump from my body.

Then I collapse back into my chair.

And you collapse to the floor covered in my white spunk.

The music runs out.

We are still…panting and breathless…unable to move. After a few minutes, I softly say, “so which outfit did you like best?”

You think for a minute and breathlessly pant, “you know…I actually liked that first one…the sexy delivery girl outfit. It made my tits look bigger. But, really, I liked them ALL and I just know we’re going to get a ton of use out of them. Great idea putting in that order, you horny boy!”

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